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Apostolic-Jesus Name Apostasy
The Fall-Away Pentecostals
T.D. Jakes
The Cardboard Apostate
Leader of The Foolish Virgins Generation
"The Pentecostal Progressives"

By Pastor G. Reckart
Copyright, August 7, 2008 All Rights Reserved

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T.D. Jakes goes punk.  He supports a homosexual ring in his ear at his daughter's wedding. His Jesus earring is what he believes Jesus would do if he were here now in the world. The $20,000 earring was praised by his 25,000 member church as a sign Pastor Jakes has shaken free of the legalism of his former holiness connections. As they swing and sway, leap and shout, shimmy and jiggle, to the professional musicians pumping up the emotional spirit of the Molech worshippers: Pastor Jakes sits like a 450 lb cheshire cat and grins as the camera's pan in on his Jesus earring. He is very boastful and proud of his liberty. Now the question is: when will God pull the plug on him.  I feel in the Holy Spirit that judgment will come. Wait for it. He will not escape his damnation.  His church will come to naught and his congregation will be scattered like trash blowing off the back of a garbage truck.

When a person departs from his/her Apostolic doctrinal foundation and beliefs and accepts another Gospel of Jesus based upon false doctrine, this is apostasy. Each denomination, from Catholicism and its sects to Protestantism and its sects, have each in their time apostated from the doctrines and beliefs of their founders.  An apostasy from the first doctrines and beliefs of the First Apostolic Church in Jerusalem was predicted.  Paul predicted there would be an apostasy that would separate from the one true Gospel and preach another Jesus and another Gospel.  Jesus himself predicted there would be an apostasy when he warned early followers about false christ and false prophets who would come and attempt to deceive the very elect. These false christ and false prophets are men who once had the knowledge of the truth, walked in the truth, believed it and preached it.  That is why they will be able to pervert the truth and pass it off as the true doctrines of Christ and the Apostles. They will resist correction and in the final conflict with antichrist they will betray the people among whom they once worshipped.  This is the Fall-Away last day generation to come upon the world before the coming of Jesus.  Fall-Away Apostolics, Jesus Name Pentecostals, and other Oneness-Acts 2:38; will be bold in their apostasy as ravening wolves. The nature of these wolves is to circle and attack their prey until they take it for their own purpose.  

They call themselves Pentecostal Progressives:

They have progressed past holiness and living godly to living a life of covetousness (materialism) and a worldly identity.

In an spiritual analysis of these Apostolic Fall-Aways, they lust after and coveted the members of other Apostolic Churches to have them as members and followers (stolen sheep, stolen tithes and offerings, theives of the Judas sort). They use all techniques and sleigh of hand and mouth to accomplish this goal.  They take advantage of people's flesh and weakness in living holy and offer them a Christ and Christianity where sin is accepted and holiness is not pressed.  Multitudes who desire a religious association in their lives will fall for this bewitchment, believing they are saved when they are still lost.  The Fall-Away generation will fully apostate: refused to stand any longer for the tenants of doctrine and faith they once embraced.  Apostasy is generally recognized in the Word of God as the great "falling away" (Hebrews 6:4-6). Paul tells us it is impossible to restore such people.  When we reject them they will turn with vengeance upon us.  When Jesus rejected the Pharisees and Sadducees they turned on him like vipers. We will experience the same hatred if we dare speak out.

Pastor Reckart speaks out!

