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Replacement Theology, Answer To An Accusation

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Note:  There have been several books and articles recently published attacking Replacement Theology. Replacement Theology is the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Messieh.

The first premise of the attack is that nothing is replaced, they are just fulfilled. Really!

This is called "fullfillment theory." In every case I have met this perversion of truth, I have asked the person if fulfillment means nothing was replaced? They attempt to answer and then get angry that they cannot without teaching replacement. One such Pastor said the Old Covenant was fulfilled at Calvary. Ok, I said: does this mean it was not replaced by the New? He would not answer! I asked do you have another of your fulfillment theories we can look at? He said, yes: all animal sacrifices were fulfilled in Jesus. Ok, I said: does this mean the sacrifice of Jesus did not replace them? He would not answer! Every time he brought up his new false doctrine, I ask if anything replaced it? He would not answer. Finally I ask him: why have you switched out on us and no longer believe in replacement and have fallen for this "fulfillment theory"? His answer was: "I am afraid of the identity of replacement theology because many claim it is antisemitic and I do not want that hung around my neck." What he had recanted is the very doctrine of Jesus, all for fear of a false accusation. Seems if someone throws the accusation "antisemitic" some might go as far as recant even Jesus! After all, the same ones who hate replacement theology also hate Jesus when it is confessed he replaced Moses in Biblical authority.

The second premise of the attack is that Jesus did not take the Kingdom away from the Pharisees and those who rejected his Messiehship. This is contrary to the very teachings of Jesus in Matthew 21:43 where Jesus specifically said the Kingdom WOULD be taken from them.  The second attack is the argument that the Law is still in full force and effect for salvation for Jews who want to continue to reject Jesus as the Messieh.  That is false and Mark 16:16 along with John 8:24 will suffice to say that no one, Jew or Gentile has any contract or covenant with God except that of Calvary and the New Covenant in the blood of Jesus. The third attack is that the promise of Abraham was not fulfilled in Jesus Messieh to Israel and that Jews who continue to reject Jesus as the Messieh still have an unconditional contract of salvation without need of Jesus Messieh AT ALL. This is false and a heresy.  Paul tells us clearly in Galatians 3:29 that if an individual (Jew or Gentile) was in Messieh, that is a part of his Kingdom, THEN ARE THEY ABRAHAM'S SEED AND HEIRS ACCORDING TO THE PROMISE!

The attacks against *Replacement Theology* follow the normal accusations of those in false doctrine: they will not state the case and the facts and then try to refute them, they instead make false statements and allege things to build a straw man and then attack the straw man with their arguments and NEVER DEAL WITH THE REAL TRUTH.  It is impossible to deal with all of the falsehood being written against *Replacement Theology.  I have taken the opportunity to put before you the issues of the true doctrine of *Replacement Theology*.  If there are other views that are contrary to what you are about to read then they are false and written to deceive and to confuse.  The following is written so that you might know the truth and be assured of your faith in Jesus Messieh and the true doctrine of *Replacement Theology.*

Subject:  Replacement Theology

Date:  5-18-99

Dear Brother Messianic:

I just read an article written by you that mentions *replacement theology* and you characterized those who believe in it to have the idea or theory that God was finished with the Jewish people and that the Spiritual blessings of the Jews were all transferred to the Church and Jews no longer have a means of salvation.

These suggestions and statments are misleading and not at all what *Replacement Theology* is all about. Please read the following for an explanation:

I believe in replacement theology and what you are claiming that we believe has never been a part of my teaching at all. I have never read a statement by any writer who believes in the true replacement theology saying these things as you infer them. I have read statements by Jews and by Noahides who claim that replacement theology states these things, but they never provide the source and they never prove such is the true meaning of replacement theology. If you will tolerate me for a few minutes I will try to give you a brief explanation of replacement theology and see how much of it you agree with.

We believe God is finished with Talmudic Phariseeism and successors to this religion, Saduceeism, and all other religious Judaisms that were in existence in the days of Jesus, including the Law.  The Law was abolished because it was only a temporary covenant to last until the Messieh would come.  Even Talmudic Pharisees believe that when Messieh comes the Law ceases and that he will bring in a New Covenant.  The New Covenant will consist of new laws of God that he will write in our hearts.  We believe this already happened by Jesus Messieh and the new Laws to be in our heart are found in the New Covenant of the New Testament.  The Passover Communion cup of Jesus Messieh is a testimony combining the New Covenant and the sanctifying blood in ONE CELEBRATION.  

Other than the Law, the other religious systems were false Judaisms in the first place and clearly corruptions of that which Moses first delivered.  Why should God or any human being be forced to accept something as a valid religion that is corrupted with the traditions of men to the point that the Law was made void in many hundreds of places?  

