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Vendyl Jones Modern Noahide Antichrist

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

He is a 68 year old codger, a bit cocky, slick as a serpent, and full of Talmudic venom against Jesus Messiah and Christianity. Vendyl is a modern Gentile Bene-Noahide antichrist, who wishes nothing more than that Christianity be removed from the earth to make way for revived Phariseeism to become the world religion of a new Messianic hope.  He wants to help bring this rapidly to fulfillment by finding the lost Ark and the ashes of the red heifer.

A shot of Vendyl grinning to inspire his holy land diggers

Vendyl is the bearded dude. The picture was taken at one of his excavation in Israel where he is still trying to find the lost Ark and the ashes of the red heifer. He is  using information found on a copper scroll in 1964 in Cave #3 at Qumran.  Collected around him are several of his devoted followers and sacred holy land diggers.  Yeah, he is a funny dude and can crack a good joke.  He is very slick in his approach to pull the rug our from under unsuspecting Christians.  He accuses them of worshiping an Idol when they give praise and worship unto Jesus.  Jones uses this shock effect to launch more of his hate against Jesus at a later time.

Where did the bearded dude come from?
What is he up to?

Vendyl was born in 1930 in Sudan,Texas.  He was raised a Baptist and by the age of 16 had supposedly confessed Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.  Wanting to be in the Lord's Service he went to Southwestern Theological Seminary earning a Divinity degree.  He went on to Bible Baptist Seminary and obtained a Masters Degree.  He then continued on his Lord's business and attended Bowen Biblical Museum for advanced studies under Dr. & Mrs. William Bowen and Archaeologist,  W.F. Albright.

In 1955 at the age of 25 and still wet behind the ears, he went out to begin pastoring with a lot of book learning but no knee experience.  He was voted in as Pastor of the Dungan Chapel Baptist Church on the border of Virginia and North Carolina.  He was not a good preacher, just a fair speaker.  He quit the Church and renounced Jesus as Lord and Saviour in October 1956.  He then moved to Greenville, NC where under Rabbi Henry Barneis he began his Talmudic conversion to Phariseeism.  From Rabbi to Rabbi he journeyed, learning new ways and arguments for justification of his recanting Jesus and the New Testament and why the Phariseeism Jesus rejected should now be embraced by all the world.  

Vendyl confessed years after his Jewish conversion, that it was while reading his New Testament in 1955 and while pastoring at Dungan that all of a sudden he was struck by what he alleged were "anti-Jewish statements in the Gospels."  He reports that in the margin of HIS Bible there were notes that said: "Omitted in more ancient manuscripts." He of course was referring to Mat 27:25, the famous blood libel which Jews, Catholics, and many others say Matthew lied about or is not in the ancient manuscripts.  In an e-mail to Mr. Jones's organization  in 1997, I asked for the name of that Bible and the publisher. They have refused to make that information available.

Mr. Jones hints that Matthew's alleged blood libel upset him after all his nine years of extensive Baptist schooling.  He began to seek for a Synagogue where he could get a Jewish slant on this.  He found one in Bristol, Tennessee, where Rabbi Henry Gutman was more than happy to convert and brainwash him into antichrist propaganda that Jesus and the Apostles were false prophets and the New Testament was a clever fraud loaded with antisemitism.  

Mr. Jones reports that this encounter so shook him that he made a "change" in his perspectives (faith, Covenant, doctrine, and salvation). What were the changes made in this new perspective?  

1.) He threw down the babe in the manger (believes Jesus was not born of a virgin, that Sarah's birth of Isaac was the virgin birth?),

2.) The twelve year old boy on his bar-mitzvah in Jerusalem (believes this may have happened but God was not his father),

3.) The thirty year old young man whom John called the Lamb of God (believes this is false),

4.) The Messiah who defeated the devil in his three temptations (believes this is false),

5.) The Jesus who blessed little children (believes Jesus actually cursed them),

6.) The healer who touched the blind and lame and made them whole (he believes it never happened and if it did, Jesus used trickery and demon powers etc),

7.) The sea walker (believes this is a falsehood),

8.) The resurrection of Lazarus (believes this never happened),

9.) The daughter of Zion's King (believes Jesus was an impostor),

10.) The Passover Cup representing Jesus' blood of the New Covenant (he recants the cup),

11.) The Cross of Calvary (believes Jesus deserved to die for blasphemy),

12.) The resurrection (believes this is false it never happened),

13.) The great commission to preach the Gospel in all the world (believes this is false),

14.) The glorious ascension (believes this is false it never happened),

15.) The outpouring of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost, and the entire history of Saints and Messianic Believers for over 1900 years (believes this is all a fraud trying to replace Israel, Judaism, the temple, the Law, and animal sacrifices).  

