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Feel The Call To Be A Missionary?
AMF now offering Missionary Training In Tampa

Dr. G. Reckart

The calling to be a missionary will fall upon the heart of select sons and daughters of God.  Have you felt this calling of God?

In these last days the Lord Jesus has a special calling for mission work among the nations.  Only those who are prepared will fulfill this great labor of love. Pastor Reckart knows how missionary work should be done.  He is now ready to train other good Brothers and Sisters in this Kingdom work. Ministers are not instant missionaries in spite of what they believe.  Much destruction has taken place on mission fields by inexperienced and ego-hunting novices. We have a short time to do the Lord's work and only those prepared should go forth.

Pastor Reckart has a calling of God for world missions.  He heard the voice of God while in the Philippines in December 2004.  The Lord said: "prepare the sons I am calling to go forth into the harvest." I have felt this burden so heavy since then.  I came home to the USA to put this into action only to come face to face with those working after the manner of satan. After a temporary set back, I heard the voice of God speak to me the second time: "call for my sons and daughters to come to Tampa and be trained to go forth to the harvest."

I am now going to be obedient unto the Lord Jesus and send forth the call.  If you are one of those Apostolics with a missionary calling and you want to be prepared for this great work, the door of faith and opportunity is now open in Tampa, Florida for training and preparation. Have faith and step out!  You could be on your first life-changing missionary trip to Ethiopia in March 2006!  Our next Apostolic Missionary College starts in September 2006!  

Will you face hard times?  Are you ready to sacrifice your time and life?  Are you willing and ready to give all? Are you humble and teachable?  Will you labor with little reward or recognition? Do you love people? Do you have a contrite spirit?  Are you a team person? Will you work to see goals and ambitions accomplished?  Are you willing to attend Missionary Bible College?  Are you one of the few who have the quality the Lord is looking for? Pray about it and then give Pastor Reckart a call at 1-813-238-7283 (SAVE).  Everyone will not be accepted for this training. We are looking for the best, those ready for the mental, physical, and spiritual challenge. Those who are holy and clean with a good report. Call today and talk to Pastor Reckart.

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