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The Babylonian Talmud Part II

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

1.)  666
2.)  Shekinah The Female Goddess
3.)  Replacement Theology
4.)  The Mark Of The Beast Made Easy
5.)  Talmud Quotes That Reveal Antichrist Coming Blood Bath


Modern Talmudist are Sabbatians in secret doctrine.  The subversive Sabbatians are gnostic followers of Sabbatai Zevi, circa 1625-1676 AD.  He was a self-proclaimed messiah choosing the year 1666 to announce his messiahship.  Because of the year of his "anointing" or coming forth, and his mystic belief that 666 represented Israel as displayed in the *hex,* the ancient symbol of that nation, he adopted the "666" as his sign of the New revived Israel.

Talmudic and Kaballah Judaism will always carry the 666 secretly regardless of how many try to make the Pope this man of sin or try to interpret the Roman Numerals in his crown as 666.

Some Sabbatians [the secret 666 group], devote their entire lives to the infiltration of Christianity, taking on Gentile names. They are called among themselves "Donemeh Jews" [which they call going into the abyss], faking joining Christian Churches or other religions, the purpose of which, is to obtain positions of power to alter or corrupt religious teachings, introduce and endorse liberalism, and bring about the conversion of religious groups to socialism and accepting evil as good, thus breaking those shells and releasing the sparks that hold the future destiny of Israel.

They will support other Donemehs or converted Gentile Noahide disciples, in the restructuring of denominational doctrine, city, county, state and federal governments and laws, favorable to or protecting traditional Christian values.  Now they want to remove BC and AD from all religious and government documents;  remove crosses marking accident deaths along roadways; and even making the Red Cross change its logo.  Purging and hatred is taking place all around us.

The Sabbatians believe in a doctrine called "redemption through sin" (The Messianic Idea In Judaism, Gershom Scholem, pp 78-141).

Wickedness to them is holy if it destroys Jesus Messiah and Christians. Liberalism is their trademark! Departure from New Tesatment doctrine is their method. They switch the focus from their agenda to that of issues that gain them popularity.

Regardless of how reprobate these secret Sabbatians become and how many Gentile Christians they cause to become evil or wicked, they believe they are imputed righteousness and will be rewarded with eternal life.

It is remarkable that these are open leaders of apostasy such as the homosexual movement; national organization for women (NOW); the united nations; american civil liberties union (ACLU); committee for separation of Church and state;  abortion rights movement; free speech for movie and television filth; discipled news men and women; owners of movie and stage production companies producing blasphemous films and plays with open bigotry and hatred of Christ and Christianity; and owners of television and newspaper media, by which they hide behind yellow journalism and attack the Church.

The *hex* or six pointed star became the symbol of the Sabbatians, the Jewish mystics of Kaballah, and was adopted from these sources as the symbol for Zionism and consequently the nation of Israel and placed on their flag in 1948.

666 is written within the *hex* in many ways and must be the star Stephen preached against in Acts 7:43 that got him killed. As asked so many times:  What other star plays so important religious role among the Jews?

Shekinah The Female Goddess

All of this is bound up in the belief that the Shekinah is the feminine part of God that indwells the Jews and the nation of Israel as God's wife forever. The Gentile Christians are the serpent seed, and to claim that the Church is the new wife of God, and Israel was divorced by the crucifixion of the Lord of glory on the Cross, is a high blasphemy to Talmudic Jews (Read: "Pop Goes The Kabbalah" Time November 1997 Issue).

Jews believe the mind-set of the world must be changed to think of Christianity as evil, and the Jews who practice Phariseeism [Talmudism-Babylonian Kabbalah], are the true and ONLY people and holy wife of God.

These Jews call the New Testament Covenant "blank paper" [Talmud, Sabbath 116a], or the same as [toilet tissue], therefore claiming: 1.) That Christianity is a 2,000 year old fraud; 2.) Phariseeism is the only true religion of God on the earth; 3.) And the Talmud, is the only holy book God ordained since the Old Testament.

