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Jews Who Hate The New Testament
Pay A Gentile To Rewrite The New Testament

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

[Apostolic-Messenger] Ban on "Assault" Bibles
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 19:57:06 -0000

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By Milton Gralla, Jewish Telegraphic Agency Inc., 8/24/00

PHILADELPHIA (JTA) Irvin Borowsky now sees some light at the end of the tunnel in his 18-year campaign to modify New Testament language "excessively faulting all Jews for the suffering and execution of  Jesus."

The retired publisher, now 76, established the American Interfaith Institute in 1982 to work with Christian theologians, Bible publishers, and other influential people in the religious world.

His goals included modifying the King James version of the Bible in  favor of "hate-free" texts, making the same inroads with the sources of children's Bibles, urging hotels to replace millions of Bibles with  more acceptable versions and eventually impacting on sermons discussing  Jesus' life and death.

In a recent breakthrough, two major Philadelphia hotels agreed to  lace in its rooms a modified version of the Bible published by the American Bible Society, which changed its texts six years ago.

At the crux of Borowsky's efforts is the strategy to replace the  identity of "Jews as Christ-killers" with texts identifying the Roman pawns of 20 centuries ago as "community leaders" or "religious leaders."

Only the American Bible Society among 20 major publishers has been cooperative until now, but a number of children's Bible publishers  have been quicker to make recommended changes, Borowsky reports.

As part of his efforts to have an impact on Christian leaders,  Borowsky joined the Evangelical Christian Publishers of America as an associate member, and more recently was named to the national advisory board of  the Salvation Army.

Another new tool in Borowsky's campaign is the recent opening of the five-floor Liberty Museum as an exhibit building, open to the public  and visiting groups, a couple of blocks from the historic Independence  Hall and Liberty Bell. Borowsky sees it as a magnet to the millions  from "middle America" who visit Philadelphia annually.

The museum is filled with exhibits, films and messages lauding heroes  from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, and is available for seminars  and special events.

"This is effective truth-telling which cannot be stopped," Borowsky  said. Another of the museum's activities is the sale of children's Bible  versions that have made recommended text modifications.

Borowsky has been a long-time activist in Philadelphia and national  Jewish community and educational causes. Since he began concentration on the American Interfaith Institute, he has given about $4 million of his  own funds to the $12 million spent to date. Walter Annenberg's $1 million  heads a large list of donors who have supported the institute.

Among the institute's accelerating efforts are a flow of newsletters  and informative pamphlets to theologians worldwide, of whom about 5  percent are Jewish, continued friendly contact with previously uncooperative  publishers and hotel management, and publication of lists of scores of Christian leaders who support its cause.

"I see major breakthroughs coming within the next few years," Borowsky says, reminding that the "hateful anti-Judaic passages" he contests  have been circulating for nearly 20 centuries.

"History will record that the scholars and the president of the  American Bible Society who published the first Bible that contained no anti- Judaism in nearly 2,000 years were the first to record accurately the  historical events of the first century," he concluded.

(Milton Gralla , a retired journalist, is a member of the JTA board of directors.)

Jewish Telegraphic Agency Inc


From: spiker <>
Subject: "hate Bible ban"

From: (Craig)
Re: Revisionist removes anti-Jewish text from the Christian Bible

Activist makes headway in quest to make Christian Bible hate-free

By Milton Gralla, Jewish Telegraphic Agency Inc., 8/24/00


The following "Sample Legislation" shows how easy it is for this to happen:

This could come to our awareness as a "Public Service Announcement" in your local news paper:


News Item

The last act of a special called session of the Senate and House of Representatives was to pass joint resolution HB/SB666:



Providing for forfeiture and confiscation of personal property, destruction of hate Bibles and literature, and imprisonment and or capital punishment for a violation thereof. It shall be an unlawful act, punishable by forfeiture and confiscation of all personal property and wealth, together with prison sentences and or the death penalty, for any person within the jurisdiction of the United States, to possess a hate Bible or what may be deemed hate literature that quotes any such determined hate Bible, the source of which any act or statement is made against any person claiming that the Jews had any part or responsibility in the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.  State legislatures may provide for confiscation and destruction of such determined hate Bibles or literature.  For identification purposes, a hate Bible shall be described as the King James Version or any similar version that makes the Jews in any way responsible or having any responsibility in the crucifixion of Jesus upon the Cross.  Such hate Bibles or literature, or the possession of the same shall be considered a violation of this act.


To combat hate crimes promoted by hate Bibles.



JULY 21, _________
Mr. John Q Public introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred
to the Committee on the Judiciary



To combat hate crimes.

