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Acts 4:12 Defines One Salvation Name

A study on the name JESUS the only name for Salvation

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Copyright, All Rights Reserved

"This hypothesis is not intrinsically improbable--and in Aramaic, a language closely related to Hebrew, "to be" actually is hawa--but it should be noted that in adopting it we admit that, using the name Hebrew in the historical sense, Yahweh is not a Hebrew name" (Ency. Brit. 1958 Ed. Vol 12. p. 996).

Today we can not know what the original vowels were, but Yahweh is as good as guess as we can make, though other spellings are often used" (Samuel A. Cartledge, A Conservative Introduction To The Old Testament, p. 51).

Yahweh is not a Hebrew name! Who will place their trust of eternal salvation in a guess name?  For the honest student, Aramaic is the language of Mystery Babylon and was adopted by the Jews when taken captive there around 587BC. Aramaic replaced ancient Paleo Hebrew and nearly all the existing manuscripts, including the Masoretic text and the Dead Sea Scrolls, are in the Babylonian Aramaic alphabet. THERE IS NO PROOF THAT ARAMAIC IS PRONOUNCED LIKE ANCIENT PALEO HEBREW, AND TO TAKE "HAWA" AN ARAMAIC FORM OF "TO BE" AND SUPERIMPOSE THIS UPON HYH (EHYEH) AS THE BASIS TO INVENT YHWH AND THEN FABRICATE THE GUESS NAME YAHWEH, ...IS LINGUISTIC FRAUD!

These four letters are Babylonian Aramaic . They are not sacred and they are not holy.  They are profane! Any meanings associated with the Babylonian Aramaic alphabet letters that have been adopted into Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) are a high form of witchcraft and sorcery of changing the Truth of God into a lie (Jeremiah 23:27; Romans 1:25).

The antichrist Concision (Law keepers, Noahides) who worship the tetragrammaton YHWH, hail the Aramaic alphabet letters of Mystery Babylon to be sacred and holy and the guess name Yahweh derived from them to be the sacred name of God. Modern antichrist Yahwist claim they have now translated Matthew and the other New Testament books from Aramaic or Syraic (same thing), are soothsayers and liars. There are no such original manuscripts. Any translations by these Yahwist are of the devil since they purposely interpolate YHWH (name of Baal) and even the guess name Yahweh into these fabrications.

Lets start off this examination with an old 1860 Bible Dictionary written by the honorable Sir. William Smith, English lexicographer.  The revised and censored Smith Bible Dictionary can still be purchased but what I am about to post has long been censored out of later editions.

Under the word "moon" we find this entry: --"Three names of the moon were used by the Hebrews: YAREAH, paleness; LEBONAH, white; and HODESH (renewing) new moon" (p 206). We focus our attention of the name "YAREAH" which is the same as YAHREAH and YAHWEH, the first "H" after the letter "a" being dropped in the English transliteration and also dropped from more modern Hebrew translations.  Strongs renders the word "moon" in Genesis 37:9 from the Hebrew as "YAREACH #3394".  This shows a clear attempt at corrupting a word to make it appear to be a different word and not lead a person to see a connection between YAHREAH the moon god and the guess name YAHWEH!   Anyone with a keen eye can see that YA-REAH and YAH-WEH are identical except for the slight "r" sound twisted into a "W"!  What do we have here?  We have a solid proof that the name of the ancient name of the moon god is the same name now said to be the true name of God.  YAHWEH and its tetragrammaton YHWH or YHVH is not the name of the true God but the name of the moon god!  The Jews have perverted the name of God and replaced it with the name of the moon god!

What is a Yahwist?  They are all moon god worshipers! A Yahweh believer is any person who believes YHWH (the tetragrammaton name of Baal) pronounced Yahweh, is the name of God.  Yahweh is a guess name and is NOT THE NAME OF THE TRUE GOD. Yahweh as it is spelled IS NOT A HEBREW NAME for God!   

Many Yahwist who blaspheme the name of Jesus have lied to gain access to this page. They have clicked the OK button confessing faith in and belief in the name of Jesus, then they have written me horrible hate-rant emails showing they lied to gain entry.  Not only are Yahwist master deceivers, they are all of them LIARS!  That is why I am so adamant against this new breed of Concision antichrist who are trying to deceive Jesus Name people and wreck Jesus name Churches.  Everyone who clicks OK to enter this page is required to confess faith in the name of Jesus for salvation to read this study.

My first presentation of a rebuttal against the Concision Yahwist in 1995 was academic but their hate rants (some threatened to kill me), made it important to treat these no longer as innocent deceived people but as apostates who have all intentions of blotting out the name of Jesus from the earth. I will treat these devils and their doctrine (1Timothy 4:1) whose mouths must be stopped, as instructed, and rebuke them before all (Titus 1:11-13). If a man or woman personally attack me I will deal with them separately accordingly depending if they can be saved. If they are already reprobates I will not spend time on firewood for hell. If you have been rebaptized in the name of Yahweh or Yahshua and had the name of Jesus washed off of you, then you are a lost idiot. You can never be saved again.  Your stupidity will cost you your soul. The only hope you may have, if there is any mercy, is to come out from that heresy, renounce it, be rebapized, and then begin to fight against that heresy.  If you draw back into the perdition of these ungodly men, there is no hope for your soul. You have no hope except to blaspheme the name of Jesus and go on to a devil's hell. If you have lied to get into this page, then you must confess again right here that you beleive in the name of Jesus as the ONLY saving name (Acts 4:12). If you do not, click the back button and get off this page.

This study attacks no man or woman and addresses only some of the issues. If you are a Yahwist (YHWH) and lied to read it, you will become angry at me but also you will have a spirit of judgment and fear come upon your soul revealing that you are damned.

This is not written to convert Yahwist, they are already damned who have recanted and denied the name of Jesus.  There is no salvation for them ONLY UTTER reprobation and continued delusions.  For those who have stood for Truth, who are subject to a good Apostolic Pastor, and who love the name of Jesus, this study is for you.

Is the name of Jesus a fraud?  Some claim that it is!

Is the name of Jesus just a made-up name someone configured and stuck on the Messiah?  Is the name of Jesus a Latin and English form of the Greek Zeus  (g-zeus)?  Is the name of Jesus derived from the name of a fish named Zeus?  Does the name of Jesus mean "pig God?"  If a person prays in the name of Jesus are they praying to a pig?  Is the true Jewish name of Jesus pronounced Yahshua?  Yahwist say yes to all these and have invented these hate rants against the name of Jesus.  The TRUE answer to all these questions is NO!  

Yahwist have been blaspheming the name of Jesus now since around 1567 when Genebrardus invented the guess name "Iahve, Jahve" (Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p. 79 seq).  How did Genebrardus invent this new guess name?  Actually he borrowed from Clement of Alexandria (a Platoist Gnostic early Catholic) the Greek spelling IAOVE (Zeus), which is universally known as JOVE (Roman Jupiter), and converted JAOVE to YAOVE adding the H and dropping the O, hence YAHVE!  Yahve then is none other than Zeus or Jupiter!

For acceptance of his new invention and to support his new guess name, he went to the Samaritians (enemies of God and Israel) and borrowed IABE from their Bible.  This he converted to YABE and finally converting the B to a V he arrived at YAVE, adding the H, since this letter is silent he fabricated YAHVE.  He felt secure Yah was correct since this appeared in Psalms 68:4 as Iah. He was unaware that Iah was a pregnant pagan Egyptian falsehood replacing the original Ieh (Yeh or Jeh) as first given by Moses and incorporated in the new name he gave to Oshea.  It was after the death of Genebrardus that other Yahwist dropped the letter V and a double U (UU) or as now a W was added forming YAHWEH.  This hybrid rival name was proposed as the name of God, claiming that Iehovah or Jehovah as found in the Masoretic text was false.  Those who have adopted this Gnostic-Greek-Samaritian YAHVE guess name, claim the name of Jesus is the name of a pig God and blaspheme the worthy name of our Messiah.

I make no apology, the tetragrammaton is a FRAUD! The guess name Yahweh is a Samaritan hoax developed modernly by Genebrardus! The fabricated name Yahshua is a falsehood! I will stand against all Jews and Gentiles, scholars and idiots, who claim otherwise.  I am set in defense of the name of Jesus Messiah (Christ). The guess name YAHWEH is a modern FRAUD!  It is NOT THE HEBREW NAME OF GOD!  It is the name of a demon at least and the name of a false god at most. The fabricated name YAHSHUA is a FRAUD!  This fraud is not found in any ancient manuscript of any language.  Talk about a made-up name glued to the Messiah, this is the guilty name!  

If you deny the name of Jesus, recant that glorious name, then be afraid for your soul will be damned! Most that I have witnessed who have gone into this apostasy have the characteristic of being stubborn and rebellious people.  Most have a history of being disloyal to several Pastors.  All of them have been trouble makers and have refused to be subject to authority placed in the ministry of a true Man of God (Hebrews 13:17).  These roving, church-hopping, disgruntled reprobates, always in some false doctrine, are easy candidates for this heresy.  They are those the Scriptures say:  DECEIVING AND BEING DECEIVED! This study on the Sacred Name of God is to give glory to the name of Jesus.  It is to give the Apostolic Messianic people a view into the truths of God that will attest to the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue shall confess.

It is time for all Jesus Name Believers, Pastors, Churches, and Organizations, to stand forth and lift up the name of Jesus.  It is time for Apostolic writers to begin exposing the falsehood of the tetragrammaton and all guess names associated with it.

A look at the Alphabets

In the chart on the left, we compare the main branches of the early Greek character compared with the North Semitic alphabet and the classic Greek.  1=North Semitic alphabet (Paleo-Hebrew); 2=Earliest Greek character (9th-6th centuries BC; 4-5 Eastern branch (4. Ionic; 5. Attic); 7=Western branch; 9=Classic Greek; 10=Names of the letters (those in parentheses; names of letters now discarded in classic Greek.  

Notice that in Paleo-Hebrew and Greek that they both agree as to order of the alphabet, they both have basically the same appearance with little difference; they both have the same basic pronunciation of the letters, and both Paleo-Hebrew and Greek are in the same family of some older ancient language from which they descend.  To translate Paleo-Hebrew then into Greek is not to miss very much in the way of pronunciation and or meaning associated with word forms.  Also we can see that the ancient Paleo-Hebrew did have vowel useage.  A common lie by scholars is the ancient Hebew did not have vowels and then they show us the Aramaic alphabet! Notice in the coin below the vowels "e and u" are used!  

Paleo-Hebrew and Greek are in fact nearly the same language and tongue.  Historically the Greek speakers who came among those we call Greek, brought a new tongue replacing the older tongue.  This is believed by many philologist to have occured around 1450BC, the same time the Hebrews departed from Egypt.  What if any connection is unknown except that the Hyskos and the Philistines may have been the same people and these may in turn have become Cretians and then also later Greeks.  It is a fact if we read the Old Testament carefully, that the Jews and the Philistines spoke the same language.  We would then expect them to have the same alphabet.

Some think we have lost ancient Paleo-Hebrew completely but the truth is we may have it nearly exactly in the Greek tongue. This may answer why it pleased our God to have so many New Testament books written in Greek, since the Babylonian Aramaic was not Hebrew.  The point here, is that Yahwist make a big case for pronunciation of the name of Jesus and the name of God in Hebrew which they mean Aramaic, and these ridicule Greek as a pagan and profane tongue. This chart shows these are liars and deceivers. The next chart below shows how vowels were in the ancient text but removed in the Masoretic and Aramaic text.  The perversion of removing the vowels and then claiming that the ancient Paleo-Hebrew had no vowels is a great falsehood.

Tarot-w-YHWHI will be straight forward here.  The four lettered tetragrammatons YHWH or YHVH or any other four letters such as (IHVH or JHWH), are found deeply connected with sorcery and witchcraft.  To the left is a card from the witchcraft deck of tarot.  The four letters of the tetragrammaton are spaced between each letter spelling tarot. Read the letters clockwise you have tarot. Read them backward and you find "Tora" an abbreviation of "Torah." Those who believe in the four letter tetragrammaton believe that all the Law of God may be found reduced to the four letters YHWH.  In a link below what the Yahweh's believe, this will be dislcosed. The four lettered tetragrammaton is "NOT" God's sacred name and all of God's truth and laws are "NOT" found in the letters YHWH.  I deem the tetragrammaton YHWH to be profane, and having come from a satanic source, was grafted into Judaism by witchcraft priest and mystic Babylonian Kabbalist!

Here is proof that the Yahweh's believe in witchcraft and use the witchcraft deck of Tarot in teaching the tetragrammaton and that the name of Yahweh is valid.

And, look to the left at the card. Who is that red figure upon whom the whole revolving system of Tarot, Tora, YHWH, and knowledge rest or sabbaths, but the ole devil himself. Opposite the red devil is his other form of the serpent, the form and figure through which he deceives the world. The Egyptian witch of mysticism sits upon the circle as the revealer and protector (sword) of the mystic name of Yah.  

My claims and statements are against many scholars and sacred high chairs of learning, which I have found to be the blind leaders of the blind.  To long the herd instinct has taken over the Christian mind and many no longer "prove" anything if it comes to them from some supposed learned scholar.  Many of these alleged scholars are members of secret orders and mystic cult organizations, trying to peddle their paganized heresies by infusing them into the theologies and doctrines of the Church.

The tegragrammaton YHWH NEVER appeared in the original autograph book of the Law at any time. These letters were forged and placed in the scrolls centuries later by Babylonian occult scribes who intended that ADONAI, Ehyeh, and Yeh, should be replaced by those four letters and the mystic pronunciation of them.  These scribes of hell then perverted the scripture to make their secret occult name an ineffable name among those not initiated into the cult. There is absolutely NO PROOF that the tetragrammation was ever in the text of Scriptures prior to the Babylonian captivity and up to the the time of Malachi.  And when we find it supposedly there, as in the dead sea scrolls we discover that it is there hundreds of years later by fraud.  We will examine one such case later.  

EHYEH The True Name God Revealed To Moses

What is the true sacred name of God?  How does it apply or fit into the name of Jesus?  We will look first for the answer in the famous account of the burning bush in Exodus 3:13-14.