Israel claims SHE IS NO WIDOW or divorced wife as Christians have taught using Revelation 18:7 to prove it, read this].  Talmudic Jews believe that God came to the Shekhinah [Israel] at midnight on the Sabbath in paradise, and that is when he had fellowship with her (Kabbalah, Charles Ponce, pp 220, 256).

Keeping the Sabbath is their sign that Israel is still the exclusive wife of God, because God visits only his wife on the Sabbath. Since Christians can not be Jews [they claim only Noahides], God will not honor Christians who think they keep the Sabbath who are not Noahides and converted from Jesus Messiah to Judaism.

These Talmudist say, that God can not commune with Christian Sabbath keepers, because they are not part of those within the Covenant of Israel. These say that for Christians to claim the Divine presence fell upon 120 Jews on the first day of the week [Sunday] the day of Pentecost, is a fraud by antisemitic Apostles. Talmudist claim the Gospels and the Book of Acts are all frauds (Read Hyman Golden's book:  The Case Of The Nazarene Reopened; which is filled with this hatred and bigotry in his concealed bias as a trial against Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

They believe that the outward witness that God and Israel are in intimate relationship, is the fire of the Shekinah that soon will be allowed to come out of 2,600 years of exile and darkness, and be seen visibly again in Israel upon animal sacrifices, and as anciently witnessed in the Temple, behind the veil in the holy of hollies.

Replacement Theology

For this one reason, they could NEVER accept that the Temple, its priesthood, animal sacrifices, and its rituals with all the Law WERE REPLACED BY THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH.

They "hate" Christian REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY and denounce it as antisemitism.

Because Christians have not studied Talmudism and Cabalism, they are unlearned about this Babylonian Mystery of iniquity, that is alive and infiltrating and influencing Christian thinking, Christian doctrine, and Christian holiness standards.

All of this is tied covertly to the Talmud which is the guide-book of antichrist and the mystery of iniquity.

The Jews are allegedly the good seed and the Gentile Christians who claim to replace them are of the wicked seed of the serpent.

Israel the wife of God has a great and evil legacy. She is confessed by the Prophets to be the consort of the devil.  So she killed the Prophets and according to Jesus, all the righteous blood from Abel to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, would be required of her.

She is the great whore [Isaiah. 57:3].

She is Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 & 18.

She is the mother of harlots or denominational branches of Judaism, false Christianity [Catholic and Protestant Judeo-Churches], Noahidism, and Islam: "The Jewish religion was the MOTHER of two great western religions Christianity and the Muslim faith. ...It was Judaism that still infused and permeated a spirituality into these other religions, even though the religion was despised by many of the leaders of the DAUGHTER religions (Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, To Eliminate The Opiate, Vol 1, p 21)."

Who is the mother of harlots?  The Jews know, they just won't admit they are harlot daughters of a whore mother!

In spite of all this, many allege that the eternal focus of God is to obtain his Old Testament harlot wife back, and give to her the whole world to rule over during the Millennial.  So these point to Rome or America or the United Nations as the great whore to draw attention away from Israel whom the Scriptures Old and New prove is the great whore beyond any doubt.

And so Replacement Theology must be destroyed along with anyone who teaches such. Talmudic Jews believe their whole destiny is bound up in being God's exclusive chosen "seed" race.  Our message is simple:  Salvation is *GRACE* not RACE!

The Mark Of The Beast Made Easy

"A model ideal state will gradually spread its teachings and influence from nation to nation, ...the people of Israel will thus conquer, the nations of the earth, ...all other peoples will be known by their detestable practices and idolatry [They call Christians idolaters], ...they will be destroyed and will disappear from earth before the ushering in of the ideal era. To understand the Rabbinic conception of an ideal world it will help us if we can imagine A HAND PASSING FROM LAND TO LAND, COUNTRY TO COUNTRY, MARKING RIGHTEOUS OR WICKED ON THE FOREHEADS OF EACH ONE OF THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTHLY GLOBE" (The Jewish Utopia, Rabbi Michael Higger, PHD).