1   Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives

2   of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


4       (a) DECLARATIONS.—Congress declares that—

5            (1) further efforts must be taken at all levels of

6       government to respond to the staggering number of

7       hate Bibles that have recently obtained public attention and

8       shocked the Nation;

9       (2) hate Bibles have and are promping many bias and

10     sends a message of hate to targeted people and

11     communities, usually defined on the basis of

12     religion and or other personal traits;


1       (3)the prominent characteristic of a hate Bible

2       is that it's contents devastates not just an actual victim and

3       the victim’s family and friends, but frequently is used to preach

4       against the community sharing the beliefs that caused

5        a person to be identified by a Bible passage;

6       (4) any efforts undertaken by the Federal Gov-

7       ernment to combat hate Bibles must respect the pri-

8       macy that States and local officials have tradition-

9       ally been accorded in the criminal prosecution of

10     acts constituting hate crimes; and

11     (5) an overly broad reaction by the Federal

12     Government to this serious problem might ultimately

13     diminish the accountability of State and local offi-

14     cials in responding to hate crimes and transgress the

15     constitutional limitations on the powers vested in

16     Congress under the Constitution.

17      (b) STUDIES.—

18             (1) COLLECTION OF DATA.—

19                      (A) DEFINITION OF HATE BIBLE.—In this

20             paragraph, the term ‘‘hate Bible’’ means—

21                             (i) a Bible described in subsection

22                     (b)(1) of the first section of the Hate

23                     Bible Crime Statistics Act (666 U.S.C. 666 note);

24                     and


1                              (ii) a crime that manifests evidence of

2                        prejudice based on religion and life styles.

3                        (B) COLLECTION FROM CROSS-SECTION OF

4                STATES.—Not later than 120 days after the

5                date of enactment of this Act, the Comptroller

6                General of the United States, in consultation

7                with the National Governors’ Association, shall

8                select 10 jurisdictions with laws classifying cer-

9                tain types of crimes as hate crimes and 10 ju-

10              risdictions without such laws from which to col-

11              lect data described in subparagraph (C) over a

12              12-month period.

13                      (C) DATA TO BE COLLECTED.—The data

14               to be collected are—

15                              (i) the number of hate Bibles that are

16                       printed, sold, and possessed by citizens;

17                              (ii) the percentage of those possessing hate Bibles

18                       that are prosecuted and the percentage that re-

19                       sult in conviction;

20                              (iii) the length of the sentences im-

21                        posed for crimes classified as hate crimes

22                        within a jurisdiction, compared with the

23                        length of sentences imposed for similar

24                        crimes committed in jurisdictions with no

25                        hate crime laws; and


1                                (iv) references to and descriptions of

2                          the laws under which the offenders were

3                          punished.

4                         (D) COSTS.—Participating jurisdictions

5                   shall be reimbursed for the reasonable and nec-

6                   essary costs of compiling data under this para-

7                   graph from the proceeds of sale of confiscated property.

8                   (2) STUDY OF TRENDS.—

9                              (A) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 18

10                  months after the date of enactment of this Act,

11                  the Comptroller General of the United States

12                  and the General Accounting Office shall com-

13                  plete a study that analyzes the data collected

14                  under paragraph (1) and under the Hate Bible

15                  Statistics Act to determine the extent

16                  of hate Bibles confiscated throughout the country

17                  and the success of State and local officials in

18                  combating preaching from these Bibles.

19                            (B) IDENTIFICATION OF TRENDS.—In the

20                   study conducted under subparagraph (A), the

21                   Comptroller General of the United States and

22                    the General Accounting Office shall identify any

23                    trends in the commission of hate crimes specifi-

24                    cally by—

25                                        (i) geographic region;


1                                          (ii) type of crime committed; and

2                                          (iii) the number of hate crimes that

3                      are prosecuted and the number for which

4                      convictions are obtained.

5                      (c) MODEL STATUTE.—

6                                (1) IN GENERAL.—To encourage the identifica-

7                      tion and prosecution of hate crimes throughout the

8                      country, the Attorney General shall, through the Na-

9                      tional Conference of Commissioners on Uniform

10                    State Laws of the American Law Institute or an-

11                    other appropriate forum, and in consultation with

12                    the States, develop a model statute to carry out the

13                    goals described in subsection (a) and criminalize acts

14                    classified as hate crimes.

15                                (2) REQUIREMENTS.—In developing the model

16                    statute, the Attorney General shall—

17                    (A) include in the model statute crimes

18                     that manifest evidence of prejudice; and

19                     (B) prepare an analysis of all reasons why

20                    any crime motivated by prejudice based on any

21                    traits of a victim should or should not be in-

22                    cluded.



25                     MENT OFFICIALS.—


1                       (1) ASSISTANCE OTHER THAN FINANCIAL AS-

2                       SISTANCE.—

3                       (A) IN GENERAL.—At the request of a law

4                       enforcement official of a State or a political

5                       subdivision of a State, the Attorney General,

6                       acting through the Director of the Federal Bu-

7                       reau of Investigation, shall provide technical, fo-

8                       rensic, prosecutorial, or any other form of as-

9                       sistance in the criminal investigation or pros-

10                     ecution of any crime that—

11                                         (i) constitutes a crime of violence (as

12                     defined in section 666 of title 18, United

13                     States Code);

14                                         (ii) constitutes a felony under the laws

15                     of the State; and

16                                         (iii) is motivated by prejudice based

17                     on the victim’s race, ethnicity, or religion

18                     or is a violation of the State’s hate crime

19                     law.