"At the burning bush Moses says to God: "When I come to the Israelites and say to them, the God of your fathers has sent me to you, and they ask me, What is His Name?; what shall I say to them?" God answered: "Ehyeh-asher-ehyeh." Thus you shall say to the Israelites, "Ehyeh sent me to you." The three-word name God gives Himself is not easy to translate. The most precise rendering is 'I shall be what I shall be', although it sometimes is translated as 'I am that I am'. The 1962 Jewish Publication Society translation of the Torah despaired of coming up with an accurate rendition, and just left the words in their Hebrew original" (Jewish Literacy, pp. 47-48).

Here is the transliterated version Exodus 3:14 from the Hebrew Bible:

V'yomer Eloyim el-Mosheh eh'yeh asher eh'yeh v'yomer ko tomar livneh Yisrael eh'yeh sh'lachni alechem.

Here is the way it should read in all English Bibles:

"(13). And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say unto me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?
(14). And God said unto Moses,
EHYEH asher EHYEH: and He said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, EHYEH hath sent me unto you"

What name was Moses to use?  It was the sacred name "EHYEH."

"Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, EHYEH hath sent me unto you."

Anyone, Jew or Gentile, who claims that the sacred name given to Moses at the burning bush was YHWH, Yahawah, Yahwah, Yahweh, Yihwah, Yahshua, or any other "Yah" name are liars! Anyone who says that Moses went down and said "I AM" sent me are also liars!  

The Egyptian word for I AM is "nuk."  If Moses went back and told them I AM sent me he would have said "Nuk" sent me.  "Nuk" then would have been a name for God.  Something not found in your Bible anywhere.

The letters "I AM" do not form a name. I AM was placed in the text and EHYEH removed. In fact, EHYEH has been removed from the text in hundreds if not thousand's of places. I AM is the "perfect present tense" of the name EHYEH.  Since when do we replace someone's name with the "tense" of their name when used as a verb?

Many claim that EHYEH and its replacement I AM should be interpreted in a future tense as: "I will be that I will be (J. H. Hertz, The Pentateuch And Haftorahs, p 215); I will be what tomorrow demands (W. Gunther Plaut, The Haftartah Commentary, p. 405); I will be what I want to be (S.R. Hirsh from Plaut, p. 405).

All efforts to make EHYEH mean: "I will be," "He will be," "He who causes to be" or "He shall cause it to come to pass," are all future tense which does not exist in the Hebrew language (see Robert Young's Bible Lexicon, p. 38; Hastings Dictionary of the Bible, Extra Volume, p. 626; and Canon S.R. Driver, Westminister Commentary, Genesis, p. 408).

The point is, that the name EHYEH should have remained in the text and not replace it with I AM to designate the tense or meaing of that sacred name.

Ancient Paleo-Hebrew is not a sacred or holy language.

The claim that ancient Hebrew is a sacred and holy language is false.  Every doctrine built upon that false premise is false.  The idea or claim that a name for God spoken in Hebrew makes that name holy because it was spoken in Hebrew is false.  Anyone who claims then that God's name(s) must be spoken in Hebrew for it/them to be acceptable, is making a false statement.

The objection that the Israelites did not speak Egyptian but the sacred language of Paleo-Hebrew is not true.  Paleo-Hebrew is a homogenized language consisting of several other language phonetics and meanings. The Israelites did not adopt the Paleo-Phoenician language until many centuries after leaving Egypt, sometime between 1100-900BC.  

Before there was a written language, words and names were usually monosyllable. By adding one monosyllable to another compound word forms were created.  Transferring these ideas and word sounds into a written form was the beginning of a pictorial writing system.  These glyphs or images whether they were the wedge type strokes found in the cunniform style or the figures found in the Egyptian language, stood for pronunciation of word forms. As this relates to the sacred names of God, there is absolutly no way with perfect certainty, that we can say how God's names were anciently pronounced. At the dispersion of the nations at the tower of Babel, and the instant creation by God of multiple languages, there had to come into existence at the same time different words to describe the same God.  The idea that there exist one single pronunciation for the name(s) of God is just absolutely false.  The idea that the name(s) of God must be spoken in the Paleo-Hebrew or in the Babylonian Aramaic tongue, for it (or them) to be holy and sacred is also false.  

The original language of Adam was different than the Ugaritic language of Abraham. The Ugaritic language of Abraham was different than the Egyptian language of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt. The Phoenician language adopted by the Israelites 600 years after they came into the promised land is not the language of Adam, Abraham, or that of Moses.  And finally, although there is a great affinity of Paleo-Hebrew to Aramaic, these are different languages.  

God spoke in each language and in each one described himself by names and titles. We have no proof or evidence that God insisted upon one continious pronounciation for his names or titles and these names and titles were the same in all languages.  If the evidence of such a fact of proof is missing, how can any man claim something to which God gave or left no testimony?  Either the claim is false on the face of the assertion, or it is false because a claim so important if it were true, would have an abundance of testimony, and none exist!

At the tower of Babel, nine men could point toward heaven at the same time.  One would utter "El"; another would utter "Neter"; another would utter "Theos"; another would utter "Deus"; another would say "Adonai"; another would say "Neb"; another would say "Moryo"; another would say "Kurios"; and yet another say "Dominus."  All were speaking of the same being, ...the same God, the same LORD.  It is when these names and titles are stolen by the profane and used to designate their gods that these carry a stigma of rebuke and shame.

In the chart below, it can be seen that many Phoenician words descend from both Egyptian and Proto-Canaanite.  Hebrew as a separate sacred language back to Adam is a myth.  The entire Kabbalistic scheme of mysticism based upon Hebrew letters and associated gematria is a clever fraud. Hebrew as a language spoken by the Israelites in Egypt is a myth. Hebrew is not a "pure" language that came from God to the Jews.  Ancient Paleo-Hebrew is nothing but the Phoenician language with roots of Egyptian, Ugaritic, and Proto-Canaanite words and phonetics.  

You will learn shortly that "Yah" was an Egyptian moon god.  Why would God tell Moses to tell the Israelites the moon god sent him?  God did not give or speak the tetragrammaton at the burning bush. Anyone who claims that the sacred name is "YHVH" or "YHWH" in this text and then make this into "Yahweh," "Yahuweh," "Yahshua," or "Jehovah" are liars.  They may be educated liars, ignorant liars, or stupid liars, but still liars.  I am making this bold and straight-forward statement because the Yahwist and their lying demonic false prophets have purposely perverted the Word of God to insert their guess names for the purpose of later recanting and denying that the name of "Jesus" is a valid and correct name in the English language of the Saviour.  If you love and believe in the name of Jesus you will not find my remarks offensive, but if you deny the name of Jesus and you are reading this, you are a liar anyway for clicking ok to come here where you are not welcome.  The information on this page is for those who love the name of Jesus.  If you are reading this and you lied to get in here, then take a warning.  What you are about to read as you sit there a confessed liar will show you, you have damned your soul.  You cannot be saved.  It would be better for you to click and get out of here.

What is the sacred name revealed to Moses at the burning bush?  It is EHYEH!  And what name was Moses supposed to pronounce when he told the Israelites the name of the God who sent him was EHYEH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?  And what is then God's memorial name of deliverance from Egyptian bondage?  It is EHYEH!

(15). And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, The Lord (Adonai) God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this (or "EHYEH") is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations. (KJV EXO 3:13-15 with Hebrew emphasis).

God himself spoke three name-words to describe himself:  God or Elohim; Lord God or ADONAI Elohim, and Ehyeh. God NEVER gave to Moses the tetragrammaton here or anywhere else in the Bible.

Any effort to change the word ADONAI/LORD in this text to "YHVH or YHWH" and then insert either "Yahweh, Yahshua, or Jehovah" is false.  You are a pervert if you do it and you will go to hell for adding unto the word of God:

"Ye shall not add unto the word which I commanded you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of ADONAI your Elohim (the LORD your God) which I commanded you" (Deut. 4:2).

The words "LORD GOD" here in their original Hebrew is "ADONAI Elohim."  This "Adonai Elohim" was the name or titles by which God was address prior to Moses.  Any effort to corrupt "Adonai" and make it into the tetragrammaton YHVH or YHWH is false.  It is done falsely so that they may deny that the name EHYEH which God sent Moses down into Egypt with, is altered into "YAHWEH, YAHSHUA, or JEHOVAH."  This is a sin and a grevious distortion of the Word of God!  ADONAI in all caps signifies God as LORD and in the translation LORD is all CAPS because ADONAI was all CAPS for distinction! When a person calls God LORD or ADONAI they are saying: 1.) There is none greater; 2.) There is no greater Sovereign; 3.) He alone has power over the supplicant; 4.) and the person is confessing full and total obedience and honor!  To take ADONAI and translate this as LORD and then pervert LORD into YHWH and then into the guess name Yahweh, is falsehood!

What did God call himself at the burning bush?  He said "EHYEH asher EHYEH."  This is said to mean "I AM that I AM.  Why?  Because in the Hebrew there is to future tense there is only past and present.  To make EHYEH asher EHYEH to mean "I will be what I will be" is a futuristic statement and is false.  We do not know what EHYEH asher EHYEH means other than how it is incorporated into the name of Jesus.  And in that name it means "God is salvation or God has become salvation" (both present tense).

If you are a believer in the fraud interpolated into the text above that the name of God is YHVH or YHWH and make these to mean "Yahweh, Yahshua, or Jehovah" then read no further.  You are unworthy of what follows.  If you have already recanted the name of Jesus and claim it comes from Zeus and or Latin and means pig-god, THEN GET OFF THIS PAGE. GET OUT OF HERE!  YOU ARE NOT WANTED!  REPROBATES ARE NOT MINISTERED TO HERE!  I say this because Yahweh blasphemers have sent me all sorts of hateful, degrading, and blasphemous emails. I have had to revise this study to rebuke these reprobate gainsayers.  And I do not feel the slight bit of remorse in rebuking them!

For those who love the name of Jesus Christ you may continue this study. The sacred name given to Moses at the burning bush was EHYEH asher EHYEH.  Read now and be blessed.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh


The name "Moses" strikes us as the identity of one of the greatest men in ancient monotheistic history.  His name is known by little children in the story of the mother and father who hid their little son to keep the wicked Pharoah from having him aborted, ...killed at birth.  They hid him in the flags (bulrushes).  Now the name flags is another name for papyrus pap-yrus (pap-irus) with the "us" having some connection with that which grows in water.

As can be seen to the left, the Egyptian word for water is "mu." And when the daughter of Pharoah took Moses out of the water she called him in the Egyptian language "MOUSES" or as later Grecianized "Moseus" and finally as "Moses." We are told by ancient authorities that the name Moses  means just as I have described with "Mo" meaning "water" and "Uses" meaning he who is saved by water. Moseus is more accurately Museus when we convert the Mo back to Mu.  If we drop the "M" and replace this with a "J" we would have Juseus and this is remarkable since Moses prophecied that another would come like unto him and he the people were to follow or be destroyed. We can see that "Mo" is accurately taken from the Egyptian "mu" and we shall make all the authorities who claim expertise in ancient linguistics to deny that "uses" is the correct ancient articulation of "ses or sus." I will here quote one of the recognized ancient authorities on the antiquity of the Jews:

"Hereupon it was that Thermuthis (Pharoah's daughter) imposed this name Mouses upon him, from what had happened when he was put into the river; for the Egyptians call water by the name of Mo, and such as are saved out of it, by the name of Uses: so by putting these two words together, they imposed this name upon him. And he was, by the confession of all, according to God's prediction, as well for his greatness of mind as for his contempt of difficulties, the best of all the Hebrews, for Abraham was his ancestor of the seventh generation" (Josephus, Antiquities, Book II, Chapter 9, Paragraph 6).

It it obvious to any person of rational mind that we have here a great testimony to the name of Jesus that it did not derive from the name of any pagan god but its parts and its meaning come from a far ancient antiquity. When it is properly understood that "Je" is the abbreviation of "YEH" or "JEH" the sacred name of God at the burning bush, and that "Uses or Usus" (these are the same), we have in the name of Jesus a very powerful new identity as the "GOD WHO SAVES BY WATER."  So the name of Jesus in a shortened meaning would be simply Saviour!  In the very name of Jesus we have the authority of our New Testament water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38).

When any apostate comes saying they have proof that the name of Jesus comes from Zeus or Iesa or some other false god or goddess, they are spreading lies and hate against the name of our Great Saviour.  These apostates who have recanted the name of Jesus claiming it is a false name must repent and do their first works over or perish.  And if they refuse to repent, then they will be damned!  Any apostate who has called the name of Jesus the "pig god" name and or has confessed or taught that it comes from the Latin word for pig, is damned!  If you deny the name of Jesus you will be denied in heaven.  The name of Moses in its ancient antiquity is so connected to the name of Jesus that anyone who can receive the revelation will now know why Moses added "Yeh" or "Jeh" to the name of Oshea and thus signify that when the Messiah came he would be the one who God would raise up and to him would the people gather.  It would not be Mouses who would save them this time but Jehuses (Jesus-pronounced the same). And whosoever received not this prophet would be destroyed from among the people (Acts 3:22-23).  It is not enough that you receive the person of the Saviour, YOU MUST BELIEVE UPON AND RECEIVE HIS NAME!  And that name is "Jesus!" If you know not the revelation of that name YOU CANNOT BELIEVE UPON IT!  If you BELIEVE UPON IT and do not know the revelation of it, you can still be saved!

Iah or Yah

Yah is not the name of God I do not care if it is in Psalms 68:4 as Jah.  David did not write Chapter 68.  It was written many years after David and perhaps after the return from the exile.  Verse 29 speaks of the Temple, something not built until after David's death.

In Psalms 68:4, Jah is said to "ride upon the heavens." This language is spoke after the manner of the moon and the sun which are said to ride across the heavens in their daily circuit.  We are unsure how this corruption came into the Word of God but it is not verified in any other text of Scripture.  This text is not a revelation text. If the name is to be authentic then it MUST be corrected to "JEH" as Moses fixed this very name to Oshea in Numbers 13:16. In no manner of form can "Jah" be a correct name form.  All the ridiculous modifications using second and third person plural corruptions cannot be used to validate this error.  God, whose name is "JEH" when fixed to the name of Oshea can never be made into the Egyptian moon god whose name was "Iah or Yah" which many Yahwist claim is the correct rendering of "Jah."

There are other false words put into the Bible to deceive and to substitute truth with falsehood.  Even the name of Moses is different than that which it was in the original.  Modern forms of the name of Moses further detach and remove it from any connection or identity with its ancient pronunciation. The pagan name of "Yah" is the Egyptian moon god and all the Jewish scribes and Law-keeping reprobates will never overcome that fact.  

While many think the name "Iah or Yah" is a sacred name for the true God, the history of it goes back to Egypt. It is not the name of God and it is not an abbreviation of the alleged name Yahweh.  We will provide more on this in the links below:

"Yah" is the Egyptian moon god and "Shu(a)" is the Egyptian sky god:

Yah is also the goat god with whom also is associated the moon. There is now available a great amount of information on Yah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahshua, and many other false names being used for God and Jesus.  Do not be deceived by the modern law-keepers and sacred-name Hebrew-roots movements that are full of heresy and who deny the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Yah" is the Egyptian name of Toth as the moon god. And "Shu" is the Egyptian sky god of the heavens. Scroll down the link above until you come to the subject title "The Lunar God." There you will find the name of the moon god as "Iah" which is the same as "Yah."  When you glue Yah & Shu together to form "Yahshua" you have an Egyptian moon god as the sky or heaven god. I am shocked and amazed that such names are given to Jesus Messiah without regard to a shred of research. The name of Jesus is not "Yahshu or Yahshua" and I condemn all who use it for the Saviour! 


The sacred name "Ehyeh" (pronounced i-jeh, ieh, or as in the KJV iah or "i-ah") is the first person singular name of God.  It is to be specifically understood that the letters "iah" that are attached to names in the Old Testament is an INCORRECT articulation of the sacred name EHYEH, EH=i and YEH=ah to form "iah." The letters "iah" do not stand alone as the letters of a different pronunciation for a different name like "Yah." Ehyeh is not contracted to form "Yah" therefore "iah" as the articulation of EHYEH is correct.  Rather then putting false phonetics to EHYEH as "iah" the translators and scholars should have retained "ieh" or "Jeh" corrrectly from EHYEH! 

Ehyeh is the first person singular ancient name of God first revealed to Moses at the burning bush.  Prior to that time this name was not known or revealed (Exodus 6:3 where the tetragrammaton and "Jehovah" are interpolated incorrectly).  

The three names by which God was known before this sacred name was revealed were "Elohim (God), Adonai (LORD), and Elshaddai (God Almighty). The Supreme being is called God, LORD God, and Elshaddai or Almighty God. At the burning bush a new covenant name was revealed. That name is EHYEH! Ehyeh is translated for its meaning "I AM that I AM" rather than the true name being in translations.  Then I AM that I AM is further interpreted to mean "self existent, or the eternal one." Lying Yahwist remove I AM that I AM and interpolate  the tetragrammatons "YHVH or YHWH" and make this into "Yahweh, Yahuweh, Yahshua, and Jehovah". They totally ignore the sacred name of "HYH" or "Ehyeh" with its proper vowels, because the true sacred name of God plays no role in the fraud and confusion they will afterward bring upon the name of God.

"And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty (Elshaddai), but by my name EHYEH I was not known unto them" (BJV EXO 6:3).

Some claim this scripture is a question and God was telling Moses that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew Him as EHYEH!  Some claim that EHYEH here should be changed to YHWH or JHVH and that this means Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew and pronounced the names "Yahweh or Jehovah."  This is false!  Why would God say he appeared to them as Elshaddai if he had appeared to them as Yahweh or Jehovah?  God said he appeared as Elshaddi and said he WAS NOT KNOWN by the name Moses had just received. This text is not a question.  It is a declarative statement attesting that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had not known God by the new name Moses had just received.

Now some claim that the sacred name of "EHYEH" or in the Yahwist cases "Yahweh" or some other guess name like Jehovah, was known by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  This begs the question then why God said he appeared unto them by the name of God Almighty (Elshaddai in Hebrew)?  Why did God not skip this "God Almighty" name of ELSHADDAI stuff and just say he was known to them by the name of Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahshua, or some one of the other guess names?  He did not because he had not revealed his new Covenant sacred name to them.  Why did he say he appeared unto them by the name of Elshaddai if he had in fact already revealed the alleged names "Yahweh, Jehovah, or Yahshua" unto them?  He did not because prior to the burning bush the sacred name of "Ehyeh" had NOT BEEN REVEALED to Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. And, no one knew him as Jehovah, Yahweh, or Yahshua. In fact the sacred name "Ehyeh" was not known by anyone all the way back to Adam.

I know right well of the claim by Yahwist of the interpolation of the word "ADONAI/LORD" into the text beginning in Genesis 2 and afterward, that some claim was placed in the scripture to remove YHWH. They claim YHWH was in the original text and have subsequently removed ADONAI/LORD and inserted Yahweh in an attempt to correct the the alleged interpolations. Then, with the YHWH interpolated in the place of ADONAI/LORD they turn and use these alleged corrected evidences in an attempt to prove that Moses DID NOT receive the sacred name EHYEH in Exodus 3:14 for the first time. They go back to Genesis 2 and claim it was known there.  Such interpolations and subsequent manipulations are fraud and fraud compounded.  The fact is that Abraham called God "my Lord" or "my Adonai" (Strongs #113 & #136).  If the word "Lord" appears in the sacred text prior to the encounter of Moses with God at the burning bush and the revelation of Ehyeh as the progressive revelation of his name, then "Lord" should be translated from "Adonai" and its rood "Adown" and NOT removed. "LORD" (in all caps), placed in the text where Adonai existed and later replaced by the tetragrammaton and at last corrected by the Yahwist to insert "Yahweh" is a FRAUD!  


Some are making a lot of false statements that the Old Testament "LORD" is a pagan name that comes from BAAL because "Baal" also has the usurped meaning of being "master or lord".  Let's not be to eager to make accusations and tend to be a little stupid here.  When Nimrod usurped for himself a throne and began a kingdom line disconnected to the true genealogical line from Adam to Jesus Messiah, he by nature usurped the titles "master and lord" as a god manifest (Nimrod Ephipanes).  Sarah called Abraham "lord" but she did not mean by it that he was a God, nor did Abraham usurp to himself some theory he was a God. The theft by Nimrod of the titles used by the Patriarchs in honor and worship of God does not give Nimrod exclusive rights to these identities.  He stole them from God and made himself a god.  Do we say that the word "Elohim" is a pagan name because it is used inappropriately by pagans and attributed to idols, angels, and men, etc.?  No we do not.  So, ok, lay off the accusations and let's deal in facts and honor to our God.  

The names of many men ended or began with "baal (ba-al)" to signify "lord" in the sense of "master and owner and even king" (Strongs #1167 see also Genesis 36:38 for an example).  If these titles were not used to usurp away from God his worship, and if they are not used to usurp for a person some idea he was a god, then the use of the titles are not evil or criminal.  God certainly made no protest through the prophets for use of these titles in a correct manner.  In the Hebrew Scriptures the true God of Israel is identified as Israel's ba-al!  In Isaiah 54:5, the prophet declares: "For your Maker is your husband (Hebrew, ba-al) the LORD of hosts is His name."  Also in Jeremiah 31:32 we find: "I was a husband (Hebrew ba-al) to them, says the LORD."

In Genesis 20:3 Abraham is called "ba-al"; in Exo 21:22 husband is called "ba-al"; in Exo 21:29 an owner of an ox is called a "ba-al"; in Exo 22:8 a master of a house is called "ba-al";  in Lev 21:4 a chief man is called "ba-al"; in Judges 9:2,3,6,7,18,20,23,24,25,26,46,47, the men of Shechem are all called "ba-al"; in 1Sam 23:2 David calls the men of Keilah "ba-al"; in Esther 1:17 husbands are called "ba-al"; in Proverbs 1:19 owners are called "ba-al"; in Isaiah 16:8 Lords of the heathen are called "ba-al"; in Jer 3:20 husband is called "ba-al"; in Jer 37:13 captain is the word "ba-al";  and in Joel 1:8 husband is called "ba-al".  All these instances illustrate that different men in different times understood the word "ba-al" not to have a pagan or idolatrous meaning.  It is when this word is applied to a pagan god and the pagan god replaces the true God and the word Baal is used to identify a false god as God that the word becomes misused.

The sacred-name sects and cults not only want to destroy and blot out the name of Jesus from the earth, they also claim that the word "God" is pagan and the words "Lord or Adonai" are also pagan.  Some of these cult groups also reject "Elohim" as the name of a pagan god and substitute instead of God, "mighty one."  This of course offers no escape because such was also used for pagan gods.

God himself spoke to the Prophets and claimed he was God, Elohim, and Adonai.  If God has no problem using these titles for himself, why should we follow some sacred-name cult leader who now wants to correct not only the Word of God which he is not qualified to do, but he is going to CORRECT GOD HIMSELF!

It is when man elevates himself up to a god or uses the titles attributed to God for idols, and uses these titles to deceive others, that he has committed the sins of the devil.  So, when the Jews attributed to Nimrod the title of Baal as a god and gave the same qualities they attributed to God to Nimrod, this was wrong and sin.  To say that the title LORD is an exclusive name for only Baal, is error.  To say LORD is a replacement of the tetragrammaton is also error.  Abraham called God "ADONAI" (LORD) in Genesis 18:3 and then knew God only as Elshaddai (ADONAI Elshaddai; Lord God Almighty; found four times in the book of Revelation).  LORD in all capitals signifies only honor to God and the most high God who is LORD!  LORD in nearly all the 5,000 places where it is found is ADONAI and it other places it is the substitute for the sacred name EHYEH!  It is wrong and a sin to lead the unlearned to blaspheme against the name of Jesus by giving them false information.  We are not to give or attribute the glorious titles of God to idols.  I would lay the charge against the Yahwist that they have done just that.  They have given names and titles of the true God over to the pagans to be used by the pagans exclusively for their pagan gods and idols.  They now want to say in a twisted way that the name Jesus is really Zeus therefore the name of Zeus is really Jesus.  This is a blasphemous falsehood. They then dare anyone to attribute to the true God what they have given to the pagans.  

The Jews removed the name of Nimrod from the text of the scrolls and left remaining only his usurped title as "lord" and translated this as "Baal."  They are so dumb, to have left the names of the other two of that Babylonian trinity, namely "Ashtoreth and Tammuz."  It is no great thing then to reconstruct that "Baal" is Nimrod, the husband-god of Ashtoreth and the alleged father of the god Tammuz (the first trinity).  Why is it that so many want to correct errors in text and this one slips by all the translators and the pundits?  That some Jews did attribute God's titles to idols does not mean we are forbidden to use these titles correctly in worship of the true God.  God is LORD because he said the heavens and the earth are his (EXO 9:29; PSA 24:1; 1COR 10:26).


Some make the claim that the word "LORD" is also a Greek word and is foreign to the Hebrew language.  This is false.  The fact is that the word "LORD" is a Hebrew word and comes from the Hebrew word "ADOWN" (Strongs #113 & 136 a king or sovereign) from which comes "ADONAI" which is a Hebrew word translated into the Septuagint Greek version of the Old Testament became "Kurios" and both are CORRECTLY translated "LORD" and this refers to kingship or sovereignty. It was Jews in 280BC, 307 years before the day of Pentecost, who translated the name ADONAI into Greek as Kurios.  The Apostles did not do this!  They used the same translation of words that were used 307years before them. When Jesus quoted the Septuagint he did not say "Yahweh or Jehovah" in the text were the word "Kurios or in English Lord" is now used. In saying the word LORD is a correct translation of the Greek Kurios, we are saying that the word "LORD" is a substitute name of God replacing ADONAI.  It is not correct to substitute ADONAI or LORD with the interpolated YHWH or JHVH which is done in every Yahwist Bible ever fabricated.  The name ADONAI when used of God is a name.  When used of man it is a title like Father. In may hundreds of places it is a substitute word REPLACING the ancient sacred name EHYEH which the Jews at once time considered to be the ineffable and unutterable name of God.  But they replaced this SACRED NAME with a substitute.  They capitalized LORD from "ADONAI" to designate the one true God from other gods who were called lord.  We do know that every time they came to the HYH "Ehyeh" they would pronounce ADONAI.  This was not just a habit or a fill-in to keep from saying some other secret hidden name.  For the record: The holy name LORD is ADONAI in Hebrew; the holy name ADONAI is MORYO in Aramaic; the holy name ADONAI is Kurios in Greek; the holy name ADONAI is DOMINUS in Latin; and the holy name ADONAI is LORD in English (A Remarkable Biblical Discovery, William P. Hall, p34).  Now if Jesus spoke Aramaic did he say MORYO when he meant ADONAI or LORD?  If he spoke Greek did he say KURIOS to mean LORD?  Or did he say ADONAI in the original Hebrew when he meant LORD?

He who was ELOHIM (GOD), ADONAI (LORD), ELSHADAI (GOD ALMIGHTY), MORYO, DOMINUS, KURIOS, was "EHYEH" (I-JEH).  EHYEH is no other than God and adding "the articulation "IAH" or "iah" anciently known to be pronounced as "I-JEH" and incorporated into personal names, can NEVER be perverted into YAH, YAHWEH, JEHOVAH, or YAHSHUA without absolute fraud upon the Word of God.  All these so-called "sacred name bibles" are pure fraud, junk, and incorporating pagan god names into the true Sacred Text!  Here is a historical fact that is undeniable: of the thirty-seven (37) quotations made by Jesus of the Old Testament text, thirty (30) are almost verbatim from the Greek Septuagint (LXX) and they do not agree with many, many words from the Masoretic text of the eighth century!  This forces us to examine if Jesus spoke Greek as well as Aramaic as well as ancient Hebrew.  And if the Apostles can be counted to have transferred to us the actual words of Jesus would they have used different words and names than he used?  If Jesus used ADONAI or KURIOS, or THEOS, or MORYO, for the English LORD, would we not expect the Apostles to place this as well in their written text?  It is only in later post-apostolic translations that there is an attempt to interoplate the tetragrammation and other substitutes into these texts.  Many point the finger at Origen and his Hexpla as the place where this perversion took place!  

We do not know accurately where all the places might have been where EHYEH once existed in the original Hebrew Scriptures.  The sacred name of "HYH" was taken out of the text and Adown and LORD inserted in its place to keep from pronouncing it.  It was the sacred name EHYEH that was the target of Leviticus 24:11,16---"An Israelitish woman's son blasphemed the name of the LORD, and cursed;"  ..."And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death."  It is apparent that the name of God here was one other than LORD, and LORD was used as a substitute for that name.  It is also apparent that since Moses was commanded to deliver the Israelites using the name EHYEH, that this was the salvation name cursed.  If the name ADONAI or LORD in English was the name to not be uttered, then they violated that rule over 5,000 times when it was placed in the Septuagint as Kurios.  We know then that the name the son cursed was the name Moses used to deliver the children of Israel. And that name was EHYEH, not Yah, not Yahweh, and not Jehovah!  All we have are traditions why the Jews removed a particular sacred name and no actual recorded facts to back these up.  But what does this matter if we have a GREATER name for salvation in the name of JESUS? A name that would be GREATER than any Old Testament name or title of God!  We would NEVER need to know or try to figure out any lost or secret name and the tetragrammaton would become obsolete and worthless for salvation!

