And that dear man didn't have a car, but he hitched up a horse and buggy. And he drove nine miles to get a doctor. The doctor came out in his car. And when he got out to the place - he got there ahead of the man. And when the doctor walked in and walked around me. He just kept walking around and he was swearing. Maybe he didn't realize it was terrible effect on me.

When he stopped and looked at me... of course he was mad. He was mad. Why was he mad? He was mad because he was looking at something that was supposed to be a human being. And I didn't even look like a human being, I was in such a horrible condition.

And finally he calmed down and he came over to me and said, "I'll have to take you over to the Hospital tonight."

Oh, I became hysterical. I said, "I don't want to go. Please don't make me go."

Then he sat down carefully and took my hand. And he began to say, "I'm not going to hurt you. You have to have help. And I want to help you."

That doctor took me into the Hospital that night and that's where I learned how much I weighed. He weighed me and I weighed exactly eighty-nine pounds. I weigh a hundred and seventy-eight right now.

And then, you know, they took me into surgery. And, of course, they tried to get the swelling and the inflammation out of my hand that they might do something for me. It took about twelve - thirteen - days.

And then, of course, by this time is started to knit, and they had to break it over again and put it in a cast. I did a lot of suffering.

Well, you know, one day, a way was made for me to be released from the Hospital. Who did they release me to? I begged to go out to those old people to stay with them. And they let me go, because they'd been good to me and I trusted them.

And the doctor wanted to take me out to his home. I was in that hospital three and a half months. And they took me out there and I stayed for a period of time. And then one day this same doctor, he wrote a letter and you know what he sent in that letter? He sent a check. He told the people to go and buy me a suitcase and get me some clothing. He was coming for me on a certain day. He had told me, "I'm going to find your people" for me.

You know, that doctor's a stranger to me. But, oh how I thank God that He has men and women across this world. And those men and women are not so selfish that they won't use some of the money that God has allowed them to have to help that one that's less fortunate than they. He spent a lot of money on me. I was in that hospital three and a half months. And, I mean, there was a lot of money spent on me, but he paid the bill. How I appreciate it.

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