Tracing The Origin Of An Idol god
By Dr. G. Reckart
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The war against the name of Jesus continues. Many are being deceived to reject the name of Jesus and accept Yahweh, Yahshua, or some other guess name. I am compelled once again to deal with this subject. So, I am passing on to all of you some information for your faith. I have no other purpose than to see people kept from deception. If I am unable to help some, then I will be able to help others. I realize I am one of a few men and women standing up for the name of Jesus against the tetragrammaton, but do not discount this information. It can be what saves your soul from modern cults trying to blot out the name of Jesus from the earth.

I was reading the Jewish encyclopedia about the name of God. It contains a lot of information that is very deceiving but does give us some leads on how to discover the truth.

I have read in the past that the name of YHWH/YHVH is claimed by many scholars to come from pagan sources and adopted by Jews. Jews deny this. But the fact remains that the name "Yah" is the fundamental ingredient in Yahweh/Yahveh. Without the Yah there is no weh or veh. The Jewish encyclopedia gives a little information but with-holds a lot of truth.

For instance, they claim "Yah" is a name given by God to the Israelites. Well, this has been proven false by scholars who in translating ancient documents and artifacts have found "Yah" among several ancient kingdoms and people before there was an Abraham or an Israel. Here is some information I have collected:

The encyclopedia claims that Yah and Yahweh/Yahveh did not come from Hittite, Persian, Egyptian, or Greek sources. However it is admitted that the name Ya and Yah, even Yahu, were used in Babylon before 2500BC and found there on clay tablets. It is said by one scholar that Ya, Yah, and Yahu was a foreign god. In one email to me from a Yahweh prophet, he claimed the foreign country it came from was Israel and adopted in Babylon from Jews. I defeated this falsehood very easily as I will now show you.

Scholars have found the Ya, Yah, Yahu names in Babylonian tablets from around 2500BC. Taking this information as my base I then pointed out the fact that Abraham was not born until 1800BC. Israel as a nation did not exist until 1400BC when they came out of Egypt. Obviously, in 2500BC there was no Abraham, no Israelite people or nation. And the Ya, Yah, Yahu name existed before they were even in the world. So, the fancy idea from the Yahweh worshipper that Ya, Yah, and Yahu came from a foreign nation and this was Israel is false.

In 2500BC there was no Greek empire or nation. In 2500BC there was no Persian empire or nation. This leaves us with the Hittite and Egyptian as the only existing kingdoms or nations of people. And, in both the Hittite and Egyptian kingdoms there is a ya, yah, god. The Yah god in Egypt with which the Jews had contact is the moon god. Is it coincidence that the Jewish name for the moon contains the germ of the Egyptian yah god (Strong's #3394 ya-reach see also Canaanite Ya-rikh-moon god)?

Ya is the name of a god added to several Hittite kings: Tudhali-ya I (1700BC), Tudhali-ya II, Tudhali-ya III, Tudhali-ya IV, and Tudhali-ya V. These all lived before Abraham. What is interesting is the names: Tud-haliyah can be the very same as Tud-hallelyah or Tud-hallelijah. His name would then mean, praise the Ya god of Tud, or the Ya god of Tud is to be praised. In 1500BC there was a king of the Hittites named Huzzi-ya, again adding the name of the Ya god to the end of his name. This practice of adding the name of a god at the end of a person's name would also be a practice of the Israelites learned from other ancient people. When God named Adam he did not affix ia or ya at the end nor did Adam attach ia or ya at the end of Eve's name.