To then say the word LORD in English when worshiping or in Preaching, and mean by this Kurios, Adown, or ADONAI in Hebrew, is to honor God as Sovereign KING, the supreme ruler of the universe!  The word "LORD or Kurios" here is as much a name as any other title of God.  In Genesis 4:26 when Enos began to call upon the name of the "LORD" this is in reference to God as supreme sovereign ruler of the earth.  This word LORD here must be from ADOWN or ADONAI.  Anytime anyone calls Jesus "Lord" they are saying he is the one sovereign ruler over them and all the earth.  They are acknowledging his reign OVER THEM as the "last" heir upon the throne of David in the Kingdom of God. To backward interpolate into this text of Enos the sacred name EHYEH first given to mankind at the burning bush is false.  To backward interpolate into this text the tetragrammaton is false.  Jews and Gentiles have incorrectly substituted the name "LORD" when applied to EHYEH, the name of I AM is placed in these prior text in many instances. Jews and Gentiles have attempted to give the title "LORD" the same identity as the sacred name EHYEH.  This is wrong!  Thus, when they see LORD in the text they suppose it automatically means they can insert their guess names and the tetragrammaton where ever the word LORD is found.  Correctly, the sacred name should be in the text only "after" it was revealed to Moses.  Before and after the revelation at the burning bush, the text of the Scriptures could have God and LORD (as meaning ELOHIM and ADONAI) with no intent of the sacred name being intended or to be spoken.  In the text that says LORD GOD all that is meant is ADONAI ELOHIM meaning the one Sovereign God above all other gods of men. In some cases the word LORD or (ADOWN) was in the text originally and the scribes inserted into the scrolls EHYEH, the sacred name, later this was substituted with LORD and finally this was further substituted with the interpolation of the tetragrammaton and its many variant spellings.

The sacred name "Ehyeh" can also be spelled "Ehieh" or Ehjeh" since in the ancient Hebrew there is no "y" in the alphabet and the letter "i" can be a "y" or even a "j" sound.  How come we hear nothing of the Yahwist that there is no "Y" in Palo Hebrew? How come we hear nothing from the Yahwist about the sound of the letter "Y" that is supposed to be associated with the letter "I" although the letter "I" itself is NOT the sound of the "Y?" How come they do not tell those they deceive when the "Y" letter was invented and claim its sound was also invented at that time like they cry about the letter "J?"

However, we are not dealing so much in how the letters are stacked on a line but the pronunciation of the letters that in modern languages a particular sounding letter satisfies the same sound in trying to speak the ancient word forms and subsequently the name.

Tetragrammaton Fraud:

Below is an actual copy of a portion of the Dead Sea Scroll of Psalms 119:59-64, written in ancient Aramaic (Babylonian) alphabet.  The text is Talmudic-Babylonian (Aramaic) and is no older than perhaps around 30BC-50AD.  While scholars will wail and scream, these scrolls may come from the era from 100-700AD.  Some want these texts to be very old so they can authenticate the tetragrammaton and or other teachings they want to claim the Christians stole or borrowed from the Essenes. There existed in Israel up to the eighth century several religious groups who could have and did use these caves. The artifacts found in them demonstrate a continious use for several centuries. The scroll is said to be from the library of the Essenes but this cannot be proven.  We are told without proof that the Essenes devoted their lives to expunge from the manuscripts corruptions placed in them by Babylonian tainted scribes.  We do not know if this Psalm scroll was considered by them to be authentic or among those that were corrupted.  Scholars themselves are at disagreement with them when compared to the Septuagint and other versions.  There are thousands of differences.  The text below contains two different types of alphabet letter characters.  Yet many hail this forgery as authentic.

Notice the four letters at the bottom and the blue arrow showing the location. These four letters are foreign to the rest of the script both as to style and also the slant of the letters. These are in paleo Hebrew an ancient alphabet prior to the Babylonian captivity. They are not in conformity with the previous written script.  They are not even inserted in the manuscript level with the surrounding text. This shows that this is a forgery and an interpolation.
Thus, the four letters
are a careful fraud.  The scripting is Aramaic Babylonian rabbinical writing and did not come into practice until after the Babylonian captivity. The interpolation is four letters written in the ancient Paleo Semitic alphabet (sometimes called ancient Hebrew). But what are these four letters? Are they the tetragrammaton YHWH or YHVH? No! The third letter is not a "waw or a vav". This letter is not the Paleo-Hebrew letter for the W or the V.

Another point of fact is that there is no "W" letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Here again, the Yahwist cannot have the name Yahweh with out the "W" sound with the "W" alphabet character which also, like the letter "J" was invented to symbolize the sound. We admit that the "W" sound was also included in the use of the "V" but what are the rules of grammer to know when the "V" had the "V" sound and the "W" sound?The Concision Yahwist never seem to want to discuss this. They want to focus in on the letter "J" and its sound so they can attack at the name of Jesus to blot it out of the earth. Should they use the same argument against the "Y" and the "W" they use against the "J" they could not even pronouce Yahweh and the letters would not be YHWH but IHVH!The Paleo-Hebrew letter that is translated by some as W or V looks like the red letter below on the right in the graphic:

What then is the third letter? Look at the red letter to the right and compare it to the third letter to the left.  They are NOT the same.

What is the solution?  What is the letter to the left that is being passed off as a W or a V among scholars and sacred name blasphemers?

The next chart to the right will show you what this letter is and how it was perverted.

Now what is that letter before it was edited to make it appear like it was a W or a V?

The construction before it was edited looks like it was a shamek or letter "S".  What would the alleged tetragrammaton then be?  It would be IHSH. This would be "IEHSHU."  When we add the final "s" to add masculinity the name would be "IEHSHUS." Since the rule of grammer is that an "I" followed by a vowel has the "J" sound we arrive correctly at "JEHSHUS." which any person with intelligence can see is pronounced as "JESUS." The throat and the bird's eye indicates the third letter is an "S" and this is a crushing blow to the letters YHWH.  Who ever did surgery on this letter to make it appear as a W or a V did not suppose his/her fraud would be discovered. Indeed, it was the careful investagative work done by myself who first discovered this fraud.  It was with great surprise that we learned the same had been discovered in South America by another investigator.  These charts are his work and we are indebted to him.  Acts of fraud to place the tetragrammaton on ancient artifacts and even manufacture ancient artifacts is now out of control.   Below I am going to post the ancient paleo Hebrew semitic artifact and show you how someone wanted to prostitute even another ancient artifact.

Please notice that there is no such letters as "y", "w', or "u" in ancient Paleo-Hebrew.  Thus, any guess name that so many now claim is the true sacred name that uses the letters or English sounds of "y" or "w" is false.   The fact is we can only guess at what the alphabet letters sounded in ancient times.  All we have are translations into other languages that may not be translations at all but rather new word forms using the same phonetics of the more ancient pronounciation.  These new word forms would retain both the ancient articulation and also the same meaning.

The Yahweh cult parade pictures of this artifact around claiming that it has engraved upon it the tetragrammaton.  This is false.  The tetragrammaton is not found on it at all.

Around the shoulder of the pomegranate is a carefully incised inscription in early Paleo-Hebrew characters, which reads: "qodes kohanim I-beyt H". "Holy or Sacred priests house of H."  Some believe this object may be a phalic toy used in the rituals and ceremonies of the Baal cults.

The tetragrammaton is not on this artifact at all.  The three letters IHV are fradulently added to the letter "H" to form an imaginary IHVH.  We know what happens when men resort to the chambers of the imagry (Ezk 8:9-13).  With Israel having worshiped so many different gods and idols it is important that we do not allow the Jews or any Gentile to shove this tetragrammaton falsehood down our throats.  We are convinced that the tetragrammaton is a false name now applied to God and it is a name of a false god.

 What ancient deity would "H" represent if this letter represented the name of a (G)god?  The pomegranate is inscribed to be a gift from someone to the priest of the house of "H." This "H" could represent the name of a priestly family.  It could represent Judges 4:17 (House of Heber); Amos 1:4 (House of Hazael); and 1Kings 12:31 (House of High Places).  The "H" does not have to be the name of God or a god.  It could also represent the name of a pagan god or a pagan temple whose name began with an "H,"  Pagans also called their priest holy ones.  There were Egyptian shrines found in Israel and the "H" could stand for "Horus" the Egyptian god.  For certain, if this was presented to the priest of God's house and "if" God's name was IHVH then the letter to represent the name of God would be "I" and not the last letter "H." For anyone to supply the missing letters IHV to this "H" and pass this relic off as proof that the sacred name of God was Yahweh is FRAUD!

Fabricating guess names from the tetragrammaton

The following "guess" names by scholars and other name pundits are all false:

Iahshu, Iahwah, Yahushawah; Yahueh, Yahve, Jehowah, Eave, Yahhewahe, Yahweh, Yehwah, Yahwah, Yahuah, and Yohewah (to list only a sample of the false names being claimed to be the sacred name).

Many pundits and alleged scholars claim that the sounding of the "J" as Jeh is false. They claim the letter "J" had no ancient equivilent sound but came from "I" and before this there was no "J" sound with which the letter "I" could also represent.  This is not only false, it shows how ignorant these are who make this argument. The pronouncing of the letter "I" most certainly had the "J" or "jo" or "jod" sound as this is preserved in the Greek translations of the LXX as well as was preserved in the Greek pronunciation of "iah" for the Hebrew most sacred name EHYEH or EHJEH.  When the name could not be translated the phonetics were created in new word forms. Thus, EHYEH became "Ieh, Yeh, Jeh, and ieh." Sometime later the "ieh" was corrupted by vowel points into "iah."  Finally, "iah" was erroneously made into "Jah" and then pronounced "Yah."

In this corruption, not only is the original name EHYEH ignored and given no notice, the very fact of the transfer of the correct pronounciation into a new word form as "Ieh, Yeh, and Jeh" becomes obscured and ignored. Another mystery name occurs fashioned out of the name of the Egyptian moon and sky gods, that of Yahweh, which name means PERVERSE or PERVERSITY! These gods and their names were also transferred over to volcanos whose smoke and fire plumes reached up toward the moon and sky. Pagan altars where animal and human sacrifices were offered emitted both fire and smoke, the similar effects of these large and evil looking volcanos.  At pagan shrines the fire and smoke ascended up to heaven to the worship and praise of these gods of the sun, moon, sky, stars, planets, and constellations.  


The Egyptian moon god "Iah" is called "lord" which in the glyphs is "Neb" from which we get Nebu "the lords" and such names a "Neb-o, Neb-ai, Neb-aioth, Neb-ajoth, Neb-ballat, Neb-at, Neb-u-chadnezzar, Neb-u-shasban, and Neb-u-zar.  Nebu or Neb-o in Egyptian means "lord" and in the Paleo-Hebrew language 'Neb" is translated "baal."  Because this Egyptian name or title did not represent the true God, it is not used by the Godly Israelites in their personal names or the names of places.  That Mount Nebo was named such had to be before Moses ascended this mount.  This mount was obviously dedicated to some "lord" or god which in later years under the reign of Mesha, king of Moab, was found an altar allegedly to a god named YHWH! Since this altar was found in Nebo during the reign of Ahab, and Mesha considered this altar to be the altar of the god of Ahab, it is not hard to see right away that Ahab's god was baal and not the true God (1Kings 16:30-32). Therefore, the altar identified on the Moabite Stone along with the god YHWH was the god Baal.  Keep in mind that in the days of Mesha that the name "Israel" was the identity of the northen ten tribes under Ahab.  So, for Mesha to say he took the altar of YHWH, presumed to be the god of the northern ten tribes under Ahab called Israel, he only dragged back before Kemosh his god an altar of baal.  The name Israel DID NOT identify the tribe of Judah at this time not did the name of the god YHWH identify the name of the True God of Judah!  YHWH has absolutely no connection to the true God.  This is another case where the tetragrammaton is associated with paganism, witchcraft, sorcery, and idolatry.

Moses and others transferred to the Paleo-Hebrew many Egyptian word phonetics and new word forms were created.  Scholars are at debate if Paleo-Hebrew word forms are derived from Egyptian or Phonicean. The modern "J" sounding is nearly the same as the Egyptian soft "G" and the cobra stood for both articulations.  It is only reasonable then to see that the Paleo-Hebrew "G" and the "I" also carried the same characteristics. Moses used the Egyptian "Je" as in "Jelly" giving the letter "I" the "Jod" or "G - J" when he renamed Oshea to Jehoshua.  In the ancient Egyptian script the cobra stood for both the letters of "G" and "J" and since Moses transferred to the Paleo-Hebrew new word forms using the Egyptian language we expect these sounds to follow.  And they did follow up to at least the Babylonian adoption of Aramaic.  Then it appears the "J" sounding became "EE."  Even later transfer of these word forms into old German which is called Yiddish there was another change.  The Massoretics dropped the "J" sounding and adopted the "Y" sound used today.  Some believe this was because the Pharisees had pledged to blot out the name of Jesus from the earth and by removing the pronouncuiation of the ancient "J" from the letter "I" this was accomplished.  If this is correct, then we see the majestic hand of God when this was restored via a new and different method and the name of Jesus restored correctly in the English version.

Make a careful note of an important hermaneutic cornerstone: the prefix to the name of Oshea is not "Yah" it is "YEH" or "JEH."  A fact so many either overlook on purpose or their error causes them to give it little recognition or weight.  The problem is inserting the vowel between I and H. Is the correct vowel "a" or is it "e"? The "a" was selected no doubt because the name of the Egyptian moon god had the "a" between the "I" and the "H" forming "IAH" or "YAH." The Massoretes inserted the vowel point for "a" into "IH" and this corruption has been the source of that error ever since.

