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Jews Who Hate Other Jews
By Pastor G. Reckart

Anti-semitism is not just an accusation Jews can hurl at Gentiles.  It is also found among Jews themselves.  Anti-Semitism may have been born in Egypt when the Jews became enslaved there after staying to long in a pagan land and settling in and not moving where God really wanted them. An examination of the Old Testament in the fighting between the ten north tribes and the two south tribes seems to be Jewish anti-Semitism, Jews who hate Jews because of religion (Baal and the Egyptian calf religion of Isis vs the true God worship in Jerusalem), tribes of Judah and Benjamin (seed of David race vs the north ten tribes under non-Davidic usurpers), and politics (theocracy vs humanism). 

What is anti-Semitism?  Max Dimont in his *Jews, God, and History* page 18 says it is a " virulent disease of the Western mind."  Tsk tsk, come now, it was born somewhere else and brought here and we do not think the Jews themselves can say they did not help.

The Jewish persecution of Christian Jews in the first century and teaching the Gentiles this hate may have backfired upon all Jews afterward, as evidenced by the practices of the Catholic Church in memory and retaliation every time the Jews gave them a cause.  

Jewish lies concerning Jesus has continued this whole mess;  Hiring Aquila (100-129AD) to censor the Greek Scriptures of the Old Testament taking out and retranslating text Christians used to verify Jesus was the Messiah, was seen by Christians as profane conduct, and gave Christians a negative view of the Jews from then onward in matters of Biblical interpretation.

Jews freely using occult practices now embodied in the Kabbalah, borrowed from Gnosticism and Babylonian influence made the rift even wider between Pharisee Judaism and independent sects of Christian Judaism.  

Jewish dealings in Christian slaves was another cause of unrest. Should those who had a history of hating Jesus and Christians be permitted to traffic in Christian slaves?  The Pope sent a sharp rebuke concerning this and prohibited it.

Jewish use of the Zodiac of witchcraft right on Synagogue floors may have sent the wrong signals to Christians (Encyclopedia of Judaism Vol 1, page 252, Zodiac on the floor of the Bet Alpha Synagogue 500-600AD; Ibid, Vol 3, page 52, Zodiac from a mahzor in Germany 1342AD).  Were Christians to pretend these events had not happened?  Were they to still view the Jews as a holy people when their mingling of occult practices with their religion threw up all sorts of flags of caution?

Over the centuries Christians observed the Pharisees adapting their Judaism of the first century with occult teachings.  They saw fortune tellers, mystics, palm readers, use of the tarot, symbols of witchcraft, rise of the use of the hex (star of Rempham), and conclusive proofs Phariseeism had adopted paganism as the esoteric side of that religion. This even influenced the Catholic Church and like-minded secret orders arose with some of the very same trappings.  Jews infiltrated Catholicism on the pretense of conversion to alter what process they could if it took all of their lives.  Zabbatti Zevi (1666) called this going into the abyss that life or righteousness may birth out of darkness or sin.  His secret doctrine of redemption of Judaism through sin is now available for all to examine (Messianic Idea In Judaism, by Gershom Scholem).

The process of Jews hating other Jews crosses many centuries and as far as Christians are concerned began with Phariseeism (Now called Orthodox or Talmudism) upon the crucifixion of Jesus, persecution of his followers, and then manipulation of the Roman Empire to hate Christians with extreme cruelty. Can we forget?  Can all of this just go away as if it never happened?  Are Christians automatic anti-Semites by rehashing these past events?  Man may make his clamor, but God will be the Judge!

Is there any record of Christian hate of Jews in the first century during the lives of the Apostles?  I would suggest here that by 100AD the souls of many Christian dead were already under the altar on Mount Moriah, there to cry for vengeance until the second coming of the Lord (Rev 6:9-11).  And only these dead can forgive the anti-Christian hatred of Jew upon Jew that has caused Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to become an abomination of desolation forever regardless if they sacrifice all the red heifers in the world.

