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A Critique of Brother Daniel Segraves
"You Can Understand The Bible"

By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright All Rights Reserved

The errors of Bro. Segraves centers on his interpretation of prophecy, and specifically his dispensationalism and two covenant theology. He denies the identity of the Church being Jewish. He claims the Church is a Gentile organization and thus a Gentile bride for Christ.

His teachings follow trinitarian dispensationalism in the idea God the Father is married to Israel and God the Son will be married to a Gentile Bride. Two gods and two wives. He places the role of the Holy Ghost, the third person in the trinity as the agent assisting Israel and the Church in their respective relationships with the other two persons. Although he does not endorse the trinity or even weave it openly into his distortations, any person who knows trinitarian dispensationalism can see it clearly in his writings.

Bro. Segraves works hard to separate Israel from the Church and postpones the Kingdom of God from beginning on the day of Pentecost until the millennial. This error means Peter had the keys not to the Church but to the spiritual event to occur in the millennial. This also means the Church is not the Kingdom of God and the new birth of John 3:3-5 does not occur until the millennial. So what then, is the plan of salvation for the Church since he has removed the entity to benefit from it to the millennial?

Bro. Segraves took his stance on this against "Replacement Theology" and attacks this as being evil, satanic, and false: when in fact replacement theology is taught in the Scriptures. Consider:

1.) The New Covenant replaced the Old Covenant;
2.) The Church replaced the Temple;
3.) The sacrifice of Christ replaced all animal sacrifices for ever;
4.) The high priesthood of Christ replaced the high priesthood of Aaron for ever;
5.) The Old Testament priesthood was replaced by a New Covenant priesthood;
6.) The Old Testament plan of salvation was replaced by the New Covenant plan of salvation;
7.) Israel as a nation was replaced by the Messianic Kingdom of God;
8.) Unbelieving Jews were cut out of the olive tree and replaced with Gentile converts;
9.) The preaching of the Gospel replaced the preaching of the Law;
10.) The authority of the Apostles replaced all the authority of temple leaders.

Replacement theology "properly" preached is the Truth. Bro. Segraves distorts the meaning of replacement theology saying it means we believe Gentiles totally replaced Jews and God will not deal with Jews as a people. This is false and to publish this distortation shows he is not honest. We teach only that Gentiles replaced unbelieving Jews who were cut out of the olive tree. We also teach if they will repent and believe they can be grafted back in. Bro. Segraves distorts the truth on this so he can continue his false doctrine that the Church is a Gentile bride. No, it was born in Israel, in the tribe of Judah, and in Jerusalem, a Jewish city. The Church had a Jewish birth. The first members were from all the tribes of Israel until approximately ten years when the door to the Gentiles was opened. It was a Jewish Church all this ten years. How then will it become a Gentile Church? Gentiles are grafted into a Jewish olive tree. Brother Segraves distorts the identity of the olive tree and denies it is the Jewish Church. But those of a noble mind know the Gentiles were grafted into something and saved. This can only be the Church. For him to suggest it is anything else is a hoax.

He places Israel at the center of prophecy when the Church is the center of prophecy and has been before the foundation of the world. Before the foundation of the world it was God's plan to establish the Church as his premier work in the completion of mankind in his likeness and image; from body form to spirit form. To this Israel and all of the law were but types and shadows of that which was to come and fulfilled in Jesus Messieh when he arrived at the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel.

Israel was to go through a transition for 69 weeks and then "AFTER" 69 weeks the Messieh comes and is cut off (crucified) and brings the transition from the Law Covenant to the New Covenant. Moses prophesied of this and said that every one who did not received this prophet would be destroyed from among the people. How can those who denied Jesus not then be destroyed, separated, from the covenants of God?

Bro. Segraves follows the Clarence Larkin trinitarian scheme on the 70th week of Daniel and claims this week of 7 years which was intended to be under the law dispensation was postponed to the end of the church age because not enough Jews believed to continue on with the original plan. He is false on this. He is saying that one week of the law covenant was not nailed to the Cross. He is saying that his one week not nailed to the Cross will allow Jews to rebuild the temple, offer up a red heifer and other animal sacrifices, and re-instate the abolished Aaronic and Levite priesthoods. And for Jews this becomes the plan of salvation during the tribulation time. This means Jesus does not have an everlasting priesthood after Calvary for all people, including Jews and Israel. His priesthood will cease for seven years while Brother Segraves supposes God the Father will restore the old abolished Covenant of the Law while God the Son has his Gentile Church Bride up in heaven at the marriage supper. This is false. It is error. It is a hoax!

The Church is Jewish. It is the Kingdom of God. Peter did have the keys to the Kingdom on the day of Pentecost. The Kingdom was not delayed or postponed. It came on the day of Pentecost. Many were born again into it. It is the Israel of God over which Jesus reigns and rules as Lord and King. The law, all of it, was forever abolished at Calvary and ended. The 70th week prophecy of Daniel did commence when Jesus was baptized. And it ended three and one half years in the Church age when the Gentiles were "THEN" allowed to become converts. This 70th week was not a period of time entirely of law keeping as Seagraves envisions, but was entirely to the house of Israel and the house of Judah as said the Prophet to bring in everlasting righteousness. That's why no Gentile could come in until the 70 weeks were expired!  Then, the Gentiles came into a Jewish Church started by Jesus which consisted of Israelites of all the 12 tribes.  This made the Church the Israel of God.  The Church is the Judaism of Jesus and stands against the Judaism of the Phariasees and Saducees. Brother Segraves denies the Church is the Israel of God.  His teachings make the Church a sort of concubine to God.

Bro. Segraves also believes God will accept the blood of animal sacrifices for Jews during his seven years of tribulation (Daniel's 70th postponed week). That it is the stopping of these blood sacrifices by a Pope who will be the antichrist, that angers God. And starts God's pouring out his wrath. He believes the Church has already been secretly snatched to heaven where the saints will be eating at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, all of which is false.  Those who properly understand the antichrist know he will be Jewish and arise in Israel and in Jerusalem, not Italy or Rome!

He opposes the Post-tribulation coming of Jesus, following dispensational breakdowns of appearing and comings so that he has Jesus coming 2 times, once before tribulation and once after tribulation. Which Matthew 24 does not reveal, nor does any other New Testament passage. Jesus comes back one time in Matthew 24 and that is after tribulation. That is settled. Bro. Segraves also said nothing in Matthew 24 applies to the Church it applies only to Jews. This is false! This is his dispensational way of saying only Jews must endure the time of great tribulation and Jesus comes after it only for the Jews not Gentiles, because God had shut the door on all Gentiles when the pre-tribulation rapture took place.

I am not opposed to Bro. Segraves in his basic doctrine on baptism in Jesus name, Oneness of God, and holiness, we agree there. It is his hatred for the real truth and putting out false information that I oppose. His distortations will cause people to be looking for a quick snatch out when they need to be prepared to endure the time of great tribulation. His teachings will not prepare the Jesus name people to stand when the coming antichrist appears. One person who follows him said he would know no man was the antichrist while he was alive on earth, because he would not be revealed until after he was gone. Yet Segraves and other dispensationalist claim the antichrist has already been revealed and he is the Pope! How come they aren't gone yet?

Here is the danger of Bro. Segraves doctrines. If the Church must go through the tribulation this man will accept the antichrist because he will still be looking for his escape hole in the sky and it did not happen. How many thousands may be tricked to worship the antichrist when he appears in Israel doing all manner of miracles, reviving animal sacrifices, rebuilding the temple, and a false prophet acting as Elijah comes calling fire down from heaven? And those miracle followers among us will eat it up like the Jews have become Pentecostal and don't know it. Pentecostals will believe the antichrist is from God and worship (praise and adore) him, not knowing that he will turn with all the fullness of the devil in him and mutate into the antichrist. The Word of God says all who worship him will be damned, not just those who take his mark! Few preach that these days. Bro. Segraves endangers the souls of many Jesus Name Apostolics.

Now if you are dispensational and Pre-Trib you will agree with him and not see the error of his falsehoods. But if you are honest, you will see he is false on many of his claims concerning Israel, the Church, the time of the rapture, and the identity of the Apostolic people as Jews by choice and joining a Jewish religion of the Judaism of Jesus Messieh.

Pastor Reckart

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