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By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first Commandment (Mark 12:30).

Wicca sabbats:

There are eight sabbats or sabbaths (parties) during the year when the covens meet to celebrate some special aspect of nature, agriculture, wildlife, or a solar, lunar, or planetary cycle. Those in Wicca believe it as at these times they may draw down upon them the supernatural powers of these tides and cycles. The rise to power in a coven is determined how quick a goddess (high priestess) or a god (priest) is able to pass through these many different levels of power. As a whole, these eight annual observances become the framework of the Wiccan cult. The eight sabbats are: 1. IMBOLG, held on February 2 (also called candlemas, Oimelc, and Imbolc); 2. The spring equinox, March 21st (Alban Eilir);  3. BEALTAINE or BAALTAINE, the 30th of April (Beltaine, May eve, Walpurgis night, Cyntefyn, Roodmass);  4. MIDSUMMER held on June 22nd (the summer solstice, Alban Hefin, also sometimes called Beltane or Baaltane);  5. LUGHNASADH held on July 31st (August eve, Lammas Eve, Lady Day Eve); 6. AUTUMN EQUINOX held on September 21st (Alban Elfed);  7. SAMHAIN held on October 31st (Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Calan Gaeaf);  8. YULE held on December 22nd (Winter solstice, Albab Arthan, Christmas). All sabbats are to be turned into parties. Eight evil and blasphemous parties.

Modern Wicca is expanding at a rapid rate owing to the increased possession of the Kabbalah and other secret craft works that are now out of the closet and available at any bookstore. The presence and influence of Freemasonry has assisted the evangelism of Wicca and witchcraft for over two hundred years. The pentagram and the hex are just as sacred to a Mason and their female cult called the Eastern Star, as they are to a Wiccian. All Wiccian secret teachings are also taught in the lodge. And, many in Wicca are also in Eastern Star lodges. Television, movies, and print media, have been thrusting astrology, witchcraft, and cult concepts in the face of all the world for over one hundred years. From an early age all of us have become deluged with witchcraft at the grocery store check out stands. Television. movies, video, and print media have all been fruitful evangelistic tools for the covens. The rise of new age and its adoption within Methodist and other Churches and groups (walking the satanic prayer labyrinth kneeling at last on a hex and offering a prayer to the unknown god *see Lakeland, Florida Ledger Newspaper, Local section, 5-29-1998, p 1). Wicca has been given and has access to Church buildings around the world where they operate behind the scenes when the doors are closed.

The chief tools of the Wicca Craft are the circle; the dagger or athame; three silk chords red, white, and blue, nine foot long; a white handled knife, the chalice, an incense burner, a small bell, an altar made of a coffee table etc., a Church altar, or of something else; a sword laying at the base of the altar, the hex and the pentagram; candles; the wand; a bowl of water; and salt.

Here is part of the ritual:  "All gather at the appointed place and strip off naked. She draws the hex or six pointed star and sets the altar in the center of the hex. She invites her lover and consort for the evening to enter. The high priestess and the high priest kneel before the altar, with him to her right. The rest of the coven stand outside the north-east quadrant of the circle waiting to be invited in by the witch. Upon the altar there is a pentagram and the bowl of water is set upon this star. This star represents lucifer god of the coven. The witch inserts the point of her dagger *anthame* into the water and begins her prayer of exorcisms:  *I exorcise thee, O creature of water, that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleanliness of the spirits of the world of phantasm; in the names of cernunnos and aradia* (or whatever names the witch has chosen for the gods of her coven). The witch lays down her dagger at which time her lover and consort places a bowl of salt upon the pentacle and invokes his prayer:  *Blessing be upon this creature of salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hencefrom, and let all good enter herein; wherefore do I bless thee, that thou mayest aid me , in the names of cernunnos and aradia.*  These are taken from the keys of Solomon which are used in many covens. He lays down his dagger and then pours the salt into the bowl of water which the witch is holding in her hands. Then her lover and consort leaves the circle to stand with the others. The witch then draws the circle with her sword leaving a gateway open in the north-east. The ritual continues and is lengthy but it concludes with sexual orgie, drugs, partying, and sometimes death...

