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Antichrist and Messianic Jews

By Todd Beaucoudray

There is an abundance of new doctrines growing and being spread in these last days. There are new groups which refer to themselves as Messianic Jews. There are new groups which refer to themselves as Yahwist.  These are becoming increasingly influential and trying to snare people in their doctrinal traps. They have what seems to be credible arguments but they usually deny historical or otherwise authentic evidence which prove they are in great error. They are usually hypocritical and would have to be since most of their doctrines can be shown to be false by the same method they put down truthful doctrines. There are several doctrines held by many Messianic Jews and which I will discuss in this essay, then I will for comparison discuss doctrines held by all other Messianic Jews that I agree are biblical.


Antichrist according to John is anyone who denies that Jesus Messiah has come in the flesh (1John 4:3). An antichrist is also anyone who denies the Father and the Son (1John 2:22). The term "Father" means God and the term "Son" means Jesus Messiah. John says that who ever denies the Son (Jesus Messiah) has denied the Father also, but who ever acknowledges (confesses) the Son has the Father also (1John 2:23).

The test of antichrist must be given to the Jews first since the Gospel is to them first. Then the test is given to the Gentiles. The offer of salvation through the New Covenant is a test to see if the soul receiving the testimony will be an antichrist or a Messianic believer. There are many who are antichrist who do not know it. There are many who are antichrist who know it and do not care. These are those out in the world still denying that Jesus is the Messiah and are the ones everywhere trying to blot out his name from the earth. The blot out plot is to either deny his name altogether or to claim it is false and his real name is Yahshua or some other claimed Jewish spelling. One test of antichrist is that if they try to blot out the name of Jesus by any means, they are identified with the the beast system even before it is revealed.

Messianic Jews

Messianic Jews are those who claim to be Jews and who believe that Jesus was the Messiah. This does not refer to Jews by bloodline only. There are several Gentiles who have joined the Messianic Jews and are called Noahides. These well meaning people err in New Testament doctrine in several ways.

First, most of them reject the name of Jesus and therefore refer to Him by several names, mostly Yahshua. Many claim that Jews whether they believe Jesus is the Messiah or not, are still God's people and therefore saved under the Old Covenant that God made with Abraham. They claim the New Covenant is the Old Covenant exactly except one new addition, Messiah Jesus. They believe the Laws of the Old Covenant should be observed today exactly as they were back in the days of Moses and David. They believe in kosher eating habits, keeping the feast days in the book of Leviticus including the Sabbath which they aggressively state is Saturday. They hold to the Old Testament levitical priesthood being still in force and many advocate animal sacrifices (some believe animal sacrifices should wait until the third temple is built). They consistently argue and fight on the side of Talmudic Jew's for reclaiming all of Jerusalem back so the third temple can be built and God's Spirit will dwell there again. They are adamantly opposed to replacement theology which teaches that Christ's Church (Matt. 16:18) replaced the Temple and converts to the Kingdom of God replaced unbelieving Jews as God's only people.  They reject that all Jews must enter Christ's Church to be accepted by God.

Most Messianic Jews teach that the third temple will be built and the Old Testament Levitical priesthood will be reinstated and this will be ordained by God. They use Old Testament prophetic scriptures, which actually apply to Jerusalem's second restoration from Babylon shortly before the coming of Jesus Messiah. The claim that when their messiah comes He will rule from a third temple and everyone will eternally keep the Old Testament Laws (all 613 which must include death penalty laws), including animal sacrifices, feast days, kosher eating habits, a Levitical and Aaronic high priesthood. Some Gentile dispensationalist believe animal sacrifices will be offered up to Jesus! These claim that bloodline Jews will have all the high positions of authority over the nations while those in Christ's Church will just be included in as people with good behavior (Noahides).

