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Champions of Preterism
By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright 2008 May Not Be Posted On Any Other Web Site

Preterism= the second coming of Jesus and the resurrection occurred in 70AD. We are now living in the millennial with the end of the world being the next event.  All prophecy is fulfilled except part of Revelation chapter 21, and all of chapter 22.  This false doctrine is also known as:
Full-preterism (contains amillennialism, realized eschatology, 70AD theory, fulfilled eschatology, covenant eschatology, postmillennialism, kingdom now theory, dominionism, doctrine of Hymenaeus and Pliletus);
Partial preterism (is nearly full preterism, each picks and chooses from the full preterist list);
Amillennialism (there is no literal millennial, the age between 70AD and the end of the world is a spiritual millennial);
Realized Eschatology (Same as fulfilled Eschatology);
70AD Theory (All the promises of Jesus to come in the Gospels were fulfilled in 70AD);
Fulfilled Eschatology (all prophecy concerning the second coming of Jesus and the resurrection were fulfilled by the end of 70AD);
Covenant Eschatology (the New Covenant is for the Gentile church in which Jews have little or no part after 70AD);
Postmillennialism (the rapture takes place after the millennial at the end of the world);
Kingdom Now Theory (the kingdom began in 70AD not on the day of Pentecost or the future millennial);
Dominionism /Reconstructionism (taking the world by force by preaching the Gospel and setting up the Christian religion and banishing all other religions and governments by setting up God's kingdom);
Doctrine of Hymenaeus and Pliletus (a false doctrine the coming of Jesus and the resurrection were preterist (past) for which heresy Paul turned them over to the devil).

Origen (185-254 He interpreted scripture allegorically and showed himself to be a Neo-Pythagorean, and Neo-Platonist. Like Plotinus, he wrote that the soul passes through successive stages of incarnation before eventually reaching God);
St Augustine (354-430 systemized amillennial-preterism following the theories of Tertullian, Clement, and Origen. He developed the preterist doctrine which the Catholic church has held ever since as its authority to rule the world. His thought profoundly influenced the medieval worldview. Augustine's City of God was closely identified with the church, and was the community which worshiped God);
Martin Luther (1483-1546 who was an Augustinian monk continued preterism into Lutheranism. His statements that Jews' homes should be destroyed, their synagogues burned, money confiscated and liberty curtailed were revived and used in propaganda by the Nazis in 1933–45. As a result of this and his revolutionary theological views, his legacy remains controversial.);
Luis de Alcazar (1554-1613 Catholic Jesuit who opposed historicists and futurist interpretation of prophecy);
J. Stuart Russell (1816-1895 considered the most imminent protestant preterist whose recooked Augustinian theories which most preterist accept);
Friedrich Coch (18817-1945 Preterist Lutheran member of the Inner Mission and Nazi party)
Ludwig Mueller (1883-1945 a revisionist who headed the German Christians (Deutsche Christen) which included Lutheran preterists);
Adolph Hitler (1889-1945 a Catholic socialist whose preterist and dominion-reconstructionist beliefs were incorporated into the goals of the Third Reich);
Philip Mauro (1859-1952 a lawyer whose writings have influenced many thousands to accept the Catholic interpretation of Alcasar);
Larry Smith (presently living: Pentecostal pastor from El Campo, Texas who follows and teaches the trinitarian preterist heresy);
Michael (Mike) Blume (presently living: Pentecostal pastor in Garden Valley, California who follows and teaches the trinitarian preterist heresy);

Preterism is not a joke and it is not an innocent interpretation of the Scriptures. Millions have lost their lives under Catholicism and Nazism as the preterist theories were put into practice that the church should take dominion over the earth.

Breaking the preterist code:

Revelation 20-22:

