Jesus Messieh Fellowship
Statement of Doctrine

There Is No New Revelation, Only Restoration of What Was Revealed But Corrupted By Men

Reaching The Nations With The Messianic Judaism Of Jesus Messieh

1.)  Israel of God
2.)  God
3.)  Jesus Messieh
4.)  Scriptures
5.)  Scriptural Interpretation
6.)  Plan Of Redemption Of Israel
7.) Plan of New Covenant Salvation
8.)  The Sacred Name of God
9.)  Coming Of Our Lord A Post Tribulation Event
10.)  The Kingdom
11.)  The Millennial
12.)  Racism
13.  Join With Us

Israel of God:

We believe in one God as declared in Deuteronomy 6:4, who is eternally existent as Father in creation, as the Son in Messianic redemption, and as the Holy Spirit in the Messianic Believer--(Isa 28:10-12, Joel 2:28-29, Acts 1:8, Acts 2:1-4, Acts 5:32).

We believe in Jesus Messieh's deity (Isaiah 9:6, John 1:1,4, Rev 1:8), His virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14, Luke 2:11), His sinless life (1Peter 2:22), His atoning death (Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Heb 7:27), His bodily resurrection (Matt 28:6, Rom 6:5), His ascension (Acts 1:11), and His future return in power and glory (1Thes 4:16).

We believe that the Bible, consisting of the Old Covenant Scriptures and the New Covenant Scriptures, were inspired by God and are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness (2Tim 3:16-17).

We believe in God's eternal covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that it is fulfilled in the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messieh.  Although the covenant was to all of the nation of Israel generally, we believe this covenant was fulfilled in Jesus Messieh to a remnant only (Rom 9:27). Those who choose not to enjoy the destiny of that covenant by rejecting Jesus Messieh have in fact canceled the covenant unto themselves. According to prophecy in Romans 9:27, a large number will reject Jesus as the Messieh and thus cancel the covenant of Abraham to them.  Also according to the same prophecy, only a remnant of the twelve tribes will fulfill the covenant of Abraham.  We do not know who this remnant will consist of but we know that those who reject Jesus as the Messieh are not the remnant.  We therefore encourage evangelism and missionary work among the Jews.  We, therefore, stand with and support the existence of the nation of Israel.  We do not support Jews who hate Jesus, the New Testament, the Apostles, or the preaching of the Gosple of the Kingdom. We do oppose antimessianic attitudes from Talmudic Rabbis or others who support anti-missionary laws in Israel against the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messieh. We oppose persecution of Messianic believers in Israel and throughout the world.  We believe that Gentiles who are converted to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus are made one (Jews by Choice), with the remnant of Jewish converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus, in all blessings, covenants, and promises, and are fellowheirs and of the same body (Eph 3:6).  We believe in holding fast to the Biblical Messianic heritage that comes to the Messianic believer from the Old Testament through the Patriarchs and the Prophets and through the New Testament and the Apostles.


We believe the Scriptures to teach that there is one God. By God we mean one Spirit. God is a Spirit. God revealed himself as the first cause and the creator of all existent things. This one God is revealed as LORD. By LORD we believe that he is the sole Ruler of the creation, and subsequently the affairs of man. God is indivisible as to his being and nature. He is before all things.

Jesus Messieh:

We believe that as to his humanity, Jesus was the son of David, being born of Mary of the tribe of Judah. As son of God (the incarnation), he hungered, was tempted, experienced all the natures of man, but without sin. He was the heir of David's throne. As to his nationality he was a true Israelite of the royal seed. We believe in the deity of Jesus Messieh. By deity, we mean that he was truly God. We confess and believe that as to his deity he was the Almighty God, and as to his humanity (body of flesh) he was David's son. We believe the eternal God was manifest as the Messieh upon David's throne (Psalms 132:11).  We do not believe he was only a man.  We do not believe that he is a second god of a family of three who came to earth as the Messieh.  We do not believe he was an angel.  Therefore we reject that Jesus Messieh was the second person in a trinity of gods. We believe in the one Monarchy of God and Messieh.  We believe the Scriptures to teach that the Father (God), was manifest or revealed to the world in the Son (Mary's fleshly offspring), and as God Messieh.  We believe he is the Lord (Isaiah 25:9).  The Messieh was then God come to earth in a human form and no less God (1Tim 3:16). Accordingly, we believe Jesus Messieh was come or born in the flesh, as God manifest. We therefore confess both the Father and the Son.  We just do not feel compelled to confess this according to other men's creeds or dogmas.  Because the Scriptures teach the fulness of the Godhead bodily was in Jesus, we reject the trinity doctrine that there are three gods represented in three distinct persons.  The first followers of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus did not know of a trinity doctrine.  It was not formulated until 325AD and is therefore not a binding Messianic doctrine of the New Testament Messianic faith.  No true Jewish Messianic believer in Jesus or a Messianic Gentile convert believes in a trinity of Gods.


