What About The
Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) Church
Republic of the Philippines
Let a native who has witnessed the delusion speak

Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, unlike the rest of us Filipinos, are not allowed to think for themselves when it comes to interpretation of the Bible.  They must submit to the official interpretation of Scripture from the Central Administration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.  If any member disagrees with the interpretation of the Scriptures as taught by the Central Administration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, they are cast out and told they are damned into the flames of hell.  This is a frightening and extremely traumatic experience, so devastating to a person's life, employment, and careers, few can escape and live a normal life.

The force by which members of INC are intimidated to stay in the membership is tremendous, especially those who are second, third, and fourth generation.  By now they are brainwashed in the cult's teachings and convinced they are in the true Church of Christ. Membership in this group has increased in recent years due to the lack of public information that would exposed the INC as a cult group and its doctrine and teachings nonbiblical.  The internet may serve as the only means a person can find information about the cult they are in and doctrinal information that may set their minds free from the religious bondage associated with INC. Many feel scared and threatened by the manner the group is held so tightly in the grip of such few men and women of power. Add to this religious fear that there may be a hit squad (religious mafia), authorized to enact the death penalty upon those who depart, and members become prisoners of conscience in a nation where there is supposed to be freedom of religion by all citizens protected by the government.  

In the Philippines it is well known that different levels of government have given the INC use of military, police, and other enforcement bodies the power to persecute, arrest, and abuse anyone who openly opposes INC. The infiltration of the Philippine government by INC members on all levels makes it dangerous to confront the false doctrines being taught in INC churches. Even the Catholic church and its priest and bishops are intimidated by the power of the INC in the Philippine offices of government.  Eventually, there may be open conflict where Catholics and INC members battle it out.  Only time will tell if there will be great bloodshed.  Does the Philippine Republic already have a shadow government in the hands of Erdy son of Felix angel?  Many think so! Why do so many politicians and presidents go to this group and lobby for the millions of votes in their block balloting, and then once in office seek counsel at INC headquarters before making serious national decisions?  Is this not evidence of a shadow government?

What is the solution of protecting the future civil rights of Philippine citizens and freedom of religious expression including making converts? Government reports seem to say all is well in the Philippines except for the Islamic unrest and a few Communist still trying to level the economic playing field between the poor and the rich. INC does not like other religious groups trying to convert its members. Splinter groups of INC and their leaders are constantly harassed, threatened, and openly abused by government agencies. The national government in the Philippines must enact and enforce laws that prohibits officials of the government from discriminating against and abusing religious groups. Any religious group whose members carry out directives using government offices and police powers must be denied existence in the Republic. Such individuals and religious groups should upon indictment and found guilty, be denied property ownership and all existing property subject to taxation commencing the year in which such acts or violations occurred. Any employee or official on any level of government, from the President down to the Barangay Council, who in any way allow any religious leader to persuade them to perform any act not authorized by a court order, should be removed from office or employment immediately. Any denial of any civil right of a Citizen or Guest (those legally in the country by visa), because of religious expression should be guilty of a crime.  Such should be removed from employment or office and banned the rest of their life from all government employment or political positions. Any government contracts held by any business entity guilty of complicity in such activity should be canceled and such business closed down.

It is wrong for any religious group to have preference over others and given the right to execute vigilantism using employees and political office holders of the Philippine government on all levels.  It is reported that the INC has infiltrated employment positions containing power and authority on all levels of the Philippine government.  It is reported that these employees have used their positions for the benefit and power of INC staff and leaders.  It is also reported that INC has also infiltrated all levels of Government and these public servants have used their offices and power for the benefit of the INC and its staff and leaders.  While there may not be wide-spread executions and death squads searching for fleeing members of INC or those who publicly disagree with INC policy and doctrines, just one such case of torture, beheading, burning and killing, the knowledge of which is spread from province to province, is enough to keep members and dissenters not question practices of INC or its doctrines.  Anyone who challenges the INC is currently in danger of limb, body, and life! That is why such writings as this must be done anonymously so as to escape retaliation and maybe death. This kind of religious power should not be enjoyed by any religion upon the earth in any nation.  When any religion has a licence to eradicate whom it will, the world is not safe and there will be no people who have a free conscience and the liberty of free speech.  Such religion deserves to be wiped out and all property confiscated. When any religion needs or uses the power of civil government to enact penalties against dissenters, it is no longer religious.

Unbiblical Beliefs of Felix angel and INC