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Should Your Church Invite The Rabbi

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

A few years back I was invited to hear Rabbi Chaim Richman preach in a United Pentecostal Church in Plant City, Florida, on the subjects of the red heifer, the third temple, and common beliefs shared by Jews and UPC Churches.  A UPC Pastor and some other UPC Ministers had arranged this and other meetings where the Rabbi was to preach his gospel of the kingdom according to the Pharisee-Talmudic doctrine.  Needless to say it was not the Gospel of the Kingdom Jesus preached, the apostles preached, or that in the New Testament. Therefore it was *another gospel*.  One that denied Jesus and was promoting a future coming antichrist who would claim *he* was the true messiah, thus Jesus was a fraud and a false prophet.  I had thought to go because I had never before actually seen a confessed antichrist presiding over the pulpit of a United Pentecostal Church.  As I considered this fast-growing practice among Jesus Name Oneness groups, the Holy Ghost spoke to me that I could not go.  The following Scriptures began to fill my mind:

But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.  As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed (Gal 1:8-9).

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is some in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now is it in the world (1Joh 4:3).

If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed (2Joh 1:10).

I was never so overwhelmed with a sense of grief and sorrow in all of my Ministry. Here was a confessed enemy of Jesus and he was presiding over the pulpit of a Pentecostal Church while hundreds sat on the edge of their seats watching this eagle with baited breath upon the Rabbi's every word.  Those that attended reported that he was so humble and spoke nearly like they would imagined God would speak. And the Rabbi did not miss a lick, he told the entire crowd that he did not believe Jesus was the Messiah.  He actually said he did not believe Jesus qualified to be the Messiah.  The crowd sat in respect of these words and in silence.  He had come to preach another Gospel, one they had never heard before, and they were there to receive it, believe it, and support it (for proof of his antichrist confessions click here (Antichrist).

Very slick at his control over the audience, he neutralized any objections, with the statement that he was not there to change them (although he was), and he didn't want them to think they should try to change him.  He was there to share his vision for Israel, and upon that basis they could agree on several issues.  He announced that they both agreed the Jews were the chosen people, and the people shouted amen!  He announced that God had returned upon the Jews, and the people shouted amen!  He announced that God was moving in the direction of having the temple rebuilt, and the people at this point were on the edge of frenzy!  He announced that the red heifer project was moving along rapidly and expected any day to see that God had provided the perfect sacrifice needed to cleanse the Talmudic priesthood to offer up sacrifices in the temple! And then he said, we are expecting *our* Messiah to come any minute!  And the building broke out in emotionalism as many danced in the isles and spoke in tongues.  But, his Messiah was not Jesus, he had already disavowed Jesus as a fraud, how ever tidy he did it.  And this PentecostalChurch went wild at the mention of a false Messiah.  They didn't know what they were whooping and yelling about.  A Rabbi had mentioned Messiah and nothing else mattered!  It mattered nothing that *his* messiah and Jesus were different people?  His messiah will be the antichrist and this Church danced in the isles and spoke in tongues for the antichrist?  Who would have dreamed?  And, not a single Pentecostal Minister who attended that meeting (about 25), raised their voice in protest although the Rabbi has been now in several hundred more.  When I mentioned this to a young Pentecostal Minister he barked back:  *You are the antichrist for talking about United Pentecostal Churches*? O! Really?  But, I knew that anyone who exposed this heresy would be persecuted for standing up for the name of Jesus Christ and his exclusive salvation.  So, hate me, call me names, persecute me, I have taken a stand and I will take it to the judgment bar of God against all who worship the antichrist.