20                    (B) PRIORITY.—In providing assistance

21                    under subparagraph (A), the Attorney General

22                    shall give priority to crimes committed by of-

23                    fenders who have committed crimes in more

24                    than 1 State.

25                    (2) GRANTS.—


1                     (A) IN GENERAL.—There is established a

2                     grant program within the Department of Jus-

3                     tice to assist State and local officials in the in-

4                     vestigation and prosecution of hate Bible crimes.

5                    (B) ELIGIBILITY.—A State or political

6                    subdivision of a State applying for assistance

7                    under this paragraph shall—

8                                               (i) describe the purposes for which the

9                     grant is needed; and

10                                             (ii) certify that the State or political

11                    subdivision lacks the resources necessary to

12                    investigate or prosecute the crime of having hate Bibles.

13                    (C) DEADLINE.—An application for a

14                   grant under this paragraph shall be approved

15                   or disapproved by the Attorney General not

16                   later than 24 hours after the application is sub-

17                   mitted.

18                   (D) GRANT AMOUNT.—A grant under this

19                   paragraph shall not exceed $100,000 for any

20                   single case.

21                   (E) REPORT.—Not later than December

22                   31, of each year, the Attorney General, in consultation

23                   with the National Governors’ Association, shall

24                   submit to Congress a report describing the ap-

25                   plications made for grants under this para-


1                     graph, the award of such grants, and the effec-

2                     tiveness of the grant funds awarded.

3                     (F) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIA-

4                     TIONS.—There is authorized to be appropriated

5                     to carry out this paragraph $5,000,000 for each

6                     of fiscal years 2000 and 2001.



9                (1) IN GENERAL.—Chapter 13 of title 18,

10            United States Code, is amended by adding at the

11            end the following:

12    ‘‘§ 249. Interstate travel to commit hate crime

13             ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—A person, whether or not acting

14             under color of law, who—

15             ‘‘(1) travels across a State line or enters or

16             leaves Indian country in order, to distribute hate Bibles

17             or preach there from, or saying in any manner that Jews

18             were or are responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus

19             and thereby intimidates, or interferes with, any person be-

20             cause of their religion, life style,

21             or ancestry; and

22             ‘‘(2) by speech or other printed matter, willfully

23             spreads any portion or content of a hate Bible

24             rejecting to obey and follow this or any other law hereinunder,


1              or, who interferes with any person because of their

2              religion or life styles,

3              shall be subject to the penalties under subsection (b)-

4              ‘‘(b) PENALTIES.—A person described in subsection

5   (a) who is subject to a penalty under this subsection—

6                  ‘‘(1) shall, if found guilty, have all property confiscated,

7               be fined, imprisoned not less than 1 year, or all three;

8               ‘‘(2) if bodily or any other injury (mental included) results,

9                or if the violation includes the use or attempted use of

10              a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be

11              fined under this title, imprisoned not less than 10

12              years, or both; or

13              ‘‘(3) if death results or if the violation includes

14              kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap (including taking children),

15              or an attempt to defend themselves in any manner

16              under the Second Amendment—

17                              ‘‘(A) shall be fined under this title, impris-

18               oned for any term of years or for life, or both;

19               or

20                              ‘‘(B) may be sentenced to death.’’.

21              (2) TECHNICAL AMENDMENT.—The analysis for

22              chapter 13 of title 18, United States Code, is

23              amended by adding at the end the following:

24              ‘‘249. Interstate travel to commit hate crime.’’.



How do you know if you have an "hate" Bible? There are two easy ways:

1) Check the copyright. If it is a King James Version it is a hate Bible.  If your Bible was published prior to January 1, 2000, there is a good chance you are in possession of a hate Bible.

2) For any copyrights after January 1, 2000, look for the special 666 stamp of approval. If your Bible has an official stamp it's OK to keep it.

If you find that you are in possession of an illegal "hate Bible,"  do not panic. There is still plenty of time to turn it in to your nearest state or county mental health center. An amnesty period will run for three and a half years commencing December 31.  After that time, the Law will be enforced.

After the amnesty period is over, if you are caught in possession of a "hate" Bible, all of your possessions may be confiscated like it is done in drug raids, you may be fined up to $1,000,000.00, be put in prison for life, or put to death.  To insure you are additionally safe, begin immediately to observe and live by the Noahide Laws. If you continue to confess that Jesus Christ is the Messiah come in the flesh and or that Jews in any manner had a part in his crucifixion, you are a candidate for prison or death. 

Sensitivity class are now being conducted in all major cities to insure that hate Bibles are identified immediately and the names of those who possess them turned into local authorities.

Remember, you have until December 31 to burn, throw out, or turn in your hate Bibles.  If you know of any person who plans to hide such Bibles and or who has stated they will not surrender these to the local authorities, you have a duty and an obligation as a citizen of the 666 Noahide one world order, to report this at once.


It is just that easy to hurl us into the Great Tribulation.  With the events as reported at the beginning of this study, all that you have read here is possible.  We are not predicting that it will.  But we are warning that when antichrist does come, he may use this very mechanism to begin to persecute Christians regardless of their names or doctrines.  To beware is to be forwarned.

In Jesus Messiah,

Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor