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Questionnaire For Conversion And Fellowship

Could you be a disciple in the days of Jesus?  Would you forsake all to follow him: even your family, your religion, your employment, your educational achievement, and your friends? Would you put the Messiah and his Kingdom first in your life?  Would you place the interpretations and teachings of Jesus and his Apostles higher than the theories and opinions of other men and women?  Are you prepared to take the yoke of the Kingdom upon you?  Has the Lord Jesus called you out from religious organizations and denominations and you feel a burden to be original Messianic?  Is there a desire in your heart to return to the values and morality of the followers of Jesus?  Will you surrender your life and will to Jesus for the glory of his Kingdom on earth? If so, then you have a true sincere heart and soul.  Fill out the questionnaire-application if you desire to join with the proud, the brave, the endtime Messianic Disciples of Jesus Messiah (note, filling out the questionnaire is not salvation and is not intended to exclude anyone from the Kingdom, but to determine the compatibility of the applicant with our mission and goal, by examination of a person's spirit, attitude, and love for the truth).

Fellowship Questionnaire 

The purpose of any fellowship is to advance the common goals and objectives that brings a group together. The goals and objectives of the Jesus Messiah Fellowship are contained in the name we have chosen around which to identify our purpose. First, the name of Jesus is the name of the Messiah who is the son of David and heir of the throne of Israel.  He is God manifest in the flesh in fulfillment of Psalms 132:11.  We are Apostolic. By Apostolic we mean New Covenant believers in the full acceptance of the Apostle's doctrine which was given to them by our Lord Jesus Messiah. We believe the New Covenant is the New Torah and it is our only rule for faith, doctrine, and practice. Second, we are Messianic: By Messianic we mean that the eternal purpose of God for mankind is revealed in the Messianic hope and is the central theme of all the Scriptures. Third, we are a fellowship: By fellowship we mean a group of Brothers and Sisters uniting without the necessity of a religious organization with multiple levels in a political hierarchy.  Fellowship was first recognized as a mutual bond where each walked in the light of the Messianic faith of Jesus, and upon this basis, were in unity one with another and with Jesus as the head of the Church, the Messianic Israel of God.

The fellowship does not ordain ministers. We do not find Scriptural warrant for women preachers in the New Testament.  Scriptural ordination of men must be performed by a Messianic Pastor and in accordance with the trial of conduct, character, and doctrine, as set forth by the Apostle Paul. If you do not have such a Pastor then arrangements can be made for ordination.  Certificates of ordination are issued by the ordaining Pastor.  The fellowship issues a fellowship certificate to each accepted Minister that recognizes his calling as a Messianic Minister of the Gospel.  A certificate of conversion is issued to everyone who completes conversion classes and who converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus as found in Acts 2:38. If you have already fulfilled Acts 2:38 by grace through faith and desire to become Messianic from a Pentecostal or Apostolic background, conversion classes are still mandatory.  Rebaptism is not required but is recommended.  A certificate will be issued providing the following questionnaire is completed, giving us reason to believe you have been converted to the Messianic Gospel of Jesus and that you do have a burden to spread the Messianic Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations.  Your offerings to help support Messiah's Gospel are appreciated.  If you have not done so, please consider providing a blessing to this Ministry in your will.

(Please print all information)

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Full name

Mailing address include zip code

Telephone and fax numbers________________ Email address______________

If married, name of spouse

Names and ages of children

Do you believe with all of your heart and without mental reservation that Jesus is the Messiah, the King of Israel and the Saviour of the world?  Yes___ No___

Do you now and will you always confess faith in Jesus Messiah as your Lord and your Saviour?  Yes___ No___

Will you say publicly and before the world that you desire to be grafted into the remnant of the twelve tribes of Israel that were the first Messiahians of the Messianic Kingdom, and that their God shall become your God and their Messianic people your people?  Yes___ No___

Have you been converted to Jesus Messiah and passed through the waters of separation in baptism, in the name of Jesus Messiah according to Acts 2:38? If not are you ready, willing and desiring?  Yes___ No___

Have you received Holy Spirit baptism?  Yes___ No___

If you have not received Holy Spirit baptism as found in Acts 2:1-4 would you be open to this gift and sealing by the Lord of his sons and his daughters?  (Read Acts 5:32, 1Cor 12:13)  Yes___ No___

Are you a licensed or ordained Minister?  Yes___ No___  What group"______________

Do you now without mental reservation: 1.) forever renounce any and all memberships in any and all secret societies and all secret oaths;  2.)  do you now forsake all other religions of the world and cleave only to the Lord Jesus Messiah;  3) Will you confess loyalty and faith only in the Lord Jesus Messiah as the one and only Messiah come in the flesh?  Yes___No___

Do you confess the deity of Jesus Messiah as the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End, saith the Lord, which was and which is to come the Almighty (Rev 1:8)?   Yes___No___

Are you willing to celebrate the Passover of Jesus Messiah on the correct annual day?  Yes___ No___

If you have not been baptized in the name of Jesus Messiah for the remission of your sins, will you do so to confess your faith in Jesus as your Messiah Redeemer and to receive the grace of his shed blood? Yes___No___

Do you believe the Body of Messiah is bound to keep Old Testament observances or practices because the Law is still in full force and effect regardless of the New Testament?  Yes___ No___
If yes please explain:_________________________________________________________________


Do you believe the Old Covenant was replaced by the New Covenant? Yes ___No___

Which is greater, the Old Testament or the New Testament?  Old Testament____   New Testament ____

Which is better, the Old Testament or the New Testament?  Old Testament____   New Testament ____

Do you believe the Temple was replaced by the Messianic Church and that the fulness of the Spirit that once dwelt in the Temple has manifested himself in the Messianic Church for the redemption of mankind?  Yes___ No___

Do you believe that God destroyed the Temple to show the world that Salvation is in Jesus Messiah alone and there is now no need for a temple in Jerusalem?  Yes___ No___

Do you believe that all of the Priesthood of the Law has been abolished forever and was replaced by the high Priesthood of Jesus and the New Testament Priesthood of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and teachers? Yes___ No___

Do you believe the sacrifice of Jesus Messiah ended all animal sacrifices for ever and will you stand Scripturally against anyone offering up animal sacrifices in Jerusalem or any where else in the world?  Yes___ No___

If a prophet appears in Jerusalem or in Israel and claims he is Elijah and he has come to anoint a Messiah, will you Scripturally stand against this false prophet with faith that John the Baptist and Jesus already fulfilled this prophecy? Yes___ No___

Do you believe the Jewish elect of God in the Old Testament and under the New Testament, have always been a remnant who lived Godly and had faith toward the Messianic hope that is fulfilled in Jesus? Yes___ No___

Have you read the Statement of Faith and do you agree with it?  Yes_____   No____

I have answered the above questions to the best of my understanding and ability and desire by faith to become a convert to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.  I hereby pledge my faith to the Lord Jesus Messiah and his Kingdom and am willing to be his disciple and or his Minister in all the nations of the world where I have been called out to be his witness.

Signature                                                           Date

If we need additional information we will contact you by telephone.  If we have other questions after receiving the questionnaire, a personal visit and interview will be required.  We must know them that labor among us.

(Please print this form, fill it out completely, and fax to 813-234-5018 or mail to: Apostolic Messianic Fellowship, P.O. Box 7333, Tampa, Florida  USA 33673).  Please send an email note that you have mailed the above questionnaire.

Do not forget Messiah's work in your will and giving