He recanted and threw all of this away and trod underfoot the blood of Jesus and brought it to an open shame (Heb 6:6).  He is believed to then had himself circumcised in the flesh and fully embraced Pharisee Judaism.  He denied Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.  He recanted that Jesus was Messiah come in the flesh.  He repudiated the Lord's Passover Cup.  This is the Vendyl Jones who today is a world leader in the Gentile Noahide movement trying to get millions of other Gentiles to recant Jesus and also flee to Pharisee Judaism like he did. There will be a whole lot of recanting before we get home,  ...and it won't be Catholics wanting you to recant something about the Pope or some other Papal heresy.  Will you recant to go back under Law-keeping, Phariseeism, Noahidism, or Talmudism?  We shall see, the trend is to recant Jesus and convert to keeping the Law.

After 48 years living as a Noahide Judaizer (1956-2004), Vendyl is still trying to make his mark in history.  As a sacred holy land digger he can boast that he found Gilgal, some alleged ancient holy oil, and some alleged ancient spices used to make the holy oil for the era of Herod's Temple,  ...oil and spices to anoint some sold-out Priests and Highpriests to corruption, some Pharisees, some Saducees, and some Babylonian Scribes.  Big deal!  God himself showed this stuff was worthless by tearing down the temple and destroying Jerusalem.  Jesus predicted it.  And it could not have been done without God's foreknowledge, PERMISSION, and explicit participation (Dan 9:27  see the Septuagint for the best rendering)!  

What Jones should have found was the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but not being a knee man and operating out of the depository of his ego, he digs in Israel trying to find that one ancient relic that might flatter God to save him, if his blasphemy concerning Jesus does not please heaven.  In all of his finding, he has not found the true love of God manifest in Jesus, real Truth, and real Salvation.  That failure has made him become even more a blasphemer as his curtain time nears its end.

The Truth Jones seeks SPRINGING up out of the ground Psalms 85:11 , is not some ancient artifact of an abolish temple system that might also flatter God if found, and entice him to return to something He destroyed at a time when these things were freshly made and brand new.  

The TRUTH that would SPRING out of the ground is clearly identified as Jesus in Isaiah 53:2, and in Isaiah 11:10, Romans 15:12 .  And what of RESURRECTION morning?  Here TRUTH did SPRING up out of the ground where it had been buried for three nights and two days.  And when Jesus said he was the TRUTH, what other evidence or facts need we to prove that Vendyl has been in the desert to long and his mind has become affected by Talmudic Denial Suppression Syndrome (TDSS).  And Jones thinks God places more holiness on the dead unneeded decayed artifacts that He would not and did not want to use for over 2,600 years, are now all of a sudden the very things with which He shall save Israel while destroying Jesus and Christianity from the world?  I don't ask for a break here,  I ask for prayer for Vendyl, his Talmudic TDSS has made him mad against Jesus and common sense.

Does anyone think he will come back to the Cross where he threw it down on the border of Virginia and North Carolina and where he picked up Talmudic Phariseeism as his salvation?

Vendyl's apostasy and venom is found in his book"  *Seven Riddles Of Israel And Messiah*, or *Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up.*  

In his book, Mr. Jones tries to correct the Apostles, God, and the Scriptures.  Quite a small man for such a big task and he has no God given protocol for his reconstructionism!  

He is going to prove that Christianity is a fraud. He is going to prove to the Gentiles that salvation after all is in the very Babylonian Talmudic traditions and Phariseeism that Jesus rejected?  Yep, Jones insists, Jesus missed it, But VJ, Vendyl Jones, will do what JC, Jesus Christ, didn't do and that is save souls with a Jones version of Phariseeism eschatology of a coming Messiah.  VJ is on a one-man holy Pharisee crusade to change the Gentile world to the religion of the Pharisees and their interpretations of the Bible, and more importantly, their Communistic approach to fulfillment of their theories on eschatology. Dispensationalist are helping him with their delayed or postponed Kingdom doctrine and the separation of the 70th week of Daniel from the 69th by a 2,000 year gap?

VJ draws back from being to bold to call Jesus the many obnoxious names given to him in the Talmud and other Jewish writings, as such name-calling might not play to well to those he wants to corrupt with soft words (fake humility) and slick speeches (and don't forget he is after lots of Christian money also). So Jones treats Jesus like he is in the Vendyl Jones Research Institute's (VJRI's) own private little box and he can package and market him however he wants. But the Apostles, the New Testament, and those who believe Jesus *is, was, and always will be the Messiah,* these are his targets for destruction.  His Talmudic venom is deadly and powerful, and his pen being dipped deep into Talmudic poison, when a little lamb reads his death strokes to Jesus and Christianity, their mind spiritually begins to sizzle as if hit with a hot iron then that part is seared and dies, ...never to grasp or believe in Jesus again.

When the final history of Vendyl Jones is written, and I pray someone who reads this will be around to lend to it, he will be known as an antichrist.  His name will not be in the Lamb's book of life because he does not want it there.  He has perverted the Gospel of Jesus calling it false.  VJ is going to correct the Gospels knowing no more than what the Talmudist have taught him in the TDSS?  He purposely has placed himself beyond the reach of Calvary and the nailed sacred hands of Jesus.  Like Judas, he went to the temple for the rewards and fame that could come his way from that cult.  Thirty pieces of silver for Judas and perhaps a million for Vendyl. It is not the character of Judas here, we know what it was, it is the character of Vendyl who now loves and defends Judas more than Jesus Messiah; it is the silver, the secret oaths and price of the spiritual sale out to kiss Jesus goodbye, that makes them brothers of the SICARRI.  Let the world know, that this man, although he find the Ark, the ashes of the red heifer, and perhaps even the last robe of Judas and wears it proudly, ...he will go down in God's Books and in Apostolic history as a twentieth century Judas, a son of perdition, a two-fold son of satan and hell (Mat 23:15).

