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Quotes From The Alex Sanders
Lectures On Alexandrian Wicca Witchcraft

Is wicca a loving pagan religion having no connection to satanism?  Is their horned god just a male aspect of nature or is he satan or lucifer?  Is the wicca high priestess just an aspect of the female opposite in nature or does she represent an ancient whore goddesses?  Those in wicca deny that certain events go on in their rituals. Are they telling the truth?  They deny that the horned one is the same creature Christians identify as the devil, is this true?  They deny that in many wicca covens there is blood letting, drinking blood, along with animal and human sacrifices.  Is this true for all wicca covens?  

Christians have only the testimony of former members of the occult and books written by those in the craft to determine what the truth really is within this diabolical cult.  In the following article we will quote from the cult itself.  What you read will be what is written by their own.  All *notes* will be ours and not part of the quotes.

Those in wicca believe Christians should view them only as a pagan religion in love with nature and that they are in no way associated with satanism. Well, millions of Christians view all forms of witchcraft as satanism.  We do not believe it is our place to correct them especially when we believe they are correct in their interpretation.

We have heard the wiccan say:  *an it harm none, do what ye will.*  We have examined this statement, and conclude it is a puzzling one that can be manipulated to mean whatever a person in wicca wants it to mean.  One witch said it only applied to the craft.  That is *if it harm none in the craft, do what ye will.*  Does this then mean they will not harm themselves but they can harm others who are not in the craft?  It is reported that if a female witch allows her book of shadows to be seen by someone outside the coven and any harm comes to a coven member because of it, that the female witch receives severe punishment and the one outside of the craft is also taken care of.  Is this true?  Is there a former witch to tell us of her beatings with coat hangers, belts, switches, fists, burns, etc?  

Why, if it is for even those outside the craft are personal threats made against people's lives, property, jobs, and reputations.  In one case in Alaska a Minister reports that after a public seminar on witchcraft, satanism, and wicca, in his town hosted by his Church: dead animals were delivered to Church member's homes with satanic marks of ritual sacrifices.  Letters with curses with candle wax in crude circles upon them were sent to the pastor threatening his life, the life of his wife, and that of his family.  Telephone call threats were made against his life. Other Ministers have suffered homes and Churches burned down, computer sabotage (which are hard to prove against the satanist but they were the only antagonist at the time these events occurred. We believe that if they make the threats, they will try to fulfilled them).  

We would suggest to all who are into satanism that they run for their lives and get out.  No, we do not demand you rat on the rats.  We do not demand you reveal all the secrets.  We do not demand you expose those your fellowshipped in the cult.  All of this is placed under the blood of Jesus.  There is no requirement to expose anything of witchcraft, except to repent of it before God and ask for divine forgiveness and to break the oaths and pledges in water baptism according to Acts 2:38.

Wicca witchcraft is a bloody cult religion full of perversity and bloody rituals. There seems to have been no separate group in the early and mid 1800s. Alex Sanders may have been the first to attempt a non-violent branch of the cult after his serious loss within black witchcraft wicca. Perhaps it is now true that in some cases these branches of this cult no longer practice ancient forms of bloody heathenism, but others do.  We believe Alex Sanders may have tried to convert wicca satanism but we have no proof this has been fully accomplished as many in Alexandrian witchcraft still follow the old left-hand path of that cult and blood sacrifices continue among them.  

We believe those in wicca who disagree with their sister craft cult have a duty and a responsibility to publicly condemn such and to distance themselves from it.  Their silence reinforces our belief that they are fulfilling their oath:  *an it harm none, do  what ye will,* meaning they are not being harmed so they will not take a stand against other wiccian black cults or expose them and they will fight Christians who do.  

Those looking into these cults should consider that you may never afterward be able to be saved if after joining them they sink to the lowest pits of this witchcraft.  

We believe wicca is just a modern interpretation of gnosticism where the serpent is the horned one and the goddess represents Eve, to whom it is alleged the serpent copulated and instructed her in the gnosis or secret wisdom or knowledge of the gods, making her the first witch of which all others emulate as the great whore mother goddess.  

The Lord Jesus give you protection as you now read shocking quotes taken from the teachings of Alexandrian wicca as taught by the most powerful wicca witch in the world.

