The Cult of Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda (by Pastor G. Reckart)

He teaches that Peter, James, and John conspired to silence and eventually kill the Apostle Paul so that they could establish their new religion of a false Jesus.  They would keep people in bondage to a form of the law of Moses where sin was the focus of salvation.  These wanted to remove the doctrine of grace that Paul was preaching that there was no more sin. Miranda teaches that the lies and falsehood of Peter, James, and John have been successful for nearly 2000 years and the Roman Catholic Church along with all other religious groups are keeping this veil over the world's eyes.  But, according to Miranda, God has sent His Christ back to the world and he is this new Jesus.  He will remove the veil from the eyes of the people and those who follow him in his new kingdom will stand victorious against all of the enemies of God.  His followers will establish His government on the earth among the Latin/Spanish people.  Together, he and his followers will take over the world and run the government of this new kingdom. According to Miranda, God's Kingdom is one of complete grace therefore God's people are above sin, they cannot sin no matter what they do, since they are the predestinated Elect.

According to Miranda, he is loosing all mankind, women and men, even children, to do as they will if they harm none, because they are free to indulge in any conduct they desire.

Miranda says hell does not exist;
Miranda says the devil has been destroyed;
Miranda says sin does not exist;
Miranda said he has done greater things then Jesus;
Miranda said "I am greater then Jesus."

Here the man who sports himself as God, as  Jesus, and as a human being born in Porta Rico, shows himself the coming ruler of the world (in the background).

I did a close examination of this man's forehead and there appears to be a very light number there (666).  Can you see it?

According to news sources, he was married and now divorced and has a new wife, and is living in Miami, Florida, USA.  He and his wife live off millions of dollars his followers give to him.

Miranda knows the secret to the Latin/Spanish people: it is music. He puts together a good show of music to get those in attendance at his meetings to start dancing like they are at a rave party.  It works!  The rave party music puts those in attendance in a cultic swoon. When he speaks like a preacher they all shout and swoon. He promises them liberty while he himself is the servant of corruption.

Miranda is now invading the Latin/Spanish nations of Central America and South America to convince even more thousands to join his cult.  Beware, of this false Christ!

Beaming with a smile, and dressed in expensive suits, Miranda puts on his con-job.  He is a real good actor.  He knows how to work the crowd as well as a carnival barker.  He has mastered the skill of trickster talk.  He speaks of liberty, of being able to do anything a person wants because they are under God's grace and do not go to hell because there is no hell according to him.  He tells his followers there is no devil, he was destroyed 2,000 years ago.  He tells them the Catholic Church and all other Churches have deceived the world and he has come as the new Jesus to show them the way of living by grace by sinning all they want, they will not be lost.  Thus, he has named his church in Miami "Creciendo En Gracia" (Growing in Grace).

Here is the official emblem representing the new kingdom Miranda claims God has sent him to set up.  Notice it is nothing but a distortation of the US seal.

Notice also this is a 666 federation of people and nations.  We can see this false Jesus has the mark of the beast.  Anyone who follows this man, who worships him, will be lost.  He is an antichrist and has become hateful against other religions.  His followers recently had a riot outside of a Catholic church. Some of his followers took images of the saints and crushed them to show their hatred for the Catholic church.  When will they attack Protestant churches and other groups?  When they get larger numbers and become more powerful. They will begin to spread terror by the decree of this false Christ.

Notice how 666 in veiled manners keep appearing associated with Miranda.  Does he deny this?  No, he does not believe in the mark of the beast he claims.  But he uses S S S, like the Nazi's did in Germany.  Is he a new form of Hitler coming on the scene?  Does he hate Jews?  We know he hates their religions.  We can almost bet he is a Jew hater also.  When will he travel to Jerusalem and try to take over Israel?  Will he do it?  He must if he is the true Messiah.  But will he?

I do not believe he will go near Jerusalem and put on a show he is Jesus there!
I do not believe he will go to Israel and there proclaim he is Jesus!
The man who has made himself God and sits in the temple as God, at this moment is Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda.  There may be other antichrist who will come, but this man is here and now, and until another antichrist appears, Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda is the antichrist.  He will show us just how easy it will be for millions to follow a false Christ who will use deceptions and miracles to deceive the world.

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda is a false Christ.

Pastor G. Reckart