Go with us now as we quote a few statements from his book that has further sealed his doom and that reveals his latent antichrist poison.  The poor dude cannot live forever, his act is about over, curtain time, music, the fat-lady singing, and he shall come to his end and go to his place. The same angels that took the rich man down to his place will await to take poor Vendyl to the same pit where, like the desert he is tearing up, there is no water!  Please note that the following are quotes from Mr. Jones's book, they are not statements of the Apostolic Messianic Fellowship or those Ministers and Saints who believe with us that Jesus is the Messiah now and forever more.

Quotes from Vendyl's antichrist book:

"The reestablishment of National Israel in this century has brought a new dimension to Jewish-Christian relations.  If Israel today is a product of prophetic development, the movement of Christianity will be--1. A rabbinic interpretation of Jesus will be more vivid as the Jewish state develops.  2. The next major development in Israel which will give occasion to a massive turning of Christians to a rabbinic position will be the recovery of the ashes of the red heifer and Israel's ancient ark and tabernacle."

1.)  No Messianic Believer WILL EVER accept any rabbinical interpretation of the Bible or their antichrist reinterpretation of Jesus.  We have already been commanded NOT TO RECEIVE THEIR LEAVEN (Matthew 16:6-11)!  Why should we accept the poison out of the mouths of serpents, vipers, and asps  (Matthew 23:33; Romans 3:13), when we have the very words of eternal life right out of the mouth of Jesus (John 6:68)?  2.)  Any alleged *Christian* that would deny Jesus because some holy land digger found what was claimed to be the ashes of a red heifer or the lost ark, was only a *make-believe* Christian in the first place.  There is absolutely not one single scripture in all of the New Testament where Jesus, The Apostles, or early Messianic Believers, placed any value upon red heifer ashes or a lost ark of the Covenant.  They certainly did not hunt for them as if they contained the panacea of eternal life!  They all believed the Law Covenant ended and these temporary religious relics were abolished.  Why would they place more honor in a sacrificial cow than they did in the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary? Why would they place more honor in an EMPTY box, when all the testimony of the NEW COVENANT of God was FULFILLED in the very person of Jesus Messiah.  Jesus in his flesh REPLACED that box.  In HIM were the WORDS OF ETERNAL LIFE.  In Jesus Messiah was full-filled the type of manna, ...the BREAD FROM HEAVEN (John 6:31-33).  Jesus is the fulfillment of the type of Aaron's rod that budded (Isaiah 11:1, Romans 15:12, he is the *rod* that leads us).  The Ten Commandments in stone for stony hearts was REPLACED by the Torah of the New Covenant for soft hearts of flesh, softened by the love of God in the person of Jesus Messiah (Jeremiah 31:33). While this *softening* did not happen to all of Israel and certainly not to Jones, it did happen to the remnant Isaiah prophesied would be saved out of all of the twelve tribes (Romans 9:27).

"The subsequent events in Israel will have a revolutionary effect on the Christian, Jewish, and Gentile worlds.  Ultimately, as a result of these events, Christianity at large will come to the place of accepting the concepts of the plural covenants.  By way of definition, the plural covenants simply means that Israel, the Jewish people, have, and have always had, a vital relationship with God through the Abrahamic Covenant. This relationship is separate and apart from vital relationship that Christians have through faith in Jesus Christ."

Nothing that happens in Israel will have ANY REVOLUTIONARY EFFECT upon true believers in Jesus Messiah. The revolutionary effect took place in the Gospel of Jesus and there is absolutely no ancient or modern events in Israel that will be of GREATER importance to the world.  The idea of *plural covenants* is a neat Pharisee trick to play upon the minds of unsuspecting *Christians*.  Anyone who believes the New Testament to be the final Word of God, will never accept that Jews or Gentiles by whatever means can be saved WITHOUT Jesus and his sacrifice on Calvary.  In Acts chapter two the Apostle Peter made no allusions that Jews could be saved except within that GREAT Messianic conversion scripture, ...ACTS 2:38.  And as he prophesied to them: "save yourselves from this ungodly generation.* So we say to all Jews and Gentiles: if you would be saved, if you would turn from your Messiah rejecting ways, then YOU ALSO WILL FULFILL your conversion by grace through faith found in ACTS 2:38! There is absolutely NO salvation for Jews that is different than that for Gentiles.  Vendyl is trying to say Jesus for Gentiles (because Jews and Vendyl believe Jesus is a false idol and Gentiles who worship him are idolaters), and the Covenant of Abraham for Jews as if their salvation is by circumcision and real estate.  No, Vendyl, it will take more than circumcision and real estate to save Jews.  It will take a Messiah, and specifically, JESUS MESSIAH!  To say that the New Covenant is not sufficient for Jews and Gentiles is either to make the atonement of the blood of Jesus a PARTIAL atonement, OR NONE AT ALL.  Vendyl is alleged to believe that the blood of Jesus is bastard blood.  He must if he relies upon the Talmud and Jewish writings for his religious guides.  Vendyl believes the blood of Jesus can not save a a single soul and that is why he converts as many Gentiles as he can to the bloodless heresy of the Noahide Concision religion of Phariseeism.

