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By Pastor G. Reckart
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INC Lawyer says book WILL cause violence in the Philippines

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Iglisia ni Cristo

What do Deist believe about Jesus and God?

Deist do not view God as an entity in human form.  They deny Jesus was God!

Deist view Jesus as a philosopher, rabbi, teacher and healer, but not as the Son of God.

Anyone who denies Jesus was God is of the Deist religion and antichrist. The Iglesia Ni Cristo church denies Jesus was God therefore it is Deist. According to its founder, Jesus was no more God then he was. This is Deist and Islamic talk! Manalo's doctrine makes himself a Son of God on the same level as Jesus.  Any and all Ministers, Pastors, Evangelist, and other preachers of the Manalo Deist religion are antichrist since they all deny Jesus was God.  Is Jesus God?  Read Revelation 1:8 and check out the words of Jesus himself.

The translation of this verse is as follows: I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord God, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

In this one text Jesus subscribes to himself the same titles used of God in the Old Testament. If Jesus is not God, he lied when he claimed to John to be the Lord God. Jesus claims he is the LORD GOD, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the ALMIGHTY! For the Iglesia Ni Cristo group to claim Jesus was only a man is to call Jesus a liar.  Who do we believe, the Iglesia Ni Cristo and the central administration or Jesus?

Above is a typical Iglesia Ni Cristo style Church in the Philippines.

Mr. Felix (Manalo) Ysagun:

Mr. Ysagun was born On May 10, 1886 to a Catholic family near Manila in the Philippines. His parents named him Felix from the roster of Catholic saints from that month. He was baptized a Catholic. His mother was a devout Roman Catholic who had Felix attend Catechism class where he learned the fundamentals of the Roman Catholic faith. When he became a teenager he went on a spiritual quest through several known denominations and associated with at least one cult. He became a follower of the ''Colorum'' a religious cult that believed the end of the world was at hand. A Colorum revolt broke out in 1924 in Mindanao with claims judgment day was at  hand. Later, some members of the Colorum movement are said to have joined the Communist on the island. From 1914 to 1925 the followers of Felix Ysagun (Manalo) grew in numbers from among the disgruntled Colorum membership and especially those who were anti-Catholic. According to sources, Florencia Entrencherado, the Colorum prophet and leader, claimed he was the Messiah Messenger and declared himself to be the Emperor of the Philippines. Many think the idea of being a Messiah and also a ruler in the Philippines came to Felix Ysagun (Manalo) from association with Entrencherado.  Whatever the case, Felix Ysagun left the Catholic Church around the age of seventeen in 1903.  It is claimed by his followers this took place after witnessing a debate between a Catholic priest and a Methodist minister on the use of images. He joined at least eight groups over the next few years in search of his own religion.  Iglesia writers put it it his way: "He found that the arguments of the Protestant minister seemed nearer to the biblical truth, than the pointless rambling of the priest" (GOD'S MESSAGE 1 July - September 1994).

Felix Ysagun (Manalo) was a member of the following churches: 1.) the Catholic Church (age 1-17); 2.) Methodist Episcopal Church (age 17-19); 3.) Presbyterian Church (age 19-22); 4.) Christian Missionary Alliance Church (age 22); 5.) Disciples of Christ 'Christian Church' (age 22-25); 6.) Seventh Day adventists Church 'SDA' (age 25-26); 7.) Colorum messias religious cult with its Philippine leader Florencia Entrencherado (age 26); 8.) The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (age 27); and 9.) His own Iglesia Ni Cristo church (age 27, 1913)--(ages are estimated until corrected).

His studies with the Methodist group were interrupted by the death of his mother. His mother died before he started the Iglesia Ni Cristo religion, and taking the doctrine of Felix her son that all the saved are in his religion, she was lost.  Yet, we are told by INC sources that Felix loved his mother so much after her death that he decided to get rid of the surname YSAGUN of his father and take his mother's name "MANALO" as his new name in founding Iglesia Ni Cristo religion.  After her death we are told he began studying at the Presbyterian Bible School. He then discovered the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) group who claimed they were restoring primitive Christianity corrupted by the Catholic Church. He studied with the Disciples of Christ in Manila for four years. From this group he learned immersion baptism as the method of joining the Church. It was during these years he thought of himself as a debater like Alexander Campbell and J. Barton Stone and thought to defeat the SDA on Sabbath and Law-keeping. His debating skills were a failure, and not being well versed in the Word of God he was defeated in his SDA debate. He then joined the SDA and became a defender of the Sabbath day, preaching church on Sunday was the mark of the beast. He joined the Colorum cult along his journey of cafeteria religious shopping.  This was his association with Florencia Entrencherado, whom later he would steal the mantle of prophet, messias, and last Church age messenger.  Felix became engrossed in the theory he was the one to convert the Philippine Republic to Christ by delivering the people from the bondage of the Catholic Church and the other devil churches he had once been a member. He eventually called all Protestants of the devil. He was the only one right.  No other preacher in the Philippines was called of God unless such man placed himself under the control and authority of Felix. Felix liked that and licensed them like you would pedigree cats and dogs, and gave them papers to prove their INC breed.  He claimed to be a Protestant (protesting Catholic) and did not attack the trinity or the Deity of Jesus until years later.  He married Tomasa Sereneo of Paco Manila and to this union one child was born that died in infancy.  Tomasa herself died at a young age from what is believed tuberculosis.