We also want to keep in mind that alphabet sounds were also altered when the Jews adopted Aramaic Babylonian articulations for letters and also pronounciation of word forms.  The letter "I" in some cases was given the "E-e" sound As in Yehshu(s) where the "Y" or "J" sound is changed into an "e" so that Jehshu(s) is rendered "eesho" with no masculine (s)ending the name. These were further altered by the Massoretes who used forms of Yiddish (ancient German), and from this we have the "yah, yud, and yod" sounds of "I and Y."  From this also comes the hybrid spelling Yeshua. There still seems to be a remnant of the "J" sound in German "Jah" as when saying the word "yes."  Among the Sephardic Jews of Spain and in their ancient Ladino the "I" or "J" took on the Spanish "H" sound which is a perversion when applied to the sacred name. But anciently the "I" was "jod" with a soft "g" sound as was transferred from ancient Egyptian into the Paleo-Hebrew word forms. The Spanish Sephardic retains the "J" sound with the letter "I" and Sephardic is more akin to ancient Hebrew then Yiddish will ever be. When you make an academic choice take the Sephardic prounciation of alphabet letters to be more Hebrew sounding BEFORE you adopt the Germanic Yiddish ones.

Research Beyond The Books:

Do not always rely on some modern books (Jewish or Gentile 1500-present) to give you the correct information about the sacred name. Many of these books are full of error, lies, misinformation, and apostasy.

One such case is the corrupted opinion of Henry George Liddell, author of the English-Greek Lexicon now known as Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek English Lexicon.  Liddell is one of those "higher critics" that so many wail about among the Yahwist, yet they turn to his lexicon for support that the name of Jesus came from the name of the Greek goddess of healing, Iasa.  Here is Liddell's rendering:

Under Iaso:  The Greek goddess of healing reveals that the name Iaso is Ieso in the Ionic dialect of  the Greeks, Iesous being the contracted genitive form!

Iesous being the "contracted genitive form" is Liddell's invention.  Neither Liddell nor any idiot who quotes him have ever produced any artifact or document where "Iesous" was ever used among the Greek Ionics for the name of a Greek god or goddess.  

Liddell was a Yahwist and himself looked for ways to denigrate the name of Jesus.  A Yahwist is a person who believes the tetragrammaton is the name of God and that "Yahweh" is the correct pronuciation.  If Liddell was half the scholar he is made out to be (he plagerized Francis Passow's German-Greek Lexicon), he would have instead looked and explained the name of Jesus from the Aramaic language and its equivilent written in Greek phonetics.  That he would deny the deity of God in the name of Jesus by even associating his name with that of a pagan goddess, shows his willing purpose to avoid any connection to the Aramaic. To say the name of Jesus (Iesous) was dervied from a female name is a real joke.  This is an example of an educated liar.

Do all agree with Liddell?  No

“ME. [a. L. Iesus, a. Gr. 'IhsouV, ad. late Heb. or Aramaic Jeshua, for earlier Jehoshua or Joshua (explained as ‘Jah (or Jahveh) is salvation’), a frequent Jewish personal name” (William Little, et al., eds. , The Oxford Universal Dictionary on Historical Principals, London: Oxford University Press, 1955).

Here, the English Jesus can be seen to have come down to us from the Latin, Iesus.  Iesus then, is from the Greek Iesous, which is in turn a phonetic pronunciation of the Aramaic for Jehshoo(s).  Jehshoo(s) was derived from the earlier Hebrew "Yeh" a contraction of EHYEH, and "yesha" the Hebrew word for salvation.

“(je’zus) [...Lat. From Gr. Iesous, which is for Heb.  Jeshua, a late form of Jehoshua or Joshua...]” ( John D. Davis, The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible, (Philadelphia, The Westminster Press, 1944).

Here are two witnesses who do not agree with Liddell's perversion.  However we may assess Liddell's junk, the Yawist have at their disposal a quote from one of their own.  We shall simply deny it!  Liddell did not write the LXX and he was not an Apostle.  We will place our trust on they who had better brains and a much more impressive faith.

Several alleged artifacts are claimed to have the YHVH or YHWH inscribed in or upon them, and we have discovered these to be frauds someone manipulated.  If you want to accept what some Bible translator or writer places into his "preface" or other introductory notes as proof of some fact the sacred name is spelled a certain way, then you may be using error for your faith.

Below is a vase found in ancient city of Gat.  The letters and the image on this ewer are copied and translated for you.  Here is one artifact the Yahwist will not promote because it links the name "Yah" with that of the goat god.  It appears the god-name "Yah" was a favorite among many pagan cultures.  The Freemasons borrow this goat god for their own lodges and secret devotions:

Goat god of Gat

Charging The Yahwist With Falsehood And Blasphemy:

The charge against the Yahwist is that in their extreme hate against the name of Jesus they spread falsehood and blasphemy. Once their minds are seared with a hot iron, they do not take the time to research the name of Jesus honestly and come to the truth about the "wonderful" name (Isa 9:6).  The concision law-keeping spirit will not allow them to be that humble. Below is one of these hateful and blasphemous antichrist allegations:

Posted by Yahweh worshiper on a Yahweh forum:  

"What I have learned from friends on the name issue. Under swine in Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary that "SUS" is latin for swine. When I saw this I began to think that it might be possible that I may be deceived about the name of the savior. His name means "pig god".  Another piece of research that came across my path was where the name of Jesus came from. Here it is. In regard to the pagan character of the unbloody sacrifice of the mass, we have seen not little already. But there is something yet to be considered, in which the working of the mystery of iniquity will still further appear. There are letters on the wafer that are worth reading. These letters are IHS. What mean these mystical letters? To a Christian these letters are represented as signifying, " Iesus Hominum Salvator" " Jesus the Savior of men." But let a Roman worshipper of Isis (for in the age of the emperors there were innumerable worshippers of Isis in Rome) cast his eyes upon them, and how will he read them? He will read them of course, according to his own well-known system of idolatry: "Isis, Horus, Seb," that is "The Mother, the Child, and the Father of the gods," in other words, " The Egyptian Trinity." The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship, Alexander Hislop. The name of Jesus then equals Isis which is not the name of my Elohim."

Is Hislop correct?  Does not anyone know that the Egyptian trinity is not Isis, Horus, and Seb:  but it was Osiris, Isis, and Horus in that order "OIH" and not that manufactured by Hislop?  If you want to be anticatholic because of the mass or some other perversion of truth, that is fine, only tell the truth.  Do not succumb to lies to refute lies.  Hislops twist of the facts are not needed to prove the mass is a pagan ritual not practiced anywhere in the New Testament.  For Mrs. Yahweh worshiper above to associate Jesus with Isis is a shame beyond comprehension. But then, Yahwist are not known for trying to find the truth once their antiJesus hatred reaches its virulent peak.

The name of Jesus means "pig god", come on Mrs. Yahweh worshiper, surely you have more brains than that.  But then, even Jerry Kirk in a debate in Atlanta, Georgia several years ago claimed this same meaning about the name of Jesus.  He said that to baptize in the name of Jesus was to baptize in the name of a "pig god". So it appears this tale is circulating among the Yahwist and they as in other cases of their ignorance, have taken it as fact and are spreading the falsehood.  They make the claim but they do not cite one source of reliability to back up their anti-Christ claim.  To take Latin "sus" and associate this with the name of Jesus because it has "sus" within it, is ignorance.  Could we say then that all words beginning with or ending in "sus" likewise mean "pig or swine"?  Let's look at some of this stupidity for a minute:

Sus-penders= "pig straps"
Sus-pension= "pig held high by both ends"
Sus-picious= "pig looking"
Sus-tain= "pig support"
Sus-teneance= "pig food"
Sus-pect= "pig criminal"
Sus-an= "pig woman"
Sus-annah= "pig money"

And some of these idiots claim that "sus" or "soos" in the name of Jesus means "horse god".  They take this from the word "horse" in Hebrew (Strongs 5483 cuwc (soos).  Thus they say, "aha the name of Jesus in Hebrew means "horse god."

This is proof that ignorance is the birth of stupidity and false doctrine.  Those who have the same mentality of the person spreading stupidity are the converts to such false doctrines the Yahwist are spreading.  It has been my experience that they are all rebels and cannot be Pastored and do not fit within the Church family of those holding to sound doctrine so they depart out from among us to declare themselves as the prophets of God and end up in every wind of doctrine and heresy that comes to their ears.  My 93 year old daddy once told me: "Son, figures never lie but liars always figure".  My point here is that if you try to find out the meaning and interpretation of the name of Jesus from those who already have virulent hatred against his name, or from Jewish or Gentile books continuing a tradition of man, you will likely NEVER find it. All you will find is what they want you to know to group you into their theology and traditions of interpretation, with such like that the name of Jesus derives or comes from "sus" and means "pig god."

Others who follow this mentality will also rush to the names Joshua or Yoshua, or Ya- Shua, and then interpret them as meaning "Jehovah is salvation" (Jehovah is the Saviour of Jesus, one God saving another God). If and when you ever get deeply into the study of the guess-names Jehovah and Yahweh, you will enter into the murky and dark world of the occults where their conjecture and supposition are brought together in mysticism to claim they have discovered the lost sacred name based upon either an interpretation of YHVH or YHWH.  Out of the practice of these cult groups comes the methodology of special tricks used in Jewish gematria and numerology to try and prove these guess names are accurate. Here is the bottom line on this. We are to base our faith on the MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY, what saith and teacheth the Word of God.  If someone wants to prove the name of Jesus means "pig god" or some other of their claimed falsehoods, let them produce the evidence.  This far all they have done is made claims and assertions and produced nothing.


In Acts 4:12 the Scripture is plain and clear: *There is NONE OTHER NAME under heaven given among men whereby we MUST be saved.*  The Yahwist claim this name is that of God the Father (Yahweh), and not the name of their second God the Son (Yahshua) has no salvation in it.  So in their interpretation of Acts 4:12 the reference is not Yahshua or Jesus but it is the Father's name Yahweh that is the saving name.  Thus, they teach there is absolutely no salvation in the name of the second God at all, salvation is only in the name of Yahweh.  The Oneness Yahwehs simply claim that the name of God the Son is Yahweh and that he came in his Father's name and so say the salvation name is still Yahweh.  Actually I have found the alleged Oneness Yahwist to actually be two-God, in that they continue to separate the Father and his name separate from the Son and his name.

Now the word *name* in Acts 4:12 points back to its antecedent, the *name* of Jesus Christ in verse 10. It does not point back to the name Yahweh or any word to prove Yahweh is the only saving name.  So, let's get this straight: No other name of God, no other name of man, no titles, no appellations, no tetragrammaton, is or can be a salvation name except that of JESUS Messiah. This fully proves that whatever the Old Testament names of God were, they have been replaced with the much greater NAME than they all. The Jews who reject Jesus and his name as Jesus Messiah (Christ) or LORD JESUS CHRIST (KING JESUS MESSIAH), have no choice but to still think they can obtain salvation in an Old Testament name or title of God or some name they invent like the tetragrammaton.  Leaning upon these errors, Gentiles will attempt to deny that the name JESUS is a valid name, and try to substitute for it Yahweh and even Yahshua.  Some want to hang their whole case upon the use of *J* as a substitute for *I* or *Y*.  Are these claims valid?  Read the rest of this article and you will find that they are not.

Those who come to deny the name of JESUS want everyone to think of the ancient names of God as higher and more holier than that name and spelling. Some even want the Greek substitute LORD which was interpolated in Greek Septuagint version at Exodus 3:14-15 in the place of the *removed* sacred name, and want this *LORD* to be a name and substitute it in Mathew 28:19 for the word Father in Baptism?  This also is false!

Errors about the name of Jesus end up certifying the practices of Pharisee Judaism as being the correct way to God and Heaven without the name of Jesus, by going back under the Law and by using some claimed old Testament name of God that saves better than the name of Jesus?  Well, as an Apostolic Messianic Christian Jew (Rom 2:29), I reject that. Our faith is not in the guess names and methods of Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant mysticism that tries to discover the lost name so they need not to confess faith in the revealed salvation NAME of Jesus. Remember, we have a MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY on the sacred and most holy name of God. The name of JESUS was prophesied by an angel to be the name all Gentiles and Jews would put their TRUST in for salvation AND IN THAT DAY THERE WOULD BE ONE NAME OF GOD (Isa 11:10, 12:4; Zech 14:9; Luke 1:31.  That NAME was prophesied to Mary before Jesus was born (the more sure word of Prophecy); Mat 12:21; Rom 15:12).

Isaiah 52 & 53 And The Suffering Servant:

Below is part of Psalms 119 in the Babylonian Aramaic alphabet. Who is the suffering servant of Isaiah 52 and 53.  Will we find his name as Yahweh or Yahshua?  Beginning at Isaiah 52:13 after the word hineh and taking the first letter of every seventh letter what do we have?  We have "Yeshua simon lemo".  Interpreted as "YESHUA IS APPOINTED TO BE HIM."  

Yeshua is certainly not Yahweh, Yahshua, or Yahwehshua.  The name Yeshua correctly Yehshua (since the h was dropped here in the Aramaic and is silent), is transliterated as Jehsus and with the "h" silent as in Yeshua, we have Jesus!  This is remarkable.  This name was written into Greek by the Apostles as "IS" in the Nomina Sacra and latter incorrectly expanded to IEHSOUS" and dropping the "H" becasue it is silent most often in Hebrew, we have "IESOUS."  The sacred name without the masculine "s" would be "IESOU".  And from this we get some who pronounce the sacred name as Jehsu and Jesu.  Anyone who associates this sacred "wonderful" name of God (Isaiah 9:6) with the name of a pagan god or claims that it means "pig god" deserve the antichrist award of the year.  The name Jesus does not mean "pig god".  It is not a name for a second God of rank in the Greek pantheon of gods!  It is not the name of the second person-God in a trinity.  It is the ONLY NAME GIVEN UNDER HEAVEN WHEREBY WE MUST BE SAVED!

Jesus is the God of the Old Testament incarnated in flesh (1Tim 3:16), therefore he is the God referred to as *ADOWN or LORD.* As the ADOWN, the sovereign, the King, Jesus is both Christ (Messiah) and LORD Luke 2:11. He is the anointed One to be the ADOWN or sovereign LORD King of Israel on David's throne.  He is the Messiah, he is the pre-existing God Almighty who swore by an oath to David that he would visit mankind through the seed (flesh) of David and when he did, He would sit as KING of kings and LORD of lords upon David's throne over all Israel and all the world:

Psalms 132:11--The LORD hath sworn in truth to David; he will not turn from it; Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne.


