Light To The Nations

By Pastor G. Reckart, Pastor

Writing against 2,000 years of Jewish hatred and bigotry against Jesus Messieh, his mother, his Apostles, his Kingdom, and Messianic Believers, is indeed a touchy adventure in religious freedom of speech.  We feel the public has a right to know the truth and a right to read and make a determination what they will and will not believe.  We know there will be screams and wails to censor these studies, but we will not give up our constitution rights.  If anyone disagrees with these studies they have liberty to post their objections on the internet.  All of these studies are copyrighted and may not be posted in any form on any other server, electronic media, or published without the express written permission of the Jesus Messieh Fellowship and Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor.

Note:  Not all Jews subscribe to the ancient hatred against Jesus Messieh.  There are many who believe Jesus was a prophet and give him respect and honor in that position.  There are Messianic Jews who believe Jesus was the Messieh but they cling to practices of the Law, the Talmud, and other non-biblical Jewish traditions (the trinity).  Then at last there are Jews who hate Jesus, Messianic Jews regardless of their doctrines, Christians in general, the New Testament, and consider all Churches equal to being one of Hitler's gas chambers.  Anything they read that does not agree with their antichrist attitudes is consider hate.  THIS IS BIGOTRY AND IT IS FALSE!  It is the last group, whose hatred demands a response, who are the focus of the following studies and articles. I say to all of them: REPENT or you will perish, damned by your King who will purge his Kingdom of all evil doers at the time of the END!

Lord Jesus, King of Israel, I pray right now for Jews everywhere. Lord show them mercy although their hatred continues, being caused by the blindess of their rabbis. Jesus, these are in need of grace, and should even a child among them seek the King of Israel, let them find you. We pray now for the nation Israel, that you will bring to this tiny piece of real estate relief from war and death. Jesus, we ask that those who will believe, be grafted back into their own olive tree. Forgive them, love them, even as Peter said in Acts 2:38: please Jesus save some wheat from among the twelve tribes. Amen!

The following are sensitive theological studies.  If truth offends you do not go beyond this page.

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