Questions about Felix Ysagun (Manalo) and his baptisms:

He was sprinkle baptized in the Catholic Church.  He then joined the Methodist religion after he counted the Catholic Church of the devil.  Did Felix get rebaptized by the Methodist in an up-dated sprinkle baptism? Or did he allow his sprinkle in the Catholic church to cover him while he was a Methodist?  I have searched for this information and it is missing in all his biographical data.  From the Methodist he converted to the Presbyterian religion.  When he counted the Methodist of the devil did he allow the Presbyterians to issue a better sprinkle baptism?  Or did he allow one of the baptism of a former religion to save him?  He next converted to the Christian Missionary Alliance (CM&A) religion (a holiness and divine healing movement).  This group was the first one Felix joined that believed in baptism by faith and by immersion.  Was he baptized by immersion and got all the sprinkle devil baptisms washed off of him?  We have no record that tells us he was baptized his fourth time and STILL NOT SAVED AND SEEKING.  Next Felix joined the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church). This group tore him away from the holiness and divine healing of the CM&A and taught him miracles were of the devil and holiness was legalism and bondage. One mark the Iglesia Ni Cristo does not have and that is holiness.  They are as worldly as rank sinners. In fact you can not distinguish them apart.  They are camouflaged by their worldliness among sinners. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) also baptized by immersion but for the purpose of joining the Church after which a person was considered saved.  This new group taught baptism was was the human work a person did to make them a member of the New Testament Church.  Felix liked these new doctrines.  Again, there is silence on what Felix did about baptism to get into the Christian Church and be saved.  Did he let them baptise him and add him to the Church and save him? Because this same false doctrine became the baptismal law of Iglesia Ni Cristo, I am sure he was rebaptized into the Christian Church by immersion.  Of course, the formula was: "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit"--the interpolated trinitarian baptismal mass (Matthew 28:19).  His flirt with the Colorum sect was nothing more then novice hunger for recognition and trying to find the key to public acceptance and making a name for himself.  We do not know if there was a baptismal method or requirement by Entrencherado.  We are sure there was some form of baptism but research has not revealed what the ritual was, or if Felix had submitted to yet another dunking or sprinkling.  Then, we have his membership in the Seventh Day Adventists religion who practice baptism by immersion.  Did Felix go back to the water hole and get wet again after ditching the Christian Church and its baptism into that group?  Why would Felix accept the baptism of a church group that had the mark of the beast for observing worship on Sunday?  If he accepted any baptism prior to the SDA one, he had in fact been baptized by a mark of the beast minister?  Now ain't that a real hoot?  

What am I driving at?  The baptismal foundation of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the last one of Felix Manalo himself.  What ever his baptism was before he started the INC religion, that is the baptism he believed saved him, and the authority of the one he baptized all his disciples and ministers.  So, exactly what religion is the baptismal foundation of INC? Will someone tell us?  So, what was his last baptism, by whom was it administered, and by what devil religion?  

You see, Felix decided all those prior groups he had been in were apostate and of the devil. He needed to start a new religion, one that was correct, one that was like the first Church, one that had no part with the former apostate groups he had once been a member. One with the right baptism so he could save those who were not saved, they only thought they were. 

Now we have a BIG PROBLEM!  What about his last baptism and the authority to baptise new converts into his new religion? DID FELIX USE A BAPTISM FROM ONE OF THE PRIOR DEVIL RELIGIONS AS HIS AUTHORITY TO BAPTIZE INTO HIS NEW RELIGION?  Who baptized him after his SDA baptism?  Where are the records? Why have the leaders of Iglesia Ni Cristo not questioned the validity of their baptism by the founder or one of his converts?  Why have members in the INC not questioned the last baptism of Felix to see what baptism he was imposing as his authority to bring members into his new religion, which he said baptism alone did?  Now if Felix was not rebaptised by himself as the founder and first member of the restored Iglesia Ni Cristo, who baptized him into his own new religion and saved him?  

If Filipino's are to believe their baptism saved them and brought them into the Iglesia Ni Cristo, what about FELIX MANALO?  Do they have a baptism he did not have?  Who baptized Felix into the Iglesia Ni Cristo?  And if he was not baptized into it as are all other members, IS HE SAVED?  I say, that according to his own doctrine on baptism, Felix Y Manalo went to the flames of hell because he was NEVER baptized into the Iglesia Ni Cristo church.

If the baptism of the Christian Missionary Alliance Church, the baptism of the Seventh Day Adventist, or the baptism of the Disciples of Christ (the only immersion ones he could have done), were GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM to get him into his own Iglesia Ni Cristo religion: then why could not the baptism of these same groups be valid and they not considered a devil religion?  Felix, O boy, you snowed them!  You deceived them! You had the slick talk of a used-car salesman.  You were a flim-flam man who bilked billions of pesos from good Filipino people who wanted to be saved and willing to pay hugh money for it.

Now, there are three million members in the INC and their baptism into the Iglesia Ni Cristo is based upon a devil baptism by their founder, Felix Manalo!  

According to the doctrine of Felix Manalo, he was never saved, not born again, and outside of God's true Church; until he himself became the first member of Iglesia Ni Cristo religion baptized into it.  This means God used a ravenous bird, a man of the devil from the far east, an unsaved man, and a man outside of the true Church to restore the true Church? Go figure that!

My final question about the validity of Felix's baptism: Since it is a documented fact he backslid when he fell into fornication; and since he had already surrendered the validity of his immersion baptism in the Christian Church when he was rebaptized into the SDA religion; was he ever REBAPTIZED after his SDA one so he could be saved?  Which baptism of Felix Manalo was valid for him to use to baptize members into his new religion and save them? Were the subsequent baptisms by those he baptized valid?  I believe the whole INC membership NEEDS REBAPTIZED ACCORDING TO ACTS 2:38 by a qualified Apostolic man of God.  Line up Ka Erdy, get central administration to line up behind you: call me, its time to get saved the Bible way and get out of that false baptism and get into the true New Testament Church! 