"Since the Jews have a vital relationship with God through the Abrahamic Covenant, there is no purpose in trying to convert the Jews to Christianity."

This lie was refuted by Jesus Messiah himself when he warned the Jews not to place their hope of salvation in Abraham through their flesh and blood (Matthew 3:9, Luke 3:8).  Why?  Because the Jewish nation and its flesh and blood line had become so mixed with Gentile bloodlines, that to make the claim of exemption from the judgment of sin by claiming to be a recipient of Abraham's Covenant of real estate, was in itself a religious heresy.  Sin is not atoned for by real estate or circumcision.  There is absolutely not one verse of scripture in the Old or New Testaments where circumcision was an evident token of release of sin.  Otherwise the entire Old Testament sacrificial system of blood sacrifices would have not been necessary.  If circumcision and a land grant did not remove sin under the Law, why would any person of reasonable intelligence believe that Jews could make the claim of Abraham's promise through circumcision, and this claim makes them exempt from the necessity of the atonement offered once and for all in the blood of Jesus Messiah on Calvary?  There is a reason to convert Jews to Jesus the Messiah because their circumcision and their land grant can NEVER TAKE AWAY THEIR SINS!  What can take away their sins?  NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS MESSIAH!

"The promise of the Abrahamic Covenant is a real estate arrangement which is the hope of Israel.  The land of Israel is the hope of the Jewish people."(note that Jesus or a Messiah is NOT their hope according to VJ doctrine).

As stated above, absolutely no where in all of the Old Testament is there a single verse of scripture that will bear out that Jews, any Jew, could be saved and sins atoned for by the ritual of circumcision, or because of circumcision they were entitled to claim an inheritance in the land grant.  They had to have the *faith of Abraham* with their circumcison and keep the Law, or it profited them NOTHING (Rom 2:25, Gal 5:2!  The HOPE OF ISRAEL is not real estate.  Salvation is not cutting off a strip of skin.  The hope of Israel is the destiny to be fulfilled in the Messiah and the everlasting Kingdom (Dan 2:44).  And if they reject that fulfillment, then they make themselves enemies of God and they will be destroyed because they rejected his Kingdom (Daniel 2:34-35; Matthew 21:39-41; Luke 20:14-19).  The throne of David was placed over this real estate and whosoever rejects the throne of that Messianic Kingdom of Jesus Messiah, circumcised or not, will be cast forth as stubble, tares, and chaff, to be burned (Malachi 4:1, Matthew 13:30, Matthew 3:12).  I repeat these scriptures not out of hate but out of concern that the devil would use the lips and tongue of men like Vendyl to deceive many more thousands of Jews and Gentiles to reject Jesus Messiah and cause them to be destroyed.

"Replacement theology is the concept that the New Testament replaced the Old Testament, Christianity replaced Judaism, the Church replaced the Synagogue,  the Christian replaced the Jews as the Chosen People."

Vendyl and a host of deceivers exactly like him make these statements and do not qualify them with proper New Testament interpretation of scripture.  What do we mean when we say *replacement theology*
There are two additional studies to read and to print out.  Then you may click back to return to this page.

"Dispensationalism is a school of interpretation that cuts hard across the grain of replacement theology..  It recognizes the historic dispensation of Israel as the Chosen People."

Dispensationalism is a heresy, having incorporated within it a slanted Jewish interpretation of prophecy that the 70th week of Daniel was not fulfilled.  Obviously if the 70th week of Daniel was not chopped off from the previous 69 weeks, then the Jews have no way of denying Jesus was the Messiah who would HAVE TO COME during that divine time period.  Since the Jews who rejected Jesus as the Messiah hated the problem of Daniel 9:25-27, they had to devise an alternative reinterpretation of the text.  Dispensationalist accommodate this Jewish perversion by agreeing there is an unknown gap of time between the 69th and the 70th week.  This entire dance ritual is designed to deny Jesus was the Messiah who fulfilled the six prophecies to be fulfilled in the 70 weeks prophecy.  So, yes, the heresy of dispensationalism will be seen as cutting hard across the gain of true Biblical interpretation because it is a clever heresy Christians have adapted and adopted from apostate Judaism.

"Replacement theologians seek to characterize the Jews as being just like everyone else.  After all, that is what the New Testament teaches, they say.  The Jews are no longer a particular people, instead, all Christian believers are of the "Israel of God."  No text in the New Testament makes such a statement or allusion ( note:  Mr Jones has not read Gal 6:16)."

