The Star Of David

By Cohen G. Reckart

Light To The Nations

With quotes from Gershom Sholem's book *The Star Of David*

Above, the hex is symbolic of the light and dark sides in witchcraft. God is pictured as both good and evil, light and darkness.  The solar serpent lucifer is the symbol of the knowledge (gnosis) of the revelation of eternal life.  The macroprosopus is said to be copied in the microprosopus (the Macro and Micro of the universe).  This god wears the triple crown and emblazoned on his chest is the occult Maltese Cross.  The idea transferred is that God is what man is (male & female a bisexual); as above so below, as in the spiritual so in the natural. The entire body of mysticism of Kabbalah is hidden within the hex.

Here are several quotes from the above book and some comments to help bring the history of the ancient hex up to modern day.

Mr. Sholem says:  "The hexagram is not a Jewish symbol.  It arouses no hopes.  Insofar as it had any connection at all with the emotional world of a pious Jew, it was on the level of fears which might be overcome by magic (p 259)."

So in our first quote, we see the hex was an amulet and has to do with fear not hope.

The figure of the hexagram, with its two interlocked triangles is to be found among many peoples and is often associated with another figure, the pentagram.  The seal of Solomon, ...a protective sign in magic. Its first certain appearance can be established on the head of Ashtoreth as her personal sign. It next appears in the seal of one Joshua ben Asaiah, which dates from the late monarch period (about 600BC) probably about Jeremiah's time.  The hexagram next appears much later on a Synagogue in Capernaum (2nd or 3d century building), ...displaying the Hitler swastika RIGHT NEXT TO IT?

Rabbi Akiba allegedly used it as a Messianic symbol in the war of liberation conducted by Simon ben Cozeba who took on the messianic name *Bar Kochba,* which means the "son of the star."  He led the Jewish revolt against the Emperor Hadrian (see p 261).

The real history of the Shield of David and its emergence in Judaism, ...leads us back into the world of Jewish magic (see p 263).

It is said that the Tetragrammaton YHVH or YHWH was replaced or substituted by the hexagram on Solomon's signet ring sometime before the sixth century AD (see p 265).

It appears in magic versions of a secret Jewish witchcraft book called: *The Key Of Solomon The King* now published by Richard Cavendish, Samuel Weiser, Inc., publishers.*  Before this was brought out of the secrecy of Judaism and the gypsies practice of it, the hex was found in versions of the Mezuzah, ...a capsule containing the Bible passage of Deut 6:4.  This verse was written on parchment and according to Rabbi Eliezer of Metz (12th Century) it was a common practice to add seals at the end of the verse contained in the Mezuzah for the sake of the increased security of the home from evil.

Maimonides protested that the Jews had perverted the great commandment regarding the proclamation of God's unity, the honor and love of him of which the Mezuzah speaks by making it an amulet, ...i.e. inserting hexagrams at the end of Deut 6:4, when it was supposed to be a mark of distinction upon their doorways of the monotheism of God and his blessings provided they keep the Law, otherwise a curse would be upon the home and family.  Some believe that the use of the hex was to ward off God bringing evil upon a Jewish home or family if they did not observe or keep all the Sinai Covenant.

The above mentioned practice of the magic version of the Mezuzah originated no doubt in Babylon.  During the dark ages, the Jews numbering in the millions still lived there until around 1054AD when an Arab ruler evicted them.

Isaac (Isaak) Luria's students in Safed, Israel knew of a certain "general talisman" which they describe as a hexagram and designate it as the seal of Solomon.

Sholem reports: "Beginning in the 16th century, many such amulets displaying a hexagram achieved considerable popularity (see p 267)."

This sign of the distinctive MARK of the Davidic house was thus connected with magic within the Kabbalistic symbolism of the "kingdom of David".  Among the Kabbalist this "kingdom" is a symbol of the tenth sefirah (Malkuth) in the tree of the ten emanations by which the Godhead manifests itself.  This sefirah is represented in the upper world by the mystical body of the congregation of Israel, in the lower, however, by the "kingdom of David" (see p 271).

The career of the shield of David as magic not only reaches its height, but it moves beyond the realm of magic to become a symbol of the vision of the messianic redemption, which the followers of the Kabbalistic messiah Sabbatai Zevi (1666), believed they had already begun to detect.

Hexagram=The seal of MBD, or seal of the God of Israel.
Hexagram=A messianic symbol of the arrival of the redemption embodied in Sabbatai Zevi.

If Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschutz, one of the greatest Talmudic scholars of the age, was a Sabbatian, then we would have to admit that the Shield of David was a very significant symbol for his secret vision of redemption (due to his prolific use of it).  It was not only the seal of David, but also that of the Son of David, who is the messiah.

The Hex on the head of the great whore Asthtoreth as her personal symbol, cannot be overlooked as having an influence and a possible source of this diabolical image of jealousy (see Ezk 8:3), that has now become associated with the one true God and His Messianic Kingdom.

The Modern interpretation of the emblem as a symbol of redemption, ...Star of Redemption, owes its initial rise to the stammerings of the Sabbatians about the redemption to which these amulets bear secret witness.  ...The fathers of the Zionist movement, when they emblazoned the Shield of David on the flag of the Jewish rebirth of the nation, ...were in harmony with the secret intentions of those Sabbatians.  ...Again their opponents compared the Zionist venture to that of the Sabbatians.  ..The discovery of THIS SECRET FAMILY TREE OF THEIR SYMBOL (see p 273).

The pentagram must still have been competing with the Shield of David as a type of Jewish insignia (see p. 277).

After 1680 the Shield of David, emanating from Prague and Vienna (the Askkenazic not the Sephardic branch of Judaism), uses it on its seal from the 18th century onward.

Sholem says the Jews of the emancipation period were looking for a "symbol of Judaism" to match the symbol of Christianity (see p 279).

Choosing a symbol for the Jewish religion as such, was for them concealed by the magic nature of the sign which was familiar to them from numerous amulets.  All of the trust which the pious Jew has in the Shield of David rests on the feeling it give him of protection and security from hostile powers.  So the symbol is also of hope and redemption.

The Hex also appears on a coin of Herod the Great and on that coin it is poised over the dome of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Recent findings in Redpaths History of the world, shows several cuts taken from Babylonian engravings that pictures the hex used as a symbol of Nimrod. It appears the symbol was also used to represent Shemesh or the sun-god. If it can be drawn that Nimrod was represented as the son of Shemesh in the same manner that the Pharaohs were considered sons of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god, then the history of the hex back to Babylon and to ancient satanic pagan religions would be unrefutable. That the hex then came to Canaan via the dispersion of the races in the figure used for Baal and his consort goddess Ashtoreth as copies of Nimrod and Simeramus, makes the hex the symbol of the snake throne of Mystery Babylon.

It is no mystery that in all the occults, the hex plays a central role in satan worship and upon and within these covens, human sacrifices are offered to lucifer. To hex someone has long been understood to mark someone for an evil curse or for death. Something we dare not overlook in this expose of the use of the stars in Israel is that Stephen in Acts 7:43 preached that the *STAR* of their god Molech was also a symbol used in Remphan, a supposed Babylonian Chaldean city of iniquity.  Brother Stephen lost his life over that message.

And finally, we may find chiseled on Jewish Synagogues the Hexagram, the Pentagram, and the Swastika.  Those who study symbolism know that the Swastika and the Maltese Cross were adopted by Hitler because of their occult connection, and these led back to the Kabbalah.

Kabbalist have associated the Hex with Druid temple of the sun in Stonehenge as pictured to the left by Kabbalist Charles Ponce.  This is a satanic union that should not be ignored.  It is a confession in symbolism that they are both of the same religious antiquity.  The first use of the Hex in Babylon is found within the winged sun-disc.  The Hex then is an ancient pagan symbol having nothing to do with God.  By the Kabbalist superimposing the hex upon Stonehenge, they are confirming through symbolism that the six-pointed star is the *mark, seal, or symbol* of the sun god.  If this sun god *Shemesh* is found to be worshiped in the person of Baal or lucifer, the light bearer, and the one to enlighten mankind in the mystery of iniquity, then the hex becomes a symbol of the highest satanic religion upon the earth.  It is symbolic of the snake throne.  How then can Christians use it, and how can Jews adopt it for their national or messianic symbol and representative of their God?

If Jesus and the Apostles had put any faith or confidence in a mark or symbol of the Messianic Kingdom being the Hex, the Pentagram, the Swastika, or the Maltese Cross, this would be found in the New Testament. They are not found there or hinted at all.  They are not found associated at all with primitive Christianity.  We must conclude then, that these are apostate symbols belonging to the occult and and snake throne kingdom and totally foreign to Christianity.  No true Christian will use them in any manner or fashion as they are tied to apostasy, the snake throne, and to the antichrist.

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