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The Black Arts
By Richard Cavendish

The sister cults in the left hand path deny that certain similar oaths and rituals are viritually the same among them.  They deny that certain rituals and rites are performed in their coven meetings.  They deny that certain acts are performed. The quotes listed after this introduction are taken from the captioned book.

The author, Richard Cavendish is world renown.  He has published an entire set of encyclopedias *Man, Myth, and Magic.*  He is a believer in witchcraft but it is not known to what extent he traveled the *left hand path.*  His knowledge is extensive in the area of the occult and his lists of sources to back up his writings in the bibliography of this book are quite impressive.

The covens of witchcraft of whatever description do not want the secret goings on of their rituals and craft to be known at large by the public.  To secure this secrecy blood oaths are taken that in most cases include the penalty of death if disclosed.  When anyone outside the craft attempts to dig into these cults, the present method is to start a drive to create hate against the person disclosing the information.  If this information is being provided on an internet service provider (ISP), protest are manufactured to have the servers remove the web-pages or cancel the service of the member. Freedom of speech is denied upon the excuse that a writing made someone mad.  It inflamed them. It caused them to have hate.  The fact is they do not want the truth about their conduct exposed.

They cry religious freedom and denial of it is not suggested at all.  They scream defamation and no one is named.  Let us point out here that any religion whatever it does or believes has constitutional freedom provided the conduct does not violate the law.  And at the same time, anyone may write for or against that religion, examine it in whatever manner and write about it and present opinions and deductions.  It is up to the public to determine what they will believe and what they choose not to believe.  That is the entire focus of the first amendment of free speech.

Television programing has inflamed Christians for decades, but what are we told?  *You don't have to watch it, change the channel.*  The KKK offends me, I find them inflammatory, I do not agree with their cult or their teachings, but the courts say they have a right to free speech.  But I do not frequent their meetings and I do not visit their web sites.  I have the click of the mouse to determine where and where not I will go.  Satanist have the same power in their *left* mouse button.

There are those who hate Christianity and they write and post all sorts of blasphemy about Jesus, his mother, the Apostles, and the Church.  As Christians we find this inflammatory, but we allow it under free speech. Censorship has never been the way to conquer any supposed evil.  The open expression of ideas, opinions, along with education and information is the way to enlightenment of our public.  Then let the people have the liberty to decide what they will and will not believe.  Americans are intelligent.  They can determine for themselves what they will and will not believe.  And that is precisely why witchcraft and all of its sister cults have liberty in America.  But that liberty does not mean censorship of opinions in opposition to that body of religion, that is mental fascism headed by a dictatorial group, and in the case of witchcraft, a subculture secret group.

The quotes offered here are from a scholar of his own craft.  They may or may not be the beliefs, rituals, or rites of all the sisters of the craft in the left hand path.  But these quotes serve to those who are interested that the entire craft is satanism and it has absolutely no association with Jesus, his Apostles, the New Testament, or the Kingdom of God.  Some will of course scream the quotes are taken out of context.  Well, let the reader decide that.  Let them go purchase the captioned book or go to the library and consult the entire text for themselves.  Then they can decide if the context is violated or not.  The decision to censor should not be by one who has never read the book.

Witchcraft remains the kingdom of darkness and the lord of this realm is lucifer, the devil, satan, the serpent, the deceiver, and the enemy of the souls of mankind.  That may be a subjective statement but it is the belief of many millions of Christians around the world.  If those in witchcraft want to oppose these writings let them exercise the freedom of speech they have and write opposing what we present.  Let them not try to deny us ours, after all we would not be writing this if we felt the public did not have a right to know.

The following are quotes from the captioned book

The driving force behind black magic is hunger for power.  Its ultimate aim was stated, appropriately enough, by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve were afraid that if they ate the fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil they would die.  But the serpent said, 'Ye shall not surely die: for God doeth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.'  In occultism the serpent is a symbol of wisdom, and for centuries magicians have devoted themselves to the search for the forbidden fruit which would bring fulfillment of the serpent's promise.  Carried to its furtherest extreme, the black magician's ambition is to wield supreme power over the entire universe, to make himself a god (page 1).

No one is a black magician in his own eyes, and modern occultism, whatever their beliefs and practices, think of themselves as high-minded white magicians, not as sinister Brothers of the left-hand path (page 2).

The most notorious and most brilliantly gifted of modern magicians, Aleister Crowley, was regarded as a black sorcerer by many other occultists, and his rituals are saturated with sex and blood to an extent which, to put it mildly,scarcely fits the normal conception of white magic (page 2).