Actually this is misleading and a false statement.  The Jews who have legitimate flesh and blood of Abraham are still Jews, but Jews who must still receive Jesus as the Messiah to be saved.  Jews who were Gentile converts or descendants of Gentile converts have no special connection to Abraham through flesh and blood and these are not true Jews of the original national inheritance.  Read the Thirteenth Tribe by Jewish author Arthur Khoestler, who proves that a large number of modern Jews are not real Jews at all according to flesh and blood, but descendants of the Gentile Khazars who converted as Gentiles to Pharisee Talmudic Judaism around 720AD.  Jews of true flesh and blood will ALWAYS be a PARTICULAR people, but this progeny does not exempt them from being required to believe in Jesus as the Messiah. In this regard they are no different than Gentiles, ALL MUST RECEIVE and believe Jesus was the Messiah.  The Jews of the twelve tribes that received Jesus as the Messiah were the remnant prophesied by Isaiah and quoted by Paul in Romans 9:27.  These converts are called the Israel of God because where ever the throne of David is, ...that is the Israel of God.  Jesus transferred to Messianic Judaism the throne of David and that makes it the Kingdom of God.  Jesus certified this when he said he would give the keys to the Kingdom to the Apostle Peter.  Any Jew who rejects to come into the Kingdom by Acts 2:38 and to come under the reign of the throne of David in Jesus Messiah, ARE STILL JEWS, but LOST JEWS and will die in their sins (John 8:24)!  They have absolutely no inheritance in the land grant since the inheritance of the land grant and the throne to reign over it is now in the Kingdom of God, New Testament Messianic Judaism!  So quit digging aroung on our property VJ.

Mr Jones continues:

"It is an entertaining adventure to watch these people who can quote scripture like Polly Parrots chirping away, ..."The Bible say us there is no difference between the Jew and Greek chirp, chirp, -Rom 3:22, chirp, chirp, -Rom 10:12, chirp, chirp, Gal 2:28, chirp, chirp, and furthermore!  Chirp, chirp, chirp, Eph 2:14 says Jesus is our peace who hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us-the wall that separated the Jew from the Gentile in the Old Testament, Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp, Polly wants a cracker! Squaaawk!"

Vendyl is the one doing the squawking, squawking, squawking!  A parrot repeats what he is taught.  Vendyl is only squawking what his Pharisee Talmudic masters have taught him.  He hates the Apostle Paul and that is why he counts the above text of the New Testament like they are part of a comic strip.  By denying the above text, Vendyl makes himself an antichrist,  ...Jesus Messiah is not our peace?  Vendyl squawked his taught litany so excellent he was rewarded by being enshrined as Indiana Jones in the movie made by Jewish friends, ...The Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  How much filthy lucre he received and the favors given to him for his blasphemy we do not know.  I would suggest to him that if he is going to hell in support of antichrist, that he get more than thirty pieces of silver.

"There is no scriptural grounds for replacement theology.  The only proof the replacement theologian had was to point to the destruction of Judea and the temple and say:  "see after Jesus came there was no need for fleshly Israel or blood sacrifices.  Therefore God destroyed the Temple and the nation of Israel."

No, that is not the only proof of replacement theology.  The whole New Testament is a proof that the Law is ended and that there is salvation in none other, than the sacrifice of Jesus.  If you have read the studies in the previous links, then you will know what was replaced and what Mr. Jones is saying was not replaced.

"The Gentile Christian is above all, not a Jew in any sense of the word.  Christians are not spiritual Jews.  Nor are they true Jews.  The Church is not spiritual Israel, nor is it a replacement of Israel.  Israel's salvation is national in scope and is premised on the Abraham Covenant."

As stated previously, absolutely no where in the Old Testament is there salvation in circumcision or real estate. Salvation is not national, it is and always will be on a personal basis.  Mark 16:16 is a proof that each individual Jew and Gentile must make a conscience decision for or against Jesus Messiah and their eternal destiny will be determined by that choice.  The false doctrine that the promise of Abraham exempts Jews from any necessity to receive Jesus as the Messiah, will be the deception that causes many to be rejected as *stubble, tares, and chaff.*  Take this lightly or take it as antisemitism, but the very Word of God will stand when the world is on fire.

"The problem of replacement theologians has only begun with the establishment of the Jewish state.  1. What will be the repercussions when the ashes of the red heifer are returned to Israel and the sanhedrin are established.  2. Where will the replacement theologians go when the tabernacle is recovered and the temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem?  3. What will they go with their old adage, "the blood of Jesus replaced the Jewish sacrifices," when the sacrificial system is restored to Israel?"

Is there really a need here to counter these antichrist statments?  What will Messianic Believers do when animal sacrifices are offered again?  We will continue to sing, shout, and worship Jesus and REJECT ALL THAT TAKES PLACE IN JERUSALEM.  Our foundation was not laid on Mount Moriah but upon MOUNT ZION the citidal of David, and upon that precious stone we will build, rejoice, and preach the Kingdom of God.  What took place on Calvary is for us our faith and we will not deny it over the sacrifice of cows, bulls, goats, sheep, or a revived Talmudic Pharisee priesthood.  These priests officiated and sacrifices were offered between Calvary and 70AD and did not make a dent in the faith of the Messianic Believers and God certainly was not flattered to the point he would defend Jerusalem and the temple.  Even a red heifer sacrificed in 66AD did not hold back the wrath of God in 70AD.  Does anyone think that a red cow sacrificed now will hold back God's eminent wrath upon the same city and nation after antichrist completes his abominations there in the endtime?  Paul wrote the book of Hebrews while the temple was standing and sacrifices were being offered.  Those animals being dragged to Mount Moriah screaming of fright, for what was abolished, did NOT CAUSE THOSE MESSIANIC BELIEVERS TO RECANT and neither shall we!