It is true that after all of these events there existed within Catholicism and passed down to Protestantism a dislike of Jews who still showed hate toward Jesus and Christians, but on the other hand Popes issued decrees of freedom for them and passed laws restoring to them freedom of religion.  Martin Luther was an avid supporter of Jews nearly all of his life until in the last few months of his life he was shown a Talmud with all of its blasphemy against Jesus and Christians.  This fueled his indignation and he wrote his famous diatribe *The Lies Of The Jews.*  His writing would not have been rebuked had he not gone beyond the Christian conduct and advocated violence toward Jews.  But Luther had done this already against the poor peasants in the Peasant War and the Jews said nothing!  And as with the reprobate Hitler, when he came for the Jews who was there to protect them?

If Jews openly blasphemed Jesus and Christians today, would they be treated as friends or foes?  Would we say such a Jew was provoking hate to be shown to him or her, or respect them for use of free speech to spew out this hate?  Considering the foregoing we would assume that Jews then played a major role in developing the Western mind.  

On page 313 Dimont says:  "the true anti-Semite, the crux of anti-Semitism, is the "crime" of being Jewish."  

The Christian definition of anti-Semitism might be more like: "hate against any Jewish person because of their race, religion, or business dealings."

Can a Jewish person hide behind their religion and spew out hate for Jesus and Christians as was done in the Passover Plot and other Jewish attacks using the arts, stage, movies, etc to accomplish these acts?  I would dare say no Christian would allege these Jewish persons were antichrist because of their religion, unless their religion supported these atrocities.  And if their religion would publicly denounce this as being diseased Jewish hate of the Christian religion, then the offender would be disliked for his own virulent disease mind.  

If an offended Jewish person wants to drag up all of history concerning mistreatment and abuse as justification for hate, could not this same practice be used by Christians as justification for dislike of Jews who have mistreated and abused Christians over the same centuries?  We of course do not advocate act for act vindication and we carry no oath as do the Jews to remember Amelech as if this is some code to get even and kill when the time is right.  Please do not teach Christians violence and justification for it, as many will not live according to the peace of Jesus as witnessed in North Ireland and other European block nations.  If poked they will take up swords and guns.  The solution is not continued hate promoted by diseased minds on either side, but the peace of God, and in Christians we believe this is found in the teachings of Jesus Messiah.

It is wrong and unfair for Christians to class all Jews into this group of Jesus and Christian haters.  Christians long for a bridge back to decent relationships with Jews, but as long as they say nothing against the virulent diseased minds attacking Jesus and Christians, the boil will fester until it is ripe and God forbid that another Hitler arise and provoke this to his advantage for a new world order, for many otherwise good and loving Christians will again be deceived and see this as an opportunity to settle the score.

Christian Jews and converts to Christian Judaism should be included in the class against which hate can be classified as anti-Semitism.  Christian Jews should not pattern the stereo-typed Jew who is shrewd in business with Gentiles to the point of cheating or taking an unfair advantage.  This stereo-type should be abolished as there are many Jews who are honest, loving, considerate, and actually friendly toward Gentile Christians and detest the centuries old fable that all Jews are cheats and liars.  True Christians know that people other than Jews take advantage of them at times so there is no reason to blast at the Jews as if they are the only ones who have ever done this.  Gentiles hate and abuse Gentiles and rip them off every day.  Christian Jews can help turn around the unfair characterization that all Jews are evil and antichrist.  This may be hard since other Jews hate them because of their religious choice to believe in Jesus as the Messiah.

Two of the worlds greatest anti-Semites were Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler and both were of Jewish birth.  We would not need here to render proof of their hate for other Jews.  Think of it:  the greatest anti-Semitism systems of the world, that brought death to tens of thousands (millions), and misery to other millions was birthed and controlled at the helm by men of Jewish birth?  The systems they created became the epitome of anti-Semitism and indeed may have been the very disease that was spread among the Gentiles, provoking them with political (not religious) speeches in such a manner to rebirth the problems of Jewish and Christian conflict from 1200-1500AD as a reason to renew hate for Jews.  Marx and Hitler both did this for their new causes of world dominion!  

