By Pastor G. Reckart

Have you not heard the recent rants spreading from Church to Church that Jesus is the name of a pig god?

Have you not been told to be rebaptized in the name of Yahweh?

Have you not run across the Law-Keepers who claim the name of Jesus comes from Zeus, and the tetragrammaton YHWH is the true sacred name of God?

Yes, they are out there in the world running to and fro to see how many they can get to recant the name of Jesus and to accept the name of Yahweh.  Yes, they have a few decades of writers who claim they have discovered the lost name of God.  They have compiled an impressive collection of evidence that seems to say Yahweh is the name of the true God of Israel.  But, there more testimony they willingly ignore and will not tell those they are deceiving?


There is more information about this Yahweh god that if you were to read it and understand, you would not be to quick to denounce the name of Jesus and pick up the names of ancient pagan gods.  Yes, that's right!  The name of Yahweh is the name of a pagan god.  The name "Yah" is the Egyptian moon god. Yes, it is true: the Jews have adopted the name of a false god and replaced the name of the true God of Israel with it.

Below are two ancient artifacts uncovered that shows the YHW god (s).  There appears to be more then one and they fought each other, killing each other, and trying to be set up as the one god.

There is no mistake.  Yah is a god that came from Egypt via some other ancient source.  What is interesting is the cuniform style letters and then the Egyptian style head piece!  Is this Yah the God of the Jews?

A true study of the Yah god, will reveal he is a pagan and heathen deity.  This being the case, what does that say of the names Yahweh and Yahshua?

They must be pagan and heathen.

Anyone who claims these are the names of God the Father and God the Son are teaching or saying false doctrine.

For the Elect,

Pastor Reckart