There was in this meeting Pastor Don Gifford an Apostolic Minister and Evangelist Billy Brimmage, a Pentecostal Minister.  Pastor Gifford, a very dear friend of mine arose to his feet, looked at the antichrist euphoria whipped up in the mass of the deceived, took his wife by the hand and said, "Sister Gifford we're getting out of here."  As he went into the isle and departed to the foyer, Evangelist Brimmage whom I know arose also and met him there.  Evangelist Brimmage remarked:  *are you leaving*? Pastor Gifford replied "yes, *how can I stand to listen to an avowed antichrist come and preach a gospel that Jesus did not ordain and send to the world for salvation."*  Evangelist Brimmage, an avowed devout pre-trib dispensationalist said "I'm staying I like it, it was exciting what God was doing for the Jews." Evangelist Brimmage did confess to me personally later that he didn't believe the Rabbi on everything but saw no reason to leave.  

What happened afterward I do not have the full report.  Evangelist Brimmage became very hostile when confronted about this at our Post-Trib prophecy conference and refused to talk futher. He stomped out of the conference vowing never to step back into our Church again the rest of his life. He went forth to Ocala and other places spreading an evil report against me and against the Post-Trib truth. The pastor in Ocala adopted this spirit and attitude and gives false reports against this Ministry to those who ask him of Pastor Reckart.

I did not seek additional facts about the meeting and the Rabbi's preaching. I do know this, they received a large offering that evening and gave it to the Rabbi in appreciation of his coming and to support his ministry entitled:  Light To The Nations?  And forgive my brash interjection here:  I thought Jesus was the LIGHT TO THE NATIONS?  I know that at this point I have angered those of you in the Pentecostal Churches, and I know I have committed the unpardonable sin of contending for my different view to the disunity of the body, but, I beg to ask, does that make me an antichrist and a son of darkness as another Pentecostal Brother claims while, Rabbi Chaim Richman is an angel of light?  Am I to be called a devil and be crucified like Jesus because I tell you the truth?

Let me say here that there are many United Pentecostal Churches that are truly Apostolic and they do not at all subscribe to what other United Pentecostal Churches do.  Do not write me hate mail.  If your Church does not practice this heresy then I praise you not condemn you.  If your fellow-brethren shame you because of the UPC affiliation that is not my fault.  For that reason, when a Pastor and a congregation in a Pentecostal or some other organization does evil or allows a heresy as herein described, it is a reproach upon the others.  They should speak up in that organization and clean up the mess, not kill the messenger because he reports what is actually happening.  And it is that reproach that is the great shame that causes so many not to want anything said about the UPC, because it makes them look bad also. That is to bad, because it gags the prophets and those that God anoints to cry out against sin, are then seen as fools, devils, and sons of darkness. Let me also say that there are many independent Apostolic Churches also allowing the Rabbi to preach his false gospel. This is not a UPC heresy alone.  It has infected the whole Jesus Name movement.  The above accusations against God's endtime prophets and the messages that cause of them, reflect exactly the spirit that was in the Pharisees and the Sadducees against Jesus.  The solution is not to kill the prophets, but to either get the men in the organization right, or get out of it!

Several years ago Moishe Rosen, founder of the Jews for Jesus, was invited to speak at a Presbyterian Church in Reading, Pennsylvania on the Jewish Messianic movement.  The meeting was advertised.  A women met him there who said to Moishe that their Church had invited a Jewish Rabbi to come and teach on Jews and Christianity.  Moishe reported in the January 1996 issue of his Newsletter:  "My usual grin must have faded, and I don't think she understood my evident discomfort.  I promised to write an article in our newsletter explaining my response." Moishe continued: "It's important to me that this dear friend and all the rest of our friends (or optional friends) understand what it means to me when a Rabbi is asked to preside over a Christian pulpit."

I will not here quote the entire article, but portions merit our attention.  Moishe wrote:  "He is a teacher who wants you to learn why he doesn't believe in Jesus.  He will tell you: "If you really respect the Jewish people, you must not proselytize or presume that we Jews need your salvation."  How could I be pleased about the Church receiving that message?"

Dear reader:  Do you know what the Rabbi is saying?  He is saying:  If you respect Jews who are antichrist, you must not try to win them to Jesus, that Jews do not need Jesus, ...he knows the word salvation means just that?

