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This Primer on Trinitarianism within the Eastern Orthodox Greek Church, is a tribute to Elder Robert Elliott Jones, Pastor of the Messianic Fellowship of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Pastor Jones is in my estimation, a modern Simon of Cyrene, Simeon called niger, and Praxeas: Simon of Cyrene, because like this notable and seldom spoken of Black bearer of the Cross of Christ, Pastor Jones has taken to his heart and shoulder the weight and burden of the Apostolic Gospel, that Christ delivered to his Apostles. He has applied himself in every possible aspect to a Godly character, and has well spent his youth near the altar and the Scriptures; Simeon called niger, because he, among his white peers must still suffer the racism and bigotry of centuries of false doctrines concerning the Black Man. Putting these insults behind him, he has reached forth as did Simeon, to be numbered among God's servants, rather than to dwell upon the negativity and needles contention of race, God having made of one blood all nations; Praxeas, because he is an African-Apostolic defender of that ancient Monotheism Monarchian faith, that united the Apostles to that precious and Godly genealogy of the Prophets and Patriarchs, who would never dream of a trinity of gods, believing rather that there was no other than one God.

I met Pastor Jones and his loving wife and Children, outside of Corpus Christi, at a debate being conducted by Evangelist Christian Garrett, against the Plato-trinitarianism of the Church of Christ. Pastor Jones demonstrated his Oneness in spirit with us there. He joined Bro. Garrett at the head table, and during the debate provided intelligent, coherent, and valuable points for Bro. Garrett's use. He opened up his heart to white Brothers and judged us by our spirit, not our pedigrees or salvation cards. From that encounter, this Pastor developed a high esteem and respect for Pastor Jones. To the Saints and friends of the Messianic Fellowship of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, I am proud to offer this Tribute and Primer, for the glory of God and the New Testament Apostolic Church.

Pastor Reckart

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