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Cults Of Witchcraft

What is witchcraft?

WITCHCRAFT= "1 a : The use of sorcery or magic; b: intercourse with the devil or a familiar. 2 : an irresistible influence or fascination :enchantment (Websters 7th Collegiate Dictionary, p 1025).

WITCH= \'wich\ n [ME wicche, fr. OE wicca, masc., wizard & wicce, fem., witch; akin to MHG wicken to bewitch, OE, wigle divination, OHG wih holy--more at VICTIM] 1 a dial Brit : WIZZARD, SORCERER. b (1) : a woman practicing the black arts : SORCERESS (2) : an ugly old woman : hag c : one supposed to possess supernatural opowers esp. by compact with the devil or a familiar (Ibid).

"In England a witch is defined as 'a person who hath conference with the devil to consult with him or to do some act.'  Now applied to a female magician, the term stems from the Old English word wicca, designating a male magician.  A witch may appear to be young and beautiful but is actually old, repulsive, branded with the devil's mark and clothed in the devil's girdle. She eats human flesh, drinks human blood, fashions mannikins to represent humans, disrupts the forces of nature, is responsible for changelings, wreaks vengeance on those who scorn her, copulates with those she desires, summons the infernal hosts, and has recourse to a vast array of formulas, implements, and agents in conducting her goetic operations" (Dictionary Of Satanism, Wade Baskin, p 337).

There are many names for satan.  The Bible calls him the serpent, lucifer, devil, adversary, accuser, great dragon, wicked one, baal, beelzebub, belial, prince of this world, and prince of darkness.  There are several other titles given to the enemy of God and man. Those who practice witchcraft usually DO NOT want to be associated with being devil worshipers.  So they will invent new names for the devil, one of the most recent is that he is *father nature* or the male principal in nature.  In this manner those in witchcraft can claim they are only a nature religion, deny worship of the devil through secret rituals, and even deny any belief in the *Christian's devil.*  Exactly the delusion they want the world to have of them.  By associating the devil with nature, changing his identity with a new alias, the cults obtain a stamp of approval by many.

From the Dictionary of Satanism above on page 233, Mr Baskin says this about the names of satan: "Malleus Maleficarum [The Witches' Hammer], a fifteenth-century treatise by Hienrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger, indicates that satan may be invoked under several names, each with a special etymological significance.  As asmodeus he is the creature of judgement.  As satan, he becomes the adversary.  As behemoth, he is the beast.  Diabolus, the devil, signifies two morsels: the body and the soul, both of which he kills.  Demon connotes cunning over blood. Belial, without a master.  Beelzebub, lord of flies.  Here are the names by which he is generally known in various languages:  Arabic sheitan, Egyptian set, Japanese o yama, Persian dev, Russian tchort, Syriac beherit, Welsh pwcca.

The devil is honored by the rituals and the manner in which the cult practices its religion.  As prince of darkness, the cults gather at night or in a darkened house or other building.  Since Jesus was crucified on a full moon, the cult favors the full moon as the time to celebrate their ritualistic blood cup using real human blood or a substitute.  What is done in darkness carries with it the code of silence.  Anyone who breaks the code of silence is candidate for the fulfillment of the oath taken to be inducted into the cult, and this is usually the death penalty.  How these murders are carried out is known by the cult members and the police departments around the world.  Nearly all police departments has an officer assigned to occult duty and an interview with this person could reveal in your area stunning and horrible secrets not published in the local media.

A witches personal diary of her personal rituals is called the *book of shadows.*  Another name for the book is the *book of grimorie* with lessons and rituals on enchantments, animal sacrifices, use of blood, oils, and powders.  The most famous is the Grimoire of Honorius first published in Rome in 1670.

The defeat of satan takes place at the battle of Armageddon where he is bound for a 1,000 years.  After the 1,000 years he is loosed from his prison, goes out to deceive the world again, and is cast into the lake of fire. All who are his followers and worshipers will receive the same fate.  Satanism, witchcraft, the cults are fun to live by with all the drugs, sex, partys, drinking, music, and ceremonies during the ritual, BUT IT WILL ALL BE HELL TO DIE BY!

This web site is not designed to convert satanist, witches, or to deprive them of their religious freedom to worship the devil even if they want to call the worship *nature worship.*  Frankly we do not care if they want to be lost and go to an eternal devil's hell.  If they do not want that judgment then it is their responsibility to be saved from that awful fate.  They know what they are doing is evil.  They may justify it but in their heart of hearts they will know they have become abominable and detestable as normal human beings.  This web site It is designed for the followers of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messiah.