The Gentiles did not overnight birth anti-Semitism in modern times, they were provoked and led into it by philosophical reasonings and the preaching of two new world orders under the Jewish leadership of Marx and Hitler.  We hear a whole lot about Hitler and Marx and their Jewish hate but we hear nothing much against their political systems of socialism?  We believe the Gentiles have mostly regretted being the pawns of Marx and Hitler socialism politics.  We still do not know what the ultimate goals of these masterminds of death and destruction were, unless it was global socialism founded upon some other ideology we are not told.  We know that Communism has for a focus the total destruction of Christianity.

"In the nineteenth century two new attempts were made to purify the mentality of the Christian world, one by Marx and the other by Nietzsche" (Joshua Jehouda, L' Antisemitisme, Mirorir du Monde, p 187).

"With Marx, socialism became a secular version of Jewish messianism" (Bernard Lazare, Anti-Semitism, p 250).

Jewish Messianism is the system of government that Talmudist believe will reign in the millennial golden utopia when Israel will rule the world.  They believe communism is that form of government?  How could any Christian then support communism or socialism in any form?

"The nations will gather and pay homage to the people of God:  All the fortunes of the nations will pass to the Jewish people, they will march captive behind the Jewish people in chains and will prostrate themselves before them, their kings will bring up their sons, and their princesses will nurse their children.  The Jews will command the nations:  they will summon peoples whom they do not know, and people who do not know them will hasten to them.  The riches of the sea and the wealth of the nations will come to the Jews of their own right.  Any people or kingdom who will not serve Israel will be destroyed" ( Isidore Loeb, La Litterature Des Pauvres Dans La Bible, pp 219-220).

Such statements frighten Christians and we question if these things be not true why are they written by Jews and whence did they get these antichristian diseased minds?

Talmud, Abadian: "When Rome is destroyed Israel will be redeemed."
Talmud, Zohar 1,219b: "Captivity of Jews ends when Christian Princes die."

Is Rome here a figure representing all of Christianity?  Is there a hidden diseased mind among some Jews that some day all Christians will be killed unless they take the mark of Phariseeism under the disguise of Communism or some other New World Order like the United Nations or some other body to soon appear?  Christians may be silent and quiet about these suspicions, but they are not ignorant of the possibilities.  Can anything be done or said to stop this before it happens?  Has the die been cast?  Are we still headed in that direction at supersonic speed?  The only people who can give us any peace of mind will be the Jewish people who are in the very midst of these political systems and who are alleged by many to be in open or secret control.  We seek an answer.

Had Hitler been successful he may have launched a purge as such himself. We do know that millions of Christians perished in the same prison camps, the same gas chambers, and the same ovens.  Most were perhaps buried in mass graves as pictures show. Christians killing Christians is not a pretty picture of Nazi Germany, but their minds may have been blunted and their feelings hardened by centuries of this conduct between Catholicism and Protestantism. Life is so cheap for Jews and Christians when centuries of this hate surfaces in future generations. 

There are still some neo-Communist and neo-nazis following Marx and Hitler but most do not know they were of Jewish blood.  Their alleged conversions to Christianity would make no difference to their births.  Since neither Marx or Hitler attempted to establish Christian nations or a system of governments based upon Christian virtues, they could never be seriously considered Christians of the Biblical definition.  They may have used that name for a cloak to hide behind to obtain public support and sympathy, but they have proven to be all a facade.  So something else must have been the final goals of these run-amuck diseased minds who killed Christians and Jews without pity or remorse.  Saying Marx and Hitler were Christians as if to say the Christians made these Jewish reprobates to be anti-Semites, is really wrong and makes those with sense chuckle.  