"Anyone who takes a replacement theology position and considers the covenants of Israel eradicated in Jesus will see the Church as the Israel of God."

Yes, because we know that the blood of Jesus REPLACED animal sacrifices FOR EVER! And we know that where ever the throne of David is, THAT IS THE TRUE ISRAEL OF GOD.  That throne is in and reigns over the New Testament Church!

"In a final analysis, one's attitude toward the Covenants will determine their attitude toward every field of theology."

Yes, exactly!  Those who will not RECANT the finished work of Jesus Messiah on Calvary and who will not deny the reign of his throne over the Kingdom in the New Testament Messianic Church, will have the attitude that there is NO COVENANT except that which is in Jesus Messiah.  We will confess that the promise of Abraham was fulfilled in Jesus Messiah for Jews and Gentiles (Galatians 3:27-29).  To believe in any other covenant for salvation is falsehood and believing in error and heresy.

Vendyl Jones is beyond doubt a traitor as prophesied in 2Tim 3:1-4.

We believe that anyone who places Pharisee Judaism, and that is what Talmudic Judaism is today, above the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is a traitor even if they baptize according to Acts 2:38 and believe in One God.  After all, Paul's second letter to Timothy was concerning Apostolics who also would become traitors.  The time will come when Acts 2:38 people will persecute and hate Apostolics who stand up for the Gospel Truths of the New Testament.

See if you are going to be antisemitic and hate the converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messiah:

1.)  We believe the sacrifice of Jesus and his blood have REPLACED all animal and blood sacrifices FOREVER (Heb 9:28).

2.)  We believe the body of the Lord Jesus Messiah REPLACED the temple as the holy of holies and that in Jesus dwelt ALL THE FULNESS OF THE GODHEAD bodily(Col 2:9).

3.)  We believe that the High Priesthood of Jesus has forever REPLACED all Old Testament priesthoods. This means that forever, Israel does not have and can never have a valid priesthood to offer up animal or blood sacrifices acceptable to God (Heb 4:14-16).

3.)  We believe the Messianic Judaism of Jesus REPLACED all other forms of Jewish religion.  We believe Messianic Judaism is called the Church (called out ones) and that these meeting in an assembly did REPLACE the temple and the synagogue.  We believe that where ever two messianic believers are gathered in worship in the name of Jesus Messiah that Jesus Messiah comes into their midst to validate their worship as holy and acceptable to God.  We also beleive that where any number of Jews or Noahides gather to worship afte the manner of the Talmudic Pharisee style, and NOT in the name of Jesus, God is NEVER in their midst (Mat 18:19-20).

4.)  We believe that the Throne of David was placed over the land grant and this throne was taken from unbelieivng Israel and placed among the remnant of the twelve tribes who converted to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus (Mat 21:43). So, there is still an Israel of God, but it is a remnant under the Davidic throne of Jesus Messiah.  Gentiles were grafted or converted into this Israle of God and share in the covenant and blessing of Abraham's seed.  We believe the Church is the Israeli Kingdom of God and it replaced the old nation that had no throne of David forever.  The Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messiah it is an everlasting KINGDOM.  The Lord Jesus now REIGNS in the Church, the Israel of God as King FOREVER (Dan 7:27).

5.)  We believe and confess that Jesus is the Messiah come in the flesh at his first advent.  We believe and confess that no other Son of David, Son of man, Messiah, Priest, Rabbi, or Hightpriest, can claim he is the true Messiah that was come, Jesus Messiah already fulfilled this prophecy.  We believe because this is true, the next time Jesus comes is not as a saving Messiah but as a conquering Messiah, to destroy out of the Kingdom all things that offend.  This happens AFTER he appears in the heavens upon clouds of great glory with all of his holy angels, after the tribulation of Mat 24:29-31.

6.)  We believe that it is error and heresy to preach any Jewish doctrine that is not filtered through the Messianic teachings of Jesus and the Apostles in the New Testament (Gal 1:8-9).

7.)  We believe and teach that the Kingdom was not postponed or delayed because the temple cult rejected Jesus as Messiah at his first coming.  We teach that Jesus brought the Kingdom, promised it to Nicodemus, and gave Peter the keys to it (Mat 16:18, Joh 3:3-5).

8.)  We believe and hold that the entire Old Testament is Messianic in scope and hope and points to a climax in Jesus Messiah at his first and second comings (Joh 5:39).