By Scriptures, we mean the 66 books of the Bible as they are in the King James Version. We also mean as they are additionally contained in the Beth Jesus Version (which is scheduled for completion in the year 2000).  We believe that all original Scripture in their original autographs were given by God and written down by men as they were inspired by the unction of the Spirit. These Scriptures are profitable for instruction in Godly living, teaching the doctrines of Truth, and for communication with God.  We reject all Jewish perversions by Aquila and others.  We reject all Jewish and Catholic interpolations into the Vulgate by Jerome and his Jewish aids in Bethlehem, Israel.  And in this regard we turn to the Beth Jesus Version for study, help, and understanding.  We certainly reject all the translations made form Aquila's perversion of the sacred text. Aquila was the apostate translator of the Septuagint version used in the Synagogues after 129AD.  We reject the decisions of the Council of Jamia in 90AD.

Note:  There are several men who are saying that there is no other Bible in the world that God has given except for the King James Version (KJV).  They teach that all Spanish Bibles are of the devil because it is not a King James Version. They teach that all German, Russian, Greek, French, or any other Bible translations are of the devil because God only ordained the KJV.  Is this true?  How can it be?  These men who are spreading this false doctrine are in error. They are saying that if any of these Bibles are not WORD FOR WORD what is in the KJV then they are of the devil.  They make these statements in order to attack the Beth Jesus Version, an Apostolic Messianic Version, as being of the devil.  I will allow you to determine if the claims of these men are valid arguments.  I ask the question:  why is it that only trinitarians and those associated with the occult are the only ones through which the Scriptures can be interpretred and rendered?  Are Apostolic Holy Ghost filled men not capable of interpretation of the Scripture accurately?  Why do these use Greek and Hebrew to get behind the meaning of words, if they are not saying there is more to be learned.  Another question, did the KJV exist word for word in the days of the Apostles?  And for a final question:  since the Septuagint Greek Version (LXX) does not have wording exactly like the Old Testament KJV, does that make the LXX of the devil when Jesus and the Apostles quoted almost exclusively from the LXX and NEVER ONE TIME from the KJV?

The Scriptures are divided into two sections, the Old Testament (Old Torah), and the New Testament (New Torah). By Old Torah, we mean the 39 books beginning with Genesis and ending with Malachi. By New Torah, we mean the 27 books beginning with Matthew and ending with Revelation. Because they do not meet the strict test of truth, the books known as the apocrypha, added to the Greek version of the Jewish Bible, are rejected. We do not hold as holy, such other books as the Koran, the Babylonian Talmud, the Mishnah, the Cabala or Kabbalah, the book of Mormon, and the writings of the Freemasons and Rosicrucians.

Scriptural Interpretation:

Scripture contains not only the historical account of the past, but principals of right and wrong, good and evil, and rewards and punishments. The Messianic Brethren use their own liberty to expound Scripture in teaching the revelation of Jesus Messieh, according to their ability. These teachings include not only salvation and a standard of Godly living, but declaring the predictions of God by the Prophets, of past, present, and future events.

It pleased our God to unveil his revelations in types, figures, symbols, and prophecy. The Messianic Brethren believe that the entire body of Scripture must be interpreted according to the revelation of the Prophets and the Messianic hope Jesus fulfills.