Check the background of these clowns and you will find them deep into Kabbalah, witchcraft, and the occult.  The very symbols of their new world orders are occult connected and may reveal more than some are willing to believe if the truth was told. Why are these occult secret societies to which Marx and Hitler belonged not slandered as sources of their anti-Semitism and infection of disease that destroyed their minds?  I know of no Christian who is alleged to have brainwashed Hitler into his anti-Semitic mindset. Where then did he get it?  Was it not from that yokel who was his philosopher and mentor, ...the antichrist Friedrich Nietzsche, an alleged wicca occultist grande?

There were many Jews in both Marx's and Hitler's regimes. Why is this seldom mentioned? And these were not alleged converts to Christianity!  Why is it hidden that Hitler was Jewish by birth?  Is it perhaps that the shame is so great?  Or is it, that if known, Gentiles might in their ignorance want to accuse all Jews of having his diseased mind?  Perhaps the Jews are correct not to take chances with the Gentile mind, seeing how that the News Media in a twenty four hour period can brainwash millions to accept falsehoods to stir them up against what ever the social engineers plot to obtain, either political correctness, or hate of other nations when there is a need to justify military attacks and mass killings of other people?

Our question which is sure to provoke hatred from many sources is: Why do Jews hate other Jews who are Christian?  Are the minds of the world continually being worked up, injected with hate for first this group of people and then another?  Why is it that many of those who hate Christian Jews are Communist Jews following the Marx philosophy?  How could any Jew be a Communist or a Nazi?  These two political systems are alike, one being global socialism (Communism) and the other just national socialism (Nazi).  Is it true that the government in Israel is really a form of democratic communism?

Christians do not pretend to have all the answers, but many are getting tired of the Jews blaming Christianity for anti-Semitism when history gives us evidence they practiced it themselves when it suits their own ends, Communism and Hitler proofs of it?   What of Loyola the founder of the Jesuits and the many tens of thousands his followers have killed? Some may not give this attention, but God is keeping body count.  Any Jewish person who does not distance themselves from these diseased systems cannot reasonably think that Christians will like and trust them.  When we hear of Communist persecution and killing of Christians and no Jewish protest, and indeed some of the commanders of the KGB and other police powers are Jewish, what signal does that send?  We are not looking for dirt here, just an answer!  Any murdered and persecuted soul will be avenged upon the blood and heads of those and their families guilty of these Christian deaths.  Christians believe this and Jesus predicted it. Someone had better hope that Jesus is not going to settle the score on Communism (2Thes 1:1-8)!

I would remind everyone that the crucifixion of Jesus Messiah was the direct result of Jewish hatred against another Jew, the BEST JEW who ever lived!  There has been no apology.  The persecution of Christian Jews within Messianic Judaism for the first one hundred years of the Church was by other Jews, led by Jews, and provoked in many heathen Cities by Jews. There has been no apology!

Many Christians believe the destruction of Jerusalem was because of that hatred and persecution.  And if God is counting bodies of Christian Jews killed by Jews or at the hand of Jews (openly or secretly), then His revenge is equal to the number killed.  This answers then God's judgment upon Israel in 70AD and permissive will in the deaths of others since that time. The wrath of God revealed in the seven Seals, the seven Trumpets, and the seven Vials, proves someone is going to pay and I would dare say this will not be just upon Jews but Gentiles also.  And if the cup of blood is not yet full demanding judgment speedily, then when it reaches the brim, there remains a final judgment unless Jews and Gentiles around the world come to a quick repentance and get right with God.  

Those Christians murdered under Communism which appears at present to be a Jewish invention patterned after the Messianic utopia dream written concealed in the Kabbalah and Talmud, will be avenged.  Gentiles cannot do against apostate Jews what God does not provoke and permit. And any mass killings of apostate Christians under any regime may just as well be the same permission provoked by God to bring judgment.  The endtime of the age may see God doing both against both apostate groups.  