9.)  We believe and teach that the Church is the Chosen People of God consisting first of a remnant from the twelve tribes and Gentiles grafted or converted into it, and we jointly are the ISRAEL of God, REPLACING Jews who would not believe and who were cut out of the olive tree (1Pet 2:9).  We also believe that Jesus redeemed all Old Testament worthies that lived in the Old Testament from Eden to Calvary, with his blood.  These, with the New Testament remnant and converted Gentiles are the Israel of God. There is none that can be saved (Old Testament or New Testament) apart from the New Covenant and the blood of Jesus (Gal 4:5).  No Jew or Gentile can get saved by Law keeping or claiming an exclusive salvation in circumcision or Abraham's land grant (Acts 4:12).

10.)  We believe and teach that the Church will go through the tribulation as Jesus said in Mat 24:29 and the rapture or second coming takes place at the last or seventh trumpet 1Cor 15:52, Rev 11:15.

11.)  We believe and teach that Acts 2:38 is the Messianic conversion of Jew and Gentile and is a prophecy that needs to be fulfilled in each person's life.  It is their conversion by grace through faith and their adoption into the household of faith.

12.)  We do not believe that God has returned back to the Jews and is going to reestablish animal sacrifices and a temple where he will again hide behind a rip-proof vail (Eph 2:15).

13.) We do not believe the present Jews are blessed by God to kill Gentiles who will not come up under their Noahide laws for conversion (Col 2:14-15).

14.)  We do not believe a person has to keep any of the Law, our Torah is the New Testament.  If righteousness came by the Law then Christ is dead in vain (Gal 2:21). We are New Torah Covenant keepers, not Law or Noahide keepers!  All of our faith including all aspects of holiness and proper dress for men and women can be found in the New Covenant, so that the Old is no more than a schoolmaster to bring us to understand sin and righteousness that is in Messiah and the New Covenant.

15.)  We do not believe Messianic Believers should abstain from witnessing and trying to win Jews to Jesus Messiah.   The Gospel is first to the Jew, and that will always be the divine order (Rom 1:16).  They may reject it saying our duty to Israel is just in money and support of revived Phariseeism, and not witnessing to them about Jesus, but no greater lie or misrepresentation has ever been told about the Gospel.

16.)  We believe Messianic Believers should love Jews and not mistreat them because our theologies differ and they want to mistreat us and perhaps even some day again put many to death as they did in the early Church (Mat 5:44).

17.)  We believe and will die confessing that there is no salvation in any other, that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that he is LORD (Phlp 2:11).

18.)  Vendyl Jones and a million like him can not change the finished work of Calvary.  It is better to live one second as a Christian and die in faith, than to live a life time persecuting Messianic Believers, hating and denying that Jesus is Lord, King, and MESSIAH(2Cor 4:17).

Our earnest prayer is that the dude can still be saved.  Since Jesus will be his judge on Judgment day, I would admonish Vendyl and all like him to come that day as a friend and not as an enemy (Mat 22:11-14).

What is Vendyl Jones?  He is a traitor and denying the deity of Jesus he has made himself a bearded Santa Claus pedaling Phariseeism in the disguise of Talmudism, he is currently a confessed antichrist.

Below was a picture of a streak of fire from heaven witnessed by Vendyl and his holy land diggers while they were in Israel. It was removed by demands of VJs antichrist associate.  The enormous wrath God has reserved in the heavens and a token of what will be brought upon and poured out upon the antichrist and the Temple Mount in the Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, and Seven Bowls of wrath just preceding the second coming of Jesus.  And Jesus shall return in flaming fire taking vengeance upon them that know not God and who obey not the Gospel of Jesus Messiah (2Thes 1:7-9).

This enormous explosion of heavenly power reserved by God in the heavens, shall soon be poured out on the antichrist, Israel, and the temple mount during the time of the tribulation. This photo take in Israel shows how it will look.

The wrath photograph was also deleted by demands of the antichrist. We will find others to replace it.  Currently we will display for you the face of antichrist as they will appear before the second coming of Jesus Messiah.  The mark of the beast may be invisible and brought to light as the Gospel truth hits them in the face.  Their mouth will open and out will come their blasphemies.  Hit them in the face with the Gospel Truth that Jesus is the Messiah anyway.  Expose the hate of antichrist everytime you get a chance. Hatred against Jesus is evidence of the invisible mark.

The wailing wall in Jerusalem is where devout Jews, Noahides, and Gentiles on vacation, go to rub the rocks, stuff prayers written on scraps of paper into the cracks, wear a God-hat, and try to get salvation and blessings upon Jerusalem praying in the vicinity of these dead stones.  Few know that absolutely none of these stones came from the Temple in the days of Messiah. According to scholars, the stones came from a retaining wall that once supported Solomon's stables for his horses.  

One Messianic Pastor who visited this tourist attraction and modern wonder, said the Holy Spirit spoke to him that he did not need to touch and rub these rocks or stuff prayers in the cracks, but he and all others need to go to the real ROCK and cornerstone of our foundation and temple, the Lord Jesus Messiah, and touch him and get our prayers answered.  Why pray to dead rocks when we have a real God? Amen!  

