Messieh Our Passover Is Sacrificed For Us
By Pastor G. Reckart

That Ye May Have Eternal Life

The Messianic Passover
(Written by anointing for our April 2, 2007 Passover)

By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

Jesus Messieh, Lamb of God, shed his blood on Mt. Calvary;
He is our Passover sacrificed for us, holy, sanctified, and without blemish;
In repentance we die with him;
In baptism we are buried and resurrected with him;
Filled with the Holy Spirit we pass from death unto life with him;
On this Passover we wait for his return to be glorified with him;
We join together as the Israel of God at the Lord's Passover Table;
We share the unleavened bread and one cup of wine in rememberance of him;
Because he looked past the Cross to the joy before him, we will rejoice in this joy;
This Feast of Righteousness on April 19, 2008 represents the 33-1/2 years of the righteous life of our Saviour;
With sanctified water we bless the feet of our family who have joined in this journey of faith;
By the blood of Jesus we are exempt from all future judgment of God;
By grace we all share the love of God, forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life;
Next Year Jerusalem, ...maranatha!