Satan is bound for the 1,000 years of the preterist kingdom (20:1-2);
The 1,000 years is spiritual, began in 70AD and will be complete at the end of the world;
Mark of the beast is not 666, a name, or a mark: it is sin;
The dead (20:4-5) are not the literal physical dead, but those who are spiritually dead because of sin;
Satan shall be loosed (20:7) just at the close of the preterist kingdom and will inspire Gog and Magog to make war upon the preterist camp of the saints (20:9), interpreted to be the Catholic preterist church or some Protestant preterist group;
There is a coming of Jesus and a resurrection at the end of the world (20:11-13);
Those not a member of the preterist end of the world church, who ever it is, are cast into the Lake of Fire (20:14-15)
The world comes to an end and is destroyed with a new heaven and earth created (21:1): but not really destroyed only reconstructed into a new earth like after Noah's flood;
The new Jerusalem is a symbol of the Catholic preterist church or is a symbol of another church group that will live on the new reconstructed earth (the theory is that just as the earth was destroyed by water in Noah's day, but was not literally destroyed, and after he got off the earth it was reconstructed: so will it be at the end of the world (millennial age) and God will destroy the wicked from the earth and reconstruct it for those who are saved (21:2);
New Jerusalem they claim is called the tabernacle of God and is with men, which is either the Catholic preterist church or some other preterist church group (21:3);
The throne of God is in the new Jerusalem, the tabernacle, which Catholics preterist believe is the papal throne now in Rome, non-Catholics see the throne here only symbolic of God's power or authority within and among the preterist in their group (21:5);
The lambs' wife is the new Jerusalem spiritualized into the Catholic preterist church, or some other preterist church group. There is no literal new Jerusalem in the future upon a literal new earth. (21:9-25);
The nations will bring glory and honor into the new Jerusalem which is the Catholic preterist church, or some other preterist church group (21:26-27);
The river of water of life coming from the throne of the Father and the Son, flow out of the new Jerusalem, but really flow out of the Catholic preterist church, or some other preterist church group (22:1);
The tree of life in the new Jerusalem beside the river of life, is located in the midst of the new Jerusalem, which represents salvation in the Catholic preterist church or some other preterist church group (22:2);
The evangelistic message to hurry to show the preterist revelation to God's servants because the time is short (preterist say between 30-70AD) when these things will begin and be fulfilled (22:4-6);
Final admonitions to the Catholic preterist believers, or some other preterist group of believers, that the reward of God is soon to come at the end of the world, and to line up with the teachings of the preterist churcn (22:7-14);
For without the new Jerusalem gates, that is outside of the fellowship of the Catholic preterist church, or some other preterist church group, there are the unsaved dogs, the sorcerers, the whoremongers, the murderers, and the idolaters, and who ever has made a lie. These are damned forever and cannot be saved, the time has expired, and the new Jerusalem is now raptured to its heavenly place (22:15);
Jesus sends his angel, either the Pope or some other powerful religious leader associated with the Catholic preterist church, or some other preterist church group: to bring the final testimony of preterism to the nations.  Jesus is coming quickly, those who accept the preterist message and spiritual revelations will be saved, the rest damned (22:16-20);
The grace of Jesus Christ be with you all, which means only those within the new Jerusalem, which is the Catholic preterist church, or some other preterist church group. All others will be damned with no grace offered (22:21).

Now there are variations and many embellishments, slick little spiritualizing tricks played upon these 3 last chapters of the book of Revelation. Preterist hold their annual convocations to bring their latest revelations.  Each preterist can make up his own spiritualist interpretations.  They do not believe if they tell or teach a lie or falsehood that such is salvational. They believe even if they deceive others and they are wrong, Jesus will forgive them for their efforts to teach something rather then have no interpretation to Revelation chapters 20, 21, and 22.  Preterist believe these are the last and only remaining chapters to be fulfilled.

Code is unlocked. But beware of those who daily spread new winds of doctrine to give a different interpretation then those given above by preterist.

Some preterist teach this false doctrine believing they have stumbled upon the true revelation of fulfilled prophecy.  While these may not be currently involved in political or religious revolution, they are of the same cloth as the German Lutheran and Catholic preterist who hungered for the day a champion would emerge and finalize the millennial with a reconstruction of the world, bringing it under dominion to the preterist kingdom.  The ultimate goal of preterist fulfillment is the take-over of the world by the preaching of the Gospel which could use all the political and religious champions they can manufacture.  This mentality made Germany ripe for Adolph Hitler, the world's bloodiest preterist.  Preterist hate being associated with Hitler, but they are guilty of the same lies and falsehoods he believed that gave him peace of mind he was doing the right thing to usher in the Third Reich and the final socialist world utopia.  I have no reservation in connecting present day Preterist to the likes of their champion Adolph.  While they can claim he was a false millennial reconstructionist, they cannot deny he was a preterist trying to fulfill their own realized eschatology of the end of the world.

If preterist do not like my association of them all with Hitler, then let them come out of that heresy.  If they refuse and do not, there is no trick or gimmick they can use to bamboozle and deceive the very elect.  These preterist, what ever their names, have accomplished the very works of Hitler in coming into churches, deceiving the pastors and members, and even destroying churches where a Pastor refuses to accept the doctrine.  In America we face a continued attack of preterist against Churches, members, and Pastors.  Many were silent as Hitler carried out his plans of hate, stealing, and killing.  I refuse to be silenced by preterist or preterist sympathizers.  If I can help just one person, one family, one Church, escape the heresy of the preterist doctrine: then all of my efforts on this page and others will be justified.

Adolph Hitler: first a Catholic preterist, second a socialist utopia demon, third, a criminal who purged by liquidation cleansing, millions of Jews whom he saw as Christ killers and unworthy of a place in his millennial preterist utopia kingdom.  Plus, the Aryan race descended from the Indo-European bloodline back to Japhath while the Jews descended from the seed of Shem via Syria. He also had hundreds of thousands of Protestants killed who disagreed with his millennial socialist preterism, although the Protestants he killed were mostly preterist themselves.

Preterism is a Catholic doctrine that claims the second coming of Jesus occurred in 70AD at which time all the dead in Christ were also resurrected.  It contains the false doctrine that the Church age ended in 70AD and the millennial Kingdom of Christ began.  The 1000 years of the millennial in Revelation 20 is spiritualized from a literal interpretation into the claim it is figurative for a long unknown time length.  Catholic monks embellished the preterist interpretation with additional false teachings, one of which claims God has rejected the Christ God killers and they cannot be saved except by joining the Catholic church.  Thus, antisemitism against Jews has its roots in the preterist false doctrine.  Since Jews were seen as enemies of Catholic world conquest by the world dominion preterist schemers, they became victims of hatred.

Adolph Hitler, according to his confession in Mein Kemp said  he was a Catholic and always would be. This means he was a preterist and followed Rome's interpretation consisting of dominionism and world control. He was eager to maximize the feelings of Catholic and Lutheran preterist in his death camps, ovens, and gas chambers. He knew the Lutheran and Catholic preterist would not protest his dominion conquest of the world, believing he was doing it for God.

Behind the deaths of millions of Jews and several hundred thousand "Christians", the preterist doctrine is to blame.  View this video of HItler's preterist dominionism: Click Here. What you will see is Nazi preterism at work.

If any doctrine needs instant rejection by Bible believing Jews and Christians, it is preterism. Regardless if it is full preterism or partial preterism, we have a duty to reject it as soon as a person mentions 70AD as the year of the coming of Jesus.  We should boot these Nazi-Catholic demons out of our churches, organizations, groups, fellowships, and even our homes at the first word of world dominionism. It does not matter if they know about Hitler and his connection to preterism.  It does not matter if they claim they do not hate Jews.  If they were led by the Holy Ghost they would never have accepted the heresy of Preterism. Do not feel sorry for them.  They will destroy homes, families, and churches, just like Hitler did and the Catholic church has done for centuries. This is not just a minor different opinion of prophecy.  Preterism is a holocaust heresy that must be rejected. It is being carried across the USA and to other nations and we must do all we can to stop the spread of this Catholic-Nazi doctrine.

Holy Roman Catholic Preterist Empire

The so-called Holy Roman Empire is identified as the Catholic church. The Catholic church doctrine on its own existence and its supreme power upon the earth, is contained in its preterist doctrine.  Preterism was behind St. Augustine's "CITY OF GOD."  and many aspects of dominion theology, that the Church was destined to conquer the world and subdue it, became the enthusiasm of preterist interpretation. The Catholic Church has utilized the interpretation of preterism to steal, kill, and destroy.  It claims this right by divine appointment of the Roman papacy with his three keys. From 325AD until the Protestant reformation, preterist interpretation secured the dominion authority of Rome. Who would conquer the world for Christ if it was not the Catholic millennial kingdom?  All the false doctrines and traditions of Roman Catholicism are designed to enslave people of the world to the rights of the papal throne by authority of the preterist doctrine. So, the Popes became the world leader of preterist dominion theology.  

To spread the Catholic millennial preterist kingdom millions were killed. World-wide lands were declared to be the property of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  The Catholic flag was raised over these lands. Natives in central and south America were sometimes brutally massacred, their gold, silver, and precious stones were confiscated (stolen), but since they were declared the property of Spain and Rome, taking them was not stealing.  Conquistadors and other raiding preterist believers took billions of dollars in stolen gold back to Europe and made the Catholic Church wealthy.  A world utopia by preterist interpretation was in the hearts of Catholic priests, monks, bishops, Popes, soldiers, militants, and members of secret orders.  There was not one protest of Protestant reformers against Rome's preterist kingdom theology behind the spread of death and destruction.

Holy Millennial Roman Kingdom of Jesus Christ

The preterist heresy begins with the teaching that Jesus came back in 70AD and fulfilled all of the second coming verses in the Gospels and Epistles.  Preterist claim in 70AD the millennial kingdom began. The Catholic church claims it is the beneficiary of the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ and now has a divine right to religiously rule the world until the end comes.

It became the Catholic doctrine that the 1000 year millennial of Revelation 20 began in 70AD.  At the end of this unknown length of time, Jesus would come and a final resurrection would take place.  But this resurrection would not be the resurrection promised by Paul in 1Corinthians 15 or 1Thes 4 because preterist say this took place in 70AD.

Preterist deceive others by claiming they believe in a future coming of Jesus and a resurrection. What they lie about, is they want us and others to believe the coming of Jesus and resurrection are those mentioned in the Gospels and the Epistles.  They do not mean this at all.  If pressed they will say the coming of Jesus and the resurrection they speak about, is the one at the end of the world after the millennial is over not the one in 70AD. According to Catholic preterist doctrine we are all in the millennial kingdom now and the Pope is the Vicar of Christ over this world dominion. He has authority to put up, take down, and approve all world leaders of the nations.  Nearly every world leader will make his/her way to Rome and to the Pope for his blessing and acceptance in the millennial preterist scheme.  Thus, by such yearly parades before the Pope in Rome the dominion scheme of the preterist doctrine continues to spread and usurp world control.  When there are unity movements in which delegates are sent to Rome and to the Pope, the signal is given that the preterist scheme is at work.  The Holy Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ as defined by Catholic preterist doctrine continues to spread and gain power among the nations.

The Preterist Dominion Conquests of Catholicism

In the preterist scheme,the Catholic Church must take control of the earth from the heathens, infidels, and apostates.  The Pope has the authority to subdue the earth in any manner he may choose.  He can use force, peace, treaties, wealth, ownership of property, control of political parties and politicians, and give daily secret orders to be carried out around the world.  The dominion conquest of the nations backed up by the preterist scheme allows the Pope and Catholics to kill anyone who may oppose papal authority.  The Catholic church still believes it has a divine mandate to take preterist dominion of the world in one manner or another. The doctrine of dominion for Christ continues to assist the preterist heresy to accomplish papal control of the world.

The First Holy Preterist German Reich

First Preterist Reich= Otto the Great (962-1806).

No other people were more devout preterist then the Germans of Germany.  In fact, although Martin Luther was bold to nail his 95 thesis to the church door in Whittenburg, he did not include preterism as one of the false doctrines of the Catholic Church.  Germans had been converted to Catholicism way back many centuries.  Rulers were devout preterist and followed the religious rituals and practices of Rome very rigidly. They had to, Rome would punish severely anyone who refused to humble to the supremacy of the papacy.  Henry VI who opposed the papal throne stood barefoot in the snow three days to beg forgiveness from the Pope.

The first Holy Preterist German Reich was founded by Otto the Great in 962AD.  It lasted until 1806 when Francis II abdicated and dissolved the Reich.

The meaning of "Reich" has been listed as: the Germanic state, a continuation of the Roman Empire by Charlemagne, and the Preterist dominion of Europe by Catholic rulers.  It is important to note that if a ruler is not a Catholic he cannot establish or rule a "Reich."  Thus, all three "Reich" governments of Germany were ruled by men who were Catholic Preterist:

During this time period there was a lot of bloodshed and death of Protestants and other non-Catholic believers.  Each time persecution broke out where men, women, and children were slaughtered or abused, it was the theory of Catholic dominion preterism that blunted the conscience that these acts were evil.  The Catholic preterist believed they had a responsibility to help God get rid of those who refused to allow the Catholic church and the papacy to rule over them.  The rejection of Catholic authority was seen as rebellion to the Pope's right and authority to govern the world during the Preterist millennial kingdom. Anyone who opposed the preterist millennial kingdom of government of the Catholic church was in defiance to the very God himself and must be dealt with.  Jews escaped the brunt of this persecution for many centuries while Protestants and other non-Catholics suffered.  But the Jews would one day find themselves in a Catholic preterist persecution that would be unparalleled in human history. Maybe, if the Jews could have, which I am not sure they could: opposed the Catholic persecution of Protestants and other non-Catholics, they may have escaped the coming preterist holocaust completely.

The Second Holy German Reich

Second Preterist Reich= William I, Hohenzollern dynasty (1871-1919)

This government did not last long. And it did not fulfill its goals.  It did not turn against Jews and make them victims of hate and prejudice.  It did not turn and attack Protestant Christians.  William I wanted to unify Germany.  Under his reign socialism and the socialist began to gain power. This would lead to the rise of Adolph Hitler.

