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Red Heifers And Sacred Cowboys

B y Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor

Avowed Antichrist And His Holy Cow

Holy, Holy, Melody, Holy Cow

The *holy laughter* movement and the *red heifer* movement are tied together in that there are three words to describe each:  1.) MONEY;  2.) GREED;  and 3.) DECEPTION!

Is there a sixth Ministry in the endtimes added to that of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, and Teachers? And is the Ministry ordained of God to be sacred *COWBOYS* who will raise a red heifer, have Church with them, pray over them in the name of Jesus, and then ship them to Israel to be sacrificed to bring salvation to the Jews through animal blood, ashes, and holy water?  Is there really a Ministry of sacred Cowboys?  Well, some seeking to make millions want us to believe this possibility.

In fact, according to information posted on the internet, the amount of money for the *holy cow* movement is expected to top ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! And, get this, the majority if not all will come from Churches around the world who profess that the sacrifice of Jesus ended all cruelty to animal sacrifices FOREVER? But, we hear from the pulpits across America and around the world: WE GOT TO PREACH ABOUT A SACRIFICE COMING THAT IS MORE HOLY THAN ANY OTHER IN OVER 2,000 YEARS (What about Jesus?).  They inferr that the blood and ashes of the red heifer can do for the Jews what Jesus' blood can never do (the Jews believe the blood of Jesus is bastard blood accusing him of being born of fornication).  The inference is, as soon as we find one without blemish, WE GOT IT!  And, there are several UPC, ALJC, PAJC,  and a bunch of independent Jesus Name Churches who are dancing and shouting in the isles as Rev. Clyde Lott, Rev. Guy Garner, and Rev. Irvin Baxter tell them of the precious coming of Melody.  Melody is the name they gave to this new golden calf.  And whether in ignorance or knowing full well: some are saying holy, holy, holy, and referring to the holy cow they are being shown in pictures, slides, and videos?

Make no mistake about it, the red heifer doctrine is all about gold, ...money, and lots of it.  Lott and Richman formed a corporation calling it *Tikvan Corporation* (Jerusalem Post) into which they will funnel the gold donations toward raising up their calf.  Looks like the golden calf movement (Aaron collected gold also), and you would think that Apostolic Churches if any, would know better than be duped by this charade?  It is all about the biggest rip-off of Christians in all of the history of the world.  And lost in all the excitement of this red angus, or red brahma, or red heifer, is that what has developed is idolatry.  Many Christians even believe that they can hold Church on the very land were blemished red cattle are being raised, where they hope and pray that an unblemished one will soon plop out on the ground.  Even the very dung of these red beasts may be soon sold for money.  And in India, they smear this sacred stuff on the walls of their homes, praying all the time that Brahma, their cow god will thereby sanctify the dwelling.  How close is the holy cow movement to this reality?

A few weeks back, the world was shocked to hear the media report that the red heifer had been inspected and declared kosher for the sacrifice.  Then a few white hairs were found.  But, then an announcement came, the white hairs have red roots and so it is NOT disqualified.  What disqualifies it now they report is that it will not be three years old until August of 1999.  THEN, here comes Holy, Holy, Melody, the most holy cow in over 2,000 years.  Yehuda Etzion, a ringleader of a plot to blow up the Dome of the Rock in the 1980s, was quoted in the Sunday Telegraph as saying:  "We have been waiting 2,000 years for a sign from God, and now he has provided us with a red heifer." And thus we have the following:  Melody, Israel, Temple, each with six letters and thus 666?  Wow!  Is it possible?  

Where are the Bible Code people now with all of their gematria, temura, and numerology?  Bet they drop that *Melody* business real quick if this news gets out! And bet, no other red heifer will get a six letter name publicly.  And if it does get a six letter name, YOU MAY NEVER KNOW (the number 6 is  Hebrew letter *vav* shaped like a nail and is sacred in mystical Judaism and said to be interpreted as *the nail*  666=nail, nail, nail  the THREE NAILS). Maybe secretly they will name it *Brahma* still six letters? And if they will look at the drawings on ancient Egyptian artifacts they will know it has to be a brahma breed anyway and not an angus which could not have been a breed existing back then.