The Alex Sanders Lectures
Magickal Childe Publishing, Inc


An Englishman, Alex Sanders is the head of 107 covens and probably the most powerful witch in all of Europe.  At seven years old Mr. Sanders, an austere and bloody ritual, was initiated into the cult by his grandmother.  As a professional, practicing witch, and having had firsthand experience with the evils of black witchcraft, which brought him an immense fortune but great personal tragedy, Mr. Sanders pledged himself thereafter to the furtherance of witchcraft as a benevolent religion (Back Cover).

It was only when Rome started on her career of conquest that any written records were made of the gods of Western Europe, and these records show that a horned deity, whom the Romans called Cernunnos (pron. Karnayna) meaning simply "the horned." was the supreme deity of Gaul (page 5).

This particular deity was most probably the god of the witches, since he conforms in every respect tot he picture of the god worshiped by them.  The other possibility is that of Pan, Dionysus or Bacchus, since all of these deities are horned and all are directly concerned with Saturnalia and other rites connected with fertility (page 5).

It is virtually impossible to understand the witch-cult without first comprehending the position of the deities of the wicca.  The god, whose name is a closely-guarded secret, but who was called in general the "horned one," was known to his Christian contemporaries as the "devil." which was called by them satan (more correctly shaitan), lucifer (more correctly lucifuge--"the light-bringer"), beelzebub and other names appropriate to the devil of the Scriptures, with whom they identify him (pages 8-9).

The goddess, whose name is also secret, is of great significance to the witches themselves, although she is hardly known to the outside world.  The wicca is matriarchal in basis, and most prayers are directed to the goddess.  The legend of the deities of the cult is very akin to that of Isis and Osiris in Egyptian mythology.  In the latter, symbolically, Osiris gives his power to Isis, and in the same way, the horned god is so enchanted by the youth and beauty of the goddess that he gave her all his powers to her.  In the coven, the high priestess is the spiritual leader, although the high priest often runs the external affairs of the coven (page 9).

The most famous recorded example of the continuance of the old religion was the case of the Countess of Salisbury, in the reign of King Edward III.  She, while dancing with the king, dropped her garter and was at once overcome with confusion.  The king, however, picked it up, fastened it upon his own leg and said, "honi soit qui mal y pense." ("evil to him who thinks evil.")  It has always been assumed by the uninformed that it was quite natural for a lady to be embarrassed by the loss of so personal an article of apparel.  However, the ladies of that period were inured to rough talk and it took more than a drop of a garter to shock them.  The truth of the matter was that the garter was a badge of rank in the wicca and it showed that she was not only a worshipper of the horned god, but also held a high position therein, possibly that of a high priestess.  When the king attached the offending article to his own person, he was, in effect, placing himself in the position of the incarnate god in the eyes of his pagan subjects.  Not content with his action i saving his dancing partner, the then instituted the Noble Order of the Garter with 26 knights (two covens--one for the King, one for the Prince of Wales).  It is equally remarkable that the king's mantle as Chief of the Order, is powdered over with 168 tiny garters, which, with his own garter worn on the leg, makes 169, or 13 times 13 (i.e. 13 covens). This attribution may be entirely coincidental, but nevertheless, it fits the facts so perfectly that it cannot be ignored (pages 10-11)  (Note: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, ex-husband of Diana is the current top Noble of that Order of the Knights of the Garter.  Is he a high witch of the wicca cult?  Was Diana also a witch of wicca?).

The true witch's hair colour is red, not black, as many supposed (page 12).

Jeanne d'Arc, "The Maid of Orleans," was a Pucelle or high priestess of the wicca, and was condemned to death for what she was, one of the strongest accusations being that she wore men's clothing, a thing at the time done only by witches (page 12).

Modern witches still worship the horned god in the same way as did their ancestors (page 12).

The black witches and magicians know only to well this monster of old, for in the book of Hermes it is written:  "Behold me, mortal, for I am thy god, the true image of thyself, and the very essence of life, yet within me lieth a magnitude greater than you can ever behold without. For I am both macrocosm and microcosm (page 16).

The black witches and magicians, being aware of this, and knowing that this terror could come from the very depths of the dark side of the subconscience, accepted sex rites and blood rites as a basic foundation for their worship, and they learned to control this terror that could come from within themselves to wreak havoc among the unsuspecting (page 16).

The general accepted symbol of the left-handed path is the inverted triangle, called the triangle of darkness, symbolic of the Christian darkness, and it is passed on to this day among the initiates that it was a certainty in the old days that the people of the Right-Hand path feared this dark knowledge (page 16).