A new wife:

Right after his wife died, Felix could not restrain his burning and so it is reported he began a relationship of fornication with a girl who was to become his next wife.  He was a member and minister of the SDA Church and word circulated of his sexual misconduct.  He chose to eloped with Honorata de Gusman rather then have an ADA wedding and go through public embarrassment.  In 1913 he was disciplined for his elopement being accused of fornication with Honorata before he married her. This angered Felix and caused him to start attacking the SDA doctrine on sabbath observance.  This was his way to overcome his shameful conduct and the public rumors while at the same time making it appear these were false or the crying of sour grapes because he was challenging Sabbath keeping.  Felix did marry Honorata, the ceremony being conducted by a Christian Missionary Alliance Minister on May 9, 1913, the day before Manalo's 27th birthday.  In spite of her youthful mistakes, Honorata was a good woman, a devoted wife, and a good mother: but her salvation is in question since her husband did not have Biblical baptism according to his own doctrine. The couple had six children: Pilar (daughter), Avelina (daughter), Dominador (son), Salvador (son), Erano (son), and Bienvenido (son).

Son inherits the papal throne of INC:

Erano G. Manalo (Ka Erdy) is the fifth child of INC founder Felix Y. Manalo. He was born on January 2, 1925. He is now 80 years old. He went to college to get a degree in law but left to become a minister in his dad's religion. His dad worked out his promotion to be the general treasurer of the church. He has never had a lack of money.  The bank accounts have been flowing over by the billions of pesos. The income of Ka Erdy is a top secret. Because he wanted the flow of information from the Church to the membership and the world to be under tight censorship, Erano was placed in the hierarchy of the church magazine Pasugo. Nothing would be written about or released concerning doctrine, faith, and practice and his father that he did not approve.  Everything written in Pasugo about Felix Manalo had to pass the desk of Erano.  When it was written in Pasugo in 1976 that his father was the "seed of Abraham", Erano approved it.  It was this "seed of Abraham" doctrine that was used to claim Felix Manalo was Jesus in another form. Yes, Felix Manalo did claim he was the messias according to Philippine court records. The INC now try to cover this up and sanitize his life history to expunge this stunning falsehood.  Church members and ministers join in choir when someone opposes their founder, his false doctrines, and their use of every perverted translation they can find to substantiate their claims. They sing in C minor (3 flats) that their church is under attack and they must stand firm and be faithful to "Brother Felix" and the doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.  It is safe to say the rank and file of INC now have the persecuted syndrome and feel they must suffer martyrdom and not forsake the teachings of their founder.  

Erano wrote a 64 page booklet attacking the deity of Christ, "Christ-God: Investigated-False".  The truth is, Manalo stole his anti-Jesus-God arguments from Islamic propaganda.  The arguments of Erano Manalo in his writing against the deity of Jesus are right out of Islam-Jesus 101. Both Manalo's stole the Islamic arguments that exalt Allah and make Jesus just one of several prophets. Iglesia Ni Cristo calls God the "Father" but if pressed will admit the Father's name is also Allah!  Iglesia Ni Cristo ministers are teaching a form Islam-Christianity to its members. All this is lacking is to call the Father Allah and Mohammed is his prophet and they are Islamic!  The conversion to Islam is not that far off and can happen overnight at any instant.  If the Philippine government ever suppresses INC you can expect INC to court Islamic favor and some form of unity and immediate religious war could break out right in the nation's capitol!

Where are Erano Manalo's arguments any different then those in Islam?  There are NONE! Anyone who accepts the premise of the Manalo heresy that Jesus was not God, has accepted Islam in its doctrine against Jesus being Divine and possessing Deity! Another source of Manalo's Jesus is not God heresy is that of the Jehovah's Witnesses.  It was the translation of the JWs concerning John 1:1 that the Word was a god or the Word was divine, that seduced Manalo to be bolder in his shouting that Jesus was not God!  Of course the Manalo duet have worked up enough lather about Jesus not being God to wash a team of horses.  The duets have never stopped grinning over the perverted Bible translation of George Lamsa. They loved his translation of "Church of God" into "Church of Christ" in Acts 20:28.  Was Lamsa a clean sheet? No!  Perhaps the fascination with Lamsa was assisted by the fact Lamsa was also Islamic influenced. Lamsa founded the Christian Mohammedan Society in 1921 to pursue unity by emphasizing common ground.  Unity?  Lamsa wants Islamic unity and Manalo wants Islamic doctrine that Jesus is not God. What better common ground could Lamsa want?  Lamsa said Jesus did not claim to be equal to God and did not want worship.  He also taught Jesus was two persons, a man which was born in Bethlehem and Christ which was eternal and had no beginning or end.  He did not believe in a bodily resurrection. He did not believe Jesus would bodily return but would return only in the minds of people.  Lamsa was a nut.  His translation did not follow rules of word for word, and he often inserted his own interpretation rather then a word of the same meaning in English. The Manalo duet is doing in the Iglesia Ni Cristo exactly what Lamsa dreamed: unity with the Islamic religion based upon common ground with the same doctrine.  What is the common ground between INC and Islam?  It is the false doctrine that Jesus was only a man.  Manalo did not get his doctrine out of the Bible but from Islamic sources either directly or from Islamic tainted sources like George Lamsa.   