What many fail to realize is that the mark of the beast will be a religious name or symbol and never be suspected by the world to be the mark of the antichrist (It may be the hexagram that contains 666 in numerous ways and stands as a symbol and mark of a man's name, ...Israel)!  It is a possibility that needs attention.

It is this deception of marking "righteous or wicked" that would means pro-Israel or antisemitic, that the mark of Rabbi Higger is placed on a person's forehead.

By it a person pro-Israel is considered righteous and able to buy and sell. Those without it would be considered "wicked." Those who think the mark of the beast is the actual number 666 have been deceived. That is the secret number of his name that is contained in a mark or symbol of the name.  Only those who have the wisdom to interpret the mark-symbol will be able to see and *count* up the 666 number behind it.   The mark or symbol by which a person will be identified as righteous or wicked when antichrist sets up his rule in Jerusalem from Mount Moriah must be associated with the hex.  Many Noahides are teaching this now under the doctrine that all nations must come to Jerusalem in the Millennial and worship at the Temple and under the *hex* flag of Israel or they receive no rain and are to be killed (destroyed) off the earth.

During this Millennial with Israel as head of the nations, it is alleged that God and Israel will vent their wrath upon the real beast, the remnant of the Gentile Christian seed of the serpent. All of these prophecies are being projected now upon the world although this bloody purge it is not scheduled to take place until well after the Millennial begins.  So a world-wide blood-bath purge can take place NOW and few would make a protest if it came just a few years early.  After all, why does it matter when Christians are killed if the issue is made into being an *antisemite*?

All beasts that will not come under dominion of this new Jerusalem world-order with the *666 hex mark* will suffer death.  This is the mark of the beast system, and millions are being deceived to accept it via Talmudism, Sabbati-ism, Zionism, Dispensationalism, and Noahidism in its many alleged Messianic disguises.

Talmud Quotes That Reveal Antichrist Coming Blood Bath

Watch now, as quotes from the Talmud and other Jewish writings use the phraseology that reveals the mind-set and the right to kill Christians thinking to do God service:

Noahide Laws for conversion of Gentiles for the coming utopia: Sanhedrin 56-60
Christians are children of Eve and the serpent: Zohar 1, 28b.
The seed of Christians the seed of beast: Kethuboth 3b.
Christian people are like asses: Kidduschim 68a.
Jews called men, but Christians not called men: Iebhammoth 61a.
Sexual intercourse with Christians same as a beast: Sanhedrin 74b.
Souls of Gentiles have unclean origins: Zohar 1, 46b 47b.
Christian Churches are places of Idolatry: Abhodah Azarah 78.
High place in heaven for those who kill idolaters: Zohar L, 38b 39a.
Christians and animals grouped for comparisons: Orach Chaiim 225, 10.
Non-Jews souls go down to hell: Rosch Haschanach 17b.
Adam had sexual relations with animals: Yebamoth 63a.
Deeds of Jews righteous but Gentiles are sin: Baba Bathra 10b.
Divine presence rests only on Jews: Berakoth 7a.
Forbidden to teach Gentiles God's Law: Megillah 15b.
All Gentiles are bastards and only animals: Yebamoth 98a.
Gentile girls are "niddah" unclean: Abodah Zarah 36b.
Gentiles who study the Law deserve death: Sanhedrin 59a.
Gentiles outside the legal protection of the Laws of Israel: Baba Kamma 38a.
Eve had sex with the devil conveying lust to Gentiles: Abodah Zarah 22a.
Israelites exempt from the lust infused by the devil in Eve: Abodah Zarah 22b.
Jesus was a bastard born of adultery: Yebamoth 49b.
He was a fool, and we do not pay attention to what fools do: Sanhedrin 67a
Speaking of Jesus, ...practices sorcery and enticed Israel to apostasy: Sanhedrin 43a
Speaking of Jesus, ...bloody and deceitful:  Sanhedrin 106b
Speaking of Jesus counted among, ...sinners of Israel:  Gittin 56b
Jesus was excommunicated for the thought of seducing a woman and in his ensuing grief he fell down and worshipped a brick:  Sanhedrin 106a.
Speaking of the soul of Jesus, ...he is now in hell:  Gittin 56b-57a
Going to prostitutes same as becoming a Christian: Abodah Zarah 17a.
When Messiah comes he will destroy the Christians: Sanhedrin 99a.
Hatred of Christians is commanded in Psalms 139:21: Shabbath 116a .
Gospels are the falsehood of blank paper: Shabbath 116a.
Gentile men prefer sex with cows than their wives: Abodah Zarah 26a.
Replace dead Christians like a lost cow or ass: Iore Dea 337, 1.
Male animals not to be left with Gentile women: Abhodah Zarah 15b.
Gentiles fornicate with sheep: Abhodah Zarah 22b.
Gentiles unclean because they were not at Sinai: Abhodah Zarah 22b.
The seed of a Gentile the same as that of a beast: Kethuboth 3b.
Animals in the form of Gentiles to minister to Jews: Midrasch Talpioth 225d.
Gentiles are children of the serpent that seduced Eve: Zohar I, 28b.
God created or predestinated two natures, good and evil or one nature with two sides, one clean and the other unclean. Gentiles come from the unclean side and are called "Kelipath or Kelipot" rind, or scabby crust: Zohar I, 131a.
The front of a female is said to be the right or correct side. The rear of a female is said to be the left or incorrect side. Thus, Rabbi Eliezer, speaking of the Gentiles says: "where do the idolatrous Gentiles come from? From the left side, which makes their souls unclean. They are therefore unclean and they pollute all who come in contact with them: Zohar I, 46b 47a.
Jews do not need blood sacrifice to achieve forgiveness: Megillah 31b.
Israel's sins were atoned for by the garments of the priests: Zebahim 88b.
Studying the Bible is indifference to God: Baba Mezia 33a.
Studying the Talmud is meritorious: Baba Mezia 33a.
Studying the Bible after the Talmud produces trouble: Hagigah 10a.

