Well, after all, you can't help it. For instance, I wonder how you would feel. The Mother Superior - here she is. And she's going to sit me down in a chair. And, you know, that chair is a straight-back, hard-bottom. And I don't have any hair. She's going to take everything off my head. And, you know, she's going to put my hands like this - they'll be out here in stocks. And I'm going to have to bend my head over like that in order to put the stocks across my neck.

And I'm fastened securely. And over my head there is a faucet of water. And you know... there is a faucet of water just above my head. And my head's over. Now that Mother's going to turn that water on. Just a drop. And a drop will just come about this fast. It'll hit me right there on the back of my head. And, you know, I can't move either way. I set there. One hour. Two hours. Three hours. Four hours. What do you think is going on? I'm sitting there. I can't move. I do everything to get away from that drop of water in the same spot on my head. Why, God love your hearts, if you could look in, you'd see that I'm frothing at the mouth. You'd see those little girls, they're trying so hard to move. To get away from that water. And they let us stay there sometimes ten hours. All day long.

Many, many times a little Nun cracks up completely. She goes stark, raving mad under this particular penance. What in the world do they do with her? I'll tell you in a few minutes. Don't you worry. They have a place for us, after we go mad in the Convent. They take care of us. They have places for the little Nuns. There's places built down there for us.

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