And his name shall be called Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us.  Jesus Messiah is the God who is to be with us Mat 1:23 in person and appear as a man of the seed of David.  He will have a dual nature of God and man.  Anyone who denies the deity of Jesus is an antichrist.  When God came in the flesh to sit upon David's throne his name cannot mean he is Jehovah Junior, or Yahweh Junior, or some second person in a triad or pantheon of gods, as some try to make his name mean by making Jesus another person separate from God.  They do this in order to derive his name from another God which is alleged to be hidden within the tetragrammation(s) YHVH or YHWH. When Messiah comes his name will be that of Almighty God! There is no need then to go back and try to use a replaced name or title, or to try and recover some lost name! We have it all in the name of JEHSUS MESSIAH.

Yahwist follow the Pharisees method in rejecting the name of Jesus.  The Pharisees are bewitched that a lost name and its substitute LORD is the real salvation name and reject the name of Jesus as being the name of a false prophet whom they had killed.  Yahwist believers agree with the Pharisees that the tetragrammaton and the guess name of Yahweh is greater than the name of Jesus and even their own substitute name of *Yahshua* they make greater.  

Yahweh Groups Call Jesus "Pig God":

Yahweh groups (Truth Restortation Ministry associated with New Covenant Yahweh Assembly) are usually led by self-made and self-appointed alleged scholars who tower above the unlearned and slow of heart as experts of language and transliterations.  They borrow Jewish methods from the occult Kabbalah to manipulate the tetragramaton until they also guess name for God to be Yahweh.  These then turn and say that the name of Jesus is either the name of a pagan god or that it means the PIG.  These claim that the *sus* in Je-sus is Latin for pig and this make the name of Jesus to mean pig or unclean pig god or such like! They do so to get the ignorant and unlearned to gasp in horror that they were baptized into the name of a false god or into a name that means pig.  Quite a few have fallen for this ploy and right away start using word YahShua when speaking of Jesus. I am absolutely SHOCKED at this sorcery being palmed off as revelation and subsequently the total disregard of the name of our God kept secret since the world began;  ...a name revealed by an angel when the Saviour came to earth incarnated in the seed and flesh of David to redeem his creation by the glorious name of JEHSUS (Luke 1:30-33)!

There is no GREATER name above the name of JESUS. God has none greater. Look at what God said to Manoah: *And the angel of the LORD said unto him, why askest thou after my name, seeing it is secret (Judg 13:18)? Then when Jacob wrestles with this same theophany of God and asks his name, God refuses to give it to him because the fullness of time had not come for it to be revealed for salvation. All they had then were Elohim (God) and Elshaddai (God Almighty). This up to Moses and the burning bush. There, when Moses ask the name of God, God said to him *I am that I am* (Exod 3:14). Those words are not at all like that in the ancient Hebrew. Instead it is written *Ehyeh asher Ehyeh*. Now *EHYEH* is considered the great name of God given to Moses to be his memorial to all generations. When the Jews wanted to take the sacred name out of the scrolls, they replaced it with an interpretation of the name rather than the name. When the Old Testament was translated into Greek in about 280BC, the alleged Jewish scholars substituted in every place the sacred name of EHYEH was found the word *Kurios* which means LORD, a title given to Kings in respect of their authority and dominion over all. Thus, the Jews took from the concept of Supreme Ruler or *self-existent-one*, and inserted LORD and gave it that interpretation in the place of the sacred name of EHYEH (God is salvation). This they said was done to keep the poor and stupid of the Israelites and the pagan Gentiles from profaning the name of God by taking or using it in vain.

So, in our King James, the translators adopted the Jewish method of inserting the word LORD capitalized so as to say ADOWN or ADONAI in reference to HIM who alone is God, King, Sovereign, and has DOMINION.  But having the word LORD in the King James is not a NAME and is not the name of God anyway they manipulate it. To change it into "Jehovah or Yahweh" or some other guess name where the sacred name does not belong is wrong.  The word "LORD" was never the NAME OF GOD nor was it ever given by God to be used as a name for him.  The word LORD is then merely a *TITLE* and no better than the title Father!  For anyone to make the argument that title LORD is a real name because it appears in the KJV, shows the lack of scholarship of the person making the claim.  Some insist that the word LORD is indeed a name, if so, then should we then speak it in English or in Hebrew?  Was English and the King James Version the language and translation used in the Old Testament and in the days of Jesus?  To insist that the title "LORD" is a name and refuse the Hebrew words for that title is not honest etymology or exegesis.  In many places in the Scriptures where the word LORD is now found, the ancient name of EHYEH existed until it was censored out by the Jews.  Around 280BC the Scribes translated the Hebrew text into Greek and the Hebrew "ADOWN and ADONAI" were translated as Kurios. Kurios was also interpolated into all the text where the sacred name as given to Moses existed in the text. Subsequently, the title "LORD" replacing the sacred name of EHYEH, was backward interpolated into the Scriptures BEFORE Exod 3:14 where in the KJV it is recorded to have been first given and revealed to Moses (such first interpolation we fined in Gen 2:4 etc.).

Any retranslation of the word LORD before Exod 3:14 into the sacred name of Exodus 3:14 is an error of the Jews and Yahwist, to make the divine name to exist BEFORE Moses got it from God at the burning bush. And if Moses knew it, why would he ask about it and God reveal it to him as if he did NOT know it? Any use of the word LORD to say Father, the name Jesus to say the Son, or the word Christ to say Holy Spirit (Mat 28:19), and say that the name is LORD JESUS CHRIST, are deceived by the same spirit of error as those Jews and Yahwist who now use the guess words of Yahweh or Jehovah, and reject the name of JESUS alone as the one saving name. Jesus was born both Lord (King) and Christ (Messiah), but his name is called JESUS. You may say with all reverence King Jesus Messiah, for that is the same as saying *Lord Jesus Christ*, but his name is JESUS (Mat 1:16; Luke 1:31). So that to baptize Acts 2:38: Jesus Christ, is to say the sacred name JESUS and identify him as GOD, KING, and MESSIAH. THAT is the confession upon which our whole Apostolic faith is founded.

So, the interpretation of the name EHYEH given in Exod 3:14 is replaced by the interpretation of self-existent one or, ...the I am. And so even up to today, these quotations are used by the ignorant and the unlearned who think the Jews have a great mastery of the Scriptures and the sacred name. That is why they are called BAALSHEM, Baalshem, or masters of the name. But I say Baal is not the name of God. That Baalshem means name of Baal as God. And I conclude that the Jews have replaced or forgotten then name of God (Ehyeh) for BAAL (Jer 3:21, 13:25, 18:15, 23:37important).   The Jews took the name of *Baal* and associated with it the title LORD that they had attributed to God.  And it is this false *lord* of Babylon *Nimrod* called *Baal* and the use of the word *lord* that God protested when he accused the Jews of forgetting his name for Baal or *lord*.  This is not a light matter, and it points directly to the perversion of the sacred Scriptures where Ehyeh was censored out and the word *lord* in capitals was inserted where EHYEH was stood.  Then to translate this *LORD or lord* to YHVH or YHWH to mean Jehovah or Yahweh, and still not discover *Ehyeh* the ancient first singular covenant name, and still reject *JESUS* as the one saving name of God, is error and falsehood compounded.

I would urge you to read all of the previous cited verses and check deeper than the books of man and you will find this truth. Sometimes it is right in the reference in the center of the Bible page. There many will put *Ehyeh asher Ehyeh.* I was shocked to find it in my own Royal Bible. The sacred name of EHYEH translates into HYH when the vowel *e* is removed, ...not YHVH or ...YHWH.  And, if you will pay special attention to those who speak in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance, you will *NEVER* hear anyone say JEHOVAH or YAHWEH, but you will hear thousands say: EH-YEH, or *I-yeh* over and over and over and over and over. Many have been heard in foreign lands to speak the name of Jesus in English as they spoke in other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance.  Surely this is some GREAT weight of evidence that God knows his name. You will hear many speak in tongues and say Eh- sha or I-sha, and even Yeh-sha and Jehsus.  And we think they have learned English when they are saying the name of our God in a manner that Heaven approves and accepts as equivalent as the entire sacred name YEHSHAS. When we say Jesus in praise and worship there is no need for us to speak in tongues to say the same word, although it is done over and over and over and over.

We come to the question of how the sacred name figures in the name of Jesus so that Jesus could say: I CAME IN MY FATHER'S NAME? Here is the truth and the facts. Elohim is the Hebrew word for God, God used the abbreviation of Elohim as *El* and the Patriarchs added this *EL* to the names of children, to the names of places, and to words of praise and worship. This carried with it the full power and force as if the whole name was pronounced and stood to the entire and wholeness of God's being and person. Thus we have Bethel or Beth-el which means house of God. We have Daniel or Dani-el or God is my judge, ...and so forth. The same was done with the sacred name Ehyeh. the *Yeh* was added to names, places, and words of praise and worship. The Jews changed this *Yeh* into *Yah* and that is a gross error as there was a Babylonian god named *yah*. But our YEH is not their YAH. Or our God is not their god. Or our Elohim is not the elohim. Same difference.

Now, the name "Jesus" in English is *Yehsha or Yesha* in Hebrew and comes from the word meaning salvation. Go look it up (Strong's 3467). In Hebrew the *h* is omitted but is pronounced silently so that if you say Yesha you are saying YEHSHA. The name Yehsha contains the abbreviation of *Yeh* from Ehyeh. And where ever this YEH is used as in the use of EL it carries with it the full force, power, and meaning of identity of the wholeness of God's being and person. And thus we have not only then the name of God in the name of Jesus, but it means *EHYEH* IS OUR SALVATION, or *EHYEH* OR THE I AM HAS BROUGHT SALVATION. Thus, in the name of Jehsus or the Greek Iehsous, the contraction of "Yeh" from "Ehyeh" makes the name of Jehsus to mean I AM HAS BROUGH SALVATION.  Why so many take out *Ehyeh* and put in the word *God* or the tetragrammatons to keep from pronuncing the sacred name in association with the name of Jesus is a tremendous FRAUD!

The name Yehsha has the *s* added to it to in the Greek language to give it masculine gender or syntax as IESOUS. The Greek language does dot have the "sh" pronunciation thus IESOUS.  If added it would be IESHOUS.   Since the letter "h" in Hebrew/Aramaic is often a silent letter it is omitted in IESHOUS but when placed in its correct place we have the name IEHSHOUS.  The accusation is made by the tetragrammaton cults that IESOUS is a false Greek name that comes from Zeus that someone glued on to Jesus as his name.  These perverters of truth and masters of all subtility, members of sacred name covens, purposely deceive.  The name IESOUS was in the Greek Septuagint Version of the Old Testament 280BC.

Here in the Greek text of the Old Testament, translated around 280BC we have the name of Jesus.  In the King James Version this "IESOUS" is spelled Joshua. Scholars who have any intelligence at all, know that "Jo" is the Greecianized from of the Hebrew "Jeh or Yeh."  They also know that the Greek "IESOUS" is not a Greek name to be pronounced in a Greek fashion but rather it is a Jewish name.  In Hebrew the name of Jesus has for its root the name "Yesha" which means salvation. Yesha is the same as Yehsha.  There is no actual letter "Y" in ancient Hebrew.  We have the letter "I" which can stand for three different sounds of "I" "J" and "Y". The rule of ancient grammar is that the letters "I" and "Y" have the same pronunciation, the "Y" coming into use from influence after it was created.  The other rule of grammar is that when the letter "I" is followed by a consonant it has the sound of "I" as in Isaac.  But when the letter "I" is followed by a vowel it has the sound of the "Jod" or letter "J".  With this rule of Grammar, since we believe IESOUS is a Hebrew name and not a Greek one, the letter "I" is followed by a vowel and therefore has the "J" sound: hence IESOUS becomes JESOUS.  With the name "Yesha" you can see there is no "Y" and this letter is an "I" and should be "IESHA."  The "I" followed by a vowel makes it into a "J" thus we now have "JESHA" and by adding the final (S) for syntax we have JESHA(S).  The Greek language does not have the "SH" sounding and so this does not appear in the Greek spelling.  If it did, we would have IESHOUS and following the rules of Hebrew grammar we would have JESHOUS which is the same as JESUS!

Here is the dilema scholars have been faced with, but which few have courage to take a stand on:  If the Greek IESOUS was in fact understood by the Apostles as IESHOUS and a Hebrew/Aramaic name, then should this name be pronounced from the Greek language or from the Hebrew/Aramaic?  If it is pronounced from the Hebrew?Aramaic then it is JESHUS!  In deed, if we pronounced the name from the Greek language we would have "ee-sous."  Now "soos" is not the same as Zeus "dzyooce" although there may be a similarity of sound.  Here is another fact the tetragrammaton cults will not tell you:  Zeus is not pronounced "g-sus or gez-us, or even ze-us" at all, but is pronounced "dzyooce" (dis-ooce See Strongs #2203).

So then we have the name YEHSHAS or YEH-SHAS transliterated as IEHSOUS (yeh-sous), not Yah- shua, or Iah-shua. That the *Y* became a *J* has no bearing on the articulation of the name as the Yeh is also pronounced as Jeh or Gee as in Je-re-mi-ah. Here the name is correctly; Jeh-re-mi-Jeh. And with an English accent rather than German, Irish, Polish, Russian, Greek, Italian, etc we pronounce the name of Iehsous as Yehsha, Yeh-shas or Gee-shas, or as spelled Jesus.  The *h* is in the name of Jesus as in Jehsus, but the *h* is pronounced in the *Je* part of the name.

It is NOT THE SPELLING we are interested in but the pronunciation of the name which however it is spelled, is accepted by God as his sons and daughters calling upon his name. There is much more to it, but suffice to say, that the books do not contain at all any of the above information and what I have given is accurate. Therefore the name of Jesus is NOT ...Yahshua. For in that spelling there is no salvation, as the word salvation in Hebrew is Yehsha. Go look it up for yourself (Strong's 3467). The Yahweh apostates have taken a name YEHSAHS that means salvation and REPLACED it with a name Yahshua that has no salvation in it at all. The same with the word Yahweh. It is false from the tetragrammaton all the way to their mystical and witchcraft way of using gematria and numerology to create and fabricate it. Both the words Jehovah (Catholic) and Yahweh (Protestant) are guess names and they cannot save a dog. Those guess name-words were never spoken by anyone until they were invented by mystics and those affiliated with the occult. I resent any occult creation of a name for God and then try to make that superior to the name of Jesus, as if the Lord Jesus needs the ministry of the occult as a source of his divine revelation.