Lastly, there are a some doctrines held by a couple Messianic groups who I had interaction with that I will quickly reflect on. They taught that using the scheme of the Old Testament feast days as a guideline to time, that everyone including the Jews, will have another opportunity after they are dead to be saved. They teach that right now we are in a time period where only a select few will be saved. But after this lifetime we will enter into a time when all people basically will be saved (this is the doctrine of Universalism or Restoration of all things). They also hold that where the Scriptures teach that God is one, that this means a unity or God family. This is not exactly the Trinity doctrine of the Catholic and Protestant Churches (who they hypocritically hate), but that the Father and Son are two different beings, persons (Yahweh is Father and Yahshua is the Son. a form of Arianism). I am sure many reading this now are shocked since all these teachings are clearly false according to Scripture.

The Other Messianic Jews

Now I will discuss the views of the "other" Messianic Jews, which I do agree are biblical.

First, they all agree that name of Jesus is an authentic and true English pronunciation of the name of the Messiah. They believe that it was during the 70th week of Daniel, that the Messiah came and confirmed a New Covenant to the Jews who would receive it. He came to usher in a new and more perfect Covenant Paul said was "better" than the old. In the middle of the 70th week, which was 3 1/2 years counting from his baptism by John, the time of the beginning of Messiah's ministry, He was rejected and crucified, therefore "cut off" as Daniel prophesied.

As a consequence to the actions of the temple conspiracy, the holy place was left desolate of God's spirit and eventually destroyed in 70 AD which Jesus predicted in Matthew 24. When the New Covenant was instituted officially on the day of Pentecost, God's Spirit that was taken from the temple was poured out upon the Church, which on this day were only Jews.

The New Covenant consisted of a new way of living in God's presence. The Kingdom of God had a new priesthood, the Levitical was abolished for ever.  We no longer sacrifice animals to receive forgiveness or atonement from God. Circumcision was no longer the sign of the covenant and it was replaced by faith water baptism in the name of Jesus Messiah (Christ). The Sabbath and feast days were no longer mandatory. Eating kosher or nonkosher were optional. And, Gentiles were included in the Church of the Messiah by conversion.

The "other" Messianics believe the New Covenant replaced the Old Covenant's physical signs and ceremonial laws but not it's moral law. The moral laws were transferred to the New Covenant and may be found written there. We abide by the moral laws because they are in the New Covenant, not because they are a part of the Old Covenant. They also teach that Christ's Church is actually Jewish and that Gentiles are grafted in and become one people. Gentiles essentially become Jews by choice to replace those who were cut off because of unbelief.  These Gentiles now enjoy the full blessings of God. As Paul wrote, even Gentiles in the Church: "are the seed of Abraham." And as Peter wrote: "are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation and a peculiar people."

These Jews by Choice, the "other" Messianics, are very certain that all Jews are welcomed in Christ's Church and to partake of the New Covenant made for them until they die or until Jesus comes in their lifetime. As for future prophetic views, they teach that Jerusalem is the city which rests on seven mountains in the book of Revelation and is therefore the Whore of Babylon. Jerusalem follows the paganism of Talmudism and the Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism. Pagan Christianity such as Catholicism and Protestantism came out of Jerusalem, especially since their most infamous doctrine, the Trinity, originated by those who studied or were influenced by the Kabbalah. As for the seven mountain of Jerusalem, the mountain which head received the deadly wound was the mountain on which the temple was destroyed on in AD 70. They teach a revival of the Jewish temple and Torah keeping will be reinstated and that the Jews will crown an earthly Jewish messiah who will be the antichrist and be supported by a supposedly Jewish False Prophet. The Battle of Armageddon will not be a war against Jews but against the Messiah's Kingdom and against His Saints.

Notice Revelation states nothing of the battle being against Jews, it is they who make war with the Lamb, Jesus, but He destroys them all with the brightness of His coming.