Jesus told us they who fall away had no root (Luke 8:13).  So they were among us but NEVER took root with us in doctrine and faith. He also likened them to tares among the wheat. In another parable he likened them to five foolish (stupid) virgins.  The Fall-away condition brings about a religious climate where they who apostate continue to hail themselves as the true representatives of Jesus and his Church. Because they will have large numbers and wealth follows them, many will covet this manner of religion and life.  The little flock will continue in its holiness and refused to surrender the precious treasures of the Bride.  We will not compromise!  We will not ecumenicalize!  We will not pervert the Truth!  And we will never fall into covetousness and make merchandise of the souls of men and women.  The present day Fall-Away Apostolics and Jesus Name Pentecostals deserve rebuke with the most serious reprimand that can be given.  To be silent about what they are doing is derelict of duty as a Man of God, and give tacit consent to their deceptive ways.  This Man of God will not end out his Ministry in the Apostolic ranks and not sound out like a trumpet.  I am not a dead lion, and I am not a dog!  I have a voice and as a Prophet of God I command all who are guilty of this apostasy to repent.  I command them to come before the Lord Jesus Christ in humility and beg forgiveness for their sins of apostasy.  Whether or not they ever read this message, it still goes out to the world and to all the Apostolic Acts 2:38 Oneness people of the world.  The Lord Jesus Christ has spoken in these last days through his true servants. Take heed to that which ye have heard and repent. For the Lord will come and then he will separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tare, and the wise virgins from the foolish ones.  Don't be numbered among those who cry Lord, Lord, only to be damned as Jesus taught in Matthew 7:21-23. Reject this message from Christ and you will heap unto yourself the wrath and judgments of God!

Pastor G. Reckart (August 7, 2006)

The Fall-Away Generation Exposed

The Scriptures describe an endtime falling away from New Testament doctrine and salvation at the time of the arrival of the antichrist generation (2Thesalonnians 2:3). We Apostolic men of God who have preached about this, have known the falling-away would be led by men within our own ranks (2Peter 2:1-3).  We  know they will claim godliness but deny the power of holiness in this godliness (2Timothy 3:1-5). We knew large numbers of people whose love for the old paths and Apostolic Truth will wax cold (Matthew 24:12).  We also knew that out of this falling-away multitude, would come back at us hatred in the form of denying our salvation and betraying us (Mark 13:12-13).

We saw in the 60s and 70s how holiness standards went on the skids and many revolted to dress after the fashions of the world. Short hemlines and splits came in.  Jewelry came in. Television came in. Make-up and worldliness came in. Wearing catholic robes and collars came in. Wearing large crosses around the neck came in. Wrist watches and earrings came in. A whole generation came into churches with these apostasy practices.  This is the only Apostolic Pentecost they know. They were born into a house of spiritual fornication. Speak to them and they will fight you. Discipline these Pastors and young ministers in this apostasy and they will rebel and bring against you railing accusations.

We observed the birth of these neo-liberals and watched them accomplish the deception of a whole generation of Pentecostals.  We stayed in our four walls and did not get involved or cry out.  We watched many go on TV who began dismantling the Apostolic Church little by little and replacing falsehood for truth and promoted worldliness and compromising with trinitarian enemies. We observed as pulpits were closed to traditional Apostolic preaching and open to those who preached charismatic smooth sermons.  From Pentecost to Charismatic, the wayside path became trodden by many souls seeking justification for their sinful and covetous conduct.  They wanted places where sermons would be exciting and everyone accepted regardless of the sins they refused to stop or repent over.  Ecumenicalism was born and unity was centered on opposing all Men of God, Churches, and Church members where holiness and separation from the world was preached. The battle lines were drawn.  Holiness was preached as bondage, as equal to God as Egypt was to the Israelites.  Holiness standards were preached as sin, and all Pastors who held these moral codes were evil exactly like Pharoah  who refused to let the people go.  These holiness men were shouted at by men like T.D. Jakes: "LET MY PEOPLE GO." Meaning to all Apostolic holiness preachers, let your members come to Potter's House or some other liberal pig sty and let them live worldly.  Yes, all because Jakes and his ilk commanded it.  Can I remind all here that T.D. Jakes is no Moses!  He wouldn't last one day with Moses.  He would be swallowed up like Korah for objecting to holiness, the laws of God, and challenging the ordained priesthood.

Pentecostal fall-away movement openly identified itself in 1998 when UPCI ministers voted to require all Ministers to sign an annual affirmation of the basic doctrines of the organization.  Among those who opposed the coming show-down with liberals within its ranks, was men like Rayford Strange who in 1997 wrote "The Broken Reed and the Rod of God." There is no doubt his claimed dream or vision of a poisonous document he was asked to sign, which he refused, gave many courage to rebel.  At least one Church was split because of Brother Strange's stand against the affirmation. Over 600 Ministers departed from the UPC and formed their own organization which went berserk and ceased to exist after just a couple years. They could not resist meeting after meeting to rail back on the UPC and that blasted affirmation document. They railed against any Minister who stood openly for holiness and the old paths.  The liberal monster spirit came out and manifest itself.  No longer could it hide behind the garment of UPC organization.  Yet, many signed the affirmation and lied doing it, among those was Indiana Pastor Stephen Schmidt (Brother Nathaniel Urshan's sister's son).  His uncle and head of the UPC never once rebuked or corrected him.  He began to teach Jesus was Michael the arcangel and that a person was saved just by believing in Jesus.  A check of the UPC register of Chuches does not show him in Indiana any more. It will be interesting to see where his backsliding has taken him.