Is there a single verse of New Testament Scripture that supports that statement or idea? Was not Jesus a Jew?  Were not the Apostles all Jews?  Were not the first members of Christian Judaism all Jews for nearly ten years?  Did Jesus not come to his own and his own received him not?  Did not Jesus say to the Jews in Mark 16:16: He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned.?  How then, can any Christian or Minister invite a Rabbi into the Church and upon the sacred platform to preach his antichrist doctrine, deny Jesus as a fraud, beg us not to witness and try to convert Jews, and no one say any thing?

Moishe rightfully questions: "Why Christian Ministers offer their pulpits to those whom they could not in good conscience invite to administer or partake of communion (see 1Cor 11:27) is a puzzlement to me."

"Some Christians actually accept the advice of non-Christians who suggest that they fulfill their obligation to "witness" to Jews by supporting Israel--and keep quiet about Jesus," Moishe said.  

So, there we have it, MONEY, GREED, DECEPTION!  Filthy lucre!  Thirty pieces of silver for Jesus and three hundred for a red heifer?  Is this the golden calf religion all over again in Pentecostal Churches?  Are the Baptist and Church of Christ right, is there a false Holy Ghost baptism?  Let the Rabbi come and deny Jesus;  let him come and tell you he don't want your salvation;  let him come and tell you in gobblygook you Gentiles are still all damned until you convert to Noahide Judaism; let him come and trample upon the precious blood of Jesus by talk of a red heifer that can do for Jews what they say the bastard blood of Jesus cannot do (unbelieving Jews believe the blood of Jesus is bastard blood being born of fornication);  let him come and speak softly and smoothly about a rebuilt temple and curse under his breath the resurrection of Jesus;  let him come and wear his God-hat and prance around like a new spring pony while if a Christian was to wear a hat in the Church and pray without removing it, he would be banished to the third hell and his wife told to divorce the fool;  let him come and beg for an offering upon which we have paid tithes as a token before God of our good stewardship, then give more to antichrist to build his kingdom against Jesus than we gave to the orphans, the widows, the hungry, the Church, and missions.  We gasp in awe with check book in hand to support this Rabbi, and our Lord said to call no man RABBI.  

Make no mistake, would Jesus want us to be compassionate to the Jewish people? Absolutely! But would he want his BRIDE taking instructions from the WHORE of BABYLON and Biblical teaching from blind leaders of the blind?

Every Rabbi is taught to look at Christians as idolaters and infidels.  They are still taught that Gentiles are dogs.  They still believe that if Gentiles are not converted to Talmudic Judaism they are lost forever and Jesus being a fraud they cannot be saved.  They are taught that to take money from a Gentile while scratching his back or rubbing his head, is nothing more than taking a rabbit from a dog and patting the dog to make him feel good about giving up what he has to his master.  And the Jews are taught by the Rabbis in their eschatology that they are the master race to rule all other races as a benefit of Abraham's promise by God.  The Rabbi is taught that salvation is all in RACE not in GRACE.  Some think that if a Rabbi comes to the Church he may see the light and get saved.  Don't hold your breath!  They think that if they can convert a Rabbi he will convert his whole congregation.  But it was decided a long time ago, that if anyone confess that Jesus was the Messiah, he would be put out of the synagogue.  A Rabbi is a hireling and in a synagogue he has no authority, it is reserved by the minyan or ten ruling Elders.  If he converts to Jesus he will get the same treatment Jesus received.  And in this regard, there are few like Jesus among Jews in any century!

With the present practices of Churches to welcome antichrist among them and give them millions of dollars, it is time for the true faithful to come out from among them and be separate saith the Lord.  And if you will not, then you will be guilty of the body and blood of our Lord.

Should you invite Rabbi Richman, Rabbi Solomon, or any other Rabbi who denies Jesus is the Messiah, to come to your Church and to your pulpit?


With love to all and malice toward none.