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A critique of the racist claims of the Black Hebrew Israelites and other Black racists.
The Crayola Box Doctrine

By Pastor G. Reckart
Acts 2:38 Church at Jesus House
Tampa, Florida

Refuting Black Racism & The Crayola Box Doctrine.

What is an Israelite?

An Israelite is a descendant of Jacob the grandson of Abraham (Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob).  Jacob's name was changed into Israel (see Genesis 32:28, 35:10). The descendants of Jacob/Israel were called the children of Jacob and the children of Israel (Gen 32:32 and 2Kings 17:34).

Israelites were of the seedline of Shem and the Genealogy is set forth clearly in Genesis 10:22-31. We can trace the Semites in the seedline to the Syrians and to Abraham the founding father of  the nation of Israel.  The ethnic and racial composition of Israel is Syrian. This fact was to be confessed concerning Jacob in Deuteronomy 26:5:

"And thou shalt speak and say before the LORD thy God, A Syrian ready to perish was my father, and he went down into Egypt, and sojourned there with a few, and became there a nation, great, mighty, and populous."

A Syrian ready to perish, identifies the skin color of Jacob and all Israelites as they went down into Egypt and a Black nation. As to skin color and bodily features there became a racial and or ethnic difference between the  Syrians and the Black descendants of Ham or his sons Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya), and Canaan (first occupants of the land of Israel). This rules out all the Black races of Africa as being of the Semite race stock of Abraham and Israel via the Syrian people.  All the Blacks of Africa are from the Hamatic lineage and they are not Semites.

There is a distinct color of skin difference between a Syrian and those of the Hamatic races.  Compare the Black-Hamatic African race on the left and the white-light tan-Semite-Syrian race on the right.

The Israelites descended from the Syrian race stock of Shem.  They were not a Black people. This said, the mingling of the races is a known fact.  Even the nation of Israel mingled with other nations.  But, did that make them African Black?  Does it mean all Blacks can lay claim to being a Hebrew Israelite because there was intermarriage between the Syrian White-tans and African Blacks?

Obviously, a natural Israelite has in him or her a Jewish bloodline back to Jacob and Syria. They additionally have some connection to one of the 12 tribes.  This refutes the claim by Black Hebrew Israelites that original Israelites were Black people.  It also refutes the fact that because of their Black skin color and wool-like hair, all African Blacks are automatically Jews and Israelites.

If Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were Syrian, then they did not have wool like hair.  They were not a Black people. And they most certainly were not African.  Abraham was not a Black man, nor were Isaac or Jacob Black men.

When Abraham sent his servant to get a wife for Isaac he did not send him to Africa.  He sent him back to the land of Syria.  There he found Rebekah the daughter of Bethuel. Bethuel is called a Syrian:

"And Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padan-aram, the sister of Laban the Syrian" (Genesis 25:20).

When Jacob the son of Isaac fled from Isaac and Rebekah where did he go?  Did he go to Africa or Syria?  He fled into Padan-aram into Syrian and to the house of Laban the Syrian.  There he took two wives and two concubines, all of the White-tan-Syrian skin color. The sons of Jacob by these wifes and concubines did not produce a Black nation.  The original Hebrews were then not Black at all but White-tan (light brown of which brown freckles continue to prove the genealogy). Blacks do not have freckles unless there is a  White or Brown bloodline in the genealogy somewhere in the past.

How then "could" there be Black Israelites if the Israel Syrian original was White-tan or brown?

A note here in the union of Abraham and Hagar the Black Egyptian girl.  The son Ishmael was a mixture of Syrian (White-tan) and African (Black). This produced a tribe called the Ishmaelites.  They were not a Black tribe. They did not live in Africa. They were not a White-tan tribe. They were of the same color as the later "mixt" multitude that came out of Egypt called "Erebs or Arabs."  This is why the descendants of the Ishmaelites are the same color as the Arabs. This confuses these nations and peoples because they share the same skin color but their ancestors are different.  This however does not make the Ishmaelites a part of Israel. Nor does it make them Israelites in the inheritance seedline of the biblical Hebrews.  The Hebrews are not just a race of people by color of skin, they are a monotheistic religion.  Even Syrians, the native race stock of Abraham are not counted as Hebrews because of a racial connection. This cuts hard against those claiming to be Black Israel Hebrews and they are trinitarians, pagans, and reject the Gospel as preached by Jesus and his Apostles.  A gospel which is not racism based as found among Black Hebrew Israelites.

Backward interpolating racism into the  Gospel and the history of Israel has only one purpose and that is to make Israel a Black people. It is not only false and wrong, it is perversion of the Bible.  There is no reason to pervert the Bible to make Jews Black, Brown, White, or any other color.  We can follow any mixture of Israel with other nations and easily show a distinction of color when there is one.