A valid study of Scripture and eschatology, must have for its foundation, the predestinated Messianic fulfillment in the Church, and not in natural Israel. Since the revelation of Messieh begins in Genesis 1:1 and ends at Revelation 22:21, it is our belief that the entire Bible was given to reveal the Church, the Israel of God, and Jesus Messieh as God. The hope of all mankind from Adam to the last child born, is to find salvation in the blood of Messieh.  He is the blood sacrifice to replace all others.

Because of these truths, we hold that the New Torah contains the fulness and only correct interpretation of all the types, figures, symbols, and prophecies in the Old Torah. Therefore, the entire Bible is to be interpreted through the filter of the teachings of Messieh and the Apostles. All other interpretations, including Jewish ones, not in harmony with that revealed in the New Torah, are rejected as traditions of men, spurious, error, interpolations, and false doctrine.

We totally reject that the Old Torah is the Messianic Faith. The New Torah as replacement of the Old Torah, is the basis of our Faith. We do not interpret the New Torah by the Old Torah, but vise-a-versa. The New Torah properly interpreted is the everlasting Gospel.  We hold that the Old Testament is a collection of holy writings that we may use as a schoolmaster to teach and train us in the proper understanding of religious principles that continue in the New Torah.  We hold with faith that the Law can not justify or bring righteousness (Gal 2:16, 21).  

Plan of Redemption of Israel

The prophecy of Isaiah quoted by the Apostle Peter from the ancient Hebrew text before it was changed by Aquila, states that although the seed of Israel be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant will be saved (Rom 9:27).  Although the redemption was provided for the whole nation, only a remnant would avail themselves of that blessing.  It was prophesied by Moses and quoted by Peter in Acts 3:23 that those in Israel who rejected to hear the *replacement* of Moses would be destroyed from among the people (Israel).  There is then two Israels: the large portion who would reject Jesus the Messieh and eternally damn themselves, and the remnant according to the election of grace who would replace them as the Israel of God in the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messieh.  The New Torah plan of salvation (entry into the Messianic Kingdom), was first explained by John the Baptist.  He required conversion of all Jews to the Messianic hope by passing through the waters of separation in baptism unto repentance.  Conversions were necessary for Jews from all of their many religious groups and beliefs.  There were no exceptions, all were required to be converted to the Messieh's Kingdom or to be forever damned as unworthy to share in the Messianic hope.  It was John's firm conviction having been instructed by the Holy Spirit, that those who were converted and who passed through the waters of separation in baptism by faith, would also be baptized with the Holy Spirit as the witness of who God's sons and daughters were, the instant the Kingdom of God came. The plan of Messianic salvation for entry into the coming Kingdom, the Israel of God, Church, the converted remnant from the twelve tribes, was to be by water and Spirit baptisms (John 3:3-5).

The pre-Kingdom prophecies by John were authenticated as accurate statements by Jesus the Messieh:  that no man could see or enter the Kingdom of God, the new Israel, EXCEPT by the new birth of water [conversion baptism], and Spirit [Holy Spirit baptism], John 3:3, 3:5.  The Apostle Peter was in complete agreement as the Messianic conversion is repeated in Acts 2:38 for the multitude of Jews on the day of Pentecost. As the third witness of the plan of salvation, Peter reiterated for the Jews and Gentile proselytes, that salvation was (1) by repentance and (2) remission of sins by passing through the waters of separation in baptism in the name of Jesus Messieh and, (3) receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, God's seal of our conversion and new birth. Therefore, our Messianic doctrine on the plan of conversion and salvation into the Kingdom of God is Acts 2:38.

After initial Messianic conversion and salvation by faith, all Messianians (Christians), have an obligation to continue in the new Torah of Messieh and the Apostles.  We may not return to Talmudic Phariseeism, Law keeping, or we may fall from grace and be severed from the Messieh's Kingdom (Gal 5:4). To leave the new Torah to go back under the old Torah to satisfy complaints by Talmudist, Noahides, or other Law keepers, is to leave the Kingdom of God for fellowship with antichrist.  No one may return to Law keeping without becoming antichrist toward the full Messianic New Covenant of Jesus Messieh.  Salvation is by grace through faith and conditional upon remaining in the body of Messieh and in the vine of the Messianic Israel (John 15:1-6).  We may not not go back to worship under the temple cult as those did who turned back unto perdition in John 6:66. Please note that they who turned back to the antichrist and walked no longer with Jesus are identified as *666*. The plan of Messianic salvation has for its final purpose, the redemption of the remnant of Jews and converted Gentiles to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.  There is no other salvation now or in the future.