Man is made in the image of God and it has often been sardonically observed that God is made in the image of man.  Both statements are accepted as true in magic.  Man can make himself God because he has the divine spark within him (page 5).

The universe and everything in it constitutes God.  The universe is a gigantic human organism and man is a tiny image of it, a toy replica of God (page 6).

The great moving forces of the universe are described and classified in various ways.  Magicians follow the theory of a mysterious body of doctrines called the Cabala list ten of them (page 7).

If a magician wants to turn the current of destructive energy associated with Mars against an enemy, he sets his imagination to work to construct an intensely vivid mental picture of the force. Everything available to him which will contribute to this picture is used--gestures and dancing,drink, drugs, sex.  He chants incantations which state the nature and attributes of the force of Mars.  He fills his mind with images of blood and torment, rage and ruin and pain.  If he is thoroughgoing the mimicry will extend to actual bloodshed and the torture of an animal or another human being.  He unleashes all his own inner tides of hatred and violence and the ceremony gradually works up to a frenzy of savagery in which he himself becomes the force, controls it by his will and hurls it against his victim (page7).

The great forces cannot be described as either good or evil.  They have a good side and an evil side, or in occultists terms a positive and a negative aspect (page 8).

There are two streams of magical tradition about the devil and his angels.  In one tradition the devil is the magician's god, as in witchcraft, and his favor is won by worshipping him and doing his will.  IN the other, the demons are evil intelligences which have great power but which can be dominated by a magician who is sufficiently strong and daring.  Demons are subdued by the force of the magician's will in rituals of blood and sacrifice, perfumes, symbols and curses (page 9).

Another important magical theory about the universe is the doctrine of opposites (page 10).

The magician's search is for this 'something' which underlies and connects the opposites, the mysterious One which reconciles all diversity in unity (page10).

The path to the one lies through the reconciliation of opposites.  To experience and master all things is to experience and reconcile opposites--good and evil, the spiritual and the material, freedom and necessity, reason and passion, laughter and tears.  In magic, as in the Hegelian dialectic, progress comes through the reconciliation of opposites, thesis and antithesis, in a synthesis which transcends them (p 10).

There is an old tradition that man was originally bisexual.  A Jewish legend says that Adam was a man on his right side and a woman on his left,and God separated the two halves (page11).

The magician cannot become the one unless he becomes bisexual (page 11).

When sexuality is admitted into the world of the divine it is possible to think of union with the divine in sexual terms.  In the pagan mystery religions union with the god was often achieved symbolically by sexual intercourse.  An essential element of witchcraft is sexual union with the god (the devil).  Among the witches of the primitive Ozark hill country in the United States initiation as a witch involves intercourse with the devil's representative, a man who is already a member of the cult. A woman who decides to become a witch goes to her family burying-ground at midnight in the dark of the moon.  There she formally renounces the Christian faith and offers her body and soul to the devil. She strips naked and copulates with the man who is responsible for teaching her the secrets of the cult.  Both of them repeat certain words which are believed to attract demons and ghosts of the evil dead, and the ceremony ends with the recitation of the Lord's prayer backwards.  It is repeated for three nights in succession and must be witnesses by at least two other initiates who are also naked (page 12).

As the magicians behave below so the forces of the universe behave above (page 17).

The left is associated with evil.  Black magic is 'the left-hand path'.  Moving to the left is done with evil intent and attracts evil influences.  Some spells will only work if you move to the left while repeating them.  The tendency to connect the left with evil is very old.  When the Babylonians drew omens they usually considered the left side bad and the right side good (page 24).

The sadistic Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory bathed regularly in human blood to preserve her looks.  Her supplies came from peasant girls who were kept in chains in the cellars of her castle and whose fresh young blood was expected to give the Countess's skin a youthful bloom.  When she was arrested in 1610 the dead bodies of about fifty of these girls were found (page 24, note the next paragraph tells of her satanist mentor giving her a ritual of killing a black hen).

Along the outer edge of the circle four objects are placed--the head of a black cat which has fed on human flesh for five days, a bat which has been drowned in blood, the horns of a goat which has had intercourse with a girl, and the skull of a parricide (page 239).

The candles of human fat contain life-energy and so does the cloth stained with blood (page 240).

The hexagram or seal of Solomon is another powerful symbol which may be drawn inside or outside the circle.  Solomon is said to have owned a seal-ring on which was the real name of God was engraved and which enabled him to master all spirits and demons.  Arab writers said that this seal was in the shape of a six-pointed star and so this symbol is used in magic to control spirits.  In modern theory the hexagram stands for the combination of both 'above' and 'below', represented by its two triangles, one pointing up and the other down.  It is an emblem of man as God (pages 242-243).