Wicca without the pentagram and the hex is like Christianity without the reality of the Cross. The Cross has no place in Wicca except in derogatory rituals where it is urinated upon, defecated upon, spit upon, used to violate a witch so as to dedicate her womb and offspring to the devil. Those who push to remove this emblem from the Church are influenced by occult deception to view it as pagan. Well, if so, why do the pagans omit it in their rituals except for use in an abusive and antichrist manner? The pentagram and hex symbols are used to represent lucifer and his power (the pentagram) and his kingdom (the hex). They are used ignorantly throughout society and Churches and integrated to such a degree that millions use them in various ways to their stupidity thinking they have no cult connections. The pentagram and the hex are strictly cult objects and have absolutely no connection to the God of the Bible or his worship. These symbols appear in Mystery Babylon with Nimrod and his whore wife.

One of the first rituals of the coven is to draw the circle. All the rituals are done in the circle. It is here that the goddess and the god, the high priestess and the priest enact the great rite with the dagger and the chalice. Here the celebrants dance naked or skyclad, sing satanic runes, chant devilish formulas, and call upon the powers of the devil, demons, the four powers of the north, south, east, and west; the moon, the universe and nature. With hands locked together inside the circle and excited by the nakedness of the participants the frenzy is worked up to the point that the circle is opened and those within commence their sexual orgie. Each coven may be different and may add to or take away from the forms of the craft. There is no standard  form. The horned-god (satanic) salute is formed with the index and little finger extended and the thumb holding the ring finger and the one next to the index finger.

In Wicca, the sexual partners may be husband and wife, lovers, friends, brothers and sisters, parents and their children, and even animals. In the coven sex is glorified as it is the basic concept of the male and the female in nature. The channel of the devil and demon spirits in Wicca is always the female, always the high priestess, always the great whore. There is absolutely no Wicca coven that is not bisexual. All participants are required to be bisexual, as the goddess has the right (she may or may not enforce it), to pair up any two for the sexual orgie she desires. To have whomever a person would want in the coven, the goddess must be appeased with a request. Once ordered the participants may not object.

The goddess is the chief authority in the coven taken after the idea that she is a representative of mother earth (nature), who is herself the great witch and the great mother who sustains life and determines the sexual regeneration of all natural species. She is Semiramus; Ishtar;, Ashtoreth; Astarte; Tannuit ...Tanit, or Annuit (her symbol was the pyramid how did she get on the back of our dollar bill with the eye of Baal or lucifer?), Artemis; Aphrodite; Diana; Venus; Athena; Cerridwen; Arianrhod; Isis; the Moon goddess; the Great Whore; the Great Mother; Mother Earth or Nature; and transposed in the fertility cults of Baal and as the wife of a god using the hex as her symbol of sexual perversion and her CROWN. She also comes to represent Israel the great whore of God who became the consort of Baal and the devil and that is why God divorced her (Jer 3:8). Is that not how the hex and pentagram became associated with Israel and called the *star of your god Remphan* in Acts 7:43, that got Stephen killed? The great whore has many other names in the nations of the world where Wicca is called by different names but the same mysteries and the same rituals and oaths.

The Wicca coven is opposite the Biblical pattern of a Patriarchal monotheistic system. That is, in the Bible the highest authority is the male and that there is one God. In the Bible the male is the leader of the family and he is symbolic of the one God of the creation. Thus, the Biblical pattern is opposite that within Wicca. In Wicca the female is the highest authority and there are many gods and powers. Wicca is by evidence an anti-Biblical religion. Those in Wicca are required to be antichristian in beliefs. Thus each person converted is made an antichrist and this somehow is supposed to obtain for the person special powers with the devil.

Wicca is a cult with secret oaths, secret meetings, and secret members. It is worship of the human body, nakedness, sexual orgie, and results in loss of self respect, self esteem, and self worth. Sacrifices of human blood are offered to obtain power. Demon possession and loss of respect for life happens to everyone in Wicca. Drugs, mental deception, hate, rage, amnesia, multiple personalities, fantasy role playing (dungeons and dragons), along with rituals are all written in a diary or a book of shadows.

