Several months ago this man, S. Thomas emailed me.  He tried to convince me I was wrong about Branham.  When I wrote back and corrected his deceptions about Branham being Jesus Christ, he sent back a death threat that he would kill me if he was there in my presence.

This is the kind of crazy religion William Branham set up to follow after him by claiming he was Elijah and even a reincarnation of Moses and Jesus.

This heresy is dangerous because it carries some of the Apostolic doctrine.  Many Jesus Name people were snared to follow this false prophet because of his miracles. Several followers have written to me and say"

"Bro. Branham was verified by many signs and wonders, what signs and wonders do you have to verify you?"

I reply back that I am not trying to replace Branham as a Christ, as a Prophet, as an Apostle, or as one of his apologist.  So I am not obligated to perform any miracles or signs.  However, I respond: "tell me about your signs and wonders to verify you as a spokesman/woman for him."  None of them have.  Hummm, wonder why?  Is it because they have to signs and wonders and depend upon what Branham did invoking the name of Jesus?

I warn everyone here, William Branham was a false prophet and he died and went to hell unless by some act of repentance he was able to get right with God.  There is no such evidence of this and we conclude he died in a lost condition. We conclude if he had repented he would have set the record straight that the serpent seed and other heresies of his were false.  He did not do so.  Nor did he repent when he said there is no blood in water baptism applied to a sinner.  He died within hours of making this boast against the Acts 2:38 plan of salvation for the remission of sins.

On the left look at his tombstone, taken from pagan Egypt and fashioned after Freemasonry images and beliefs.  Look at how they stole a shroud body of a spirit and cut and pasted Branham's head on it.

This is all manufactured falsehood.  Branham is dead.  He died a false god.

Pastor G. Reckart