When the brotherhood of light and darkness realized that the whole world was to be engulfed in a world castrophe---that of the great flood---they consulted in unity to discuss the preservation of the mysteries.  After many disagreements,the Council of Light and Darkness combined their symbology.  As a result, the two triangles were interlaced to form a set pattern which has been handed down to the present day as the six-pointed star (also called the star of unity, and met with under the title of the star of David, although it is immeasurably older than the king) (page 17).

After the great flood,the ancient Egyptians used these triangles to represent a triad of deities (page 17).

In his book of wisdom, known as the book of Thoth, the highest wisdom that can ever be grasped on our planet is left for posterity.  His Tabulae Smaragina or "Hermes Tablet" serves to provide the microcosmic and macrocosmic laws of analogy.  Originally, the book of wisdom, written by this high initiate consisted of 78 plates which later became known as the 78 tarot cards, and their secret meaning up to this day remains unknown, except to a select few (page 17).

The first request made to the would-be witch is to obtain a black-hilted knife with a plain hilt and three silk cords, red, white, and blue.  Each one measuring nine feet in length and with a strict instruction of no knots before the ceremonies. These cords are one of the essential working tooks of the wicca.  They are necessary in swearing the oath and for binding the material basis of the art (page 22).

In the wicca one may collect the eight magickal weapons in preparation for higher degrees, but the first degree witch is allowed to possess only the knife and cords, while a HP (high priest) will cast the circle with the magickal sword as a symbol of authority and rule within that particular coven (page 23).

The white-handled knife is for the express purpose of making all images, talismans, amulets, of clay or wood, carving and cutting all of these objects must be made with the white-handled knife which can only be used in the magick circle and no other place (page 24); (the witch from Orlando, Florida says this knife is the one used for blood-letting and any ritual cutting of the sacrifices).

The wand is phallic, as can be seen by the caduceus entwined with serpents, or as the thyrsis, the wand which is pinecone-tipped or plain and as simple as a painted rod tipped with silver (page 24).

The meaning of the wand can be found hidden in the symbol of the hexagram or six-pointed star (page 24).

Pentacles are medallions as opposed to the five-pointed stars also called pentacles or pentagrams, though the first  degree initiation which is known as the grade of the inverted triangle and not to be confused with Black Magick, but which refers to the spheres of Netzach, Hod, and Malkuth only (page 25); (note: Netzahc, Hod and Malkuth are Jewish Quabbalistic mysticism).

When the mother goddess Cybelle was worshipped and served by young men who deliberately cut off their genitals and had to run along a 1 3/4 mile track between priest and priestess who scourged them, they ran,carrying before them their severed genitals in their hands.  If the new initiates survived the journey, their wounds were catherized with boiling pitch and they became a priest of the goddess (page 26).

The people who come to the wicca usually do so through the public media such as books, television, and radio (page 29).

The witches are taken into a circle by the high priestess.  The initiate is standing at the entrance of the circle, and is attended by one of the devoted servants of the coven.  The charge of the goddess is read out; that is, in fact, the instructions that the goddess gives to her children of the wicca, with a strict instruction to keep pure your highest ideals.  The initiate is challenged with the sword's naked blade against naked flesh.  In other words, you are asked if you wish to proceed further into the mystery.  If he gives assay, he is taken through the other stages of initiation.  His measure is taken and he is asked to swear an oath of allegiance to the brotherhood even though it should cost him his life.  Progressing into the fourth stage, he is anointed and duly consecrated priest and witch.  Cords and blindfold are removed and the fifth and final stage proceeds.  He is presented with the working tools of a witch.  At the conclusion of his performance of the sacred mysteries he is welcomed and congratulated by his new brothers and sisters, and plans are made of his training within that degree. (pages 29-30).

Everybody has heard of Merlin, the magician, the secret advisor of King Arthur, the wonders and miracles he performed and the deeds of the Knights, aflame with the vision of the Holy Grail, the secret heart of Christ.  Yet who shall hear of another tale, as story older by far, that tells of the first Merlin that came to these shores of the first Arthur the king.  It was not Mary the Mother of Jesus who was the mother of their people, but the ancient Morrigan, the great white mother, who was worshipped as the moon (page 32).

