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You may print out this study for private personal use.  Ministers may download this to disk or copy it for Bible Studies to be presented to their congregation or cell study groups.  However, no part of this study, including the gif graphics may be posted anywhere on the internet unless such person(s) has the express written permission of Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor. Any such postings will be considered an infringment of the copyright and owner shall be entitled to damages, costs, and compensation, as shall be determined by the Court of jurisdiction.  This study is in printed booklet form and the author has it available for $4.99 plus postage.  Send all offerings to the above address.  If you copy these pages or use them, you are now on your honor for $4.99.  All rights including international copyrights are reserved by Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Copyright Notice | Tribute | Introduction | The Eastern Greek Orthodox Church | Greek Claims of Orthodoxy
The Cabbalist Jewish ConnectionNicaea Where Truth Was Declared Illegal | Constantine Takes The Bait
Constantinople A Rival Religious Papacy | A Religion Of Works For Salvation
Things Greek Orthodoxy Must Admit | The Curse Of Nicaea Upon Constantine And His House
Additional Trinity Notes | Patripassianism | Gnosticism
Quotes Worthy Of Notice | True Orthodoxy

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