Appendix D

Serpent Gnosticism, Apostasy Of All Ages
Source Of The Female Priestess and Woman Preacher Movement

In Babylon, after the flood, a mystery religion was created by Nimrod and his wife Semiramis. At its core, was a sexual interpretation of the serpent and the fall of Adam and Eve. It became known as the "secret mystery, the Chaldean mysteries, or the secret knowledge religion." This religion was the adversary and antagonist of the Old Testament Saints and Prophets. From the time of Alexander the Great, the religion of Babylon changed names from worship of Baal, and became known around the Mediterranean coastal nations as "Gnosticism". Those who believed and practiced this Babel religion were called Gnostics. Those who did not believe it were considered agnostics. The word "agnostic" means "a" = no or not, and "Gnostic" = knowledge. Combining the two, the word "agnostic" means "no knowledge or not believing the secret knowledge;" and later interpreted to mean: "not having knowledge because of ignorance." The idea of the word "agnostic" meaning a person is ignorant of a fact or facts that would cause one to "believe" in the true God, is a later adaptation and application. The word "agnostic" is used today of those who claim not to have a fact or facts upon which to base a solid belief in GOD. This indicates they are confessing that certain categories of their intellect remains ignorant. Fact is, they willfully desire "NO KNOWLEDGE" of GOD.

Anciently however, you may see that among the religion of the "Gnostics," the word "agnostic," would have identified a person who desired not to believe, or who desired to remain ignorant of the secret rituals through which the Gnostic "good-god", the serpent, and the mystery religion of Babel, might be exposed or revealed.

The Gnostic mystery religion of Babylon worshiped Eve in the female sex as the benefactor of Man. She was worshiped and venerated as a whore goddess, often nude, and known after Babel among other languages as: Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Nuit=(Tanuit, Anuit), Hathor, Isis, Aphrodites, Diana, Cybele, Demeter, Ceres, Venus, Athena, Varuna, et al.). The serpent as the "good-god" was worshiped as having infused the woman with his passion and lust, to use her body to the pleasure of herself and those whom she wanted to dominate. Adam was worshiped in the person of Nimrod and Baal as the consort of his whore wife who was also called an "asherah." The true GOD was envisioned as a wrathful Deity of hate, who was guilty of opposing this "CHOICE" of use by Eve and all females, with their body. The woman became the high-priestess of the Gnostic religion through sexual ordination. Because she gives birth, she was also venerated as the great mother and came to be worshiped as "mother earth" who brings to birth all things. The environmental movement today, is therefore a Gnostic revival of mystery Babylon. Through it, paganism has emerged and revived. The antichrist New World Order is replacing Communism with a new brand of Gnosticism identified as pantheist-environmentalism. This religion worships mother earth and its members proudly slander Jesus Messiah and Christian sexual morals.

Those championing the environmental revival, are generally members of various other aggressive Gnostic cults, or GODless religions. Look! And you will see the WOMEN PRIESTESS leading in the new Gnostic revival. These same people are the ones leading the fight for abortion; homosexuality and lesbianism; pornography; sex films, movies, and video tapes; nudity; live-and-let-live philosophy; don't judge me theology; holiness of sin doctrine; and feminized control of everything, including the pulpit. The gnosis religion of Babylon was called Mystery, because it contained "secret knowledge" disclosed only through: "blood-oaths, oaths of allegiance, swearing of oaths, secret handshakes, signs, signals, symbols, images, pass-words, sexual rituals, and meanings of coded riddles." This secret knowledge is alleged to be identical to that "gnosis-knowledge" taught to Eve by the serpent. In its final analysis, the serpent is the "good-god" and Eve is the whore goddess and high-priestess. This cult is also identical to the "SOPHIA" religion. "Sophia" means "wisdom." Hence, they believed in "secret wisdom" known only among initiates who were sexually reprobated to become members.

One branch of Gnostics saw in Jesus Messiah, the dispenser of knowledge of the Kingdom of God, a similarity to their pagan beliefs of the serpent. Thus two Gnostic "christian" sects called the Naasenes (Hebrew nahas, snake) Ophites (Greek ophis, snake), worshiped the serpent in the alleged identity of Jesus Messiah. They stole the symbol of the cross and entwined the serpent around it. This is no doubt Paul's reference of: "They changed the Truth into a lie (Rom. 1:25)." Since satan is identified as the first "liar", we may paraphrase Paul's statement as: "The Gnostics changed the Truth about God-Jesus and made him to become the serpent." Is this Paul's way of exposing the Gnostics whom he withstood?

Looking at Gnosticism through the windows of the Old Testament, the altars of Baal and Ashtoreth represented the religion of the serpent Gnostics in Israel. The Old Testament saints had a choice. They could follow the knowledge and ways of GOD, or follow the knowledge (gnosis) and ways of the "good-god," the serpent. It was a choice of Baal or God. Now you know the REST OF THE STORY!

This religion was very much alive in the days of the Apostles. It was scattered throughout all nations. Even in Israel, the Gnostic religion thrived well in Hellenism. It polluted many early Christian congregations like William Branham's serpent seed doctrine of our day. The Gnostics used women priestess who would teach man the secret knowledge. Because sex was a part of the Babylonian ritual, it was taught by the Gnostics, that Eve had sex with the serpent and Cain was the serpent's seed. The Gnostics taught that Cain was the good seed and that is why he was not to be killed for the murder of Abel, whom the Gnostics taught was not a true brother of Cain. Abel was seen as a child born by the power of the bad GOD who had cursed Adam and Eve during a temper tantrum and drove them from paradise.