The conversion of Gentiles to Christian Judaism of the ancient Jewish Christian Faith and to love other Jews even if they hate us, is the solution to any future judgment against Israel.  Only the innocent can plead the case of the guilty.

The Apostle Paul was firm against the Jews who hated Jesus and Christians.  He held the doctrine of Jesus doctrinally militant unequaled by any other Apostle.  Perhaps because being a former Pharisee, he knew the tricks and methodology they would use to try and destroy the Faith of Jesus Messiah.  So he put the Faith into written form like the Pharisees had done with the Babylonian Traditions of the Elders, and with Apostolic sanction spread these Sacred Truths into the world becoming a part of our Sacred and Holy Bible.  

Because the Apostle Paul was not a softie and limp-wristed on issues of the New Covenant that was prophesied by Jeremiah and which Jesus said he instituted with his Passover Cup, the intense hatred against him has not abated to this very day. And were he alive would not the ADL, Mosad, and other radical Talmudic groups not seek his life?  Is the continued hatred for the Apostle Paul, the New Testament, and Jesus, proof of Jews hating other Jews?

Today, Jewish hatred of Christian Jews and Gentile converts to Christian Judaism remains a 2,000 year old sad and unforgivable sin.  And if God torn down Jerusalem provoking Titus to bid his will destroying also the temple because of their bloodshed of Christians (especially the killing of Apostle James the half-brother of the Lord in 66-67AD), would anything they build over there in Jerusalem and on the Temple mount be blessed as long as the hate continues?   Is it possible that God will turn and bless what he has cursed for nearly 2,000 years? 

The hate against Christian Jews and Gentile converts to Christian Judaism (Acts 2:38) continues to this very day.  Other Jews can be atheist, apostate, homosexual, lesbian, Communist, Mafia, and a number of other religions such as New Age, Wicca, Satanism, Hindu, Buddhist, etc, and they are not disenfranchised.  They are allowed to immigrate as full-fledged Jews?  But if a Jew confess faith in Jesus Messiah they are hated and barred from the country of Israel as immigrants.   Why have American Presidents and the Congress allowed this discrimination against Christian Jews and Gentile converts to Christian Judaism?

Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jews feel the brunt of this more so than others.  But Baptist Jews, Catholic Jews, and Pentecostal Jews, also are treated with disdain and hate.  These are rejected because of their faith in Jesus, but they are counted as Jews from Census rolls to give that class more clout or power in the numbers games.  Why?  Christian Jews love their fellow Jews, but there is no mutuality here.  The following news article shows us the hate in practice:

Definition of Jew presents dilemma

By Allyn Fisher
The Associated Press
Tampa Tribune May 27, 1991, Page 4

Jerusalem--As the last Israeli plane waited to take off from Addis Ababa airport, five Ethiopians sat weeping on the runway, pleading to be taken aboard, saying they were Jews who were forced to become Christians.

The operation commander, Maj. Gen. Amnon Shahak, made a snap decision to add them to the airlift.

His decision highlighted a painful and delicate aspect of the airlift: deciding who is a Jew with the right to come to Israel.

Up to 3,000 Ethiopians were turned away from the rescue flights to Israel this weekend for failing to meet Israel's definition of a Jew.

In many cases it was because they had converted to Christianity.  Others contend they simply were left off a census of Ethiopian Jews.

Some families were split by these decisions.  "It created a very difficult situation. There were even children who expected to see parents arriving." Abraham Neigisay of the Ethiopian Immigrants' Association told Israel radio.

Israeli officials say they had to adhere to Israeli immigration rules or risk upsetting a delicate political balance in the country between secular and ultra-orthodox Jews.

They say they also had to keep a promise to the Ethiopian government to evacuate only Jews.  So they took sick, the elderly and the heavily pregnant without hesitation. But when it came to their Jewishness, problems arose.