The first mixture appears to come when the sons of Jacob married daughters of the land of Canaan. Since there were several different race nations in the region there is no way to determine what color they were.  But this we know, Israel as a result of these marriages did not become a Black nation. It remained a Syrian color people and because of this the Israelites had to confess in Egypt among the Black Hamatic people that their skin color came from Jacob and the Syrian nation.  They had to confess they were Syrians not Africans.

The second mixture appears when Joseph took an Egyptian African wife names Asenath (Genesis 41:45, 50).  Two children were born of this union, Manasseh and Ephraim.  Here we certainly  have Black and White-tan mixed. There is no biblical support that these two sons married Egyptian Black women and produced two tribes. Those descended from Manasseh and Ephraim were with Moses when he came up out of Egypt.  These two groups were not among the later "mixt multitude" that refused to abide in the Covenant of God with Israel at Mount Horeb.  This said and confessed, these tribes were not African Black and to claim the mixture made them African Black and not rather a continuation of the Syrian bloodline of the Semites, is falsehood.  The seedline is counted in this respect through the male. In later centuries the descendants of these two tribes mingled with White and Tan races of the other tribes (there is no record the descendants had additional encounters of Black mixture). We would have either a dark brown people, or if mixed with the lighter tan Syrian stock, then a much lighter skinned people.  I find it interesting that in reference to the skin color of the tribe of Ephraim we have a Scripture that seems to identify skin color:

"Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people; Ephraim is a cake not turned" (Hosea 7:8).

Here a race mixture is certainly indicated.  The Prophet described the tribe skin color and compared it to a cake not turned.  I will compare this to a pancake.  The batter is white (plain flour) or light brown (whole wheat). You pour it on the griddle. It fries on one side and then you flip it to brown it on the other side.  A pancake when fried is light brown in any case on both sides.  It is NEVER BLACK!  Now Hosea said he was a cake "NOT TURNED."  This indicates he is half and half.  He is part brown (African lineage) and part white (Syrian lineage).

There is another comparison needing to be made.  If we desire to know more of the skin color of the ancient Israelites, we need look no further then the Tabernacle.  Inside of this holy edifice there are 12 testimonies to the nation of Israel.  There are 12 loaves of unleavened bread sitting on a table called shewbread.  Now what color is this shewbread if made according to the directions given by Moses to represent the flesh and seed of all Israel?

"And thou shalt take fine flour, and bake twelve cakes thereof: two tenth deals shall be in one cake (Leviticus 24:5).

These were to have frankincense sprinkled upon them.

The fine flour was made of wheat and wheat flour is a white-tan mix.  They had no means to make pure white flour and this is not intended as the color of the shewbread.  Instead, the shewbread was light tan in color, the same as whole wheat bread today.  The frankincense added no color purpose but rather symbolised how a holy people would be seen by God as a sweet fragrant people. The shewbread in the Hebrew is "paniym Strong's #6440" and called the "bread of the presence" and more descriptually "face" and means each loaf of shewbread represented the face of each tribe of Israel.

Wheat bread color is not white and it is not black. White-tan is the color of the shewbread placed on the table in the House of God to represent the face or presence of the 12 tribes before the LORD.  Yes, the shewbread was unleavened and a flat cake.  But this does not change the color.

There is nothing in the Tabernacle that indicates Israel as a nation was a Black people but instead they were a White-tan people of the Syrian race stock and the Shewbread proves it. 

We find in the history of Israel a light-brown skinned color of these tribes. No one, absolutely no one, can prove the Manasseh and Ephraim tribes were African Black and thus, all African Blacks can claim they are Hebrew Israelites by claiming they are of these tribes.

The third mixture appears when the Israelites are in Egypt and intermarriage with Black Egyptians produced what the Bible calls a "mixed (mixt) multitude":

"And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle" (Exodus 12:38).

A mixed (mixt) multitude refers to a racially identified people of Israelite (White-tan) and Egyptian (Black) by husband and wife unions.  It is interesting that "mixed" in the Hebrew here is "Ereb" which is the same as saying "Arab."  This is no doubt the origin of the Arab nations began with separation from the Israelites. They are called "mingled people" in Jeremiah 25:24 in reference to these same people.  It is to be noticed that these "Erebs or Arabs" are not Black African people. They are darker than the Syrian race and  lighter than the Black African races. This indicates a mixture of Syrian with African Black. Since a distinction is made in the Scriptures between the Israelites and the mixt multitude, we should not take liberty here to make Israel a Black people and ignore the obvious facts that refute this falsehood.

A remarkable preservation of Jews and Israelites are the Yemenite Jews.  These Israelites are said to be as pure Jewish bloodline as it comes.  And they are not Black people.  Here is a picture of a Yemenite Jewish family.