God being finished with false religious Judaisms is not the same as God being finished with a people.  We do believe in *replacement theology,* that if a person elects to follow or practice a religious Judaism that God is finished with, then these individuals by their choice separate themselves from the Covenants.  While they may remain Jews in flesh and blood these are not Jews upon whom God gives his honor or his glory.  A Jew must worship according to the Covenants, not according to his opinions or theories of the Covenants.  If any Jew elects as a religion the corruptions of the Pharisees and or any other branch of religious Judaism in existence in the days of Jesus, then this act is in defiance and hate toward the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messieh.

Religious choice by rejection of Jesus as the Messieh does not make the religion of that choice acceptable to God.  In this regard we do believe that the Messianic Judaism of Jesus has replaced not only all religious Judaisms including the Law, but all other religious systems in the world.  The Messianic Judaism of Jesus is exclusive to all other religions in the world.  There is no other way to God except through Jesus Messieh.  That settles this issue as regards to religious Judaisms being replaced, but Jews still have a right to be saved and a right to accept or reject the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messieh.  God is not finished with the Jews or the Gentiles until the day of his wrath and his judgment.  

We believe that all animal sacrifices ended with the sacrifice of Jesus Messieh and that he *replaced* all animal sacrifices.

We believe that the priesthood of the Law ended at Calvary and that the Priesthood of Jesus Messieh and that of the Apostles and other New Covenant Ministers *replaced* them.

We believe that the Temple in Jerusalem as the dwelling place of the Spirit of God was *replaced* by the very body of the Messieh who was the *Temple* of God's Spirit for 33 and 1/2 years. Subsequently we believe that Messianic Jews and Gentiles who are converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messieh also become Temples of the Divine Presence and they are witnesses that the Temple in Jerusalem has been *replaced.*

As an outgrowth of this replacement we believe that the Church as a meeting place of Messianic Believers replaces the Temple in Jerusalem. Our position is that the word *Church* taken to its root in the Septuagint means *Israel* gathered in an assembly as worshipers. Thus, the word *Church* is but a Greek code word for *Israel.* Although many do not know this and few make use of it, it had to be what Jesus Messieh meant in Matthew 16:18 if he spoke the word *Church* with its Septuagint meaning and not some later meaning given to it by Gentiles or others. Thus we believe that the *Church* or the assembly of *Israel* meeting in a home, a public building, or two or three gathered in his name, this is, the Jewish and Gentile converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus that replaced the Temple.

We also believe that the proof of its nonessential need is the destruction of it in 70AD or Jesus would not have predicted this in Matthew 24. When Jesus said in Matthew 23:38: I leave your house unto you desolate. He was referring to the Temple. He came and found it desolate of the Spirit of God and he left it unto them in a desolate condition. This we believe, that the abomination of desolation, is the temple desolate of the Spirit of the holy Presence and that makes the edifice and the land an abomination.

We believe that God the eternal Spirit was the very person of Jesus Messieh. We do not believe Jesus is the second person in the trinity. We believe he is the God of Psalms 132:11 and that he swore with an oath unto David that HE WOULD SET OR SIT UPON DAVID'S THRONE. We believe that as to his deity he was the LORD (Isa 25:9). As to his humanity he was the Messieh (Mal 3:1). The two were fused into one nature and one person.  We believe this is what Jesus was trying to convey when he said to Philip: "Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou known me, Philip? he that hath seen me has seen the Father" (John 14:9). We know this is far from the trinity doctrine and we are not ashamed. Who said we had to be Catholics and trinitarians to be Messianic? We firmly believe that Jesus was Emmanuel, GOD WITH US. Not a second person or a second God, but the real God of the Jews come in human form. In this regard we believe that for the whole world, the person of Jesus Messieh as God manifest in the flesh (1Tim 3:16) was to *replace* all other ideas and mental images of God and all worship was to be to Jesus Messieh who is the LORD of Glory.

We believe that the New Covenant completely replaces the Old Covenant. By Old Covenant me mean not the whole Old Testament, but the Covenant of the Law given at Mount Sinai. Paul mentions this in 2 Cor 3:13 when he speaks of Moses putting a vail over his face. Now some say that he did this because the glory was so bright that people could not look upon his face. But read the text again without these presuppositions. The text says he put on the vail because the glory was fading away concerning that which was to be abolished, and he did not want them to see that he was returning to normal. He did not want them to see that the glory of the Law was leaving him and being abolished from his face. Likewise, Paul concludes that the minds of Jews were blinded in that they still have that same vail over their heads although the glory of the Law had ceased at Calvary. He said that vail was still over their heads in reading the Old Testament which VAIL IS DONE AWAY IN Messieh. Now, what was Moses holding in his hands when he had the Vail upon his face? It was the Ten Commandments. It was the Covenant of the Law. So then what was to be abolished, but the Covenant of the Law. This is the entire purpose of the book of Hebrews that was written supposedly by the Apostle Paul while the Temple was still standing in Jerusalem. So, we believe the New Covenant *replaced* the old. We believe the Old Testament is a schoolmaster to lead us to Messieh and when we have come to the Messieh we are NO LONGER UNDER THE SCHOOLMASTER (Gal 3:25). Within the New Covenant are then laws and teachings that God will put into the hearts of those ordained unto eternal life.  Thus, no more synagogue hats, no more phalactries, no more talliths, no more spit curls on men (Hasidics), no more vails covering women's faces, no more Sabbath keeping as a law, and no more prohibiting eating meats etc. (Col 2:16). No man is justified by the Law (Gal 3:11, 5:4).