Plan 0f New Covenant Salvation

The Plan of New Covenant Salvation is found in Acts 2:38.  There is no other plan given in the New Testament!

Salvation is by Christ alone, by faith alone, and by grace alone, as contained in Acts 2:38. In this text, the faith of the convert is in Jesus Christ alone. Repentance is by faith alone and the grace of forgiveness is given; water baptism is by faith alone and the grace of the remission of sins is given; The baptism of the Holy Ghost is by faith alone with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. The grace of eternal life is thus given and sealed to the born again son or daughter of God. Salvation is thus by grace through faith as found in Ephesians 2:8.

Acts 2:38 Does Not Contain Works Of Man.

Nothing in Acts 2:38 is the works of man. Repentance is not works of man it is faith in the love of God; water baptism is not works of man it is faith in the blood of Jesus Christ; and Spirit baptism is not works of man it is faith in God that he will give the gift of eternal life. All of Acts 2:38 is faith, faith, faith: three acts of one faith which is one salvation. Using Acts 2:38, Apostolics believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

The Sacred Name of God

We affirm that the last and greatest name of God revealed to man is *Jesus*. God first revealed himself as deity to mankind with use of the word Elohim.  Several hundred years later, God gave to Abraham an exaltation of this name in the form of *Elshaddai*, translated: *God Almighty*.  Four hundred and twenty five years later God appeared unto Moses and revealed himself by yet another secret name: Ehyeh asher Ehyeh (or Ehieh asher Ehieh) , the meaning of which is said to be: I AM that I AM. This name was the name of deliverance for the Israelites from Egypt and a name of Covenant and worship until the very birth of the Messieh.  At that time, the last and greatest name of God ever revealed to mankind was revealed to the world.  That name was Iehshus or Iehshua in Hebrew, Iesous translated into Greek, and Jehsus in English.  The *h* has been dropped from the spelling now for several hundred years because in many Jewish uses it is silent.  Easily we may see that the name of IEH-shua or Ieh-sus contains a contraction of the divine name as given to Moses at the burning bush.  For this reason there is no other name given among men under heaven whereby we all must be saved (Acts 4:14, John 3:18).

In spite of these Messianic truths there are others today who deny that the name of Jesus is a valid name for God.  We will not argue over the use of Yehshua, Yehshus, Iesous, Jehsus, or even Jesus.  We believe the Lord Jesus Messieh can adequately determine what is meant by these names and that he is the focus of the faith. We do not believe there has to be a precise pronunciation for the name to be valid or a person with a hair-lip or with some other language difficulty would be damned and lost if they did not say it exactly like some feel it should be pronounced.

We Messianic Brothers and Sisters reject all guess names such as Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahshua, and hold that all the true and temporary sacred names and titles of God find their fulfillment and climax in the one name of Jesus Messieh.  It is the only name given under heaven whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12). The Sacred name of our God as fully revealing his Lordship as Deity is: Ehyeh Jesus Messieh (or as in the KJV: Lord Jesus Christ). There is no greater name given under heaven among men.  Antichrist hate it, but we praise the name of EHYEH JESUS Messieh.

It has been asked if a person pronouncing the name of Jesus in Hebrew as *Yehshua* or *Yahshua* is valid for baptism.  Yahshua is not a Hebrew name, it is a guess name with no historical antiquity or value.  It is a fabricated name never once found in any ancient manuscripts. ALL BAPTISMS WHERE YAHSHUA WAS PRONOUNCED IS A FALSE BAPTISM!  There is no "Y" letter in Hebrew. The letter from which the "Y" is made is the letter consonant "I".  The first name correctly then is "IEHSHUA."  Indeed the name Jehovah was spelled IEHOVAH in the 1611 King James Version. To distinguish the letter "I" when it had the "J" (or G) sound, a curl was added at the bottom. This printer's device did result in a new alphabet character but it did not originate the "J' (or G) sound already recognized to exist in the letter "I" when pronounced properly. The ancient rule is that the "I" has an "I" sound when followed by a consonant.  But if the "I" was followed by a vowel it had the "J" (G) sound.   The problem arises when those who baptize using the Hebrew pronunciation try to make it a doctrinal law that to say the name Jesus in English or as pronounced in Spanish or German, are not valid.  The name "Jesus" is valid and the letter "J" is not a corruption of the letter "I". In the King James 1611 version when we find the name "IESUS" it was pronounced "JESUS."  Let us not devour one another over this issue.  Let us do all things to the glory of Jesus Messieh and in JESUS NAME!

Coming Of Our Lord

We affirm that there are two comings of our Ehyeh Jesus Messieh. The first was in Bethlehem. The second will be at the end of the tribulation at the last or seventh trump. Therefore, we believe in the Post-Tribulation coming of Messieh as he predicted and set forth in Matthew chapters 24 and Luke 21. Because of our Messianic view of the Scriptures and that they find their fulfillment in the Kingdom of God, the new Israel, we can not and do not accept the theories of dispensationalism or Talmudic Jewish Zionism that there remains a special way of salvation for antichrist Jews and Gentiles where they will not be required to accept Jesus as the Messieh and fulfill conversion according to Acts 2:38.

Accordingly, we reject any idea that after Calvary, the Jews and Gentiles remain two separate groups needing two different plans or Covenants of salvation. The Messianic Gospel is to all nations, the Jews first. Since Calvary, the message is GRACE not RACE. All must merge into the Messianic Kingdom of God, under the Throne of Messieh and his blood Covenant, or be lost.

Although the Messianic believer will suffer persecution by Jewish and Gentile antichrists, we are not appointed to the wrath of God. This does not mean a secret rapture to avoid this wrath.  We believe as the elect of God we are the Messianic Judaism to be protected through it.  If we are prepared and obedient we may avoid many persecutions and dangers. Tribulation is the Lord's wrath upon the antichrists for their persecution and attack against Messieh's Kingdom and his elect Saints to eradicate them from the earth. The wrath of God is against the antichrist.  Several who think to create safe havens for antichrist tribulation Jews will learn that these places are needed for Messianic Jews for Jesus. This revelation will increase as we draw nearer the end of the present age.

We do not hold to the mystical and spiritualist theories of split-resurrections, split-raptures, and two last trumps, all designed to dodge facing antichrist, persecution, and being tested for our Faith and the name of Jesus Messieh. We do not believe the Kingdom will end in defeat.  We do not believe God is shutting the door on the Church and opening the door wide for cut off branches.

We do not believe that after a secret rapture, that seven years of the Law dispensation, having been saved off the cross, will be reactivated for Jews who missed the rapture and who can now be saved by Law keeping and animal sacrifices.  We do not believe Jews or Gentiles reject the final Messianic Ministry to all nations and the witness of God's sons and daughters and they can be saved by a new temple, a new priesthood, and the blood and ashes of a red heifer. There is only one coming of Messieh remaining, and it behooves all Jews and Gentiles to be converted according to Acts 2:38 before that event or be damned forever. The second coming of Messieh unto his Kingdom, ushers in the conclusion of the Kingdom of God which is the Millennial. The Kingdom of God rightly spans the time from his first coming to the end of the Millennial. Scripture correctly interpreted will support this Gospel of the Kingdom, first preached by Messieh.  Those who obey not the Messianic Gospel of Jesus will be destroyed at the appearance of Messieh in the heavens (2Thes 1:8, 2:10).

The Kingdom

We believe the Scriptures to teach that the Kingdom of God replaced old Israel and is now the true Davidic Israel.  Jesus said in Mark 9:1 that many standing there in his presence would not see death until the Kingdom of God should come with POWER. We believe the Kingdom of God came on the Day of Pentecost. Therefore, we reject all theories that the Kingdom was postponed because the Jews rejected Messieh and were not ready to enter. Matthew 16:18-19 more than proves that the Ecclesia (Church) of verse 18 is the Kingdom to which Peter was given the keys in verse 19.