The Yemenites are as Syrian in color and race stock as the Syrians themselves. The only difference between them is religion.  The Abraham Syrian bloodline has the monotheistic religion of one God and follows the laws given to Moses.  The Syrians in general were pagans who worshipped many gods, have practiced many religions, and if it was not for Islamic evangelism and Muslim wars wherein the Syrians were conquered and forced into Islam, they would still be Christian and pagans much like all other nations not forced into Islam.

The Syrian bloodline of the original Hebrew Israelites cannot be refuted.  The fact the original Hebrews were Brown and not Black cannot be refuted.

I will now treat some of the Black Hebrew Israelite claims that Blacks by their Blackness are the real Jews and Israelites.  I will also treat the claim that white and caucasian Jews are all descended from either the Kazaria or Edomite people.

When I first encountered the Black Jew theory many years ago I was indeed faced with new perversions I had not heard before. They seemed logical and possibly true.  But as years passed and I had time to check the arguments, I began to find great perversions. Here is an example:

When Moses went before Pharoah he stuck his hand in his breast and pulled it out, it was leprous as snow (Exodus 4:6). The question is proposed that if his hand became the color white then he must have had a different skin color.  What is that skin color they ask?  They answer: "black of course."  But, if Moses had the light brown skin color of a Syrian, would that not also be a distinction to the white color? Why must the skin color of Moses be Black?  Because he is in Egypt and the same color as Pharoah?  This would insist that the color of the Syrian Israelites was the same color as the Hamatic Africans and this is false. The skin color of Moses is made to be black because in black racism the color white is evil and bad.  Black Hebrew Israelites are filled with black racism against whites and this is the whole intent of their false interpretation of this leprous event with Moses. No other skin color is considered.  From this perversion Black racist accuse Whites as being diseased lepers whose blood is contaminated with all manner of evil and hate and this is the cause of White racism against Blacks.

The fact is, it was not a color difference this miracle was meant to convey to Pharoah.  It was God's power over the dreaded disease of leprosy.  His hand was perfectly normal when he stuck it into his bosom.  When he pulled it out it was leperous and perhaps some fingers were missing as all lepers eventually experience. There was white leperous risings all over his hand and arm.  His skin just didn't turn from black to white. Pharoah would see this disease and be in fear, as lepers in Egypt were looked upon as cursed and it appears from history they were isolated from the general public.  Pharoah see's Moses as a normal man.  He then sees his hand as a leper.  He is struck with fear.  Moses stuck his hand back in his bosom and pulled it out again.  It had returned back to his normal skin. This is the whole intent of this miracle. There never was an intent by God to show he could change a Black man into a White man, and then from a White man back into a Black man.  To claim this was the intent of the miracle, is to pervert the very intent of the Word of God.

Here I want to show some pictures of Blacks with leprosy.  And I want you to check the facts if the leprosy of a Black person changes their skin color to that of a White caucasian.

The man on the left has a serious leprosy infection. The woman in the middle is just having an infection around her nose area and possibly her fingers which are not shown.  The young girl is also just contracting the infection around her nose area.  But notice, none of these leprous Blacks have white skin as a result of their leprosy.  Leprosy on Blacks is the same color as their skin.  Now notice the color of leprosy on a white person in the pictures below.

Leprosy of White people has both a white and redish appearance.  Does the Bible anywhere describe this kind of leprosy?  Yes!

Leviticus 13:43--"Then the priest shall look upon it: and, behold, if the rising of the sore be white redish in his bald head, or in his bald forehead, as the leprosy appeareth in the skin of the flesh."

It is impossible for this to apply to a Black person.  But, as you can see it would apply to a brown or white person.  Now let's take a look at some pictures of Brown or Tan people with leprosy and compare the appearance.

Please notice in the picture on the left the leprosy showing missing fingers and the scars on the arms and around the finger stubs have a white appearance.  But notice also, the last picture of the man's face and his leprosy has no white appearance.

It is a total falsehood that all leprosy has the color white.  It follows then, that it is false for anyone to claim that Whites or non-Blacks have leper skin and that is why their skin is not Black.

What is my point in all these pictures?  It is that if Moses was a Black man and he pulled out a hand that had the appearance of leprosy it could not have been white like snow.  Only a white person or brown person would have this characteristic.  Therefore, the claim Moses was black because God turned his hand white like a white leper is false.  But if he was a White man or a Brown man this is possible as the pictures show it.  The whole leprous hand miracle of Moses was not to show the Egyptian king God had the power to change a person's race color, but rather the healing miracle power of Almighty God. Moses then, a descendant of Israel, was of Syrian bloodline and race stock and he was not an African Black man.  To make all African Blacks into Hebrew Israelites based upon the falsehood Moses was a Black man is perversion of the truth.

