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Daniel Segraves
A Critique
About Bible Prophecy
And The Church?

Executive Vice President
Christian Life College
Stockton, California
Ed.D., California Coast University, 1992.
M.A., Exegetical Theology, Western Seminary, 1993.
B.A., Theological Studies, Gateway College of Evangelism, 1981.
Diploma, Western Apostolic Bible College, 1967.
Currently completing the Th.M. with Western Seminary.
Adjunct faculty member at the Urshan Graduate School of Theology.

Brother Segraves was ordained by the United Pentecostal Church in 1968. He served as Director of Promotions and Publications for the General Sunday School Division of the UPCI from 1968 through 1970. He was also Junior High Editor for Word Aflame Publications, 1969-1970. In 1971 he became the Minister of Christian Education for the First Pentecostal Church in St. Louis, Missouri. He remained with this position through 1974. The following year he accepted the pastorate of the First Pentecostal Church of Dupo, Illinois where he remained until joining the faculty of Christian Life College in 1982.

Dr. Segraves is the author of numerous books including:
* Ancient Wisdom for Today's World: A Commentary on the Book of Proverbs
* Living By Faith: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Romans
* Themes from a Letter to Rome
* Hebrews: Better Things, Volume 1
* Hebrews: Better Things, Volume 2
* James: Faith at Work
* 1 Peter: Standing Fast in the Grace of God
* 2 Peter and Jude
* You Can Understand the Bible: Guidelines for Interpreting Scripture
* The Messiah's Name
* God in Flesh
* Hair Length in the Bible Marriage: Back to Bible Basics (with his wife, Judy)

Courses Recently Taught

* Hermeneutics
* Theology of the Church
* Harmony of the Gospels
* Systematic Theology
* Hebrews & Leviticus
* Romans & Galatians


Why would a man so educated in secular and religious studies pervert the teachings of the Word of God?

Hello, my name is Pastor G. Reckart.  I am an Apostolic Messianic Jesus Name Minister.  I am devoted to the Oneness Faith without any mental reservations or equivocations. I am also a devout believer in the supremacy of the New Covenant which is the Constitution of the Kingdom of God.  I have been associated with the Apostolic Faith since 1949 and in the Ministry since 1972 when I was ordained.  I am currently the President of the Apostolic Theological Bible College in Tampa, Florida.  I feel I am well qualified to address the teachings of Dr. Daniel Segraves.  

My reason for speaking out against the teachings of Dr. Segraves is because he has perverted many Truths concerning the New Covenant and the Scriptures. These must be addressed by someone.  Since it is a rule in the UPCI that no licensed Minister may publicly contend for any view that may bring disunity to the organization, the mouths of Prophets within this group are gagged and the pens of scribes are forbidden to write.  With this form of ecclesiastical censorship lording over the rank and file of this organization, there will never be a public questioning of Dr. Segraves's beliefs which he publishes to be true when they are false.  Since there can be no publicized dissent of his opinions and theories from within the ranks of the UPCI, someone outside of this organization must take up the responsibility to call his prophetic beliefs false.

Normally in cases like this, the organizational leaders with the rank (ministers) and file (members) will claim the person exposing error and heresies are guilty of some sin or harbor hate and this is the motive for what they perceive is an attack against God's one and only Bride, ...the UPC.  Some will say my apologetic is sour grapes for some bad experience with officials and or I have  a problem submitting to authority.  Over the years I have heard all sorts of lies used to justify false teachings among the different Jesus Name organizations.  They never admit that a licensed Minister teaches a false doctrine. The UPC has its good-ole-boy system were some can preach false doctrine and nothing is done about it.  

May I say to those who will read this and your cup has boiled over: I will match my life and the purity of the Apostolic Doctrine I hold with any Minister in the UPC or other Jesus Name organization.  I will even publically debate my life and doctrine with the life and doctrine of any UPC Minister brave enough to step forward.  

My purpose is not hate but to expose what I perceive is the hidden agenda antichrist  will use to deceive the world, which Dr. Segraves is assisting with his wrong interpretation of prophecy and the Kingdom of God.  What Dr. Segraves has taught and written will deceive and lead astray  many of the very elect.  Of what profit is it if a person is Acts 2:38, Oneness, and Holiness, if they hold and teach other false doctrines?  Does the complete Apostle's Doctrine hold any virtue and security from falling from grace?  I believe so and any teaching or doctrine that is not of the Apostle's Doctrine is false.

Apostolics, through the use of subtle theological manipulations, are being indoctrinated in Pharisee Jewish theology and not the Apostles doctrine.  The heresy of dispensationalism cannot be ignored any longer. If no one takes Dr. Segraves to task over his wrong interpretations, then he will be presumed to be correct by the absence of a dissenting voice.  This is dangerous because innocent Ministers and Church members of the Oneness ranks will receive his errors and teach them for the truth.  I hope through this apologetic against Dr. Segrave's beliefs that many will not be deceived by his theories but will instead believe the Truth as found in the New Testament.  If you feel you must write me a protest or hate email, go ahead.  Such will not intimidate me to remove this information.  I pray those who read this will understand that my whole purpose is to stand up for true prophetic interpretation and the true identity of the Apostolic Church which Christ purchased with his blood.

I have no other motive.

Dr. Segraves is the author of "You Can Understand The Bible" and a series of studies within this work which he calls hermenutics.  I will critique his basic errors in this course of study.

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