Jesus told those in Mark 9, that the Kingdom would come with POWER. Acts 1:8, the POWER was to come with the Holy Spirit Baptism. The Holy Spirit BAPTISM came in Acts 2:4, therefore the Kingdom to which Apostle Peter had been given the keys, began on the day of Pentecost.

It is our firm belief that the born again experience of John 3:3 and 3:5, points to New Testament salvation. Jesus gave as essential, being born of WATER and SPIRIT to enter the KINGDOM OF GOD. Therefore, we Messianic Brethren are united in doctrine and faith, that the new birth was not postponed [which of necessity must happen if the Kingdom was postponed], but is preached to all nations beginning at Jerusalem. It is our firm belief that prior to the second coming of the Lord, this GOSPEL of the KINGDOM as was first preached by the Apostles, must again be preached to all nations and then shall the end come [Matthew 24:14].

The Millennial

The Millennial properly speaking, means one thousand [1,000]. By Millennial we refer to the 1,000 years mentioned in Revelation 20:4. Basically there are two views. The first is that there is no actual Millennial, that the 1,000 years are somehow merged into the Church age and concludes it.

The second view is, that the 1,000 years is a Post-Tribulational event, after the present Kingdom age, and follows immediately after the first resurrection. Those who follow the doctrine of the first group are called Amillennialist, meaning no Millennial. The second group call themselves Post-Tribulational, Premillennialist, meaning the 1,000 years follows the tribulation period and the end of the first segment of the Kingdom. The Amillennialist group of necessity, must teach that a first resurrection occurs 1,000 years before the end of the Church and a full resurrection and the White Throne of Judgment at the end of it.

Their belief of necessity, must teach that the antichrist, tribulation, mark of the beast, and the killing of Saints must occur 1,000 years before the end of the Church. Another necessity, is that satan will be bound and this time period begins 1,000 years before the end of the Church. Is all of this true? Is this a valid interpretation of Scripture?

The Ministers promoting the Messianic Post-Trib doctrine of the Lord's second coming, believe amillennialism is false. It is our doctrine that the 1,000 year Reign of Messieh on the earth, follows immediately the first resurrection of the Saints. We believe the first resurrection of the Saints occurs AFTER THE TRIBULATION and before the Millennial. Otherwise, there are dead resurrected saints walking around here somewhere? For those killed for not taking the mark of the beast and worshiping his image, are said to be resurrected and live and reign with Messieh ON EARTH during the time period of the 1,000 years. The fact that they are not here, and have not been resurrected YET, proves the Amillennialist view is just as false as dispensationalism, and the theory of the Pre-Trib rapture.

The Messianic Brethren supporting the Messianic hope, believe the antichrist [issuing the mark of the beast], is still future. We believe the great tribulation is still future. We believe tribulation has been here with the Kingdom since Calvary, but the wrap-up will be a final tribulation by antichrist (antiMessieh).  We believe the mark of the beast is still future. We believe the great whore religion will set up a new Temple in Jerusalem and is still future. We believe the second coming of Messieh is still future. We believe the first resurrection is still future. We believe the chaining and sealing of satan for 1,000 years is still future. All of this would be false doctrine if amillennialism were true. Amillennialism is not Messianic doctrine, therefore, in simplicity, we support the literal interpretation of Revelation 20:1-6 and that it is still future.

We do not hold, that because the book of Revelation contains symbols and metaphors, that special rules of spiritual mysticism must be applied to every word, scripture, and event, to obtain the interpretation. To do so would err into a form of Philo and Josephus Babylonian gnosticism. The consequences would result in an enormous apostasy from the Faith [1Tim. 4:1]. We therefore believe and hold the Post-Tribulation coming of the Lord, the Premillennial doctrine of the Kingdom of God, and the literal Millennial Reign upon the earth.