As I was doing my research into the gods of the Hittites it was discovered that they were conquered by the Assyrians. The Assyrians are the people of Assyria or Syria. The Names Syria and Assyria are connected to Ashur the son of Shem. Ashur is the same as Assyr or Asuriya and Suriya. Now Assyria is the same as Assyr and Ashur. But here is the point of our attention: at some point in time the name of the god Ya was added to this name to form Assyr-ia or Assyr-ya, which is the same as Assyryah. We may then see that Assyria is the same as Assyrya and also Assyryah, even Assyrjah. This indicates that this ya god was identified as the god of Ashur . Thus when the name of Ashur is transliterated into Assyria we have an entire nation of people who became the Assyrians whose god was Ya. The name of this yah god has been in the name of Syria from ancient times. We see then that Syr-ia is none other than the same as Ashur-ia and this links the Ya god to a time many centuries before there was an Abraham or Israel. And in this regard why is Israel ending in "el" a contraction from Elohim and not ending in "ya" as in Israya, or Israia? Since God himself changed Jacob's name to Israel, would he not refer to himself as "Ya" if indeed this was his name?

So then, when Jewish and Gentile scholars claim Ya was a foreign deity from outside the Babylonian pantheon of gods, we can see easily the source(s) of this deity at least among the ancient Hittites and Egyptians, transferred to Assyria then into Babylon and then among the Jews. It is false to claim the god Ya was a foreign deity transferred to the Hittites, Assyrias, and Babylonians from Israel.

It is easily observed then that this Ya god became one of the many gods in the pantheons of gods as empires conquered each other. They made use of these gods to show both they were conquered by some alleged superior god, and they were allowed to remain the gods of the people for population control. To the conqueror, it mattered not what the gods were of a conquered people, as they were looked upon as inferior and having no victorious power. This same attitude was projected against the Israelites by the Philistines and other nations. The god of the people was then fixed to the names of sons and daughters.

Friedrich Delitzsch proved that the name of the god Ya, Ya-ve,, Ya-u (Yhvh Ya-hu) existed in Babylon as far back as 2500BC. The confusion arises when scholars attempting to justify the Israelite use of Ya and make this god the God of the Jews, try to make this deity a Jewish one and not one from a foreign and pagan people. This then saves the Jewish Yhvh from being a pagan idol. The fact remains, even if scholars pervert the evidence: there was no Abraham in 2500BC. There was no Israelite people. There was no nation of Israel. Any adoption of the Ya god must then come from prior centuries.

We now understand the Ia god, the Ya and Yah god, are intrusions into the Old Testament via the Israelite association with Gentile nations and adopting their gods. This is easily detected in the Old Testament prophets and a history of Israel.

How then did the pagan Yhvh come into the Old Testament scriptures? There is no doubt this interpolation came during the time the Jews were in Babylon. And it is additionally certain the tetragrammation was not known by the patriarchs Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Scholars attempt to claim the "J" or Yahwist version of the Scriptures proceeds the "E" or Elohist. This is false and will always be false. The Elohist "E" is the first of all manuscripts. We discover the truth of this in Exodus 6:4 where God spoke to Moses and specifically says that by the name of Ehyeh asher Ehyeh (now perverted as Jhvh-Yahweh-Jehovah); he was not known to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In this place as well as beginning in Genesis 2:4, the interpolation of the tetragrammaton in over 5,989 places is a fraud and should be completely set aside. There can be no Yhvh prior to the burning bush if indeed it was revealed there. And to have it in the Bible text prior to the time it would have been revealed is a clever fraud. The fact the tetragrammaton has now been interpolated into the time of Adam all the way to Moses, shows someone had a hand in perversion of the Scriptures with the name of a pagan god.

While scholars now conveniently set aside the facts and accept the tetragrammaton god, those with honesty will concur with the earliest exegetes such as Onkelos, the Targumim of Jerusalem, and the alleged writings of Jonathan, that Ehyeh asher Ehyeh is the original name of the God of Israel given to Moses at the burning bush and it is this name Ehyeh that God had not been known by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The name Ehyeh became the name of God to represent Sovereignty. This can then mean none greater. For the Israelites it was a name of deliverance and salvation from Egyptian bondage. The idea that Ehyeh asher Ehyeh means I AM that I AM is pure conjecture and any theories based upon this conjecture is conjecture.