The premise of Manalo's book "Christ-God Examined-False" is that if Jesus was God there would be two Gods and the Father alone would not be the only true God.  This premise is false and everything built upon it is false. Jesus can be both God and man, the Father and the Son, And Lord and Christ, and these can be one God (Monarchianism), from which Theodotus apostated and established Manalo's Dynamic Monarchian heresy.  The Theodotus heresy is the foundation of the Islamic claim Jesus was not God only a man. Jesus himself said to Philip: "When you have seen me, YOU HAVE SEEN GOD (the Father)! Seeing is believing.  Since the Manalo duet never was able to see the Father (God) when they looked at Jesus, the obvious conclusion is they were BLIND! Jesus intended that Philip understand when he looked upon him, he was looking at God the Father in flesh.  If anyone denies this, they must call Jesus a liar.  Let the men brave enough gainsay the words of Jesus, this writer and preacher WILL NOT!

The heir of the papal throne of INC attacked the deity of Jesus but had no backbone to attack the falsehoods of his own father.  Thus, he put his father above Christ!  We can be sure the papal power to continue the same errors and heresy will fall to one of Erano's sons when he becomes ill and unable to function or dies.  I predict this will likely be Eduardo Manalo and he has probably already been secretly tapped for the throne. The central administration has no one among them worthy enough to inherit the messiahship throne. The blood lineage of the Manalo messias seed will be enforced you can count on that. Erano Manalo can boast of several things during his reign.  He continued the Theodotus-Islamic doctrine that Jesus was just a man and not God. He can boast his methods caused membership and wealth increase for INC. He can take credit for the many, many, new rapture-designed buildings that were erected. He must be proud of the fact he holds great political power via the Church membership and by his coercion INC has risen to the level of a Philippine shadow government.


Iglesia explains Manalo's departure from the SDA this way "Brother Felix remained with the Adventists until the time that he began to question their observance of the Sabbath during Saturdays. When the Adventists failed to respond to his queries, he resigned as minister and member in 1913" (GOD'S MESSAGE July - September 1994).  According to sources, the INC sect today holds Sunday services and gave up Sabbath keeping.

After leaving the Seventh Day Adventists, Felix Manalo claimed to experience a call like the ancient prophets. It is said he closed himself in with his bible and other valuable inspirations.  He stayed secluded we are told for three days and nights (like Jonah in the whale's belly), and was resurrected on the fourth day after his last night of power, visitation, and anointing.  Manalo had his own "death, burial, and resurrection." Shut in he died to all the devil religions; he buried them all in the flames of hell fire; and on the fourth day he resurrected from his shut-in and founded the Iglesia-Ni-Cristo religion. Felix was another Jesus with a Filipino name, ...Manalo! When he emerged resurrected, we are told he gave his shoe business to a friend took his wife and began his mission to start a new religion, convinced that all others were evil and of the devil. Iglesia central administration tells us: "His exhaustive study of religions and the Bible led him to the conclusion that none of the existing churches then remained faithful with the biblical truth. Therefore, none of them is the true religion. His meditations assured him that God was commissioning him to preach the true Church of Christ." (GOD'S MESSAGE 1 July - September 1994).  This experience smacks of his reading the life of Mohammed, founder of Islam.  For he also secluded himself in a cave and there he was visited and had his night of power, visitation, and anointing.  The same or similar experience is reported by several others who cranked out new religions: Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White, Charles Taze Russell, Alexander Campbell, and J. Barton Stone.  Who would doubt him when he came out of his hiding place and made his claims?  Who would dare not believe him?  He would not need an outside witness or someone to validate or authenticate his calling.  He would proclaim it himself and let those he could convince forsake all others and cleave unto him and they twain or many would become one Iglesia Ni Cristo.

He was self-acclaimed to be the only man of God upon the earth who had the true doctrine of the New Testament. All who would not receive him, refuse to hear him, and not join his new religion would be sent into the flames of hell screaming for their sin of rejection.

Manalo did not believe himself to be God's LAST messenger back in 1913 (1914 according to some claims). He didn't use the LAST messenger doctrine until 1922 after he was successful to lure many followers of the prophet Florencia Entrencherado into his group and he became their new messias-prophet. There seems to be several instances that could have influenced him on the date for the registration of his church on July 27, 1914, which was the date of the beginning of the first world war. It is believed he chose this date because he had swallowed the Jehovah's Witness doctrine that Christ was to return in 1914 and what better date to claim he did return and set up his restored Church then July 27th? His new religion was first known as Iglesia Ni Kristo with a "K" now changed to C. It was later after his apocalyptic influence from 7th day Adventism that he gave even more prophetic significance to this date. He claimed that it closed the period of the 6th seal as related to Rev. 7 and he was the messenger (angel) of the seventh seal and seventh trumpet.  He anointed himself as the  LAST seventh church age messenger.  Now folks, listen real good. Hear me I say!  If a man is the LAST, there ain't no more comming, hear me?  If a man is the LAST before Jesus comes, there ain't no more messengers and church leaders comming, hear me? Felix say he is was the FIRST and the LAST comming.  If this is true, then how is Erano Manalo following the LAST and even he is not the LAST?

Felix Manalo, the LAST angel of the church age died on April 12, 1963 at the age of 77 just a few days short of his 78th birthday. Many thought the church would divide over power struggles with his leadership gone but dad Felix was prepared for this. More than 10 years earlier, on January 28, 1953, he manipulated the powers that be to favor his son Erano Manalo (KA Erdy), and he was selected to be his successor as Executive Minister and leader of INC. He is the 5th child born to Felix and Honorata. It was Erano who wrote a 64 page booklet attacking the Deity of Christ called Christ-God; investigated—false.