Racism is contrary to the teachings of Jesus.  He sent his Apostles into all the world to preach the Gospel.  The purpose of this mission was to take people of all nations and bring them into the Kingdom of God by conversion.  No race of people were excluded from this missionary evangelism. 12 Jews were to go forth and convert Gentiles to New Covenant Judaism.  They were to teach them the doctrines of Messieh and all that they had been commanded.  These Jewish brethren did not look at skin color when they went forth.  They did look at the heathen and pagan religions that had them living freely in ungodly and sinful conducts.  These religions were preached as being evil.  It is not racism to preach that certain customs and societal behaviors, even religious conducts are unacceptable to God.  There is not a single reference in the New Testament that the Apostles intended for converts to continue to observe ethnic paganism or racism.

Since we believe the original Jews were not white, we get a picture of brown or black Apostles converting white people to a Jewish religion. The Greeks, being white people, did not reject the Gospel because some brown or black men were the ones who brought it to them.  Racism had no role in the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Therefore racism has no place in the New Testament Church nor in any congregation who claim to be Christian.  Paul tried to bring racism to its proper understanding when he said God had made of one blood all nations (Acts 17:26). Jewish racism against Gentiles because of a person's ancient bloodline is silly. White racism against those of black skin is stupid.  Black racism against whites shows someone has perverted Bible truth.  Any racism against any person is contrary to the work of God.  God loves all people in all nations and races.

This next statement will cause me to receive a lot of hate emails but I must say it:  there is no sin in biracial marriages.  Yes, you read correctly! There is no sin if a white man or woman marries a person of another race.  There is no sin if a brown or black man or woman marries a person of another race.  I have observed racism all my life when it comes to a couple where one is black and the other white.  I could not understand how a white man could marry any other nationality but to marry a girl who was black was looked upon as a disgrace or a sin.  I could not understand how a white girl could marry any other nationality but to marry a man who was brown or black was a disgrace.  These were contradictions I could not reconcile.  As I matured in the Gospel of the Messieh I realized that white racism and even Jewish racism were the two most horrible evils of our day.  If it was not for racism by Hitler, no Jewish person would have died in the death camps.  The Jews singled out for abuse and hate were done so based upon their race.  They were not rounded up because they had a funny religion or even because their religious views against Jesus and Gentile Christians were filled with hate.  Those who died were selected because of a racial identity of being Jewish.  Of course we now know that being Jewish is not really a race at all but a religious identity, but Hitler and his disciples made no distinction.  We should use this as a lesson when we go forth to preach the Gospel to every nation.  It is a sin to discriminate against any person because of their skin color or their racial ancestry.

While the JMF will take a bold stand on issues of New Testament doctrine and practice, we will not endorse racism.  

Join With Us

What is different about the message we endtime Messianic disciples are preaching? You have just read some of those differences. In addition, because we reject dispensationalism and Talmudic Zionism, we are preaching that the Israel of God, the Kingdom, will suffer violence, go through the tribulation, and will face the antichrist made up of Jews and Gentiles. We shall overcome by the blood of Messieh and our Messianic testimony in that day.  We may suffer, but we will be victorious until Messieh returns. We teach that the Jews DO NOT have another chance of salvation through revived Torah keeping. We believe the Saints will suffer persecution and wrath directed out of Jerusalem by a last ditch Jewish antichrist to take over the world and eradicate Jesus Messianism from the earth. We believe all the world that wonders after this beast [antichrist], will also persecute the Saints on a local and world-wide bases. We believe that this body of believers, the elect, WILL NOT suffer the wrath of God. We preach the Saints will be protected on earth during the wrath of God. We fully believe that all denominations will be forced to compromise with the new world order of antichrist religion out of Jerusalem, or be declared illegal.

We understand that now is the time for Messianic Saints and Ministers, regardless of affiliation, to witness and preach the true revelation of the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the world. We do not mean form another organization but a fellowship and network of believers who truly have been called for the endtime hour of the the last days.

Our purpose is to lift up Jesus Messieh and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations. If you are a Messianic believer, you are welcome among us without regard to race.  There should have been no racism before Calvary and there certainly is no racism after Calvary (Acts 17:26).  Any racism is man-made and not Biblical.  If you want to preach this Messianic Gospel of the Kingdom we will be happy to assist you in being ordained.  Our focus is the world-wide preaching of the true Gospel of the Kingdom to usher in the second coming of the King, to his millennial Kingdom.

Convert to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus today.