For the Apostles to have ordained women to teach, preach, be a messenger, or have a part in the Five-Fold-Ministry, would have identified them as party and part of the Gnostic religion of Babel. There was a 4,000 year period when a woman of GOD did not build altars, did not offer her own sacrifices, did not act as a mediator, did not act as a messenger or teacher of spiritual matters of redemption or salvation, did not use her body in a sexually immoral way as hire or a tool of making converts. Surely, God foreseen Babel and serpent Gnosticism and set in motion a male dominated Priesthood to guard females for the next 6,000 years of continued attempt by the serpent to deceive and lead them astray into the deeper apostasy of witchcraft, channeling, demon control, astrology, and lesbianism. True women of Faith were prohibited from going to these shrines of debauchery, high places of whoredom, or chasing after becoming a priestess or high-priestess at these pagan altars, and there is no mystery why.

The patriarchs and Prophets withstood Babel Gnosticism. When God told Terah to get his family out of Ur of the Chaldees, it was precisely to separate them away from Babylonian Gnosticism, to walk in a new life which would be revealed to him. What message should this speak to us today about Gnosticism? Abraham rejected Gnosticism and choosing God, his journey was called the way of "FAITH"! The word "Hebrew" which means from "the other side," identifies Abraham's religion not his race stock. It is the name of the religious standard lived by the Patriarchs on "the other side" of the flood and before the great deluge. GOD codified the revelations of the righteous, from Adam to Noah, and although Abraham was a Syrian Gentile by blood stock, he was a Hebrew by this religion. It is written that Abraham believed GOD (in opposition to Gnosticism) and it was counted unto him for righteousness. All those of this "HEBREW FAITH" are of the Covenant of Abraham. The true Hebrews are manifested followers of Jesus Messiah (Gal. 3:7,8,9,14,16,29)! All those outside of this faith, are not counted as "Hebrews" or righteous through Jesus Messiah. The HEBREW FAITH of Abraham and the HEBREW FAITH of Jesus Messiah are identical. The Law of Moses, IS NOT the Hebrew Faith!

The Gnostics were the enemy of the Patriarchs and the adversaries of the Old Testament saints and Prophets. They were the persecutors and murderers of John the Baptist, Jesus Messiah, the Apostles, members of the Five-Fold-Ministry, and members of the New Testament Church. Behind this enmity was the spirit of the serpent, the enemy of all ages. It is no secret that the entire life of Jesus Messiah was openly against satan, his Gnostic representatives, and their kingdoms, which the devil promised him if he would bow down and worship at his hoofs. The power of Gnosticism was great over the hearts and souls of Israel. This battle did not abate during the life of the Apostles. Simeon the sorcerer was a Gnostic. Everywhere the Gospel was preached, the Jewish and Gentile Gnostics were the chief persecutors of the Christian faith.

The two hundred years of Israel, before Messiah, was dominated by Gnosticism as modified to Jewish mystics in Babylon. Philo adapted the Old Testament to Babylonian mysticism and birthed many of the secrets of the Cabala (hidden secrets) otherwise called by some sources as the "oral secret law". The Catholic Church was created out of the mixture of Babylonian mysticism, Judean Cabalism, and the pre-nicean Gnostics adaptations to Christianity. Thus, Catholicism and all of Protestantism has Gnosticism for its doctrine and the serpent as their "god" of light. They have polluted the Apostolic Truth, corrupted the Apostolic record, formulated non-Christian meaningless rituals, and created false plans of salvation. They have rejected the true doctrines of Jesus Messiah and his Apostles.

There can be no concord with Messiah and Belial, (the serpent or a person possessed with his spirit), the god of Gnosticism. There were sons and daughters of Belial:

In this last verse, Hannah begs to confess, that she is not one of the Gnostics of her day, identified as a drunken cheap whore of the daughters of Belial. How very precious!

A book HIGHLY recommended and worth reading, that exposes the Gnostic religion in a nut shell, is entitled: "THE GNOSTIC EMPIRE STRIKES BACK." by Peter Jones. The false doctrine of the serpent religion is Mystery Babylon, and it is the enemy of the Church today. Women preachers were established in Babylon and in the Gnostic religion of the serpent. For that reason and many more, they have always been rejected among the "faith" of the true people of GOD. A woman preacher, by her usurping that office, is a Gnostic, not a member of the Five-Fold-Ministry. Good intentions not according to sound doctrine is still sin. If a woman has done this unknowingly, she will renounce her error and quit.

The serpent could easily have spoken to Adam as he did to Eve, how come he didn't? A Scriptural possibility is that the serpent observed until he found the "weaker" of the two. He preyed upon the "weakness" of Eve and avoided the strength of Adam. From the time of Eden, women were thereafter identified as the "weaker vessel":

Apostle Peter placed all women in the category of the "weaker vessel" and thus revealed that they need the guard of the husband or in his absence, a Pastor of a Church. If the husband takes his Biblical role as guard and the weaker vessel submits to his headship, three things immediately happen. #1) Peter said the husband was to give his wife honor. #2) They would be heirs together of the grace of life. #3) Their prayers would not be hindered. The Church of Jesus Messiah defeats Gnosticism with the simple doctrines of love, family, headship, morality, and holiness. Our search among the true Apostolic Woman will not reveal a single Gnostic. They will reject the Babylonian mystery of iniquity and stay out of the pulpit.

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