The new revelation of the Philippines as the Holy Land:

A pillar of Manalo's beliefs was that the emergence in the Philippines of INC was prophesied in the Bible. This idea is supposedly found in Isaiah 43:5-6, which states: "Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you; I will say to the north, 'Give up,' and the south, 'Do not withhold; bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth.'  To read an expose that proves this claim false click here or when you finish at the bottom of the page click the FAR EAST DOCTRINE.

Manalo argued that in this verse Isaiah is referring to the "far east" and this place was the Philippines where the "Church of Christ" will emerge in the last days. This point is constantly repeated in Iglesia literature: "The prophecy stated that God's children shall come from the far east" (Pasugo, March 1975, p.6--Pasugo is a publication of the INC group).  Manalo never did explain if there would be similar Churches established in the west, north, and south mentioned in the same text.  He pulled the "east" out of this text to justify his making the Philippines the headquarters of the restored Iglesia Ni Cristo religion and make Manila into the New Jerusalem of which he (Manalo) would be the patriarch chief prince and ruler and then pass this kingdom to his son upon his death. Who are these to be gathered from the east, west, north, and south?  Why it is the Israelites who were scattered to these regions by God.  The Philippine people do not qualify to be these to be gathered.  This text has already been fulfilled and Manalo cannot cause it to be applied to the Philippine people.  Such wrest of Scripture shows the man was not honest and he was not speaking for God.

They also teach God's messenger will be called from a far country in the east from the Islands of the sea using Isa.46:11: "Calling a ravenous bird from the east. A man who executes my counsel from a far country."  Thus, they make Malano a ravenous bird and according to the Laws of Moses a raven was unclean and an abomination (Lev. 13).  How Malano can be a raven, an unclean bird of abomination, and yet the LAST day pure messenger of God to re-establish the Church is a contradiction? This, in light of the fact the INC is a quasi Law-Keeping group according to their own dietary teachings that include the forbidding of eating pork-blood stew (dinuguan). Anyone who knows anything about Isaiah 46:11 knows this text has already been fulfilled. It could never speak of Felix Manalo.

Literally translated, Iglesia Ni Cristo is Filipino for "Church of Christ." But to distinguish it from the American Protestant body that bears that name, followers and other groups tend to refer to it either as the INC or to use the Filipino Iglesia Ni Cristo even when speaking English (and "Church of Christ" even when speaking Filipino).  The American Church of Christ is trinitarian and does not observe the sabbath day as a binding rule of faith.  The American Church of Christ does believe in the divinity of Jesus but gives him the rank of the second person-God of the trinity. Manalo recanted and denied the trinity when he accepted the Dynamic Monarchian doctrine of Theodotus (190AD Circa). Where did he learn of this heresy?  He discovered it in Bible school with the Disciples of Christ when he studied early church history after the Apostolic age. He discovered the Monarchians and the Dynamic Monarchians and chose to accept the heresy that Jesus was not God, only a man. IT would take him a few years to finalize his own rejection of his past Jesus and feel comfortable with the new one he would bring out of the closet and parade before the Filipino people. Manalo after his conversion to the heresy of Thedotus, was proud to claim Jesus was only a man.  He taught the Holy Ghost was a created spirit (some form of angel) sent by God but was not God.  Thus, he taught the Father was the only real God.  He taught Jesus must be worshiped because the Father said so.  If worship is to the Father alone, any worship of a man named Jesus would be idolatry.  Why would the Father then tell his people to commit idolatry in worshipping Jesus?  

Membership numbers of the cult are kept secret, but INC gossip indicates they boast of 3-10 million members; this in a country of 75 million with about 55 million claiming to be Catholic. I have observed some of these churches and did not witness that many members in attendance. I also observed INC has its own security/guard/police at each church who stand at the compound gate to check for the mark of the beast and membership.  Only those who are members are allowed past the gates.  All others are considered of the devil and still under some mark of the beast satan and cannot enter.  So INC Churches ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

The INC was founded in 1913 by Manalo as the only member after his night of power and his resurrection, three days after he died out to the world and secluded himself in his own tomb.  This spiritual death was to all devil religions.  Then he could have his resurrection and come forth from his room, his self-imposed tomb, and like Jesus go about to establish his church and add ministers and disciples to it. We belive the next member after his own was that of his wife.  By 1914 he is said to have four ministers and 12 disciples (church members). By 1936, (twenty two years) his new religion had grown to 300 ministers and evangelists with 500 churches and 350 chapels on Luzon island, according to the Encyclopedia of the Philippines. He went to America in the 30s to beg for money to build his massive chathedral in Manila.  How much he was able to collect from Churches of Christ we do not know. Whatever the amount he brought back in his luggage, it was sufficient to start him on a path of great wealth and power.

A few ethnic Filipinos who follow the Manalo religion live outside the Philippines, some in the United States where they are establishing Iglesia No Cristo churches.  They have targeted the USA to tap into even more wealth and political power. This will be successful only if they are able to convince a large number of people into the Theodotus heresy that Jesus was not God and only a man.

The most basic component of the INC's beliefs is that founder Felix Manalo was sent from God to reestablish the Christian Church in its true form and doctrine. Manalo and the INC claim First Century Christianity was corrupted by the Catholic Church and needed restored. Today the INC claims it represents the only true expression of Christian faith and like the SDA, puts a lot of stress on Law-Keeping (those edicts and commandments issued by either Felix Manalo, Ka Erdy, or the central administration). INC doctrines and practices are a mixture of Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian Missionary Alliance, the Colorum cult, and Catholicism. Felix Manalo was the pope of his own Catholic Church, called by another name, the RAVENOUS BIRD.