In the legend of both Arthur and Merlin, at the end of their labors, return to the Fairyland from which they originally had come.  Where was this place?  It was the Summerlands of Lyonese, open only to those who had the keys that would unlock the secrets.  This was the land we call Atlantis, where the great white mother had her greatest power, the homeland of Arthur and Merlin, the garden of Eden where the golden apples grew (page 32).

These were the wicca, the wise ones (page 33).

First a king who was to be the visible sun, surrounded by his men at arms who were the days of the year.  Secondly, a magician who was to be the secret essence of the sun, the hidden one (Page 34).

Thirdly, there was the priestess, the incarnation of the great white mother, to whom all power and magick was attributed.  The woman was the oracle and the medium by which the priest's power took form (page 34).

If the initiate remains true to his acquired knowledge, ad death he goes beyond the sun into the future;  he has escaped from the glass castle of the seasons and is free to come and go as he desires.  He need not incarnate for many cycles to come, but remains as one of the wise ones for the benefit of humanity (page 36).

The initial training consists of teaching the first degree initiate how to consecrate water, how to bless salt, how to mingle them, and how to use the athame.  In fact, the first degree training teaches the young initiate how to cast the circle and erect the sacred temple of the witches.  To be able to do this correctly, they have to visualize certain magickal images; we call them the lords of the watchtowers, from the high god and goddess aspects through the rulers of the elements.  When this is learned, the art of visualization has been fairly mastered.   The initiate is taught how to induce clairvoyance (page 52).

Others may not be particularly interested in clairvoyance or tarot cards and would like to develop healing (page 53).

Other witches may not like clairvoyance or healing in those terms but wish to become and also they are taught to induce trance.  This leaves them open to spirit possession under the guidance of teachers, whereby a spirit controls the physical body and uses them for a particular type of phenomena that the spirit wishes to control, whether healing, clairvoyance, clariaudience, physometry, materialization, telekinesis, apports, or whatever the spirit is capable of doing within its own shere (page 53).

But again in the first degree the witch is also taught the 21 festivals throughout the year and they copy the book of shadows out of the book of ritual and learn to understand that there are four major festivals, the solstice, the equinoxes, and others between that originally were fire rituals or Baal rituals, or as they are now called, Beltane rites, all to do with fire.  they are taught how to perform these ceremonies as priests of wicca (page 54).

When they have mastered all the festivals, rites, and understanding of the cardinal points of the circle, or the epagomenes of that circle, then are they eligible for the second degree.  To prove that they are eligible, they must have proofs of two healings, written proof of clairvoyance and proof of diagnosis of malignant diseases within the body.  These days it is often proved by the presence of doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists who have become members of the wicca and participate in out rituals and are therefore able to give an independent diagnosis (page 54).

In many covens, the high priestess insists that the first degree initiate wait three years and have three years of training.  Today in covens one can usually become a second degree witch between one and two years, all depending on how much work the initiate puts into study and practice (page 55).

Before they can become high priest or high priestess, they must have working partners and against it is taken for granted by this time that they will have teamed up with somebody in the coven who is going to help them through their second degree (page 55).

The "book of shadows," the bible of the witches, is one of the most controversial books in modern witchcraft.  Many present-day witches believe parts of it have been adapted from the rituals of the Golden Dawn, which was formed in 1888 by MacGregor, Mathers, Westcott, and Woodman (note:  Christians, this is the Westcott of  Westcott and Hort Bible works).  Others say it was added to by Aleister Crowley and Dion Furtune.  Francis King, author of Ritual Magic in England, states that he has seen letters by Gerald B. Gardner, founder of the Gardnerian witches, commissioning Aleister Crowley to write parts of the book of shadows (page 66).

The initiate's first experience of this book is during the first degree initiation when the blindfold and cords have been removed and he is presented with the weapons of a witch.  When he is presented with the sword it is taken off the book, that is the center-piece of the altar.  The book is closed in front of him and he is shown the cover, on which is often written the motto of wicca:  "an it harm none, do what ye will."  The first stipulation that the initiate is made aware of is to keep a book in his own hand of write, "to let brothers and sisters copy what they will, but never to let the book out of his hands.  For if it be found in their hand of write then they may be taken and tortured.  Learn as much as you can by heart and when danger is past, rewrite your book ere it be safe.  For this reason, if any die, destroy their book if they have not been able to, for ian it be found, tis clear proof against thee and you may not be a witch alone" (-ages 67-68).

