Antichrist Freemasonry
By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright, All Rights Reserved

Freemasonry is a religious fraternity that many believe began in the 1700s in England and France.  The fact is, this cult has roots all the way back to Babylon and its founder Nimrod.  Masons are open in their claims that their philosophies can be found in all the ancient pagan religions from Egypt where their symbols come from, to Italy and Greece, and at last even to Babylon.  Albert Pike, the Grand Master General of Freemasonry claims the cult has roots in the ancient Gnostic beliefs. They also point to pagan non-God religions for additional philosophies like Hinduism and Buddhism.  Freemasonry weaves all these pagan and heathen philosophies into Christian and Jewish concepts.  The lodge, which is the meeting place of the cult is said to represent Solomon's temple where the members may substitute on their altar any religious sacred book in the country where the lodge is located.  The Bible will be the book on the altar in Christian countries.  For Jewish lodges, the Old Testament alone is used.  In Islamic lodges the Koran is there and so forth.  Three things rest on the Masonic altar:  the square, the compas, and the holy book of the religion of the members. These are called the three great lights of Freemasonry.  The "G" in the image is said to represent God and geometry but in fact represents what ever god may be represented in the holy book laid upon the altar.  So that in this symbol is contained the three alleged lights of the lodge. While Freemasons claim they believe in God, whom they call "the great architect of the universe (GAOU)," this entity is not always recognized as the God of the Bible or the God of Christians.  This "G" can represent any god from Allah to monkey and snake gods, even Krishna and Brahma.

Masons claim their cult is not a religion that it is only a fraternity.  This lie gives them the freedom to sit in judgment on all other religions and impose separation of church and state, while they enjoy the liberty to join state and Freemasonry in a secret unity. Many government buildings have the Masonic cornerstone but if a religious one was set, the antichrist would weep and wail to the high heavens. Masonic mixture with the American government is seen in the very emblem of the United States in the Great Seal, which Freemasons boast are the symbols of their craft and mysteries. If a particular religion had their emblems on this seal the Freemasons would be the first to protest crying "separation of church and state."  Our nation's capitol is laid out in Masonic cult design.  American is alleged by Freemasons to have been founded in a Masonic lodge by Masons. According to their boast, not a single man who signed the Declaration of Independence was a non-Mason.  The question now arises who is the God of the Masonic lodge?  Who is the "god" of America? It is not the God of the Bible. They neither teach or practice his laws, statutes, commandments, or righteousness.  Their god according to Albert Pike is lucifer.  Who is lucifer?  He is the devil.  Therefore, the god of the Masonic lodge is the devil.  All who hold memberships in the Masonic lodge are devil worshippers of one sort or another.  True, they are not into human sacrifices, blood-letting, and boiling toads and black cats and chanting runes to evil spirits.  But they are a satanic religion nevertheless. Jesus is not preached in the lodge as the Saviour of the world.  In fact the mention of his name in the lodge during the rituals and ceremonies is PROHIBITED!

Freemasonry does not promote Christ or Christianity and this alone proves it is an anti-missionary cult.  Every law passed in America that has anti-Christian effects has behind it a Freemason.  Laws that affect Christian influence that are stricken down by judges, these black-robbed rulers of law are Freemasons.  Freemasons are members of all the secret orders that are promoting one worldism and world unity.  They are the controlling influence in the New World Order.  They have prepared and promoted their members to all the high offices in politics and our judiciary.  The US Supreme Court is controlled by Masonic members.  Nearly every judge, police chief, and sheriff in the USA is a Freemason.  This cult has successfully become a secret government within a government.  The success by which they have hidden this from the American people shows how powerful they are.  They control our news media.  They are in control of most educational institutions and decide the text books of students so liberal that Christ and Christianity become painted as clowns and buffoons. Freemasonry is not a holy and Godly group. Get out of it and do not join it!

The mock resurrection of the Mason in the thrid degree (Master Mason Degree), comes straight out of the mystries of Egypt. On the left is an image taken from an ancient tomb in Egypt that shows the Masonry cult existing in Egypt in the cult of Isis.  No true Christian would ever join the Masonic lodge. And if they were deceived by the lies of those who initiated them, taught them mouth to ear, then they need to get out and run for their life.  If they remain in this cult, they are no friend of God or Jesus. The oaths to join this cult are bloody and filled with a confession of permission of to die if they ever disclose the oath or the workings of their cult.  These oaths are said to be identical to those administered in black witchcraft.  Once this oath is taken, a person must agree to utter these blood oaths or they cannot join.  Taking blood oaths is against the Word of God.  Where in the scriptures does it even hint that a person who departs from God should have their throat cut, their tongue torn out, their stomach ripped open and guts pulled out, and their body buried by the sea shore where the tide ebbs and flows?  The answer no where!  Yet this filthy and obscene oath is required of all who join the cult.  Ask a member of this cult to explain his blood oath and he will not do it.  He is afraid.  He is under fear for his life. He trembles that a group will come to his house and his body will be found missing a hand or a foot and his body multilated.  He will not reveal the slightest part of his blood oath.  He will try to get away from you as fast as he can.  These are in bondage and must be delivered.  They are not saved so long as they remain in this cult.  They must come out of it, renounce their blood oaths, and never go back.  They cannot be born again and remain in this devil cult.

If you know any person who is in this cult, witness to them that they must come out of it.  Many will not do so because all their jobs, business, wealth, and income, is the result of Masonic power and control.  To leave the lodge and the cult is to suffer loss of nearly everything. Masons do not like exMasons and they will do everything in their power to destroy them.  Ministers in Masonic controlled Churches, were the Deacons, Elders, Trustees, and Board of Directors are Masons, will be thrown out of the Church and sent packing.  Before the Masons cast them out they will try to destroy the character and reputation of the Minister who opposes them.  Many Pastors have been kicked out by Freemason control and the whole event was ugly.  Masons can be very ruthless and hateful when their cult is openly attacked in the Church as a cult.  I know of Ministers who were forced to remove web sites because of Masonic power.  I know of Ministers who because of Masonic power pulled away from me and then later turned and called me a cult, never once calling Masonry a cult!  What does that tell you of alleged so-called men of God, Reverends, and so forth?

I will not post all the Masonic symbols here and show the satanic connection.  You can find this on other web sites.  I will not print the bloody oaths here, you can find that also on other web sites.  Let me close off this short expose by saying if a Mason does not leave this cult he will go to hell when he dies and he will pass through the gates of the east into the Lake of Fire.  If a Mason refuses to be born again as found in  John 3:3-5 and Acts 2:38, that man will suffer the wrath of God for all eternity.  Freemasons who have not gone to the depths of satan and worked out a soul exchange for a job, wealth, and or power can be saved if they are willing to depart from that cult.  If they choose to remain in this church of the devil, then they deserve to burn in hell forever.  They deserve this because it is their seed, their cult, that originated the antichrist movement against Jesus in the body of the Pharisees.  Masons in the day of Christ were responsible for his crucifixion.  They put him to death hiding behind a religious mask.  Today, they would permit all Christians to be killed who oppose them.  This is witnessed in Russia where Masons in control of the Communist government killed many Christians who refused to be converted and embrace the antichrist system of Karl Marx.  May the Lord God himself bring upon these their proper judgment at the appointed time.  Masons who want to be saved must depart from the lodge.  They must never go back.

Pastor G. Reckart