The INC's headquarters is on Commonwealth Avenue in Manila's capital district, Quezon City. They have a large cathedral there trying to impress Catholics and Protestants that wealth, might, power, and being large, is a sign from God of their authenticity. Not to mention the shrine was designed to leave worshipers with a sense of smallness and awe.  Stepping out of the shanties, the slum-dwellings, and into such an edifice gives the poor the impression they are part of a true heavenly religion and God has blessed it to have all this greatness and wealth. The ignorance of poverty has worked well in making converts to the INC religion. These do not have the knowledge how to overcome the deceptive interpretations of INC members and ministers. The INC religion has its own college (The New Era University) and a hospital (New Era Hospital). But INC churches are common in many villages and towns of the Philippines and known for their elaborate architectural design used to catch attention and show the poor masses this is the true Church of God.

One way to recognize them is that they are built to be aerodynamic and include structures on the sides of the church building that could be mistake for a rocket; INC members believe in the unbiblical pre-tribulation rapture.  That before the great tribulation, Christ will return and remove his church from the earth for a period of time during which non-believers will suffer tribulation-- and when they say "remove his church" they mean that the actual building will take off into the air like a rocket ship and shoot up to meet Jesus in heaven, and that the believers who are inside at the time will go up with it.  With this false doctrine many want to live in the Church and there is no problem getting attendance when the doors are open. They are looking for an any day, any minute quick snatch and they do not want to be LEFT BEHIND.  Manalo believed in the actual rapture of the Church building. While they do teach the 2nd coming of Christ they do not teach there will  be a millennial reign of a thousand years upon the earth with Christ.

Currently the INC is run by the founder's son, Erano G. Manalo. The INC is active in Philippines politics.

Denial Jesus Christ is God is the central theme of INC. Manalo denied Jesus was God manifest in the flesh.  His doctrine on Jesus is like that of the Dynamic Monarchians who believe Jesus was only a man. The divinity of Jesus is one of the essential Apostolic teachings of the Bible. What Manalo did was make himself equal to Jesus.  He brought Jesus down to his own level of humanity.  In fact, Jesus being a man would need salvation himself since he would have been of Adam's seed and race and inherited sin.  He would have sin in his blood and would thus not even qualify to be a pure sacrifice for the sins of others.  Exactly how Manalo handled the salvation of Jesus we do not know.  What we do know is that Manalo made himself a prophet of equality to Jesus, he (Manalo) needed salvation and we presume his being equal to Jesus means Jesus needed to be saved also.  Perhaps Manalo in some way saved Jesus, since he claims he saved Jesus' Church from the evil Catholics and Protestants.  His followers give him more glory and honor then they do Jesus.  Their churches should be named Iglesia Ni Manalo for this is the true description.  Jesus did not found the Iglesia Ni Cristo and has no part in it. Iglesia Ni Cristo is not the Israel of God, the Kingdom of God, and thus is not the true Apostolic Church born on the day of Pentecost.

Claiming that the Christian Church "was apostatized after the first century" and "was restored to its pristine purity by God by means of His last messenger, brother Felix Y. Manalo..." (Pasugo, July/August 1988, page 7).  According to the doctrine of INC, Manalo was the seventh and LAST Church age messenger.  This is somewhat the claim also of a later prophet, William Branham who died in 1966.  The cult of the seventh Church age messengers includes several other men and all of them developed into cults.

Manalo claimed that salvation comes only through his church ("This may come as a surprise to many, but the Biblical truth is, though all churches profess to preach God and Christ, there is only one true church that can bring people back to the good graces of God" (Pasugo, November 1973, page 19).

Mind control and brainwashing:

"Each member ...should submit himself to the Administration of the Church in order to be saved" (Pasugo, Jan 1976, p.9).

"For opposing the Administration of the Church is tantamount to opposing not only Christ but also God" (Pasugo, Jan 1976, p. 190).

"Thus Christ Jesus is Savior, not because he is God but because God saves through him" (Pasugo, July-August 1991, p. 3).

"Let not forget this Gospel Truth: Christ saves through the Church of Christ" (Pasugo, Sept. 1974, p. 4).

Question: Does God save through Christ or Christ save through the Iglesia Ni Cristo church that Manalo created in 1913?  If Christ saves only through the Iglesia Ni Cristo beginning in 1913 and all others are evil and of the devil since the days of the Apostles; what of the souls between the days of the Apostles and the time Manalo started his new religion?  There was no Iglesia Ni Cristo and its Thedotus heresy in existence.

Look at these statements:

"It is only through his dear Church that man can receive redemption and forgiveness of sins" (Pasugo, Jan 1997, p.4).

"We need the Church just as much as we need Christ" (Pasugo, March 1970, p.11).

Of course when the writers say Church they mean Iglesia Ni Cristo.

"In God's scheme of salvation, Christ and his the Church of Christ are inseparable.  We must accept Christ and the Church of Christ" (Pasugo, Sept/Oct 1988, p. 19).