Many confuse the 1948 reinstatement of the nation of Israel to be ordained by God and thus believe this proves Jews are still God's people whether they believe in Jesus is the Messiah or not. I don't follow this persuasion because God promise in the Old Covenant to NEVER allow curses to come upon them if they stayed true to Him (which the Holocaust was no blessing). Curses have come upon the Jews because they apostated and refused to return to God the way God prescribed. The Jews as a whole have never repented and turned to God according to the Scriptures, therefore they can only be under the curse until they do.  The 1948 establishment of Israel as a nation was based upon rejecting Jesus as the Messiah and accepting the Gospel.  They have tried to pass laws for make it illegal to speak and witness the name of Jesus in Jerusalem. So there was no heavenly reason for their restitution in 1948.

Basically, the revival of the state of Israel and the soon third temple will be making a path for the antichrist and the book of Revelation says all the world will wonder after the beast. The New Testament clearly makes it evident that we do not need a third temple in Jerusalem for God does not dwell in places made of brick any longer and especially since Revelation states that the New Jerusalem will have no temple. Jesus replaced the temple and He is the only vessel (which includes the Church) in which God's Spirit dwells. These "other" Messianic Jews regard the essential doctrines of Acts 2:38 salvation and holiness. These match those of Apostolic churches and particularly the large organization, the United Pentecostal Church International.

The Yahwist

Finally, I will discuss the Yahwist. The reason I chose to discuss the Yahwist last is because they vary in so many forms, except mostly all of them believe the Father's name is Yahweh and the Son's name is Yahshua. They believe anyone preaching the name of Jesus is lost and should be regarded as a devil. They side with Talmudic Jews against the Jesus Name people.  They agree with the different Messianic Jews groups regarding the alleged restoration of future of bloodline antichrist Jews who keep the Torah.  They teach Jewish eschatology and believe their prophecy views teaching that there must be a revival to the Jews but do not see these Jews correctly as antichrist Jews, etc. They teach that if indeed in foreign countries people speak in tongues and say the name of Jesus, that it is not the Holy Ghost but a demon spirit. They use several arguments to try to prove the name of Jesus is pagan or false, which is hypocritical because they accept the name of Yahweh which has a pagan origin itself. The name of God which was revealed to Moses was "ehyeh asher ehyeh" which is said to mean I AM that I AM. When studying the name of Jesus, you can find that it came from that same name as EHYEH. One of the most notorious of the Yahwist' organizations is the Truth Restoration Ministry headed by Darren Holliday.  Mr. Holliday is affiliated with the Assemblies of Yahweh in Bethel, Pennsylvania, where Jacob O'Meyer is the leading prophet. He is no longer with his wife Amanda because his antics and hatred against the name of Jesus appears to have filtered over into his marriage relationship. Mr. Holliday projects the Yahweh attitude exactly, displaying a haughty spirit, is heady and high-minded, is a blasphemer, and who will stop at nothing to join with Talmudic Jews to blot out the name of Jesus from the earth.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that I am very concerned with religious tolerance in these last days. More and more supposedly Christian denominations are becoming less exclusive and therefore declaring that people of any religion can be saved, especially the antichrist Jews. Many Holy Ghost filled preachers teach that God is coming back to restore the antichrist Jews in Israel, mostly using Old Testament scriptures which are incorrectly applied. If in fact Jesus is coming back to restore Israel, then there was never any reason for creating His Church and a New Covenant, since we are just going to go back living under the Old Covenant during the millennial (as they claim). We should throw out the New Testament passages calling antichrist Jews "a generation of vipers", "enemies" regarding the Gospel, and must conclude that "if they deny the Son, they deny Father also" to be wrong.

I would rather stick to the truths taught by Jesus in the Gospels and Revelation Jesus gave to John to view correctly things to come. It is Jesus Christ and His Church who will win in the end, and they who are with HIM are "CALLED, CHOSEN, and FAITHFUL."  These will have the privilege to live forever under a new heaven and upon a new earth, in the city where the Lamb is the light, the heavenly New Jerusalem, ...forever.

Brother Todd Beaucoudray

July 4, 2001