And of course I was believing her.

Do you know what I'd do every night? I'd go home from church with that woman. I'd say, "You go to bed, but let me go to the basement." I'd lay my Bible down on a chair, and there I challenged God. And I'd say, "God, did you hear what the preacher said? Did you hear it, God?" And then I would tell God everything I could remember that the preacher said.

I said, "God, you heard every word, didn't you? Now, if you're God, and the Bible is the Word of God. And God you're real. I want what those people have. But if you're not God, and the Word of God is not your way, then, God, please don't give to me what those people have."

Let me tell you, I challenged God. I put Him to a test. God is not give you anything that's not of God. Don't you worry.

And every night I continued to do that - four or five nights - and I didn't eat either. I couldn't sleep. And I've lost my appetite. And I was losing a lot of weight. It was terrific.

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