The Tragic Car Wreck
Branham's Tomb

By Pastor G. Reckart

William Branham tore Apostolic Churches in half with his false doctrines.  He was on his way to Jeffersonville, Indiana to preach on the "Trail of the serpent."  But God did not allow him to preach this last sermon.   Perhaps to understand why God allowed this tragic accident to take place, a person should read carefully the last message he preached and his false teachings about the Lord's Supper and Acts 2:38 and the remission of sins.  It would be important to read in Branham's own words about the Lord's Supper and the washing away of sins in baptism by the blood of Jesus.  His misrepresentation of these very important doctrines I believe was crucial to his death!  

Is it possible God had enough of Branham's perversions of his Word and when he put his mouth against the the Lord's Passover and attacked his precious blood in water baptism: the last insult was uttered?  Branham pronounced his own damnation below when the said: "If we or an angel from heaven preaches any other Gospel unto you (than this Gospel that he had preached), let him be accursed." See?  Then he spewed out a gospel that was not the Gospel of the Apostles concerning the Lord's Supper and the washing away of sin by the blood of Jesus in water baptism.  Branham denied there was any blood in water baptism.  When a man attacks these two doctrines he is heading toward the judgments of God.

Here are the words I believed that cursed William Branham in the last message God allowed him to preach.

67 Now, 23rd verse of the 11th chapter of I Corinthians, listen at Paul now. Now, remember, keep this in mind, Galatians 1:8, "If we or an angel from heaven preaches any other Gospel unto you (than this Gospel that he had preached), let him be accursed." See?

For I have received of the Lord that which I also delivered unto you, That the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread:

And when he had given thanks, he brake it,... said, Take and eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.

Now, let me stop right here. You see? But taking the body of the Lord Jesus Christ in this communion does not mean that that communion is the literal body of Christ. That's Catholic. I do not believe that that's right. I believe it's only an ordinance that God made with us (See?); it isn't the actual body. It's... Now, it's really a little piece of kosher bread. It's just an ordinance.

69 Neither do I believe that the baptism of Jesus Christ, in the Name of Jesus Christ, in water does forgive your sins. I do not believe that you... I believe you could be baptized all day long... Now, I know that there's perhaps people setting here who come from the Apostolic church, I mean, or the United Pentecostal church, which they teach that. But, you see, I--I do not believe that the water forgives sins. Or if it was, then Jesus died in vain. See? I believe that it's only an ordinance of God (See?) to show that you have been forgiven. But to be baptized for regeneration, no, I--I--I don't believe that. I don't believe that water forgives sins.

Neither do I believe that this bread and wine has anything to do with you, only keeping an ordinance that God has ordained for us to do. See? That's right. I believe water baptism is the same thing. I believe it's compelling to us to do it, that He done it all for our example. And He done this for our example. And He washed feet for our example (message Communion, December 12, 1964).

Preached false doctrine concerning the Lord's Supper and water baptism on December 12, 1964
Departed from Tucson to Jeffersonville on December 18, 1964
At 7:30pm on December 18, 1964 the accident occured.
At 5:49pm on December 24, 1964 Branham died!

Twelve days after his LAST message WIlliam Marian Branham was DEAD!  His last message contained false doctrine on the Lord's Supper.  It contained false doctrine concerning the blood of Jesus in water baptism.

Did Branham eat and drink unworthy and take damnation upon himself?  We may never know, but we have this fact, 12 days AFTER HE PREACHED FALSEHOOD AGAINST THE LORD'S SUPPER AND SINS WASHED AWAY BY THE BLOOD IN WATER BAPTISM, HE WAS DEAD!

Branham tore  Churches and families apart with his false teachings and serpent seed doctrine.  He tore apart Ministerial fellowships.  Did the law of sow and reap come to pass in judgment upon William Branham?  

Below is a picture of the car wreck torn in half from the hood to the front seat.  His wife was injured in the wreck and survived.  William Branham live almost a week and died in the hospital on Christmas eve at 5:49pm.  Was this the judgment of the Lord? Several Ministers who followed him have had their families torn in half by the judgments of God with sons and daughters in horrible crimes and sins.  Some of his followers claim he was a remanifestation of Jesus Christ and would resurrect himself.  These continued to come to his grave site thinking that on some Easter morning he would rise again.  Some in India claim he is Jesus Christ.  But then the people of India have lots of gods.

This is a picture of Branham's grave with the Masonic occult pyramid atop his grave.  The gold eagle on top replaces the figure of the hex-eye on your one dollar bill.  Branham used the eagle as his emblem.

Once again we are faced with the Branhamite decision, do we fellowship with men and Churches that did not or will not take a stand against the serpent seed doctrine?  Will we fellowship with Churches or men who will not openly confess that William Branham was a false prophet?

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