But in the name of Jesus, pronounced as Gee-shas from Yehshas or Jehshas, comes the GREATEST name of God to all the world. And remember, we are to PREACH *that* name for salvation and none other (Acts 4:12). My screen-name is not Acts 0412 by accident. And if we preach any other name, we are not Ministers of Jesus Christ because he sent his apostles to preach salvation only IN HIS NAME (Luke 24:47), not the words God, Elshaddai, Ehyeh, et al. And if these are the names of God for salvation, and Jesus sent his Apostles with his name alone for use for salvation, then let's forget all about Christianity and go join the Jews and Phariseeism, because Jesus would have been a fraud and he deserved to die for sending the Apostles to the world in his name and NOT some other name of God.  But if he was God manifest in the flesh, and his name was the final and greatest name of God ever revealed, then the gainsayers had better repent or they will perish to hell-fire as reprobates who denied the name of Jesus.

Here is the conclusion: God's salvation name from before the foundation of the world, for that is when he set forth his plan of redemption and the Lamb's Book of Life, was Yehshas or Jehshas pronounced in English as Jesus. It was to this name all the others pointed and were partial revelations. So that the word *God* is a partial revelation of who Jesus is as Creator. The word Elshaddai is a more fuller revelation of the Almighty Creator and he who Blesses, as by this new name Abraham was blessed and given it for use in blessing. And then EHYEH is a revelation of the Covenant God. So that these point to the fullness of the revelation of the GREAT name of Yehshas or Jesus as Creator God, the Blessing God, the Covenant God, and lastly the Saving God. Hence we have here that as the tabernacle and all the symbols and rituals of the Old Testament were TYPES and SHADOWS to be fulfilled and brought to their climax and completion with Christ and the New Testament Church WITH THE REAL, so all the temporary and substitute names and titles of God were only types and shadows of the REAL name of God revealed in Jesus Christ. So that the name of Jesus or Yehshas is not derived from any name of God, but visa versa, they were all derived from and point to Jesus Christ from which they all have their type.

Even so, the Fullness of New Testament salvation in Christ as the Supreme Sacrifice, Water Baptism, being filled with the Spirit, are not patterns of the Old Tabernacle system, but rather the REAL thing that cast the shadows upon those rituals and practices and to which they spoke in figure but not the very things. So, the name of Jesus did not derive from any Old Testament name or title of God, but rather that glorious name cast the shadow upon all the old Testament names and titles, so that they could only see through the glass darkly as to the fullness of the revelation of the TRUE name of Jesus Christ by such words as God, Elshaddai, First & Last, Alpha & Omega et al. Moses then renaming Oshea to Joshua or as accurately, Jeh-oshua (Num 13:16).  The Jews dropped the YEH as the sacred name and shortened this to Joshua corrupting even the YEH as Moses clearly gave it to *JO.* Such a puzzle is only matched by the thimblerigging of the Catholic Church in using the titles: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in the place of Jesus Christ as Peter plainly gave it. There is no God named *Jo* or *Joe* ha ha. Please notice that Moses did not name him YAHOSHUA. As YAH is not correct it is YEH as the abbreviation or contraction. And this Yehoshua name is a partial revelation of that JESUS who would at the very place of the CROSSING, Bethabara, appear for baptism by John the Baptist, and there coming up out of the water, was the JESUS or one that Jehoshua was a type and shadow of. All men have not this revelation, and only they to whom it is sent can grasp it.

If a person sees the God of the first Commandment not being Jesus Christ, and as to his name which was not revealed there, then they still have the vail of reading the Law over their heads and they are blind. Anyone who keeps the First Commandment and does not honor the Lord Jesus Christ as the God of it, is blind, and that is the whole of the Yahweh and Law-keepers apostasy. They do not see the revelation of Jesus as EVERYTHING God is or was or shall ever be. They want to separate the God of the Old Testament from the Jesus of the New, and make Jehovah or Yahweh the Father of Jehovah or Yahweh junior and use these guess names to be superior and more saving than the name of Jesus Christ my Lord. I resent that and I protest against it by the writing of these words to you. I am as much a Minister of the Name as I am the Gospel sent by the authority of that NAME. Anyone not bearing that NAME and the Revelation of it has no authority to be preaching nor is that person ordained and sent by the Lord Jesus Christ. They will go to the books and preach man's teachings while the revelation we so need in our hour is darkened and silent. But I shall speak, I shall write, I shall praise that worthy name they blaspheme. So it is written, so it shall be done.

Below is a small assortment of false guess names the assorted sacred name groups are fighting among themselves over, all taken from the IHUH, YHUH, IHVH, YHVH or IHWH, YHWH tetragrammatons.  You want to go crazy also? Grab one below, deny the name of Jesus, go back under the Law, depart from the grace and name of Jesus Messiah, and you will become a hater of the name of Jesus also:

Yahueh (ya-hu-eh)

Iahueh (i-a-hu-eh)

Yahuah (ya-hu-ah)

Iahuah (ia-hu-ah)

Yahevahe (yah-e-va-he)

Iahevahe (ia-he-va-he)

Yohwah (yoh-wah)

Iohwah (i-oh-wah)

Yohweh (yoh-weh)

Iohweh (i-oh-weh)

Yahwah (yah-wah)

Iahwah (i-ah-wah)

Yehwah (yeh-wah)

Iehwah (i-eh-wah)

Yehweh (yeh-weh)

Iehweh (i-eh-weh)

Yahweh (yah-weh)

Iahweh (i-ah-weh)

Yahwe (yah-we)

Iahwe (i-ah-we)

Yahohewah (yah-o-he-wah)

Iahohewah (i-a-ho-he-wah)

Yahuwah (ya-hu-wah)

Iahuwah (i-a-hu-wah)

Yahveh (yah-veh)

Yehveh (yeh-veh)

Yahohevah (yah-o-he-vah)

Yahowah (yaho-wah)

Jehovah (je-ho-vah)

Iehovah (i-eh-ho-vah)

I will say with all gravity and sincerity that no where in the Scriptures are we told that we had to speak any word or name in an exact Hebrew manner. The Apostles did not feel it a sin to translate the sacred name into Greek as Iehsous (Iesous) and I feel it no less degrading that this great name be translated into every language of the world.  So, I will not condemn or betray the faith of those who say the name of Jesus Christ in Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.  We will let our God be the judge.

The "I" to "J" factor:

One of the lies pushed by the Yahwist, is that the name of Jesus starts with a "J" and there is no "J" or a sound like the present "J" in the Hebrew language.  They make a lot to do about there being no "J" or a "J" sound in the English language until the letter "I" was changed into a "J" sometime in the 13-16th centuries.  One Yahwist prophet said he would give anyone $10,000.00 if they could produce the proof that the letter "J" existed as a pronunciation  in Hebrew prior to this alleged change.  That proof has been furnished to him, and he refuses to pay up. The following was scanned from the book entitled: God, Jews, And History, by Max I Dimont (a Jewish Scholar), page 29:

This one example of how the letter "Y" WAS PRONOUNCED as a "J" proves the Yahwist claims are false. Now some of the antichrist against the name of Jesus claim I am changing something here.  Note carefully that if the "J" is pronounced like the "Y" then correctly the "Y" and the "J" have the same pronunciation.  Also please note that the sounding of the "J" is preserved in the Greek translations for the Hebrew or Aramaic "Y" or "I" as "Jo" as in the case of Jo-shua.  We also know that "Jo" is an attempt to continue the original "Yeh" or "Jeh" as pronounced in ancient Hebrew or Aramaic.  What we have here is more likely the infusion of Babylonian Chaldean Aramaic backward into the Hebrew and finally into Greek and that answers to why there is the duality of "Jo" and "Je".

Babylonian Aramaic or Syriac
The name of Jesus in Babylonian Aramaic is and this is spelled YESA (JESA) pronounced YESHO (JE-SHO). It is not spelled Yeshua or Yahshua!  Aramaic is not ancient Hebrew.  To claim the pronication of Aramaic is Hebrew is false. Somehow in the meshing of Greek and the Syrian cultures (multiple wars) the Greek "I" (iota) and the Aramaic "Y" began to be pronounced as "ee" rather than the ancient "I" and "J" sound in ancient Hebrew. In ancient Hebrew the "I" or Jod was pronounced correctly. In Aramaic the "I" or "Jod" became pronounced as "Eod" and with a combining of the dipthongs "e" and "o" it was pronounced as "Yod." The confusion comes when some language charts show the "I" as Jod and more recent ones show the "I" as Yod or Yud.  The chart below correctly shows the ancient 10th letter as the Jod corresponding to the sound of our "j".  Anciently, in Paleo-Hebrew when the letter "I" was followed by a consonant it retained the sound of the letter "I".  But when the letter "I" was followed by a vowel it retained the sound of the letter "j".  The Greek "I" or "iota" was originally the "jota" and we are reminded of this where Jesus said not one "jota"  (jot) or "tittle" of the law would cease until all was fulfilled (Matt. 5:18).  

And contrary to the claims by blaspheming Yahwist, EESA is not the name for Esau.  In the translation of EESA /EESHO into Greek as IESOU(S) there is a mixture of phonetics.  Attemps to connect this to the Greek goddes of healing "Iasa" because of a similarity of sounds is pure baloney. These are ignorant of the Aramaic spelling and pronounciation and so can try to blaspheme the name of Jesus using this illogical blasphemy.  The "IE" of Greek was the same as the "EE" of Aramaic.  And in Paleo-Hebrew the "EE" and the "IE" are the same as "EHY" which is the first three letters of the sacred name "EHYEH."  The true and orignal Hebrew name of Jesus was Yehshas.  Translated into Aramaic it became EESA/EESHO. And into Greek it became IESOUS.  Finally into Latin as Iesus and English as Jesu and finally as Jesus.  There is absolutely no paganism or fraud involved in the name of Jesus and any attempt to connect it to any pagan name is proof the individual doing so is a reprobate.

Ancient Hebrew A Dead Language

It must also be remembered that true ancient Hebrew is a dead language of which we know little about correct pronunciation.  There are no extant MSS that indicate vowels and or pronunciation. Vowels were guessed at around 700-800AD and placed into the scrolls at that time.  Scholars have found hundreds of errors in these additions. Such is the placing of wrong vowels  like "a" and "e" in the words where it is now known the other vowel belongs. All we have is the Greek MSS and any transfer of the articulation of the Hebrew or Aramaic phonetics into that tongue.  And do not let the gainsayers say this has not happened.  We would point out that it did happen in the transfer of ancient Hebrew into Chaldean Babylonian Aramaic and thus back to us again from Chaldean Babylonian Aramaic into Greek. Anyone who denies this route of transfer of many words is simply ignorant of the facts.  Check your Strongs and look for the abbreviation "Chald" that he uses to show where the transfer comes from into Greek.  Look for instance at Strongs "Rabboni" #4462.  Look at how "Rabboni" is a Babylonian Chaldean Aramaic word that is the equivalent of the Greek "Lord" but yet it is translated "Master."

Modern Hebrew is not the same as ancient Hebrew.  The way words are pronounced in modern Hebrew cannot be proven to be the way they were pronounced in ancient Hebrew unless we use Greek words where we know the phonetics  were transferred from either Hebrew or Aramaic.  Modern Hebrew is an invented language based upon several languages and a lot of guessing.  Likewise, anyone who says that the ancient Hebrew language had no "J' or "Jo" or "Jod" sounding is simply spreading falsehood based upon Jewish errors and Gentile stupidity.


The guess name "Yahshua" IS NOT found anywhere in any ancient manuscript as the name of the Messiah.  It is not in the Bible ANYWHERE!  I have debated the Yahwehs and asked them to produce the documents that the name "Yahshua" was the name of the Messiah.  Thus far none have done so and they shall never be able to do so. In spite of this, there are several Yahweh sects and cults who continue to spread the false doctrine that "Yahshua" is the correct Hebrew name for Jesus.  They claim "Yahshua" does not need transliteration and is accurate in that name form.  Is this true?  No it is not!

The fact is, that when the Babylonian Masoretic scribes updated the Aramaic and Greek Scriptures in their possession to form a new "redacted" Bible, they added dots and dashes to represent vowel sounds they believed were within these words. Over the centuries quite a few mistakes and fabrications to this new version have been discovered. In spite of this, many continue to use these added vowel points as being the inspired act of God?  These are the descendents of the same scribes who opposed Jesus and joined in the plot to have him crucified.  They were blind guides on Scripture then and they remain BLIND GUIDES.  Of what interest is it to them to translate something accurately if it can be used to prove Jesus was the Messiah?  In fact they take the view that it is better for them to corrupt the text than to have it accurate if it can be used to authenticate Jesus was the Messiah.  It was these Masoretic scribes living in Babylon who claimed that the correct vowels to insert into the tetragrammaton YHWH were those in the word "Adonai" when correctly they took them from words like "hovah, ahvah, ahveh" .  And it was these same scribes who practiced magic and the Kabbalah who suggested that when the vowels of Adonai were combined with YHVH, the sacred name was pronounced "Iehovah" later to be spelled either "Yehovah" or "Jehovah."  Certainly the Jews did not protest their own formula for guessing the lost sacred name, they gave it to the world.  They put the vowel marks on the tetragrammaton. When this guess name was promoted by Martin of Troppau in his "Pugio Fidei (1278AD)", of the secret Order of St. Dominic, the Jews did not protest. In fact, many do not protest today although the most recent guess name of "Yahweh" is now the favorite of Jews, Catholics, and Protestants, and found proliferated by them extensively throughout their modern theologies.  And what do they offer as the AUTHORITY for adding the necessary vowels to form Yahweh? THEY DO NOT USE THE VOWELS OF ADONAI AT ALL.  I know where they got the vowels "a" and "e" to insert to make the guess name Yahweh. And it would shock you to know. There is not ONE CLAIM that ADONAI as used to form JEHOVAH was used at all to form YAHWEH!  From whence comes the "e" in Yahw-"e"-h?  And from whence comes the "weh" pronounced by millions as "veh."? We know what they say "Yah" means, but what is the pregnant hidden riddle in the "weh" or "veh"  Let them tell us! And let them tell us how this associates with ADONAI!