We believe that although the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, yet only a remnant will be saved (Rom 9:27). We believe this is confirmed in Joel 2:32. This means that the larger portion of the Jews will not be saved because they reject Jesus as the Messieh and reject conversion to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus as found in Acts 2:38. Thus, we believe many will see as Jesus predicted, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all of the Prophets in the Kingdom of God and they themselves thrust out (Luke 13:28). According in Acts 21:20 there were many thousand of Jews who were Messianic believers and were still clinging onto the Law. The transition from Law to Grace and from Temple to the Church (Israel of God), was still in progress. The point is, that there were many many thousands of Jews who were converts to the original Messianic Judaism of Jesus. We believe and hold dearly that the Messianic Judaism of Jesus *replaced* all other Judaisms especially Talmudic Phariseeism and Saduceeism. We believe that this Messianic Judaism *replaced* all other religions in the world as a means of salvation and eternal life.

We believe that those Jews who rejected the Messianic Judaism of Jesus cast themselves away from the grace of God and were cut out of the olive tree in Romans 11. They were cut out because of unbelief. They became cut off branches. They were still entitled to the promises and the covenant of Abraham but they were not recipients of the destiny of them unless they were converted to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus. Having the right to these promises and the covenant of themselves were of no consequence as long as they rejected to become converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus. It was in the very place that these were cut out of the olive tree that the Gentiles were grafted in.

We believe that the Gentiles converted to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus through Acts 2:38 as the plan of salvation by grace through faith, *replaced* and are now *replacing those Jews who refuse to convert to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus and who consequently are cut out of the olive tree.  These Gentiles are called Jews by choice.  No, this does not make the olive tree Gentile and the Gentiles do not take over the olive tree. The Church is not Gentile, never was Gentile, and never will be Gentile. Quite the contrary, the Gentiles became converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus and this conversion was into a Jewish Church made up solely of Jews for the first few years. This conversion made Gentile into Jews by religion and faith, because the Messianic Judaism of Jesus was a Jewish religion. We believe that the Gentile converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus become Jews with the same rights and the same dignities afforded Gentiles who convert to any modern day branch of Judaism. Among these groups, Gentiles are not considered Gentiles any longer after conversion. They are considered one with Israel and joint heirs of all the promises and blessings. This is exactly what the Apostle Paul claimed was the entitlement of Gentiles converted to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus. These would be one with the Israel of God since they were graftd into the Israel whose destiny comes through Jesus Messieh only.

So, my Brother, although this is a little different than perhaps some would write about replacement theology, and although it is something you have taken a stand against, I want you to know the real truth about it.

At no time to my knowledge has anyone said God is finished with the Jews. God is just as much finished with a reprobate Jew as he is with reprobate Gentiles. Until they blaspheme against the Holy Ghost there is hope. We sincerely believe in the evangelism of Jews and Gentiles and we are opposed to anti-missionary laws however they are formulated. We know according to the Apostle Paul that the Gentiles should not boast about their conversions as if cut off Jews could never be saved again. He taught clearly that we should acknowledge that those cut off by unbelief CAN BE GRAFTED BACK IN if they will believe. For that we pray.

To me, that is where we are today. Generations upon Generations of Jews have been broken out of the olive tree because of congenital hatred of Talmudism against Jesus Messieh and against the idea that the Messianic Judaism of Jesus is a valid Judaism. Talmudic Jews to this day teach and consider Jewish converts to Jesus as having given up Judaism and having given up their birth right to the covenant of Abraham. This is false. A Jew who converts to the Messianic Judaism of Jesus actually asserts their Jewishness and lays claim on the full destiny of the purpose of Judaism fulfilled in the Messianic hope.

Today, there needs to be a movement among Messianic Jews to give up the trinity doctrine and elevate Jesus as the Messieh and as God Almighty. There needs to be a movement to teach that the Messianic Judaism of Jesus is the Kingdom of God and everyone, Jew and Gentile alike, are invited and must be converted to come in it (John 3:3-5, Acts 2:38). It must be emphasized that all other Judaism however religious and however old are not the means of salvation for Jews. It must be stressed that Talmudic Judaism is the ancient and present enemy of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.

Messianic Blessings to you,

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