The legends enacted in the wiccian mysteries resemble those int he Eleusinian myth of the descent of Kore (Persephone) into the underworld where she meets the dreaded lord of the shadows (Pluto).  These particular variations of the legends are to be found almost verbatim in the Babylonian and earlier Sumerian tablets (Page 71).

Aradia, in her quest of knowledge, witched to pass by the gates of the lord of death.  After having traveled many miles, she found at last the entrance to the Netherlands and the guardians that were set upon the seven gates, removed her jewels and garments, saying:  "nought may ye bring with ye into this land."  Naked and bound she was brought before the lord of shadows, who was lucifer, his light shrouded in darkness.  He recognized her and desired her for his queen would have laid down his might and dominion for her, yet she would not have him.  She, the most beautiful of all created things saw only ugliness in his dark face.  Thus it was that she was taken and made to kneel to death's scourge.  This scene may be seen depicted in the paintings of the villa of the mysteries of Pompeii.  The pain of this chastisement opened her eyes to the truth and she knew the hidden wisdom.  She perceived the veil that covered the radiance of lucifer, and seeing him to be that which she sought, they made love and were one (page 71) (note:  I have repeatedly said the great rite was re-enacting the alleged sexual relations of Eve and the serpent, this account by Alex Sanders of the wiccian belief behind the great rite confirms our suspicions).

Diana was the first created before all creation.  In her were all things, out of her first darkness she divided herself into darkness and light.  Lucifer, her brother and son, was the light; when Diana saw that light was beautify, the light was her other self, her brother lucifer, she yearned for it with exceeding great desire, wishing to receive the light again into her darkness, to swallow it up in rapture, in delight.  She trembled with desire.  This desire was the dawn, but lucifer the light fled from her and would not yield to her wishes (page 72).

Thus Diana went to the fathers of the beginning, to the mothers of the spirits which were before the first spirit and lamented unto them that she could not prevail with lucifer and they praised her for her courage.  They told her that to rise, she must fall; to become the giant of goddesses she must become mortal and in the ages, in the course of time, when the world was made, Diana went to earth, as had lucifer, who had fallen even into the underworld.  And Diana practised magick and sorcery, whence are witches and fairies and goblins, all that is like man, yet nor mortal.  And thus it came that Diana took the form of a cat (page 72).

Her brother had a cat whom he loved above all other creatures, a fairy but he did not know.  Diana prevailed with the cat and changed form with him.  As she aly on her brother's bed she assumed her own form and so lucifer became the mother the earth.  But when in the morning he found that he lay with his sister and that light had been conquered by darkness, lucifer became extremely angry.  Diana sang him a spell, a song of power, and he was silent so Diana with her knowledge of witchcraft so charmed him that he yielded to her love (page 73) (note: this is what lies behind the use of a black cat at halloween and in association with witchcraft).

It came to pass that Diana assumed the form of a double, Aradia, who she set upon the earth.  Aradia was not known to the witches, the fairies and the elves and those who dwelt in desert placed, the goblins and they were known.  She hid herself in humility and was mortal (page 73).

Listen to the words of the great mother, who was of old called many names, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arianrhod, Bride, Isis, and by many other names.  When ye have need of anything, once in the month and better it be when the moon is full, then ye shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of me who am queen of all witches.  There shall ye assemble, y who are fain to learn all sorcery.  To these I will teach things yet unknown and as a sign that ye be truly free ye shall be naked in your rites and ye shall dance for I bring the ecstasy of the spirit, and mine also is joy in earth for my law is love unto all beings (page 74).

Upon earth I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal and when have conquered the Lord of LIfe and Death and what lies beyond then will I give peace and freedom and reunion with those who have gone before, for I am the mother of all living things and my love is poured out upon he earth (pages 74-75).

Arise and come unto me for I am the soul of nature which giveth birth to the universe (page 75).

The legend is further enacted in the second and third degree initiation ceremonies of the wicca (page 75).

In ancient times, our lord of the horned one was --as he is-- the consoler, the comforter.  But men know him as the dread lord of the shadows--lonely, stern, and just.  But our lady, who had never loved lucifer, the horned one, upon the earth and beneath the earth, would solve all mysteries, even the mystery of death (Page 76).

Quotes to To be continued.