From Jewish antichrist book:  Toldoth Jesu
Jesus was crucified on a cabbage stock
Judas urinated on Jesus
Mary was a whore
Jesus the son of a whoremonger named Joseph Pandora

The above quotes from the Talmud come from the Soncino Press edition of the Babylonian Talmud. We quote the Talmud from the Christian News newspaper, December 21, 1987 issue, page 17 [Christian News, 3277 Boeuf-Lutheran Rd, New Haven, MO 63068]).

The Talmud is the most ungodly book ever written.  It is the true *satanic verses* against Jesus Messiah and Christains.  There have been some newer *censored* versions of the Talmud put out and the public perception that the Jews have retracted these blasphemous statements.  But if so, why have they continued the program of the Talmud to destroy Jesus and Christianity by whatever means possible?  We would welcome an end to the antichrist hatred because this and only this will change the future wrath of God as depicted in the Book of Revelation upon Jerusalem and Israel. And if all Israel does not repent and continues the hatred against their King and brother, and if they do not obey by faith Acts 2:38, then they are deserving and scheduled for the wrath of God in the seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven vials. And we pray hard that they will repent.  When Jews live for God in true New Covenant fashion they are a kind and loving people.

And if they do not repent and take lightly the message since it comes from Gentile lips and a few Messianic Jews; ...and if they kill Christians or Messianic Jews, after which they run to the Temple and offer a red heifer or any other animal sacrifice, is God really going to be flattered?

And to end this mystery of iniquity episode, I bring to you the accusation by unbelieving Jews that the blood of Jesus is bastard blood and can not save them.  This blasphemous statement is the hatred behind the comment that he was born of fornication and that Mary was a whore (Toldoth Jesu).

Any doctrine or teaching based upon the Talmud, or any teaching of the Jews contrary to what the Apostles of Jesus Messiah preached, found in the New Testament, is antichrist. Anyone who contends for any antichrist doctrine including Noahidism, is an apostate.  And anyone who claims exposing apostasy within Judaism and the Talmud is antisemitism and uses this accusation above the identity of antichrist, has blasphemed the Holy Spirit and can never be saved.