By Church of Christ, Pasugo writers and central Administration mean Iglesia Ni Cristo is the Church Jesus founded.  They are claiming that Jesus and the Iglesia Ni Cristo cannot be separated. This is false.  Jesus is not and was not the founder of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.  Even Manalo and central administration claim their Church was founded and started on July 27, 1914.  Jesus founded his Church on the day of Pentecost around 29AD.  These by their own dates of birth ARE NOT THE SAME CHURCH!  Jesus founded his and Manalo founded his.  So, Jesus and the Iglesia Ni Cristo can be separated because they were never joined together.  Manalo and his central administration are trying to deceive the world that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the same Church as that found in the New Testament and this is false.  These people are thieves.  They are trying to steal an identity to which they are not entitled.  The Church Jesus founded received the gift of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance.  The church Manalo founded kicked the Holy Ghost out and not a single soul has received the Gift of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.  The Church Jesus founded was holy and its members practiced holiness inward and outward.  Manalo's church has no holiness, was not founded on holiness, and none of the members practice inward or outward holiness.  These are two different Churches by founder, by date of birth, by Holy Spirit witness, by doctrine of salvation, by holiness, by Gospel message, and by Apostolic authority.  The faith, doctrine, and practice of Iglesia Ni Cristo is not the faith, doctrine, and practice of the Church Jesus founded.

We are told that INC members are required to pay money by means of certain offerings  in order to take Communion.  If they do not pay they cannot take Communion. It is considered a sin not to take Communion.  A person must take Communion to be saved. To take Communion in the Iglesia Ni Cristo is required for salvation and each person is expected to buy their salvation by paying required offerings and this is supposed to be certified each time Communion is served.  If offerings are due and not paid they are not supposed to be served Communion. Extortion is used with Communion and members are forced to pay for the ransom of their souls with cash.  No cash, no Communion, and no salvation!

Many high-ranking Filipinos in the military, in political offices, police forces, courts, and banking industry are members of this cult. Former Justice Secretary Serafin Cuevas is just one of many and we are told he sits on the executive board of INC. Ex President Joseph Estrada is a close friend of the founder's son and while in office would visit with him to get advice and instructions.  Estrada had hoped he could influence Manalo's son Erano to support Fernando Poe Jr. for President. Said Estrada from jail: "I [would] go to him when I was still President.  I don't talk to him (Manalo's son) by phone out of respect for who he is, " he said.  The INC had supported Estrada for President in earlier elections.

The power of the INC is enormous. Consider the following:

The INC exercises its clout outside the realm of politics as well. In 1998, a big commercial bank sued the church in a dispute over property that had been offered for sale to both the bank and the INC.

The bank had acquired the land earlier, but a relative of INC Executive Minister Erano "Erdie" Manalo brokered its sale to the church, unaware of the earlier transaction.

"The church felt insulted it was being sued in court," an influential INC member said. "You don't go to court or go public at once. Usually, you call up the Iglesia first."

Stung by the lawsuit, church leaders ordered all their members employed by the bank to resign and called on all the faithful to pull their money out of the bank. The bank lost P1 billion. In time, the case was settled amicably, with the bank properly advised never to cross the INC in public or in court again.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, a non-Iglesia, knows this lesson well. Some years ago, as a senior police officer, Lacson faced a dilemma over what to do with controversial police Col. Romeo Maganto, a kapatid. "Lacson had to go to the central (INC headquarters in Quezon City) to secure permission to fire Maganto," the member recalled. "The permission was given."

Former Justice Secretary Serafin Cuevas, one of Estrada's defense lawyers and a senior INC member, is a trustee of the New Era University and officer of Amalgamated Management and Development Corp., which has secured the contracts for production of driver's licenses, identification cards, and motor vehicle plates from the Marcos to the Estrada regimes.  The INC is a very powerful religio-political cult and could in the future align with other subversive elements to overthrow the government if there is ever an outright confrontation to the power of the group.

The current President, Mrs. Arroyo uses the INC and to her own ends:

Mrs. Arroyo describes herself as "a good customer of Iglesia Ni Cristo" and says she consults with its reclusive chief minister, Eraño Manalo, whenever she has problems.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo does not teach the New Testament truth.  It is not the true Church of Christ.  It is a cult whose power and spread must be checked and stopped. The only way to correctly deal with this group is to expose its doctrines as false.  It is a false religion. There is no salvation in its midst.  It is far worse then the Catholic Church, in that it denies Jesus was God.  Malano did not restore the ancient Church, it was never lost and never really need restored.  What was needed restored was the doctrine of salvation as found in Acts 2:38.  Malano had nothing to do with this great world-wide revival.  His group will not stop a revival of this truth in the Philippines.  His Church group still uses the trinity baptismal formula of Matthew 28:19: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Now that we have the Hebrew Matthew and this trinity formula is not found in it, what does this say of Manalo's claim he was a prophet and last messenger to the Church?  Seems his God could not reveal to him that his baptismal formal was false and all he baptized would still not be baptized according to the New Testament pattern.  Thus, baptism according to the doctrine of Manalo would profit them nothing.  Everyone baptized in an Iglesia Ni Cristo Church would be lost since they are not baptized according to the correct New Testament practice.  How could a false baptism usher anyone into the Church of Christ?  Obviously it cannot.  Therefore, Manalo deceived millions they were in the Church through baptism when in fact he had made them members of the Catholic Church, since trinity baptism was a doctrine and invention of the papal system.

Doctrine of salvation according to Iglesia Ni Cristo:

"It is not enough that one professes faith or belief in Christ or accepts Him as personal Savior to be saved. One should come into the fold as instructed by Christ. The sheepfold or flock is the Church of Christ."

Actually, the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church does not believe in salvation by grace through faith. They believe in salvation by baptism and works which includes following the laws issued by church leaders. They believe in salvation by joining the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church which they call the Church of Christ.  

As you can see, they believe a person must come into their fold, their church.  Thus, they believe the sheepfold in the reference of Jesus in John 10 is none other then the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church.  All who are not a member are lost and will squirm in the fires of hell.

