The Sister Charlotte Keckler Story
The Horrors Deep Within The Church Of Rome

Charlotte Keckler Born April 12, 1889 Died September 1983
Social Security # 261-58-5764
Last Residence Napa, California
Resided some years in Boston, Massachusetts

My father Ben C. Reckart knew Sister Charlotte Keckler personally.  For several years he passed out tracts that contained bits of her chilling account of Roman Catholic cruelty in the Convents.  An investigation of all Convents would not at all be unreasonable or unconstitutional.  Human slavery even to a religion is a violation of basic human rights. The following 37 links were transcribed from a public testimony by Sister Charlotte in 1963.  You can listen to her expose if you have Real Player.  Tape 1 (45 Minutes) and Tape 2 (45 Minutes).  Allow some time for Real Player to down load these tapes, you will not regret it!


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The Papacy Seeks To Discredit Charlotte's Testimony

I was sent an email today by a man named Sean Hyland using the name of John, who claims he has information that proves the Sister Charlotte testimony is false.  I went to his web page where his so-called facts were supposed to be presented.  The attacker is so credible he has to have a free web-site on anglefire!  I found nothing there but some disoriented ramblings.  He was complaining because Charlotte used the name Wells and not Keckler.  The man had done so much research he didn't even know her name was Keckler.  All he could do was attempt to cast doubt on her testimony by attacking her use of the name Wells.  Well I have the solution for that but I will see how long it takes this dirt merchant to find it for himself.  He complains Charlotte didn't give the name of the convent she was a prisoner in and so he had no way to check her story out.  So, he determined since he had not way to check it out it did not exist and was false.  He then tried to claim that Charlotte stole the testimony of another former nun.  He claimed Charlotte never was a Catholic and he picked on her use of words to try and prove his point.  When I completed reading his alleged expose of her validity, I could not help but wonder why these yapping dogs wait 21 years to quit playing with the altar boys to decide to trash this woman's testimony.  Really, the Catholic Church could have sued her at any time during her 15 years of testimony and put her under oath.  How come they were silent?  How come the Jesuits that attended her public meetings did not challenge her in front of all these large congregations?  Could it be they didn't because she could have exposed the whole horrible nightmare of the Catholic Church by open examination of the Convent's records under the legal right of discovery?  Could it be the Catholic Church remained silent because there were more nuns in deathly conditions in other convents and a court case that might open all these up to police investigations was to be avoided at all cost? We do not know all the reasons why the Catholic Church decided not to debunk her testimony until after she is long dead.  But we know this: The Catholic Church has been a deceptive and murdering institution ever since the Council of Nicaea in 325AD.  The papacy has killed millions and there is no shame or no repentance.  When the Jews forgive Hitler we will forgive the papacy and the Catholic Church.  But then, we have no power to forgive the sins of Rome done against someone the members have killed.

I will not remove the testimony of Charlotte Keckler from the internet Sean Hyland, so don't send any more email using a false name.

Pastor Reckart