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Who is the Servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:2?

Can we let the Creator of heaven and earth answer?

In verse 13:  "Behold, my servant the Hebrew text after "hineh" starting with the first letter of every seventh word "in red for you" the following words emerge from the Hebrew text: "Yeshya simon lemo".  Yes the suffering servant is none other than:

"Yeshua simon lemo"

This is translated to say: "Yeshua (Jesus) is appointed to be him".

[Hebrew of Isaiah 52:13-53:2]

Obviously, the suffering servant IS NOT ISRAEL as many Rabbis and others want to distort the text through manipulation and false interpretation.

The God of heaven has spoken, let no man think he can devise his own salvation by changing the Scripture to make it look like the people of Israel will be their own saviour.