The next event used by Black Hebrew Israelites is about Miriam.  She also had an encounter with being turned into a leper with her skin turning white (see Numbers 12:10).  Miriam was not a Black woman.  She was not an African.  She was not of the Ethiopian race or she would not have complained and objected to her younger brother marrying a Black woman.  Yes, Moses married a Black woman.  But this does not mean he was Black.  This was a mixed marriage. The very fact Miriam made a complaint against Moses was based upon his marriage to a woman who was not his color and of his race of people.  That is the whole purpose of her objections.

Now let's take a look at Leviticus 13:39 where leprosy among the Israelites is again addressed:

"Then the priest shall look: and, behold, if the bright spots in the skin of their flesh be darkish white; it is a freckled spot that groweth in skin; he is clean."

This cannot fit Black people.

Take a look at the following verses:

"And the priest shall see the raw flesh, and pronounce him to be unclean: for the raw flesh is unclean: it is a leprosy.

Or if the raw flesh turn again, and be changed unto white, he shall come unto the priest;

And the Priest shall see him: and, behold, if the plague be turned into white; then the priest shall pronounce him clean that hath the plague: he is clean" (Leviticus 13:15-17).

If the Israelites were Black people, then when his raw flesh turned again, it would be turned into Black not white.  And it would be upon his skin turning back Black that the priest would declare him clean.  But this is not the case here.  Read the Scriptures and accept the Truth that the Israelites were not a Black people.

It is impossible for a Black person to fit these laws of Moses concerning leprosy among the Israelites.

There are many other perversions of the Scripture by Black Hebrew Israelites.  One of them is concerning Jesus in Revelation 1:14. In this scripture the hair of God is said to be white like wool.  It is claimed White people do not have hair like wool, only Black people do therefore Jesus had to be a Black man with wool like hair and this makes all Blacks into Jews because they have hair like wool.  This is a perversion.  The scripture does not say the hair of Jesus was like wool.  The comparison of white hair to white wool has to do with color not texture.  Can a White man have have hair that is white  in color like wool? Yes.  So can a Brown skin man have white color hair like wool. The scripture is not identifying the texture of the hair only the color. Comparing the whiteness as like the whiteness of wool is the only intention of this Scripture. it is a perversion of this Scripture to claim Jesus was a Black man with wool like hair that was white.

Another perversion of Black Hebrew Israelites concerns the funeral of Jacob.  Joseph took with him Pharoah's Egyptian servants and many other Egyptian elders as he made his way to the sepulchre of Abraham. The Canaanites saw this group and in Genesis 50:7-11 remarked about the deep mourning of the Egyptians at the threshingfloor of Atad.  Black Hebrew Israelites ask the question if the Canaanites could not tell the difference between Black AFRICAN EGYPTIANS and the HEBREWS if they were White people?  So far as the Scriptures indicate there was only one Israelite Hebrew in the whole Egyptian  funeral parade.  Why would they not think them all Egyptian?  If Joseph had on Egyptian clothing, why would they not consider him Egyptian?  Was the statement made by the Canaanites meant to identify skin color or religion? No. Again, a perversion is witnessed.

Thus far we have learned that the race stock of the Jews is Brown-Tan and not Black.  They were of the Shemite Syrian race.

We have learned the Israelites were not African Blacks and did not descend from Ham or his sons and their descendants.

We have learned that the perversion of making Israelites into Black people based upon the leprosy events and laws, is false.

We have learned that the claim Jesus was a Black man with white wool like hair is also a perversion and twist of the Scriptures.

What I have written cannot be refuted.

Slave Ships To America And Black African Israelites

What of the perversion of Deuteronomy 28:68--"And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you."

According to the Black Hebrew Israelites, America is proven to be Egypt because on the back of the one dollar bill there is an Egyptian pyramid.  And according to them, the slave ships from Africa that brought Blacks to America was the transporting of Black Israel to America and they quote Deuteronomy 28:68.  They claim these Black Israelites were sold to their enemies, the White people. From this interpretation, Black Hebrew Israelites spread their racism that all White people are enemies of Blacks and this makes them enemies of those who claim they are Black Israelites.

The Deuteronomy text they pervert has nothing to do with African Blacks who were sold in America as slaves.  The ships in Deuteronomy 28:68 have nothing to do with slave ships to America.  The ships in this text would travel by the way of the Red Sea, which was the route they traveled along the shores to Mount Horeb.  God threatened the Israelites he would evict them out of the land of promise for their evils and send them back to Egypt.  Why must the racists among Blacks claim they were brought to America by God for punishment for their evils and sins in Africa as Israelites? If this were true, America would be a place of curse for them and they should all want to go back to their Israel in Africa. The pyramid on the back of a one dollar bill does not make America the Egypt of the Deuteronomy text.  