The liberal movement in Pentecost has many once famous names among it.  Pastor Mangum of Alexandria, Louisana brought in John Maxwell, trinitarian, to preach at his "Because of the Times."  Over 2,000 Jesus name Ministers attended and NONE OF THEM WALKED OUT! This tells us that the altars of Baal will have many prophets.  Where is there an Elijah among them?

I think of Jabo Green and Richard Gazowsky (the whispering prophet); (Voice of Pentecost Church, San Francisco), who took over the Church from his mother in 1988 who was its founder and Pastor. In 1994 he claimed he had a visitation from God on a mountain in Palm Springs.  In this encounter he claims he was instructed to allow the people to live like the world.  So, he took this inner message supposed to be from God and went back to his Church and totally stripped holiness from it and began to preach a liberal message. His wife chopped off her hair, put on slacks and earrings, and out came a Jezebel in rebellion at the rejoicing and praise of his congregation. Shocking thing was, no members left.  The majority loved the new Charismatic venue as women rushed out to stores to buy pants, earrings and make-up, and have their hair cut. The dancing Jezebel squad had now been liberated and those men who loved looking at women in pants would defend this new standard with vigor and rancor. But, interestingly, men were not given the liberty to show up at church with skirts and dresses.  Transvestism was only permitted for girls and women. The Church remained Acts 2:38 and Oneness but had totally gutted the Apostolic identity of holiness.

At the same time Richard went into Pentecostal apostasy, across over in Texas Jabo Green cranked up and began to shout "let my people go" at Apostolic Pastors who preached holiness.  The winds of this message of neo-Pentecostalism blew all the way to Apostolic Bible Church, St. Paul, Minnesota, to the pastorate office of Robert Sabin.  He had already denied in his doctrine that speaking in tongues was the initial evidence of salvation.  He had already departed from Apostolic doctrine with his teaching that Acts 2:38 as practiced by the UPC and other Oneness groups was false.  He was putting together his own theology that it is by faith alone a person is saved.  He discounted water baptism in Jesus name as having nothing to do with salvation, but was rather something a person did to express to the public their already saved experience.  Robert Sabin led a squadron of rebels from coast to coast and sea to shining sea who openly attacked standards of holiness.  They attacked those who preached against television.  And they attacked those who believed signing the annual affirmation was support for righteousness.  

All of these visual apostate elements were tips of the iceberg of the falling away generation of Jesus Name Pentecostals. With multitudes following this group of ecumenical liberals, the fall-away masses began to flock around men such as T.D. Jakes.  They would not condemn him or judge him for his backslidings and false doctrines.  They considered him to be a peace maker between Oneness and the Trinitarians.  They lusted after his fellowship with trinitarian charismatics, especially the Jezebel women preachers he flaunted on his television broadcast. They wanted to mimic him.  So, they watched his programs to gather tips on how to magnetize the crowds, to give smooth sermons, and appeal to the emotions of people in such a way they think they are saved when they are lost.  It takes a well trained man without a conscience to preach to thousands who are lost and who does not have the courage or heart to tell them they are lost unless they are born again according to Acts 2:38.  Yet T.D. Jakes does it day after day and week after week.  The man is a cardboard image of apostate ministries who are leading the fall away generation.