Membership in the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo), therefore, is essential to man's attainment of salvation.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo does not believe in miracles.  They do not believe in casting out demon spirits.  They do not believe in the gifts of the Holy Ghost as Paul teaches their practice in the Churches.  They reject, ridicule, and mock the Holy Ghost evidence by speaking in other tongues. Manalo held that these events and gifts all passed away in the time of the first Apostles and was replaced by the finished book of the New Testament.  He taught exactly like the Churches of Christ in America; that the things done in "part" would be done away when that which was "perfect" was come: and that which was "perfect" was the completed Cannon of Scriptures, the Bible.  This is somewhat like saying the items available at a restaurant become obsolete and not available when a menu is printed.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo church does not believe in or practice outward holiness.  Their members dress like the world.  Their women dress in pants, wear earrings and make-up. Their men wear shorts and there is no holiness in them at all.  Members are not prohibited from smoking, drinking, or gambling as a test of membership in the church.

Was Jesus God?  The answer is yes!  This fact alone proves Manalo and his Iglesia Ni Cristo are false.  All who follow them are following blind leaders.  The deception of this religion upon the ignorant and unlearned is great.  But the sheep will not follow them or hear their voice.  The real Jesus Christ is not among them.

Accusations of sexual immorality:

Accusations of sexual immorality plagued Felix Manalo through out his life.  He was able to escape all these events by claiming the women and girls who accused him were lying.  But this was to catch up to him in 1942 and become a part of the official history of Iglesia Ni Cristo Church:

In a decision by the Court of Appeals, in the case: "The People vs. Rosita Trillanes" published in July 1942, (a court case initiated by Manalo), the Justices gave an extremely unfavorable estimate of Manalo's character stating:

"...Manalo, took advantage of his position as head of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, and employed religion as a cloak to cover his immoral practices; that he pretended to be the Messias sent by God; and the to persuade his victims, he cited the example of Solomon and his many wives."

"We are all entitled to our own religious beliefs.  But there is nothing wrong nor shameful in correcting our religious beliefs when it is found to be wrong.  It is never to late to change our religion when it is proved to be false" (Pasugo, Nov., 1970, p. 8).

Proof Inglesia central administration believe Felix Manalo is Christ:

"He whom God has chosen or taken from the ends of the earth, the fulfillment of which is undoubtly Brother Felix Manalo, is the seed of Abraham" (Pasugo, Nov., 1976, p. 14).

INC explains the four angels on the four corners of the earth in Revelation 7:

“Ang apat na anghel na pumipigil sa hangin ay mga pinuno ng bansa, na ito’y mga sugo rin o anghel ayon sa I Ped. 2:13-14. Ang hanging pinipigil ay digmaan, gaya ng sinasabi sa Jer. 4:11-13, 19. Ito nga ang digmaang sumiklab noong 1914. Ang apat na pinuno ng bansa na kumakatawan sa pagpigil sa digmaang sumiklab noong 1914 ay sina Lloyd George ng Gran Bretanya, sina Clemenceau ng Pransiya, si Orlando ng Italya at Wilson ng Amerika. Sila ay lalong kilala sa tawag na The Big Four" (World History, p. 494).”

Translation: "The four angels holding the winds were leaders of nations, who were also messengers, or angels, as written in I Pet. 2:13-14. The wind that they were controlling refers to war as mentioned in Jer. 4:11-13, 19. This was the war that broke out on 1914. The four leaders of nations who worked on the prevention of the war, which broke out in 1914, were Lloyd George of Great Britain, Clemenceau of France, Orlando of Italy, and Wilson of America. They were better known as the Big Four" (World History, p. 494)--(Pasugo, July 1964, p. 33).

Now get this: it would be Felix Manalo to instruct George, Clemenceau, Orlando, and Wilson, NOT TO HURT THE EARTH UNTIL THEY (Manalo and these four), HAD SEALED THE 144,000 IN THEIR FOREHEADS.  Did Felix Manalo DO THIS?  No!  Did he even write letters to these four men-angels?  No!  Did he call them on the hot-line?  No!  Did he send them a telegram?  No!  Did he send a smoke signal message?  No! Did Manalo and these four men seal 144,000 in their foreheads with the seal of God?  No!  Did Manalo and these four men even try to seek out the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel?  No!  Manalo came to America we are told in 1919 and did not even send a post card to President Wilson. Lies, Lies, Lies, and these people really believe they are the true Church of Christ?  They are so deceived!  Why will these members not open their eyes?  It is because they have their religion and right or wrong, going to hell or not unsaved, they will not allow truth to come into their heart.

Come out from among them:

The Iglesia Ni Cristo is proven false and it is now time for many millions of Filipinos to change their religion.  We are told the founder of the INC is a known criminal guilty of rape, a fornicator, and an immoral man. We believe the information about him is accurate.  His interpretation of the Bible is false.  His doctrines are false.  His plan of salvation is false.  His claim the INC is the New Testament Church restored is false.  His claim the Church would be restored in the Philippines is false.  His use of the ravenous bird to authenticate his authority to start a new religion is one of the greatest jokes pulled on the Filipino people.  This one scandle netted him billions of pesos in profits for his new cult.  If you are a member of this religion, show your faith in the real Jesus Cristo and leave.  Run for your life.  If you get fired by someone who is ordered to do it by INC central administration or a minister of the group, take your persecution as great joy and be willing to suffer for the true Jesus and his Church.  Take your soul out of the midst of that group no matter how long you have been a member, your parents are members, or your wife or husband have been members.  You must leave and never go back.

Jesus, save your people in the Philippines and do not let them be deceived....A men!

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