Everyone knows the pyramid is a Freemasonry symbol that represents strength and duration.  The Israelites who were to be taken to Egypt  with ships in the Deuteronomy passage were to come from Israel and not jungles of Africa.  The Israelites would be taken from where they rejected God back into the land of bondage where they had come out.  It is a total falsehood to make Israel into Africa and apply the Israelite bondage to Black slavery in America. What I mean here is, if Blacks were Israelites and this Deuteronomy text applies to them, then they had to be in America as slaves (then go to Israel-Africa and there sin), and then be brought back to America and sold as slaves.  This absolutely has not happened.

The use of the Deuteronomy text and stealing it away from the real Israelites and apply it to all manner of African Blacks scattered throughout that continent, is utterly false. If there are any Black Israelites, this does not mean all African Blacks are Israelites. And it does not mean all Blacks from the nation they come are Israelites.  The same applies to Whites.  If any Israelites are White it does not mean all Whites in the nation they come from are Israelites.  And it does not mean all Whites are Israelites.

Jesus and hair white like wool

The comparison of white to wool and white to snow, is a way to describe color.  It is foolish to make something into wool or snow because hair or something is compared to these examples of white color.  This shows the willful perversion of those who claim Black skin makes all Blacks of African descent Israelites.

Are there Blacks who may have a connection to natural Israel and have the seedline and blood line of Abraham? I believe it is possible. But, it would be a very small group of Blacks who may be Israelites.  I will let the Jews themselves determine who is and who is not. But I am saying this, there is no way the entire continent of Africa Blacks and descendants thereof can claim they are Israelites because they have black skin.  The small number of Blacks who may be Israelites will never be greater than the White-tan Syrian descendants. And, should there be  DNA test of Syrian Jews with these Blacks there would certainly be genetic markers that would prove there is a relationship.  To my knowledge there has been no genetic tests done by those claiming to be Black Hebrew Israelites with the Syrian descendants to see if there is a DNA connection.

Jews in general do not classify themselves as a race.  Because there are now Jews in all nations whose ancestors mingled and married men and women of these countries.  There are Jews of all colors of skin.  There are white Jews, brown Jews, black Jews; middle east Jews, European Jews, Asian Jews; there are Russian Jews, German Jews, Chinese Jews, Spanish Jews, and Italian Jews. What joins them all into one people is religion.  There are Pharisee Jews modernly called Orthodox, Reformed Jews, Karite Jews, Messianic Jews, Atheist Jews, and Jews of non-religious philosophies.  There never has been a Jewish people who claimed their Black skin made them the originals and all other colors were hybrid with the White skin color of Caucasian lepers.

There are many who claim they are Jews but they do not have one red corpuscle of Abraham's blood in them.  There are many who claim they are Israelites because of Black skin color and they do not have one cell of Abraham's Syrian skin color in them.  They cannot prove they have a DNA connection of being a descendant of the Syrian people. They cannot prove what tribe in Israel they are from.  They make a boast of being Jews and Israelites but it is all based more on them being Law-Keepers than actually having a bloodline connection. They then claim by being Law-Keepers this makes them Israelites and Jews.  But they have no bloodline connection to Israel or Abraham at all. These Black converts to Judaism are no better than the White Khazars who converted and who now claim to be bloodline descendants of Abraham.

The Conversion Of The White Kazars To Judaism

Black Hebrew Israelites claim White Jews came from the conversion of White Kazars around 980AD.  They claim prior to this all Israelites were Black, except a few who had been raped by White men and produced White-Black leperous skinned hybrids.  This is a total falsehood.  To claim White skin color is a leperous disease and all Whites are lepers, is insane.  It is racism from Blacks against Whites at the highest level of ignorance.  To compound this insanity, to claim Jews were Black until they converted a nation of Whites is illogical as well as flat out lies.  The Kazariah conversion did not change a Black Israel into a White Israel.  All it did was add additional descendants of the Syrian race stock into the Abrahamite Syrian Israel religion race stock.  The Whites of Khazaria were descended from the Syrian nation. There was no infusion of White people into a race of Black people.  If there are Black Israelites it is they who are infused into a Syrian White-tan race as Israelites.  To use the Kazaria conversion of White people against Black Jews in a manner to claim this is how Jews lost their Blackness and became Whites is false.

Dr. Yakub And The White Man

According to Elijah Muhammed, leader of a Muslim Black supremist group, white people were the result of an ancient black scientist named Yakub who performed experiments on  humans and made the first White people.  He made the first White man by sexual reproduction and altering a Black man's genes.  This white man became a devil.  This Dr. Yakub is none other than the Bible Jacob. The story is somewhat compatible with Jewish ideas of creating golems brought to life by use of the tetragrammaton.

