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Jesus Christ Was Not A Freemason

Light To The Nations

Freemasonry Is A Jewish Religious Sect

By Pastor G. Reckart

If it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, has characteristics like a duck, it most likely is a duck.  If it has for its place of gathering a temple or a lodge representing the temple of Solomon;  if it has for its doctrine the Kabbalah and mysticism of other religions in agreement with the secrets of the Kabbalah;  if it has secret degrees whose fascination is the lost name of the Jewish God;  if its three great lights are the compass, the square, and the Torah (other holy books substitute for it), said to be tools to build the temple in Jerusalem;  if it has for its official hierarchy the *master* of the lodge representing God over the temple;  if it is a secret band under the same blood oaths of the Iscarri who lurked in the subterranean caverns under the temple;  if it is antichrist in that Jesus Messiah is never mentioned in the meetings and there is absolutely no time he is confessed as the Messiah; if its members pray in these meetings;  if its members sing hymns in these meetings; if its members use the Bible or any alleged holy book as the alleged center piece of its religion;  then this system smacks of being a Jewish religion through and through.

Yes, Freemasons will cry and wail that they are not a religion.  But the very things that go on in the lodge and the temples are religious.  Why is it called a *temple* if it is not a religious meeting place?  Why does its *master* preside over the lodge as God if it is not a religion?  Why do they have such lofty offices as *priest* and *prophet* and *high priest* and *Melchizedec priesthood* if it is not a religion?  Why is it that they claim they have taken the best from all religions and all philosophers and formed the doctrines, teachings, tenants, and secrets of the lodge if it is not a religion?

Why are those to be iniated to stand at the door of the lodge as if to enter a cult, beg to enter among the members by being coerced (coached) to say they are travelers or strangers walking in darkness seeking light, if it is not a religion?  While some may equate *light* with knowledge, secret knowledge, the word light also stands for that eternal truth that brings eternal life through Jesus Messiah. Did not Jesus say he was the way, the truth, and the light?  How then can something that does not honor Jesus at all claim for its members a different light that will give them eternal life if they NEVER CONFESS FAITH IN JESUS according to Acts 2:38?  And, Freemasons in their funeral rituals with the participants all wearing their sheepskin apron, will cry "alas, alas, our Brother has passed between the two portals (pillars) of the east" and then sprinkle upon his body or casket some acacia, symbolic of eternal life.  And this is not a religion?

Freemasonry is a Jewish religion and it can figure to be no other.  It is a mystical religion and rooted in Jewish gnosticism. The exact genealogy of the present lodges back through the centuries is somewhat bleak.  All we can trace are those visible secret society groups that seem to be wombs through which the order was birthed from generation to generation. The name of the secret order may change but it is still the same group.

Since Freemasony has secret blood oaths and its alleged secrets are passed from mouth to ear from person to person, what religion claims this same methodology for transfer of an oral tradition except Pharisee Talmudic Judaism?  There is no such blood oaths and secret oral traditions among the Messianic Believers in Jesus Messiah.  There has NEVER been such hideous *throat-cutting* oaths among the disciples of Jesus or first century Messianics.  But among the temple cult in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus there existed a band of zealots who swore by the temple and other blood oaths of secrecy.  These were involved in the plot, arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus Messiah. This band of Jewish religionist were called the Iscarri.  How they transfer from generation to generation to the time of the crusades around 1100AD and came among the Catholic Church in the Knights Templars, the Knights Hospitlars, and the other religious orders (Dominican and Franciscan), and finally the creation of the Jesuits, Jacobims, Luciferians, Illumanatti, and then Freemasonry, is a mystery.  But the very spirit survives and is the soul within the lodge of Masony.

If freemasonry was in any way, even in the slightest, Christian in the sense of believing that Jesus was the Messiah, NO JEW WOULD BELONG!  They would bolt for the door of the lodge at the first mention of the name of Jesus in worship or prayer.  And, so the name of Jesus is censored out of prayers and worship in the lodge.  This is exactly the resemblence of the temple in Jerusalem that if anyone should confess Jesus in the temple he was to be thrust out and excommunicated from the worshipers and forbidden entry again upon that alleged holy ground.  As in the temple in Jerusalem so in the lodges and temples of freemasonry.  To our knowledge, there is not a single OTHER RELIGION in the world where this hatred and bigotry against mention of the name of Jesus is enforced.  They may not believe in Jesus but they do not forbid anyone from speaking his name in prayer or worship.  Only one religion in the world has this requirement and it is Pharisee Talmudism.  For this ancient religion to have such power over free speech in the lodge and temple, there must be some connection to an ancient hatred that survives across 2,000 years.  The freemason lodge and temple is the home of Jewish gnosticism and mysticism.  The very mystical interpretations of Philo are found there.