It is obvious that Ehyeh "HYH" contracted to Yeh, is the original of the later Greek KURIOS or LORD. In addition the Greek "ia" and Aia, should be corrected to comply with Ehyeh, Yeh, Ie, and Ieh, thus hallelu-jah (yah) would be hallelu-jeh (yee). We would correct all Old Testament names ending in "iah" the name of a pagan god back correctly to "ieh" as the true contraction of Ehyeh. These corrections are not sinful. They are in fact a righteous attempt to correct what was sinful and that is, placing the name of a pagan god into the Bible and perverting the names of Israelites by adding this pagan god name to them.

I again point to the text of Numbers 13:16. In this text Moses makes a historical proof of the name of God at the burning bush being "Ehyeh." He adds the contraction "Yeh" to the front of the name of Oshea forming Jeh-Oshea. In the Septuagint and subsequent versions of the Bible, the name Oshea is altered from ending in "ea" to "ua" forming Oshua. Then adding "Yeh" we now have Yeh-Oshua, or Yehoshua. In the Greek the "h" is dropped because it is often a silent letter and not needed to indicate pronunciation, thus the name Jeh-Oshea becomes Jeh-oshua, and at last dropping the "eh" we arrive at Joshua. It is in this last name that the name of God as Moses attached it to the name of his successor is removed. Millions have no idea of this fraud and they have no idea that the name of God at the burning bush was even a part of the name of Joshua. Please do not tell me this is just a Greek transliteration with no fraud intended. Now when we consider that the name of Jesus is connected to the name of Jeh-Oshea, the original name of Joshua, it is additionally seen that few of the millions in the world even know the name of Jesus (Jeh-sus) would contain the name of God at the burning bush.

I know there are several Yhvh cults in the world and they each have their own special way to spread confusion and deception. And I also know there are many who do not think this is a very serious matter. But I warn everyone who reads this information that if you attempt to recant, destroy, or blot out the name of Jesus from the earth, and turn to this pagan Ya or Yahweh god, you will be eternally lost.

I point out again that the word "hallelu-jah" is not in the Bible and any attempt to place this in any form in the Bible is false. I have in the past pointed out that I consider "alleluia" in Revelation 19 an interpolation. I have shown that Revelation chapter 7:9-12 is a parallel passage of the same event in Revelation 19:1-6. If a person compares the text they can see they are the same event. Yet in the Revelation 7:9-12 text of the same event there is no "alleluia" at all. This to me proves the "alleluia" of Revelation 19 is interpolated. Why would people in heaven be praising a "Ya" god with their "allelu-ya" and Jesus is nowhere in the whole of Christianity ever called "ya." I have attached the text of Rev 11 and 19 for your review.

For those who do not care to study this issue, and for those who think it is not of importance, I pray you at least will consider the evidence that "ya" and any form of this god name has no place among Jews or the true worshipers of Jesus.

If you have been caught up in the modern cults of Ya, it is possible you can never be saved if you have blasphemed against the name of Jesus. If you were deceived by Yahweh cults to blaspheme against the name of Jesus, you may be able to repent and be restored to salvation. But, if you remain among the worshippers of Ya, Yah, Yahu, Yahweh, Yahshua, or even Jehovah, you are certainly damned and without hope of salvation and eternal life.

I was asked by one well intended critic who loves the Ya god, why anyone should trust the Bible if it contained all this fraud?  I responded that if he could accept the Ya god in it, and also believe in the rest that was not corrupt, then we who believe Ya is a false god could simply ignore the falsehood parts and believe the parts that are true. Our faith is not in a perfect book but a perfect God. We are worshippers of the true God in the book, not worshippers of the book.  We are not those who treat the Bible book like an idol and worship it.

For those who have not known the depths of this satanic deception, be encouraged, and may Jesus indeed be your light in these hours of gross darkness that is covering the earth.

Pastor Reckart



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