I heard a Muslim tell it like this: Jesus said he had sheep.  Now sheep are people.  Now Jacob when he was with his father-in-law did experiments on sheep which means people.  Laban was to get the weaker white sheep which were really people and Yakub was to get the strong sheep which were the black people. Members of the Nation of Islam (NOI) really believe this.  The White man was a created devil.  The White man was a leper.  His white skin is what they call clean leprosy.  And they make a lot of jokes and spread a lot of hate how the white lepers must stay out of the sun.

What I want some Black Hebrew Israelite to show me, is where this Yakub brought thousands of Black people with him out of Syria back to see his father Isaac.  If he had all these cloned and DNA master race with him, why is he afraid of his brother?

Syrian brown sheep are not black (of course the brown is more of a redish tint).  The face and the legs are brown and the wool as you can see is tan. The color of Syrian brown sheep wool matches the color of Syrian skin color.  The Syrians are not a black people.

This assured lie supposes that White people were created by genetic experiments 4,000 years ago or a farm in Syria.  The fact is, White people go back way before there ever was a Jacob of the Bible.  The Jacob of the Bible was from the Syrian bloodline.  Syrians are not a black people. Jacob was not a Black man.  He is considered a White man by many Black racist. They consider Syrian people among non-black races.  So, if there was a Dr. Yakub was he a Black man or a White man?  The Bible Jacob was a Syrian. The whole fabrication of White people from Black people by Dr. Yakub is a racist lie. The ridiculous making of the symbolic sheep by Jesus to literal sheep in the Genesis passage of Jacob with his father-in-law is stupid at best and ignorance at worst.

The David Story

There is no doubt there was at least one mixture between the Syrian Israelite race and the Moabite race.  We find it when Ruth the Moabite comes to Israel with Naomi and marries Boaz.  The Moabite people were Brown. Some think they were a Black people.  What ever the skin color, Boaz was of the White-tan Syrian bloodline race stock.  The marriage between Ruth and Boaz produced Obed.  Obed would be then a half-breed of Brown or Black  mixed with the Syrian White Tan.  Obed married of his own tribe of Judah a wife and his son was Jesse. Jesse married of his own people in the tribe of Judah and his seventh child was David.  The fact is, any Brown or Blackness by Ruth and Boaz would have returned to the color of the Syrian Israelite skin color in the third generation which was David.  David had Solomon by Bathsheba who was an Israelite of the Syrian race stock.  Since Jesus was of the stock of David and there is no proof of Black inbreeding in the line of Nathan for over 700 years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem, it is insane to claim Jesus was Black and inherited his Blackness through his lineage back to David and Boaz.

The Jesus Factor

Jesus was Black, his mother was Black, and Joseph was Black.  What is the proof? There is none. Here is the theory and claim: When Herod was chasing Jesus to kill him, Mary and Joseph took Jesus and fled down into Egypt.  Now why, ask the Black Hebrew Israelites, did they flee to Egypt? The answer they propose is this: They fled into Egypt because they were Black and Egyptians were Black and so they could hide there. Whereas if they stayed in Israel among the White Jews they could not hide. The Black Hebrew Israelites then ask: would you take a White baby into a Black country to hide him?  Why if he was White you could not hide him among Black people, therefore he had to be Black.

This is one of the most insane propositions I have heard to get a Black Jesus.

The fact is, Egypt had been conquered by both the Greeks under Alexander the Great in 332 BC and the Romans in 80 BC.  The country of Egypt was not a solid Black people. It was a mixture of all kinds of Africans, Italians, Greeks, and even a large Jewish population.  Egypt was a diverse country with total integration of all the races.  With the large Jewish population there it would be very easy for Mary and Joseph to hide Jesus.  Who would in particular notice a mother, father, and child of Jewish race among this mixture?  Who would care?  To claim Jesus was Black because Egyptians are Black and he was taken to Black Egypt to hide him among Blacks borders on stupidity.  Jesus could be hidden there no matter what skin color he had.

Did White come from Black or did Black come from White?

There have been several attempts by Black racists to claim Whites are the result of albino Blacks. This is their alleged proof White people are genetic goofs.  Because Blacks are deeply prejudiced against White people, the albinos born among them are treated like trash. They experience bigotry and hatred that is not only wrong it is shameful.  According to the racist I heard, these albino Blacks were not wanted by the Blacks because they were cursed by God and they were devils. So, they allegedly began to isolate them into where they lived together and mass produced the caucasian leper people. These migrated to the north to get out of the sun because they lacked pigmentation whereas the Blacks remained in the areas of extreme heat and sunlight where they developed even  blacker skin. Black racists, I beg you to stop your hate of albino Blacks. Witch doctors in Africa stop your killing of albino Blacks.  Black racism is sick!  Yes, it is a sickness of the mind.

