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There are many forms of Gnosticism. In its basic concept, it is a mystical system that attempts to explain Bible events based upon hidden or secret knowledge. Gnosticism can be traced to Babylon where it was first used by Nimrod and Semiramas to created a false religion based upon a re-interpretation of God, the creation, angels, the devil, man, woman, and the fall. This re-interpretation has secret knowledge allegedly hidden in symbols, words, icons, idols, and rituals. There is a public exoteric religion and hidden there is an oral esoteric religion containing secret knowledge [Freemasonry etc.]. Gnosticism is the hidden [dark] side or the esoteric side of re-interpretation of that which the general public is seldom informed or made to know.

Philosophy is a form of Gnosticism, as it is a system of re-interpretation that attempts to rationalize the Spiritual with natural logic or reason. Philosophy forms the basis of reason for the new spiritualism that is based in Gnosticism. Together, philosophy and Gnosticism unite to form religions, based upon human engineering, as social customs determined by morals and Spirituality mesh. This system is void of Divine revelation in the Scriptures and the Spirit of God. In Gnosticism [trinitarianism], logic and reason is the source of revelation. In Gnosticism everything is subject to man's approval and acceptance, whereas, in Divine revelation, everything is subject to faith in that which is already revealed through the Scriptures and final. Gnosticism, then is a false spiritual system that substitutes for the true Spiritual order of Faith in that which is already revealed in Scripture.

In the true Spiritual, God declares through the Prophets and the Scriptures that he is one God. He needs no philosophers to testify otherwise. Gnosticism through logic and reason creates mysticism, and attempts to explain God, his being, his substance, his essence, and his works. This re-interpretation divides God according to the rules of philosophy and reason, into different aspects. This being accomplished, Gnosticism then proceeds to re-define God in human terms whether or not it conflicts with Divine revelation. If God says he is one God, the Gnostics will prove through logic and reason that God is not a being, but a nature, an essence, and in this new re-defined ideology, there can be multiple personages with one nature and one essence and this is re-interpreted to mean that when God says he is one God, he is not saying there are no other spirit beings, only that there is no other nature or essence.

This philosophical and Gnostic thimble rigging, is a form of deception the likes of which is the height of stupidity. It may receive the Nobel prize in mentalogy and foolism, but it receives no praise from God or those who love God.

Gnosticism swept into the world at Babylon and it has infiltrated every attempt of God to reach mankind with the truth. The word Gnosticism in its root means "knowledge." But this knowledge is false, half-truth, twisted, warped, sensual, devilish, and full of evil. It perverts the right ways of God. It turns men and women's hearts from receiving the Truth. It brings division among Brethren; It destroys faith; And it turns men from God and eternal life. Is it any wonder that God would say: My ways are not your ways, and my thoughts [knowledge], are not your thoughts [knowledge]?"

Gnosticism came among Christians and attempted to teach that the Unknown Father is so unknown that he does not even exist: "The En-Sof is ‘nothing' &, if, as the Old Testament has it, He created things in his own image, He would create nothing" (51). This nothing emanated a ray of light and knowledge [Gnosis], an eternal Christ was formed. Another ray of light was emanated and Sophia [philosophy], wisdom was formed. After mankind was created, the eternal Christ descended upon the human Jesus at his baptism and he becomes the Gnostic Christ (52). There are now two natures in Jesus, one human and one Gnostic divine. It is the eternal Gnostic Christ in Jesus who performs miracles and antagonizes the Jews about their religious practices and taunts the Pharisees and Saducees. When Jesus was crucified, the eternal Gnostic Christ departs and looks back at the human Jesus. The Jews thought they have crucified the real Christ but he had escaped. They have instead crucified the human Jesus upon the Cross. The eternal Gnostic Christ goes back to heaven to the throne of his Father and Sophia [philosophy], or the Holy Spirit comes to mankind to be the comforter in absentia.

Although one may not easily see the trinity here and the story now told in Christendom about Jesus being inhabited by the eternal begotten Son, the Gnostic rendition above shows how Christianity has swallowed hook, line, and sinker, the re-interpretation of Scripture from a polluted and profane fountain, with fountain head at Babylon. Until many take a brief view of Gnosticism, they may never understand the depths of iniquity, hidden within the labyrinth of mental detours in the trinity doctrine. Paul, addressing the Gnostics and philosophers in Romans 1:18-28 said:

ROM 1:28
28: And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge [gnosticism], God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.

Gnostic and trinitarianism leads to a reprobate mind that often causes many to reject Acts 2:38 and the Apostles Doctrine. Some Apostolics marry into trinitarianism and then turn against the truth to please their spouse and new in-laws. How much greater can a reprobate mind expose itself, than to accept Gnosticism and philosophy above the teachings of Jesus Christ and his Apostles? The evidence of a person deceived by false knowledge called Gnosticism, is when they choose to stay in a trinitarian Church after the Truth has been revealed. Paul reports that God will eventually give them a reprobate mind. The only safety and security of believers is to reject philosophy, science falsely so called, trinitarianism, and believe only the Apostles' doctrine in the book of Acts, the true Orthodoxy of Christ and his Church.



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