The Yahwist will NEVER tell you where the name Yahweh comes from but I will.  They claim that "Yah" comes from "Jah" is Psalms 68:4 but no one has ever proved this.  We now know that "Jah" is a corruption and this should he "YEH" because it is found in the sacred name EHYEH. It is always a claimed "YAH" comes from Psalms 68:4 but this is an assumption, and believed, but there is not one person in history who says that "Yah" in the name of YAHWEH comes from this text except the Yahwist trying to prove thier case for YAH being the first three letters of the tetragrammaton.  

Instead, we see Yah in another form of "iah" fixed to several names of those in the Old Testament.  We also find several names beginning with "Jeh" or "Yeh" in the Old Testament.  Moses was the first to attach "Jeh" to the begining of a name when he added a contraction of EHYEH, the sacred name given at the burning bush, to the name of his successor Oshea.  By adding "Jeh" which is a form of "YEH" to Oshea, the name Jehoshea or as Grecianized Jehoshua was formed (Numbers 13:16).  But NEVER is an Old Testament name started with "YAH" or "IAH."   The three letters "YEH" of "JEH" we know where these came from.  "YAH" or "IAH" has nothing to do with the name EHYEH given at the burning bush.  So where did this YAH come from?  "Iah" is the name of the Egyptian moon god.  Did the Jews have Egyptian gods (see Jeremiah 44:8)?  The answer is yes.  Did they worship the moon whose name was YAH?  The answer is yes (2Kings 23:5)!

Now where did "weh" from Yahweh come from?  Maybe we should ask where "ahweh or ahveh" which can also be the pronounciation of Yahweh come from?  Will the blaspheming Yahwist tell you?  No, they will not tell you and they do not care to know themselves.  But I will tell you:

The guess name Jehovah is the same as the word "hovah"(Strongs 1943) in the first box to the left and means ruin or disaster.  The guess name Yahvah is the same as the word "ahvah" (Strongs 5753) in the second box on the left and means to do perversily.  The guess names "Yahveh or Yahweh" are the same as the word "ahveh" (Strongs 5773) in the third box on the left and means distorting, perverting!  By adding a "J" or a "Y" to these these words and forming false sacred names, the occult and mystic fabricators invented "Jehovah" and "Yahweh!" If you call upon these names you may be calling upon a demon or a false god.  Y-ahweh or Y-ahveh and combining the name of the moon god to this "ahveh or ahweh" we can see that those who baptize in the name Jehovah or Yahweh are baptizing their idiot converts into the names of gods of ruin and perversity. Would a God in heaven ever allow his name to contain these abominations?  These are missing from the WONDERFUL name of Jesus, the ONLY saving name!  Now we know why the name Nineveh was given by Asshur (Nimrod) to one of his cities.  Nineveh is another form of "moon-god perversity."  "Nin" is the ancient Akkadian name for the moon god and we have already seen that "ahveh" and the contraction "veh" means ruin, disaster, to do perversily.  Nineveh, the city of moon god idolatry lived up to its name (Jonah 1:2).

It is the taking of "Yah" as found in the KJV in Psalms 68:4 as "Jah" that begins the subterfuge of creating the false name "Yahshua".  In the Psalms text, the word "Jah" is said by Strongs to come from "iah".  It is from a false use of this three-lettered word that "Yah" emerges as the first step in the formula of fabricating the name "Yahshua."  At this point there is no such name as "Yahshua" it must be fabricated, it is not found once in all of the Word of God in any ancient manuscript.

The first error of the Concision here, is to give this three-lettered word the pronunciation of "Yah" with the "Y" replacing the "I".  Now there is no "Y" in the Hebrew alphabet but that makes no difference to the sacred-name sects and cults.  These rely strongly upon Catholic and Protestant theologians and their books, who also do this, but it does not make it accurate.  "Yah" is pronounced wrong because the "Y" is made to replace the "I" in "iah."  Anyone who knows anything about "iah" knows that these three letters were just a pronunciation form of a much older and ancient spelling of "HYH".  That ancient and much older spelling is "Ehyeh" (HYH with two "e" inserted correctly). When this name is pronounced ,"Eh" becomes an "i" and "yeh" becomes "jeh or ah", thus "i-jeh" as in "El-ijeh" or "El-ijah, ...Elijah in the KJV," and also "iah" as added as a suffix BUT NEVER AS A PREFIX to several names in the Bible.  

Scholars must have weighed heavily the correct sounding of "I" in the Hebrew text and chose the "jod" and not the "yod" pronunciation of the corrected redacted alphabet and Masoretic text of 875AD.  And for several centuries the Jews made no protest.  To this day, those who are intelligent on this issue still refuse to become embroiled in this debate knowing that the scholars acted upon professional information provided by the Jews themselves. The Jews give the letter "i" both the "I" and the "J" soundings.  It was after the Babylonian Masoretics added their revisions and vowel points to their Scriptures that "yod" has been more extensively adopted as the pronunciation of the letter "i".  In the Psalms text the letter "J" or the "jod" use was adopted and the three-lettered name "Jah" appears in the KJV. It is a rule of grammer in the ancient languages that were based upon the Phoenician standard that when a vowel followed the letter "I" that the "I" have the "J" or soft G sounding.  When the letter "I" was followed by a consonant it retained the "I" sounding.  This is the rule the KJV translators used in translating Hebrew words and names.  It is absolutely a fraud to give the "I" a "Y" sound when a vowel follows the letter "I".  Scholars who have done this should acknowledge their error and correct it.  A practice adopted in the past two hundred years should not destroy such an important ancient fact of language.

The Yahshua sects and cults then proceed to claim that both the Father and the Son's names must begin with "Yah" although no name may begin with the letter "I" followed by a vowel "a" and pronounce it as "Yah."  And further, the Yahshua sects and cults allege that all salvation and truth will rest upon the personal new guess names of "Yahweh and Yahshua."  It is then necessary for them to destroy the name of Jesus in order to establish these guess names using "Yah" as a prefix.  The sacred-name sects and cults will then begin to blaspheme against the name of Jesus, claiming that some evil translator just assigned to Jesus a name in Greek and "Iesous" was that name.  Then they claim this unknown translator made this name up and was borrowed from Zeus, the name of a pagan god.  With careful and artistic skill in fabricating their falsehood, these creep into homes and Churches leading the ignorant, the stupid, and the faithless to renounce and recant the name of Jesus.  Having debated the Yahweh's it has been my experience that those who fall into this heresy are simply stupid and it gives them some opportunity to appear intelligent. I have not met a one of them who when challenged was not heady, highminded, mean-spirited, and arrogant. These ignorant ones for the most part are usually those who were not founded well in the Word of God in the first place, many being troublesome members who were always carried about with strange winds of doctrine looking for some added ingredient that would make their salvation better or stronger.  Heresy always seems to masquerade itself as something being restored when in fact it is something that is "distorted."

I will quote here from Daniel Segraves book "The Messiah's Name Jesus, Not Yahshua" pp13-14: "The claim that the Hebrew yod "carries the sound of "ee" as in "police" (12) further reveals the author's lack of familiarity with the Hebrew language.  Yod is transliterated into English as "y," and it has no vowel sounds of its own at all.  The author (speaking of a YNCA writer) may be confused about the development of matres lectionis during the monarchic period of Israel's history.  "In the earliest phase of the development of Hebrew, vowels were not indicated at all." (13)  But during the monarchic period, the alphabetic signs he, yod and waw "were introduced at the end of words to indicate final long vowels." (14)  When he, yod and waw are used to indicate final long vowels, they are not longer considered consonants. (15)  In this case, the letters have taken on a different function altogether.  In the third stage of the development of the Hebrew spelling system, the matres lectionis ("mothers of reading" in which consonants took on the new function of indicating vowel sounds), yod and waw began to be used not only at the ending of a word indicate a vowel, but also within a word.  But yod never represents vowel sounds at the beginning of a word, and represents a vowel sound only at the ending of words. (16) The statement that yod "in Hebrew carries the sound of "ee" as in "police" is wrong.  If the yod is at the end of a word, it indicates the "ee" sound.  If it is within a word, it may or may not indicate the "ee" sound. If it is at the beginning of a word, IT NEVER INDICATES THE "ee" SOUND " (Note by Pastor Reckart, this proves my claim that IESOUS does not have the "ee" prefix sound of "Ie" and proves that "Ie" is a shortened form of the Hebrew "IEH or YEH" and should be pronounced Jeh-sous or as in English Jeh-sus, ...Jesus).

Then on page 32 I quote Segraves: "The shortened form YAH is the independent form and/or the terminal form in some names like Elijah. Though it can stand alone or at the end of a word, IT CANNOT STAND AT THE BEGINNING." (Pastor Reckart's note:  This means that "iah" or "Yah" can end a word but never be the start of a word, thus Yah can never be the first part of the Saviour's name or any other name.). "It is also not true that "Yahshua" means "the salvation of Yah."  A note here, the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology says this: "Iesous is the Greek form of the Old Testament Jewish name Yesua, arrived at by transcribing the Hebrew and adding an s to the nom. to facilitate declension."  

Here we have a case of the scholars declaring that "Iesous" to be the transliteration of  the Hebrew Yesua, something that the sacred-name sects and cults deny and claim was derived instead from the name of Zeus!  So, how do the scared-name sects and cults come up with Yahshua?  They take Yah the name of the Egyptian moon god and glue the word "shua" to it and form their own guess name.  The guess name Yahshua is not FOUND ONCE IN ANY ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS.  It is a false name!

The Nomina Sacra

Yahwist not only are excellent liars, they are not consistant.  On one hand they claim the name of Jesus is the Greek Zeus, then on the other hand they produce the Nomina Sacra argument which contradicts them.

To the left is a chart that shows how the names Jesus and Christ were written in the Greek manuscripts witgh two letters each.  These names, words, and phrases known as the Nomina Sacra were not abreviated because the Apostles and early writers were being devious or trying to begin a mystery religion.  They were just a shorter way of writing a name, word, or phase that those who read the text could fill in with the whole pronunciation by memory.

The falsehood of the Yahwist is to make the claim that the Greek manuscripts contained the name Zeus where the name Jesus is found in the text today.  If as these perverts claim, that the name Jesus is really the Greek name Zeus, then we would expect for the name Zeus to be found in the Greek text and not the name Jesus as abbreviated in the Nomina Sacra.  In other words, look at the name Jesus and see if the Greek contained the name Zeus.  The name Zeus is not there at all. Not even an abbreviation of Zeus appears in the Nomina Sacra.

We should note, that since the abbreviation of the name Jesus Christ is not spelled out in Greek in the Nomina Sacra, that to spell it correctly will require some confidence in the Hebrew pronunciation so that when the letters are expanded to the true name, the name matches that spoken by the Apostles.  The standard Greek rendering as found in Strongs and other Greek reference works are nearly all false, based upon conjecture and combining Greek and Aramaic spelling and pronunciation rather than the Paleo Hebrew.  

The true name of Jesus comes to us in the following manner:  Je is derived from EHYEH the sacred name of God, dropping the first EH we have Yeh or Jeh as added to the name of Oshea (Numbers 13:16-Jehoshua). In Hebrew the "h" is silent so that Jeh becomes the "Je" in the name of Jesus. The word salvation is in the Hebrew "yehsa" (Strongs #3468).  Again, Yeh of yesha is a contraction of EHYEH the sacred name of God given to Moses at the burning bush.  Yehsha is the correct spelling but because the "h" is silent it is dropped to form Yesha. The name of Jesus is therefore derived not from Zeus but from "Yehsa" converting the "Y" to its proper "J" sound we have "Jehsa" and the adding the masculine (s) we have Jehsas and finally Jesus. The "sas" and "sus" are identical in purpose and pronunciation.  To claim that "sus" comes from the Latin name for pig and this means the name of Jesus means pig god is stupidity.  To claim that the precious name Jesus comes from Zeus, is not only blasphemy, anyone who makes this false accusation is immediately damned!

The Yahwist who have blasphemed against the name of Jesus are all damned. Those men and women who have cursed the name of Jesus calling it the name of a pig God are damned. Those men and women who were rebaptized in the false names Yahweh and Yahshua to remove the name of Jesus from their hearts, minds, and souls, are eternally damned. It makes no difference if a person claims they were deceived or lied to, they are still damned. Eve could have made that defense but she was still damned and lost. Salvation is a wonderful and great gift of God. When men and women become heady, highminded, rebellious, full of stubborness, and acquire the over all attitude and character of the devil, then like the devil they damn themselves. The first sign of an apostate is not to be subject to the Pastor and the Apostolic Ministry in matters of faith, doctrine, and practice. The second sign of an apostate is to accept a wind of false doctrine and try to infiltrate this heresy upon the Church and Believers as a new revelation. The third sign is to separate from the Church family and join up with other apostates. That is why we true Believers must take the more earnest heed to those things spoken to us by the Lord and the Apostles who heard him.  If a person plays with their salvation, then they can expect the consequences.

A case history:  Steve was once filled with the Holy Ghost. He attended Church faithfully.  He would not come under the authority of his Pastor. He soon slipped away and was backslid for a little over a year. When he came back to the Lord he had been contacted by a Yahwist.  He was convinced the guess name Yahweh was the true name of God.  He renounced the name of Jesus being stirred up by the Yahwist that it came from a pagan deity named Zeus.  He sought for the refilling of the Holy Ghost.  He came to the altar many times and cried for hours trying to be saved again.  He would not say the name of Jesus believing to do so was to honor a pagan god. Steve could not feel God.  He could not feel the presence of God.  He called a neighboring Pastor to ask if the name Yahweh was good or evil.  The Pastor in his stupidity and ignorance said Yahweh was the lost name of God.  Steve took this support and ran with it.  When his Pastor called me into the picture, Steve was in great spiritual trouble.  He could not feel God.  He had sinned against God.  After over a year of admonishing him to call upon the name of Jesus, and his refusal to call upon the name of a pig god, Steve finally broke down.  He began to speak softly and sweetly the name of Jesus.  But the heavens were brass and his prayers like lead.  He could not find God, could not feel God, and finally backslid out into the world.  Today he is a lost man and in great sins.  The Yahweh doctrine has caused Steve to be lost.

If you are in a Yahweh Church or group, I command you in the name of Jesus to come out from among them and be a separate people. If someone has deceived you into Yahwehism, REPENT, and have a non-Yahweh Apostolic Pastor baptize you according to Acts 2:38 and get the name of Jesus back upon your temple of the Lord.

STUDY THE HALLELU-JAH god & the praise "alleluia".

Written by - Pastor Cohen G. Reckart on May 28, 1998