The seven locks of Samson's hair:

I was bombarded with the claim that dreadlocks were the biblical Nazarite vow. This is false. It cannot be proven. Samson was of Syrian descent and Syrians did not have African type of kinky hair. This dreadlock mess came from the Rastaferian movement out of Jamaica. Halie Selassie was not a descendant of David or Solomon. His claim he descended via Solomon and the Queen of Sheba is a joke. Sheba is in the south of Arabia and not in Africa at all. The entire Black Rastaferian movement is founded upon false claims and false interpretations of the Bible. Dreadlocks have nothing to do with the Nazarite vow.

What about the Africa Lemba and Ashanti tribes that are Jewish?

The alleged DNA comparrisons between Black males of these tribes and a Jewish male who was supposed to be of the Levite tribe has not been officially determined.  The individuals supposedly in these tests were not identified. Their pictures were not supplied. Their names were not supplied.  The alleged report has not been verified.  However, the report did indicate that only one male in 10 of these tribes had a similar gene as that of a Jewish male.  This is not sufficient to establish a connection to Israel and make these tribes Jewish.  In addition to this, the Jews and their DNA came from Syria. If there was a DNA connection to an alleged Jewish male, it has to be verified this male was in fact a descendant of the tribe of Levi.  It is more reasonable that the DNA gene is nothing more than a common gene between all Syrian males including the males of Israel. This being the case, the alleged Jewishness of these tribes has not been established, only claimed.  Now from the information I have, there are 70,000 males of the Lemba tribe. If 1 out of 10 have the alleged DNA gene connection, this means only 7,000 have the Jewish connection.  This means 63,000 of the tribe cannot claim to be Jews just because they are Black and just because they are part of a tribe where 7,000 of them have a Jewish gene.  It is not within this answer to deny there are Black Jews. But in each case where this might be verified, it is not the proof that the original Israelites were Black. I have proven the original Israelites Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were not Black people and this cannot be refuted.

Jesus was Black and that is why Joseph and Mary could hide him in Egypt among a Black nation

This is a claim made by several Black racist trying to give their opinion why God sent Joseph and Mary into Egypt with Jesus. They believe Jesus was a Black child and they could hide him easily in a Black nation. The fact is, according to Theodor Mommsen, in the first century A.D. at the time of the birth of Jesus, there were no less than 1,000,000 Jews in Egypt and 200,000 of these lived in Alexandria. It is very apparent Joseph and Mary could hide a white or light tan child among this large group. The theory Jesus was a Black child and he could hide among Blacks in Egypt whereas a White child could not, is simply not true.  There is nothing in the original account of Jesus being taken to Egypt that has anything to do with his skin color. The escape into Egypt was to be among Jews already living there. It was also to fulfill prophecy quoted by the Apostle Matthew in 2:15 and a direct quote of Hosea 11:1. There is absolutely no proof Jesus was black because his parents took him to Egypt to hide. A White child could just have easily hidden in Egypt among the large pouplation of White people living there.

The Biblical View Of The Nations

What is the Biblical view?  What we find is that Noah and his wife had three sons. These each had a wife, so there were eight of them. They all shared the same skin color of the original descendants of Adam.  Now what might the skin color of Adam be?  We know Adam was made of the ground (adamah--Strongs #127; from 119; soil, redness).  We know also that the name Adam comes from the same Hebrew word and means "ruddy."  Now the Hebrew word for Black is "shachor" Strongs #7838.  We also know the first time Black skin is actually mentioned is in Job 30:30.  We cannot know if actual black skin is here an ethnic character or if it refers to something else. I take the reference to mean the skin of Job was black or "shachar" dusky, because he had in his grief covered himself in sackcloth and ashes. I take it that he purposely made his skin to be covered in these ashes and this is his reference to having black skin.   Now if these ashes were taken from what remained of an animal sacrifice then they most likely were blackish because the fat of animals when burned turns the ashes black.  What is the purpose of covering the flesh with these ashes? First it is to signify being humbled before God in a condition of grief. Second, as the body in these regions in their decay turn black, it is a symbol the person considers their self as worthless as a dead person.  By presenting this picture before God, the individual as Job would be saying to God: "I am as already dead if I do not find grace and mercy in your eyes."  There is nothing all the way up to the Job text that identifies actual black skin.  We must assume blackness in all cases after the flood in the division of the races.

The actual biblical record indicates Adam was not White or Black.  He was ruddy and or his skin had a redish tint much like what I see in the Syrian and Eastern races.  One thing I cannot find in the Bible any where, is that Adam was made from Black or brown dirt.  So far as I am concerned the issue of the skin color of Adam is settled.  In my research into the location of Eden, I am persuaded that British archaeologist David Rohl discovered it (see Jerusalem Report --“Paradise Found.” (February 1, 1999). When he discover the real Edin and observed the great city walls of Aratta that were described in ancient records as being painted with red ochre, he was shocked.  "The mountain directly behind the city, like no other we'd come across in the Zagros range, is of the reddest ochre clay. It glowed red."  And Adam was made of the red clay of this region of the earth.  Here, man began, here his color was established. And from here, the birthplace of human civilization would descend all the skin colors of the earth.