Wicca is a branch of Mystery Babylon. It is a substitute religion to bring humanity into bondage. A hierarchy of powers in the coven resemble the hierarchy or powers in other cult religions. Ancient but evil (child sacrifices, sacrifice of men and women). Wicca today descends from the Baal religion of the Bible, except Baal and Semiramus are replaced with the symbols of the Hex and the Pentagram. The Hex is the symbol of sexual union of the male and the female in the great rite.

Wicca is satanic. The destruction of satanism is with the coming of Jesus. The antichrist who sets up in Jerusalem in the Temple will be a high priest of lucifer. The devil will give him his seat (Rev 13:10), his snake throne, and great authority; and then there will be no mistake in the minds of the Believers in that day who the great whore is for she will be identified with the hex and embodied in it will be 666. All who take the hex will have the symbol of the antichrist kingdom. The kingdom of darkness is to be destroyed and all who are in it to be cast into eternal punishment forever. The great deception that the devil will win is seen to be the great lie of Wicca. Darth Vader will not be saved. He will not be redeemed. He will not be converted. There is no salvation for the arc-enemy of God and man. He is guilty of every gross iniquity and he shall be damned. Read the back of the Bible (Rev 20:10) hallelujeh! The devil will be cast alive into the lake of fire. A damnation he deserves! All the babies will be vindicated and avenged. All those murdered and sacrificed avenged. All the death, pain, sickness, misery and poverty, will be avenged upon satanil, his demons, and his worshipers.

Deliverance From Wicca

A person can be delivered from Wicca. The first step is to renounce the devil and all oaths with a prayer partner. Do not have anything to do with old friends who were or are in the cult. Clean out your home, your car, everything you own of all satanic items. Seek out an Apostolic Church and go for the purpose of being set free and to get your soul saved. When the Minister gives the invitation go forward and kneel before the true God and confess your sins. Ask the Pastor to baptize you in the name of Jesus Messiah (Acts 2:38). For when he does this, all your sins are forgiven and placed under the blood of Jesus. As he plunges you under in the name of Jesus, all oaths made to the devil and all satanic covenants are abolished and become null and void. Do not give up this conversion until you receive the promise of  Holy Spirit baptism. The Pastor will explain what being born again of water and Spirit (John 3:3-5) means. When your soul has been cleansed and you have broken clean of the devil's religion, shout with the joy of triumph. You are now on the journey of Aliyeh (Return to God). When you have the gift of eternal life, no man can take this from you. The only way to lose it, is to deny Jesus and his blood and return to sin and the devil's kingdom.

Good news:  Many have been saved who were once in and who dabbled in Wicca, Freemasonry, the Kabbalah, Witchcraft, and the Asian religions of India, Tibet, China, and Japan. Time is crucial to these conversions however. The individual must be reached before they have lost their minds and have crossed the point of no return. Remember, these souls are victims of abuse by the devil. He wants no one to love them or care for them. But Jesus loves and cares. If he did not, he would not have given the Christian Believer the compassion and the power to deliver these taken captive, by use of his name, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is hope, there is healing. While we dislike Wicca for the horror it works upon the souls of men and women, boys and girls, we love these victims and our prayer is that they will escape while they are still able to and live out the rest of their lives in true joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.

Dear Jesus, I come to you today on behalf of those whom the devil is trying to deceive. I ask Lord that you frustrate the devil and his demons. That if there is someone who wants to be free of this spirit of Wicca, that you will lead them right this moment from death to life and from evil to good. I pray Lord Jesus that you break the yokes of sin and evil from these souls and that you give them hope. In the name of Jesus Messiah I take authority over all spirits and bind them. I command these unclean spirits to leave and never return. I command them to torment this person no more. Now Jesus I pray a blood covering over this soul until they are safe in salvation and in a Church family who will love them. I ask Lord that you open doors for this soul and that you lead them as a Shepherd. With love you have saved us, now with your love protect this sister or brother and give them peace. In the name of Jesus Messiah, AMEN!

Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor


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