Out of the Fall-Away Pentecostal apostasy was born T.D. Jakes who would rise through the power of trinitarian money and fellowship to national prominence. He had no real root in  holiness of godliness. All he was from his beginning was a show-off and flamboyant flim-flam man.  He never was holiness Apostolic in his heart. If he was it would have shown up in his wife. She is a well dressed Jezebel.  Daddy T.D. has given his doll-baby all her heart lusted after. You know she loves that man who "loosed her" when he said to her "woman be thou loosed." And she went out and bought some pants, some earrings, some make-up, some expensive clothes, and walked on stage to show off the "LOOSED WOMAN." She shows us the "loosed woman" T.D. makes of females when he lays his hands on them.  Every woman T.D. has to preach for him is another of this breed of "loosed women."  He does not honor or respect, or use any woman who is not loosed to look like a Jezebel!

If a man knows not how to keep his own house, how shall he keep the house of God?  We can tell he does not keep his house holy or righteous by looking at his wife. We can tell he does not keep his church holy and righteous by looking at his members and especially his staff and those he has on his menu to speak and preach at his meetings.  If ever a man represents the Laodicaea Church he is that man.  If ever a people represent the Laodicaean church members, it is the members of his church. He is ecumenical and will fellowship anyone.  He called the Pope a man of God.  This man is not Apostolic.  He is a closet Catholic.  He is not Oneness, he is a trinitarian.  He has backslid from the Apostolic faith. He is chasing after money and fame.  And I predict that somewhere, sometime, he will be caught with his pants down with another woman. Men of his character who seek the praises and worship of the people will not continue to resist the worship of the lot lizards who will frequent the Potter's House waiting and looking for their opportunity.  Jimmy Swaggart fell into this pit when he exalted himself and began to slander the Jesus name people.  Jim Baaker fell into the same snare.  Other men have fallen also.  Fame brings with it the devil's promises of trinitarian wealth if men will bow to him.  No man can rise to the place of T.D. Jakes unless he has bowed to the devil.  We know this has happened when we see him compromising the Oneness Truth by fellowshipping Trinitarians.  We know he has bowed his knees to the devil when we see his wife looking like a Jezebel.  We know he has bowed his knees when he puts on his dog and pony show, dressing out in elaborate finery to impress the multitudes who come to catch a glimpse of a man-made god.

Here is a look at the Fall-Away PAW convention and the line-up for their September 2006 conference in California.  It is the WHO-WHO's list of endtime Fall-Away apostates of holiness Pentecostalism.  Chairman Horace Smith is leading the Fall-Away campaign to integrate liberal trinitarians into the fellowship of PAW. We do not have to look any further for the apostasy to raise its head and speak as the voice of satan to the world, while claiming they are the servants of Jesus Christ!

Bishop Thomas Dexter (T.D.) Jakes Sr., Cardboard Preacher, a leader of the Fall-Away generation.

The Potter's House Church in Dallas, Texas (No longer believes baptism in Jesus Name is essential...any method is acceptable, admits "he comes from a Baptist and oneness pentecostal background, but his previous association does not mean he himself is one")

Ordains women and has appointed and has currently 2 women pastors at his Church "The Potter's House" (Pastor Rita Twiggs, and Pastor Bonnie E. Moon)

Pastor Paula White, Pastor Shirley Caesar both appeared for him at MegaFest2006, as well as Joyce Meyer and Pastor Jackie McCullough (Among MANY others) at previous events (all trinitarians as well).

About Jakes:

Questions and quotes:

What do you think about women pastors?

"I try to avoid setting myself up as a judge to tell anybody what God did or did not call them to do. There are many women who are celebrated as ministers: Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer, Jackie McCullough, Dr. Iona Locke, Ernestine Reems and Iverna Tompkins. Many women are making a contribution to the body of Christ." http://www.thepottershouse.org/BJ_faq.html

" The one and only prophetess Juanita Bynum will be with us tonight...We're blessed because of you. We're blessed because of your ministry. We're blessed because God has raised up that voice...We thank God for this woman of God...Give God praise for prophetess Juanita Bynum...She has Revelation Knowledge from the Lord." (T. D. Jakes, "TBN," July 6, 2004. Describing false prophetess Juanita Bynum to the world)

" His holiness, John Paul II was truly a dedicated and courageous messenger of God. His legacy will be a model that all of us should follow. His Holiness was not only a leader of the church, but also a leader of the world. His life was an example everyone can learn from. His mission to spread the Good News of faith throughout the world, and his dedication to human rights was an inspiration." (T. D. Jakes, "Bishop T. D. Jakes Statement on The Passing of Pope John Paul II")



Bishop Charles E. Blake

West Angeles Church of God in Christ in L.A., CA (Trinitarian, Ecumenist, Homosexual organization promoter)

About Blake:



Bishop Noel Jones (He no longer will teach/preach baptism in Jesus name in front of the congregation.)

("Bishop Noel Jones has done something he has never done before in his ministry. He hired a young, Morehouse Graduate, Joe Robinson to be his Associate Pastor. Joe Robinson, formerly AME, quit the 2nd largest AME Church in St. Louis, MO, when he did not receive the promotion that was promised to him. Upon leaving the AME Church, Bishop Noel Jones, offered him a job in Los Angeles at a salary of $150,000 per year. He is currently living in Bishop's Beach Mansion in Playa Del Rey, California.) BTW, AME is not saved, and is Trinitarian AME stands for "African Methodist Episcopal Church" .

He is quite the huckster selling "The art of preaching" dvd, (I guess to teach you HOW TO BE A PREACHER.) and other titles (he took off the anointing oil he once sold there), and a financial seminar http://www.noeljonesministries.org/events.html for only 250.00! 2006 Fresh Oil Conference September 13th -16th, 2006.


Pastor Sheryl Brady (She has toured nationally and served for years with the Bishop T.D. Jakes Ministry ). She preached at a COGIC conference as well.


She will preach for Horace Smith and the PAW on 9/13/2006.

Pastor Paula White (Trinitarian and her ministry is endorsed by TD Jakes) she will preach at the PAW convention for 9/16/2006.

Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Jezebel who has mastered whispering prophecy!

(In 1996 she met Pentecostal evangelist Bishop T.D. Jakes (author of the 1994 inspirational best-seller "Woman, Thou Art Loosed!"), and he invited her to the singles' conference in Dallas that year. - Jakes is ordaining women in the place of men contrary to what God's Word directs.

Prophet? Todd Hall; Another Fall-Away leader!

(Founder and Overseer of Shabach Christian Church in Orlando, Florida)

Todd Hall quotes:

"Adam was the first black man".   "You've got to tithe not 10 percent of what you have, but 10 percent of what you want to have"

Sonya M. Mixon is the pastor of Shabach Christian Church in Orlando, Florida, where Dr. Todd M. Hall, Sr. is the founder and overseer.

You can tell by her picture she is a Jezebel leader among the Fall-Away Pentecostal generation.



Bishop Horace Smith Fall-Away PAW champion (a real slick high-roller)!

The PAW organization was slipping bad way back in the 80s.  They could not produce any more great men of God so they chose a new apostate brand of leadership, one that would bow to the Pope and kiss his ring in Rome.  Out of the spiritual fornication arose an educated man to take the helm, Horace Smith.  He is taking the PAW right down to the gates of hell!  How long O ye PAW members will you follow like dumb sheep to the slaughter.  Either revolt and take back over the PAW or flee for your lives.  The PAW is now officially an apostate Apostolic Pentecostal organization.


Kingdom builders...go here and click on the speakers tab...(looks like same theme...women preachers and pastors, anything goes, any makeup jewelry, trinity beliefs, etc.).  They don't want to reproduce quality young men, for fear these would rise up and restore the old paths.  So they choose women whose ambition is money and selling themselves in a new form of spiritual prostitution.

Looking in the image gallery under "About Us"   ....I found this.

Paula White, Jezebel, perfects her acting bit!

and this... Fall-Away Charismatic leader T.D. Jakes!

Seems that Horace Smith, fall-away leader of the PAW, is tied in with and supports this same group of Pentecostal apostates to promote his own agenda and events...Paula White, T.D. Jakes, etc

I call on the apostates to repent, to do their first works over.  I call upon all who are members of the PAW and the Potter's House to flee as did Lot from Sodom.  You are commanded "TO COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM."  Separate yourselves unto holiness and godliness.  Restore your baptismal covenant and stand for God in the sanctification of his holy blood.  Live above sin as you stood there that day coming up out of the waters of resurrection. I command you this day to be holy even as the Lord your God is holy!

Pastor G. Reckart