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Light To The Nations

Freemasonry is a cult and it is a religion.  A cult has secret meetings closed to the public and freemasonry has these.  A cult has secret oaths that require confession to a death penalty if anyone in the group discloses either the rituals, the members names, or the practices carried on by lodge members.  Freemasony has these requirements.  A cult requires each member to disassociate from any family member who may try to convert them.  Freemasons practice this and become hateful, mean, and nasty, if a person tries to convert them from membership in the lodge.  A cult will honor their charismatic leader who ever he or she is at the time. Freemasons do this.  Cult members have secret passwords, codes and signals for recognition, and special symbols with secret meanings known only among the members.  Freemasonry practices all of these.  It is customary for freemasons to sit upon their cult thrones and judge and condemn Christians because they practice their religion according to their individual choices, but then cry and wail when someone exposes them as a cult. It appears in modern society that if a cult collects money for burn hospitals for children that this legitimizes their cult as acceptable. Society may place a stamp of approval on this public relations stunt, but the eternal God will not allow this trickery at the judgment.  If any freemason does not renounce his secret blood oaths, his participation in the censorship of the name of Jesus Messiah, his fellowship with men who are evil, then he cannot be saved.  He may claim whatever salvation by whatever religion, but until he confesses total and unequivocal faith in Jesus as the Messiah and testifies to this in the lodge with prayers in the name of Jesus, he is FALSE!

Freemasonry Is A Jewish Religion