Yet, many deluded and deceived Messianic Believers will still believe if they can get near these dead stable stones they will feel the Spirit and this experience will enhance their salvation and make the Bible come alive when they read it, for they have *reached out and touched the stones?*  To them, the living ROCK, is secondary to these horse stable stones.

Also of note:  All of Jerusalem was razzed to the ground in 70AD.  Not one stone remained on another.  All of the present walls and buildings in Jerusalem were built many hundreds of years later (1542), so that the alleged walls and golden gate of Jerusalem and the present location of the Upper Room, are frauds (although sentimental frauds) fabricated like a lot of other false doctrines yet people believe them to be authentic.  

Jesus already came through the golden gates of ancient Jerusalem as King, and the children cried HOSANNA (Mat 21:1-10).  He is not coming back through the make-believe gates over there now set up a few years ago.  An antichrist may, and this is a signal for Messianic Believers to go underground, as death around the world will soon reign as the mark of the beast is issued to separate the alleged righteous followers of this revived Pharisee system, from the alleged unrighteous who deny or reject him (Messianic Believers will be considered idolaters for worship of Jesus and unrighteous). Jesus already fulfilled going through the golden gate as predicted in Zechariah 9:9 and fulfilled in Matthew 21:5.  The next time Jesus comes is in the clouds of heaven.

Jerusalem is the equivalent of a tourist attraction even if it has sentimental purposes for Messianic Believers and Jews.  All of it is make-believe.  When they rebuild the temple it will be make-believe of a by-gone era.  When they offer up animal sacrifices it will be all make-believe of a by-gone methodology to reach God.  When they call fire from heaven from some space station and fake it as coming from God saying no space station was in that area of the sky, the elect will not believe in this *wild fire.*  How many will believe this deception and fall down and worship the god of their forces (lucifer) thinking they are worshiping God?  Jerusalem will become a high-powered Disney land, with all the magic and wonder of the greatest deception and highest witchcraft working of satan ever seen upon earth. This is lucifer's finale, his greatest masterpiece of deception, before he is eternally damned!  May his end come soon, although he bring great tribulation upon the true Saints of Jesus Messiah before it happens!

Elect according to the foreknowledge of God and the sanctification of Jesus Messiah, I know this all sounds strange because Ministers are not preaching it, but keep your ears and eyes open.  If you are deceived it is because you have rejected the endtime truth the Lord Jesus is sending to all nations again.  Prophecy will be fulfilled but not as the deceivers are reporting it.  

And when multitudes shout and dance in a Jerusalem prepared for the antichrist, do not feel cheated.  Do not feel neglected.  Do not feel the Lord has delayed or forgotten to come as the Pre-tribs, Mid-tribs, Pre-Wraths, and Pan-tribs, will then be forced to start preaching.  But remember, OUR JERUSALEM IS IN HEAVEN, and there the Jewish and Gentile murderers of Messianic Believers, the Gentile dogs who support the antichrist, the unbelieving, the fearful, the abominable, the sexually apostate, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all liars shall be excluded.  The final Jerusalem in Israel will have all those among their worshipers, while the true Messianic Believers who refuse to recant Jesus as Messiah to go back under Talmudism and Law-keeping, will be expelled from cities around the world, lose employment, shut out by their families, hunted like animals, denied to buy and sale, persecuted and tortured, and some killed. BUT WE SHALL REIGN, WE SHALL WIN, WE'VE READ THE BACK OF THE BOOK!  Jesus shall destroy those murderers and burn up their city (this is an endtime prophecy not 70AD).  It is not we who can make war with the beast and his system and win (we will take up no arms).  It is Jesus who defeats the antichrist at his coming, ...HAIL KING JESUS, even so come our LORD, we wait for thee by faith!

A personal word to VJ.  Sir, if before your curtain time you wish to recant your blasphemies and your antichrist hatred, and you wish to humble yourself at the foot of the Cross, then call me (813-238-7283), I would like to try and bring you to a merciful Saviour who alone can now deliver you from the abyss into which you have fallen.

I add one more plea Sir!  Someone very close to you loves you. The earnest prayer of this person and myself is that you leave those things behind and count all your years as an antichrist as dung, as Paul did all of his Jewishness under the Law.  VJ, do not end up like Pike, thirsty and dead in the barren desert of south Israel. Yes, I have pressed you hard.  I have pulled your chain.  I have rattled your cage.  I have poked at you.  But Vennie man I love you in Jesus. And I do not want to see you bust hell wide open. After I talked to someone who dearly loves you, and felt the pain of your condition, I promised I would end my complaints against you begging for your soul. I know your hard speeches come from a hardened heart.  Some where the devil rail-roaded you and the Rabbi's gave you a curve ball.  You did not make the man God had planned for your life.  I call on you Vendel to fall on your knees and repent.  Turn your face back to Jesus and I believe he will abundantly pardon.  Yes, there may still be room for you if you will turn and repent.  I ask you one more time VJ, experience the love of God and let Jesus prove to you that he is not an idol but very God manifest in the flesh.  I love you man. I love your soul.

SHALOM upon God's elect, the believers and followers of Jesus Messiah.

Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor