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Light To The Nations

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Racism is the scourge that has threaten to destroy Adam's race.  The Scriptures teach that God has made of one blood all nations for to dwell upon the earth and has determined before hand the bounds of their habitation.  Nazism is racism against Christians and Jews in general and then against Blacks and others as an extra agenda.

Islam is in the most part racist against Jesus being the Messiah because he is Jewish and not of the seed of Ishamel.

Pharisee Judaism is racist against other Jews who embrace Jesus as the Messiah, all because these Jews no longer feel compelled to believe traditions and the hatred of other Jews that has existed since the first Jewish followers of Jesus were persecuted.

Hitler the racist is dead and gone.  But other racist may arise and attempt to use race as a means to destroy other races.

The late Elijah Mohammed, former leader of the African-American Black Islam movement in America held that the white man was the devil.  Some from splinter groups of this movement also hate Jews.  We will let them speak to the merits of their attitude whether justified or wrong.  We are just concerned about racism being the cause of persecution and death of any person because of their race or religion.

Max Dimont had this to say of what Hitler did to Christians several years before he turned without mercy upon the Jews:

"The fact that German anti-Semitism had evolved into ant-Christianity must be considered a highly significant symptom" said Russian Orthodox Catholic theologian Nikolai Berdyaev (Christianity and Anti-Semitism, p2). This basic anti-Christianity of German Nazism is something that is almost totally overlooked by popular historians and journalists.  Though Nazi ideologies had proclaimed anti-Christian doctrines ever since the party was formed in 1919, only anti-Semitic slogans were stressed in world headlines.  Yet the Nazis wanted to obliterate Christianity as much as they wanted to expunge Judaism. In the Nazi view, Christianity represented a danger because it weakened the Aryan strain through proselytization.  They held that "Aryan Christianity" had been betrayed by the Apostle Paul; they contended that Christian churches were a sham and a fraud; they preached that the Catholic Church was the most dangerous of all because it was both Jewish and international.  The Nazis taught that National Socialism was the only true gospel, the sole faith and salvation of the German people, and that Hitler was their saviour."  "During the first five years of the Nazi regime, therefore, most concentration camp inmates were Christians.  Jews were relatively late arrivals" (Jews, God, and History, pp 337-338).


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