Greetings everyone:

From 1995 to the present 2009 (14 years) I have lead the Apostolic Oneness resistance opposing the Catholic false doctrine of preterism.  

It was in this year that a man in Texas whom I spent hours and days on the telephone with, decided to leave Apostolic doctrine on the future coming of Jesus.  He received a little booklet from Baptist John Bray that was amillennialist and presented in a post-trib skeleton.  He refuse my admonitions of correction.  He then tried to make contact with many post-tribs of my fellowship to convert them to his new partial preterism false doctrine.  I saw a great danger to the Apostolic people with his apostasy.  So, I began a one-man grass roots information campaign.  I had three major goals:

Mission 1.) To make contact with all the major Apostolic bodies and inform them of the preterist heresy. I did this in sending emails and information to men whom I was told were the key policy makers behind the organizational fronts.  Some of them thought at first I was to worried about things then not troubling their group.  Some did not like me mentioning names.  And some did not understand the preterist doctrine and were very appreciative for the information.  I am not sure behind the scenes who did what, who orchestrated what, and or who spoke to whom.  I did not try to get involved in the internal workings of these groups.  My plan and purpose was to provide information.  I did that and while I cannot say I am the one to receive recognition for the wall of defense that went up around the world, I can say, I know what I did and I do not know of any other man alive who tried as I did to save the Oneness people from this heresy.  I am happy that no Oneness organization fell into the Catholic heresy of Preterism.  Now, in saying this, I am not seeking trumpets, awards, recognition, and or praise.  I have never needed it nor have I asked for it. In fact my stand earned me the reputation I wanted as a no nonsense man. Just as many of you left me alone to do all this work by myself, please leave me alone now as I take a rest and bring to closure my 14 years of labor.  I can say this: mention the name Reckart in the higher ranks of power and I am well known while maybe not so well liked. My  mission #1 has been accomplished.

Mission 2.) To point out the major apostates of preterism, identify them, expose their false doctrines, and put the whole Jesus Name Oneness people on alert.  This was not without great difficulty as many modern Oneness could care less what doctrine a man teaches or spreads.  Liberalism has become so acceptable that even false doctrine can now parade on the platform with no rejection or condemnation. I had to single-handed lay out the issues of preterist falsehoods and defeat them.  I challenged the front soldiers of preterism to public debate and for 14 years they have hidden themselves and refused. But, many Pastors emailed me they had downloaded my studies and would teach against preterism and lay out the points I made.  These men whom I will not identify not only have saved their churches from this heresy they were also instrumental in persuading other Pastor friends not to accept this doctrinal error. I appreciate and respect these men even if they are in organizations I do not belong with. So after 14 years mission #2 has been accomplished.

Mission 3.) To continue my public stand until such a time the major players would become so apostate in holiness and doctrine that they would be rejected without preterism being an issue. Over the years I have watched these men twist, pervert, lie, edit, and change their doctrines.  Some of the things I have pointed out about their false doctrines they have apparently repented about and changed.  Some things they have gotten worse on.  I have tried to keep up with the many changes and alterations of web pages and it was taking to much of my time.  They were not worth it.  So, I pulled back and watched and waited for their continued backsliding to appear.  This past year of 2008 I was firmly convinced these men were so far gone and so far away from Apostolic Truth only fools and the rebellious would follow after them. So after 14 years mission #3 has been accomplished. 

In is now 2009 and my 14 year campaign has succeeded in all three goals. There is not a single Jesus Name organization that has openly accepted preterism as its interpretation of prophecy. There have been many others encouraged to take a stand.

While many did like my methods, they also did nothing to put up a fence against the flood of lies that came out of the preterist camp. Among post-tribs, there were only three of us who openly challenged the preterist and I give utmost respect to Pastor Kenneth Kirkland of Valdez, Alaska and Pastor Michael Brigmond of Kissimmee, Florida.  To my knowledge, over the years, there have been no other open Apostolic writers against preterism any where on the internet. In fact, my web pages exposing preterism has no equal among Apostolic Oneness in the world. I checked the stats of my prophecy pages at since June 2002 when I created it, and there have been over 12,000 page views per month.  The studies have been downloaded over 10,000 times.  I have received emails from people all over the world. I have been able to preserve thousands from this Catholic heresy.  Only Jesus knows how many have been protected from this false doctrine.  Yes, many hated me and attacked me because of my methods.  But I am not ashamed and I am proud I have been a voice in these endtimes. What did they do?  Nothing!  I like the way I did it more then I like the way they didn't do anything.

The main ministers I opposed who fell into this apostasy are now so far backslid in several doctrines and in holiness standards, they are beyond any more need of my concern.  They are not worth any more of my efforts or time. The only ones they can deceive are those who were never the elect in the first place.  These men are now outside of the religious organizations they had hoped they could deceive and win over to this Catholic doctrine.

I have completed my goals.  Jesus my God has been with me.

To those men on my wall of shame:  While I have opposed you openly I do not hate any of you.  In fact, my love for you is the motive behind my opposing you.  If you are offended please understand that it was preterism that was the offense not me.  I just openly identified you with your doctrine.  Yes, I believe and still hold that as long as you do not repent of this Catholic heresy, no one should invite you to preach or Minister in their Church.  I will not turn from this admonition to the Apostolic people.

I now close this chapter in my life with forgiveness for all the preterist who have not repented and come out of that doctrine.  I leave you in the hands of your God.

Pastor G. Reckart