You know, the mother will call that lovely little girl, and call her out on the other side of the grail, and of course you can't see her. And you know what, the mother will speak to her and say, "Honey, are you happy here?" And that little Nun will say, "Mother, I'm very happy."

You say, "Why did she say that?"

Well, bless your heart, don't you know that the Mother Superior is standing there? And if we didn't say that, after our mother is gone, then God only knows what the Mother Superior will do to the little Nun. And so we must lie to our mother.

And then the mother will say, "Do you have plenty to eat?" And that little Nun will answer and say, "We have plenty to eat." But, I'll tell you that mother will go home. She'll prepare a lovely meal for the rest of the family. But if she could look in and see our table and see what her little girl is eating, if she could look into her little girl's eyes after she's been there three or four years, she'd see those eyes are back in her head. She'd see that her little body's began to waste away. I'll assure that mother that she'll never eat another meal at home. No, never. You'd never enjoy another meal if you could see your child after she's in a convent for a period of time. But these things of course are under cover, and we have to take what they give us.

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