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YHW, Yahwe, Yahwo, Yahwa, Yahweh, Yahuah, Yah, Iao are all names of pagan gods. The Israelites adopted these names from Canaanite people who lived in the land when they came out of Egypt.  These are not the true names of God.

YHW is the name of a god found among ancient Egyptian tombs around 1500-1300BC. The writings contain the name of the Shasu tribe located in the area of Edom, Moab, and Mount Nebo. A number of scholars have attempted to claim this tribe was the ancient Israelites. We know this is false, because from the time of Jacob until the exodus all Israel was living in Egypt. The Shasu tribe lived in the land of Caanan while the Israelites were in Egypt. They are not the same people. The purpose to claim the Shasu and Israelites are the same people is to sanitize the name YHW from being the name of a pagan god to being the name of the True God.


IAO is the same as YHW and shortened to Yo or Jo and names changed accordingly. The name of this god is connected with magic and mysticism. It is the Greek form of Yah. It is the Greek form of the Latin Jove or Jupiter.


YHW Is claimed to be the same as Yahweh. Others claim it should be spelled Jehovah, Yahuah, or one of the other 27 guess names. If this is true, these names are names of pagan gods. YHW is claimed to be the root of YHWH the tetragrammaton. The YHW god is also found among ancient Sumerians.

The name YHW in all of its forms is not the name of the true God.  Hallelu-Yah is not a praise to Jesus or God.