Sabbat which some writers insist on, is simply the Latin and French spelling of sabbath (page 306).

The order of events at the sabbath varied from one area to another.  Usually it opened with the witches paying formal homage to the devil.  According to Guazzo's Compendium Maleficarum (1626), the witches generally lit a fire and the devil sat on a throne, in the form of a goat or a dog. And they approached him to adore him, but not always in the same manner (page 309).

Then came the offering of candles to the devil and the obscene kiss.  New members were initiated, witches children were presented to the devil and sometimes baptized by him, and on occasion the devil would marry a witch couple.  Next, the witches sat down to a feast.  This was followed by frenzied dancing, which led up tot he orgy, in which the devil himself joined, apparently distributing his favors among as many of the witches as possible.  Or sometimes the orgy followed a religious ceremony, a parody of the Catholic mass.  Afterward the witches reported on the harm they had done since the last meeting and finally the devil dismissed them (pages 309-310).

Renouncing the God of the Christians, the witches took the devil for their god.  According to de Lancre a newly initiated witch said to the devil, 'I put myself wholly in thy power and in thy hands, recognizing no other God, for thou art my god' (page 312).

The link between the devil and the goat is probably connected with an essential feature of the sabbath, the copulation of witches with the devil.  In the earliest accounts of the sabbath Anne Marie de Georgel and Catherine Delort both said that they served the pleasure of the he-goat.  The belief that the devils were capable of intercourse with human beings and desired it came mainly from Jewish traditions (page 313).

According to the Murray theory, the devil appeared as a goat and in other animal forms because he was the pagan horned god of western Europe.  Cernunnos, a stag-god of Gaul, has been selected for this honour, although little is known about him and nothing about the form which his worship took (page 316).

In the orgy itself the witches were accused of committing every conceivable perversion with other witches and with the devil, and the sabbath culminated in an animal madness of sensuality, of mingled torment and delight, in which the worshippers attained ecstasy.  The union with the devil was usually described as painful, many witches saying that it was as agonising as childbirth (page 317).

A hundred years later, in 1785, two women were broken on the wheel at Hamburg for the murder of a Jew.  They killed him because they needed his blood for writing a pact with the devil (page 319).

Modern witches are extremely secretive and very little about their beliefs and practices is known to outsiders (page 322).

The witches worship a moon goddess, whose name is secret, but who is probably Diana, and a sun-god who may be lucifer.  They believe in reincarnation and a lord of the underworld who determines when and where the witches will be reborn.  The lord is perhaps lucifer as black sun and also perhaps Cernunnos, the horned god. The witches say that their goddess, the queen of heaven and all living went down into the underworld and mated with its lord (page 322).

Modern witches have gone back beyond the era of the witch trials to the pagan rites from which they believe witchcraft sprang.  Some of them claim to have preserved Druid traditions.  They are organized in covens of thirteen, each headed by a high priest or high priestess (page 322).

As badges of rank the witches wear garters, sometime of snakeskin.  They usually perform their ceremonies naked and there are hints of flagellatory rituals.  Whether or not they adore the black bulk of the goat,squatting on its altar, is not known, but they say that their rites bring them profound sense of security and peace (page 322).

This description brings out the satanist conviction, also found in witchcraft, that Christ is a false God, safely ensconced in heaven, where he cares nothing for humanity, with undertones of the old gnostic belief that God was far away and has no contact with men, who are under the rule of the devil.  Christianity is a cheat, a quack medicine, and the Churches are its hucksters (page 336).

There are a few convinced satanists here and there in the world, but for most modern magicians the enemy of Christendom cannot exist.  According to occult theory, there are forces and intelligences, whether inside or outside the magician, which are conventionally condemned as evil, but a god who is entirely evil is as inconceivable as a God who is entirely good.  The true God, the One, is the totality of everything, containing all good and all evil, and reconciling all opposites (page 338).


The quotes give us considerable information on some of the practices of the cults within satanism.  Millions of Christians believe that all forms of the occult are satanism and they make no distinctions between the different types or different names (wicca, satanist, druids, gnostics, rosicrucians, freemasons, mormons, cabalist, astrology, new age, et al), used to describe the groups.  Some, like the wiccians, claim they are not satanist and have no connection with that worship.  Some satanist agree with them to an extent.  We disagree.  We believe as do millions of Christians that a cult is satanic whatever it claims to the contrary.  Any group that denies Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and that practices any of the craft of witchcraft are considered satanist.

If reading about the occult offends you then do not go beyond this point. Pray a prayer for a blood covering of Jesus before you go to this satanist site.  

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