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The Curse Of Nicaea
Upon Constantine And His House

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

When one plays with God's Covenant, his house, and his wife, and his children, it usually comes back to his or her own. Constantine has sowed and he must also reap. He had impregnated Christianity with paganism and a false throne-line of authority, without an Apostolic right to do so. Now he must learn the lesson in his own house of subterfuge, deceit, back room-politics, what secret corruption is like, and its effects upon a precious Covenant, purity, and faithfulness to a King.

"Constantine's first wife was named Minervina. She bore him one son named Crispus. He then married Fausta who bore him three sons and three daughters" (45).

In 326 AD, one year after Nicaea, he put to death his son Crispus. Soon thereafter, he had Fausta put to death. It was reported by Zosimus, a Greek historian, that Crispus had made love to Fausta his stepmother, who to cover her adultery, accused him to the Emperor. It was thought that Fausta devised this scheme to remove Crispus from the throne line, that it might fall to her sons. What ever the scheme, Constantine was able to see through it and had her put to death (46).

Constantine died eleven years after Nicaea, in 336 AD at the age of 64. Just prior to his death, it is reported he removed his purple robes and put on a white one and was baptized at last in the trinity. Politics polluted his house with back-room adultery and was broken asunder. Behind the plot was the struggle for possession of the Imperial throne. A wife was willing to prostitute herself to secure her objectives. His covenant of love was destroyed. He went to his grave in the eternal hurt of his soul, fitting a King who tried to prostitute the Church of Jesus Christ [God's Wife], with the devil, and tried to bind her children with mental chains to paganism, that has now lasted almost seventeen centuries.

Today, few "Christians" are Apostolic. Most are trinitarian, as the result of Constantine's plot to coalesce the philosophical views of the Greeks and Nico-Laitans with Apostolic doctrine. Apostolics however, are not the least bit discouraged, although our ancestors have suffered all sorts of persecution and even death for rejecting Nicaea and contending for the Orthodox Apostles' doctrine. We are still here and we are still trying to give trinitarians the history of the trinity, in hopes there is one more honest soul who will see the light, and journey upon the Jerusalem road, back to the true fountain of biblical Orthodoxy, of the Apostolic Church in the book of Acts.



(45) Will Durant, The Story Of Civilization, III, Caesar And Christ, p 663
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