"We faced a very difficult dilemma. If we brought everyone who just claimed to be Jewish it could have amounted to hundreds of thousands more and not only thousands," said Simcha Dinitz, chairman of the Jewish Agency, which brings Jews to Israel.

Dinitz said he knew of 2,000 Ethiopian Jews who converted to Christianity and could not join the 15,000 who flew out in Operation Solomon over the weekend.

Negisay said 3,000 were left behind, plus another 2,000 Jews who apparently never made it to the airport.

Israeli rabbis recognized the Ethiopian Jews as part of the faith in a 1973 ruling by then Chief Sephardic Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef.  Some rabbis ruled the Ethiopians are descended from the lost Israelite tribe of Dan.

Israel's Law of Return entitles any Jew to immigrate and receive citizenship automatically.  The Law recognizes as a Jew someone born to a Jewish mother, or a convert to Judaism.  It does not accept Jews who have converted to another faith.

Had Israel's coalition government flouted these rules, it could have lost the support of the orthodox parties that keep it in power.

Most of the 14,000 Ethiopian Evacuees established their Judaism at the Israeli Embassy in Adddis Ababa over the past year, based on the say-so of the Ethiopian Jewish clergyman, said Yehuda Weinraub, a Jewish Agency spokesman.

For some, the paperwork went smoothly because they were related to the 7,500 airlifted to Israel in 1984 and 1985.

But some were not so luck, despite having relatives in Israel.

Yossi Bugala, 30, who immigrated in 1982, came to a Jerusalem hotel in search of relatives and found three brothers and failed to obtain immigration permits and were left behind.

"I filled in many papers for them here but the Jewish Agency stopped them from coming, and said it was because they were Christians," he said.

Bugala explained that in Ethiopia, where Christianity is the main religion, it was common for Jews to claim being Christian to avoid discrimination.  ....end

There you have it.  When the lives of Jews were in danger, Christian Jews were left to die if that was their fate.  This hate was because they were Christian.  To justify this hate they had a law made that specifically was designed to keep Jewish Christians from living in Israel.  Was there a protest of Gentile Christians on behalf of their Jewish brothers and sisters?  Could it be because they had *black faces*?  There was no protest, instead the subtle hate was accepted and the pulpits in Christian Churches around the world were ablaze with fervor about God saving the modern Pharisee Jews on wings of eagles (air planes).  The escape of Pharisee Jews was praised and the hate against Christian Jews did not as far as we know get one drop of ink or mention from Christian puppet pulpits.

Israel should be a land of all Jews, even Christian Jews.  It should even be a land for Gentile converts to Christian Judaism through the Lord Jesus Messiah.  If a Gentile convert to Pharisee Judaism can be considered a valid Jew for immigration and recognition as Jewishness, then the same should hold true for Gentile converts to Christian Judaism as performed by the Apostles in the Great Commission.

When Jews hate other Jews because they are Christian and believe in Jesus as the Messiah, they are then as diseased in the mind as those they accuse in the Western World of anti-Semitism.

The solution here is for Christian Jews to immigrate to Israel and begin to get involved in the politics of the country.  Until they have created a block of votes to swing an election, they will not break free and rise above the hate presently shown against them.  It may take a couple of generations to accomplish this but it should be done.  Israel is just as much a homeland for Christian Jews and Gentile converts to Christian Judaism as any other type of Jew, especially Communist Jews.

We do not know what happened to the many thousands of Christian Jews who were denied the wings of eagles.  Was this God's way of punishing them for trusting in Jesus as Messiah?  At least this is what some Gentiles infer when they say God brought out only the real Jews (Pharisees) on wings of eagles?  I question both the Jewish attitude of hate toward these Christian Jews, and I question the Gentile Christians who would treat these Christian Jews as if they deserved this hate from God shown by the Pharisee Jews in Israel going by the name of Orthodox.

If all men would understand the mystery of the Cross, that love triumphs over enemies, then there will be peace on earth and goodwill toward all men.