Adam was not a White man.  And he most assuredly was not a Black man.  That is settled and only perverts would mess with it.

Above are mountains around the valley of Eden. The red dirt of the region is easily visible. In the background you can see the same redish tinted mountain range. This is the color of the first man Adam.  And his name Adam comes from "adamah" ruddy. There is no Black dirt in the area.

I want now to present you with a map of the world that fairly accurately lays out the pattern of skin color of the human race,

Please notice the pattern shows migration patterns of the human race. The colors can be verified anciently with existing painted artifacts.  There is more than enough proof to the honest person that racial or ethnic divisions because of skin color is based upon migration.

In Biblical days the regions then known were defined. The Hamatic races migrated into Egypt and then throughout Africa. The Shemite races migrated into the land of Israel and eastward, then northward. The Japhathites to the far east and north far east.

There is one biblical fact all racist do not want to admit, and that is we are all of one blood just like Acts 17:26 tells us. There is no need for any color of people to think they are or deserve to be the master race.  This nazi mentality is unacceptable.  It is certainly an attitude that Jesus did not send his Apostles to preach in the Gospel.  The message of Jesus and the Apostles is GRACE not race.

One of the most disgusting conducts of non-Christian religions such as Islam, is the use of racism to develop within Black people a hatred for Christians in general and White people specifically.  To claim Jesus is the White man's God, as if Jesus was a White man, is stupidity that has gone viral. Any Christian who is truthful will tell others Jesus was not a White man and he was not a Black man. He was a brown-skinned man possibly light skinned just like the Syrian people today from which the Israelites came.

My response to the Black racist of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement has one purpose. That is to break down the walls of their racism and try to bring them back to a mentality that we are one people upon this earth and the color of our skin should not decide whom we love, whom we marry, and whom we have fellowship with.

I know that racism is an easy message to gather idiots who think nothing to hurt those they are prejudiced against. And I know that this tool of the devil will continue to be used to divide and to create unjust hatred.  But if there is any Apostolic Jesus Name person who accepts or promotes this evil message, they are children of the devil and not children of God.

I read in Revelation 7:9 that in heaven there will be a massive number of people from all nations, kindreds, and tongues. This shows me God is not interested in the color of someone's skin.  To promote any form of racism is a sin. To mistreat anyone because of their skin color is a sin.  To judge someone unworthy to fellowship because of their skin color is a sin.  And to preach lies on Men of God and call them racist to turn Blacks or Whites or anyone else against them, is a sin.

I pray by my writing this study that someone will be saved from the insanity of racism.  That the world will be a better place when we lay down our race hatred of trying to establish a master race.  That albino Black children and adults will no longer have their legs cut off  and killed but can be loved and respected. That our Apostolic Churches will become places where all nations can come and pray together. If anyone is not in harmony with this prayer I do not want anything to do with you.

Peace to all, may Jesus bless us all more and more,

Pastor Reckart


***I refer to the Syrians as White because Black Hebrew Israelites whom I have met claim the Syrian people are caucasian people. So, I refer to them as White-Tan although they are really a tan skin color and not White at all.  They are considered among the White races by a lot of scholars.  I will allow the reader to make of it what they want.  But my point is still valid that the Syrians were not a Black people and the Israelites were not a Black people.

***By Brown I am slso referring to the redish color of Brown within the color of the indigenous people in the Tabriz area of Iran, which is the site of the original garden of Eden.  Among many who claim to be Blacks because of physical features such as kinky hair, a broad nose, or large lips, there are traits that of the ancient long straight hair, a slim nose, and thin lips.  This indicates a closer relationship to the original race of man than Blacks who migrated farther away and developed the more defined features of Black people.

***Because there are people of all nations, all tribes, and all tongues who will be in heaven, there will be a large number of Blacks who will be followers of Jesus and they will refuse to be racists.  The same must be the attitude of Whites and other races of people. You cannot hate and be with Jesus and go to heaven.  If you go to heaven you will be holy and righteous. Any and all racism is not holiness and it is not righteousness.  I am therefore happy to have fellowship with my Black Brothers and Sisters and they will never receive anything from me that is not founded in love.  This said, let me say clearly, that any man or woman who is a reprobate, who is an accuser of the Brethren, who refuses to abide in the doctrine of Christ, who is rebellious and high-minded, who does not honor and respect Men of God who are standing for Truth, Faith, Doctrine, Practice, Conduct, and Order, can expect me to reject them.  I do not care what the color of a person's skin is, but I do care that they be according to righteousness or I will have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of unrighteousness.