The Third Holy German Reich

Third Preterist Reich= Adolph HItler (1933-1945)

Hitler was the last and final Preterist Reich of Germany's Lutherans and Catholics.  I find it interesting that many of the Nazi sympathaziers I have met, when questioned, were preterist.  Antisemitism seems to run strong and deep in the hearts of preterist.  I had a hard time understanding this until I read their doctrine on "replacement theology."  In their doctrine on replacement theology they claimed God had rejected the Jews because they were Christ killers.  They could not be saved unless of course they became Catholics or were converted to the preterist brand of Protestantism.  These beliefs allowed German Preterist within Lutheranism and Catholicism to accept Hitler's final solution upon Jews.  As I stand within the holocaust memorials, I shake my head that all these crimes against Jews and Christians was over the doctrine of Preterism.  Within post-tribulational premillennial prophecy interpretation: God is saving the nations and Jews who will believe. After the Church age is complete, there is a joint fellowship of Jews and Gentiles in the millennial Kingdom with Jesus reigning upon the earth.  There will be peace throughout the world.  Men will not learn war.  Swords will be beat into plowshares.  But not so within Catholic Preterism: the millennial that began in 70AD takes plowshares and beats them into swords. War stated and controlled by Rome will be throughout the world. There is no peace except in the lands subdue to Catholicism. And in this spiritual new Jerusalem there will be torture, bloodshed, and mass deaths. No tears wiped away: But rivers of tears shed from the millions slaughtered during the dark and medieval ages, during Hitler's rampage, and in Catholic controlled countries today. And what of the tears of Jewish men, women, and children who preterist claim are victims of God's hate in which they are predestinated to be doomed and damned to eternal death.

Within Hitler's vision for the preterist earth kingdom, the Aryan race of people would control the world and establish a utopia to fulfill the Catholic preterist dream. Jews had no welcome or place in this scheme.  Hitler was so eager to establish this vision he searched for the Holy Grail thinking it would somehow contain special powers of God to make him invincible and guarantee his success. He had his demons to search for the spear of Longinus which he believed would be instrumental in his power with Christ to establish his reconstruction/dominion of the world to finalize the preterist millennial. The Catholic church did not oppose Hitler it's son, because it hoped to crush Protestantism once and for all when Hitler completed his world conquest. Jews would not be the only ones to be placed in ovens, gas chambers, and gunned down and thrown into lime pits. The Catholic claim that the church was the New Jerusalem on earth, would be proven to be a joke.  Preterist still spread the joke that the Church is New Jerusalem on earth and people swallow it up because they are ignorant of the source of this falsehood.  Protestant Preterist claim they will do better the next time in their world-wide Preterist New Jerusalem millennial kingdom.  

The Lutherans in Germany never dreamed their preterist heresy would set them up for the criminal killing of Jews and other Christians. The problem with preterism is those who believe it can be deceived at any time by a champion speaking peace and safety. But the elect will not be deceived.  We will reject preterism and every man who comes as a champion of reconstructionism, dominionism, millennial utopia kingdom now,  fulfilled eschatology, or its other devious names. As soon as they appear in the Church we will send them out the door and down the road.

Preterist, like Muslims, are now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to find the ignorant and unlearned to deceive.  They are looking for Pastors and church members who have no doctrinal foundation in Bible prophecy.  With high-tech videos and other slick media they make their approach. They are slick as serpents. They know just how to twist and pervert and spiritualize.  They know just when to pose their riddles of confusion.  But their end is destruction, backsliding, giving up holiness, and you will likely see them with a set of golf clubs in the trunk of their car or in the church office. Every church preterism has gotten hold of has liberalized and backslid within a few years of entering this heresy.  Listen to the leaders as they rant against legalism which they call holiness standards. While they promise so many liberty they are themselves servants of corruption.

To read more studies on preterism and its evils: CLICK HERE.

Catholic preterism will be defeated when Jesus comes,  I can promise you that! Woe, Woe, Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth that have accepted this false doctrine from their mother church.

As many already know, I have posted a wall of shame identifying Pentecostal preterist.  I will now embark upon a counter-measure and create a WALL OF RESPECT.  This WALL will contain the pictures and names of Pastors and Ministers who oppose preterism.  This WALL OF RESPECT will be open to Oneness Apostolic Pastors and Ministers only who oppose preterism.

May the Lord Jesus, who alarmed us not to be deceived by any means, bless us all to be delievered from false teachers and false apostles who are spreading the preterist heresy.

Pastor Reckart