After she left the hospital, she went home and I became her special nurse in the home. And that woman asked me if I wouldn't go to Church with her.

And, you know, I lived in her home long enough to hear her praying. I lived in that home long enough to read the Bible to her, because I am her nurse and I did what she told me to.

I'd never read a Bible before in all of my life. And she'd have to find the Scriptures and then I'd read them to her. And, you know, as I read the Word of God, God began to get a'hold of me. And finally she said, "Won't you go to Church with me." And, you know, I went to Church with that woman. And I sat back there and I heard the Gospel for the first time in my life.

And, you know, I'll tell you I went three or four nights. And it was really beautiful. I've never heard anything like this. And all the time she was telling me about the plan of salvation. Telling me about God. And that I needed God and I needed to be saved. And of course I was believing her.

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