It has been reported that in Porterdale, Georgia where some of these red cattle are being raised, that the Pentecostal Minister in this business, goes out to the land and lays his hands on them and prays for them invoking the name of Jesus.  It is reported that they hold church with these cattle.  It is reported that some even claim they have felt the power of God just being in the vicinity of even the *blemished* cows.  Said the Rev. Guy Garner who is the pastor over these cattle:  *Everywhere we look, we see God's glory.* Last report that we received in April 1998 was that Rev. Garner has closed his church down. Large sums of money have been donated to ship the red cattle to Israel and he is moving there to help bring forth the *perfect* sacrifice to cleanse the Talmudic Pharisee Priesthood of their sins of idolatry and uncleanness, so they can be qualified to minister in the new temple to soon be rebuilt.  Rev. Garner expects to be paid either out of the millions to be raised from Christian Churches or from the nation of Israel. He is not sure if he will get a big reward like Judas or get paid nothing when it is all over.  To help get Churches involved in this *golden* opportunity to bring forth the perfect sacrifice, Rev. Irvin Baxter in his EndTime magazine keeps the fluff pumped up with articles and pictures.  He is the third person of the trinity of Lott, Garner and Baxter.  He is also the third person in the trinity of Rabbi Richman, Rabbi Solomon, and who knows maybe even a Rabbi Baxter, he has become so Jewish and supportive of Talmudism in the past five years?  

Baxter is currently in a state of denial that his contribution to this idolatry is against the blood of Jesus.  Baxterites get furious at even the suggestion his motives are not Biblical.  He claims he is only helping the Jews to fulfill prophecy.  He claims he does not believe the red heifer can make any Rabbi holy.  So why is he deceiving his readers and the Rabbis to think something different?  Rev. Baxter has NEVER printed a clear concise article that calls all of this hype idolatry and antichrist against the precious blood of Jesus.  AND I DON'T THINK HE EVER WILL!  And although he is aware of the Rabbi's antichrist claims that Jesus was a fraud, he does not have the courage to refute him.  Is Baxter somewhere on the payroll? How come he refuses to refute his Rabbi friend's claims that Jesus did not qualify to be the Messiah?

The following was published in the local newspaper circulated in Porterdale and Covington, Georgia:

***--Porterdale,Georgia:  The Rev. Guy Garner of Voice of Liberty Ministries in Porterdale has embarked on a new and unusual spiritual campaign.  He is raising red angus cattle which he hopes to donate to the nation of Israel.  "We started off in a prison ministry and now we've wound up raising cattle for Israel," Garner said of his 11-year-old ministry.  He became intrigued with the idea of raising the cattle through the Rev. Clyde Lott of Canton, Miss. who is affiliated with Israel's Temple Institute.

Referencing Numbers 19 which details worship procedures for the Hebrew who were of their way to the Promised Land, Garner believes a red-heifer will be used in worship in Jerusalem when a new temple is built.  In the meantime, the cattle to be sent to Israel will up-grade their very poor grade of cows.  "This is a restoration project for Israel to upgrade their cattle," he said.  "They don't have beef cattle .  They have to buy beef.  We know according to prophecy God is fixing to make the land blossom again, so they really need cattle.  We believe these red heifers that we're going to be taking over there will actually produce the red heifer that will be a sacrificial offering for them when they rebuild the temple."

Garner said the breed of cows had been developed for that purpose and he's expecting a visit from Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute who will inspect the cattle.  "It has to be a complete red heifer," he explained.  "It can't be a black root producing a red hair or a white root producing a red hair.  It has to be all red roots producing red hair."  Garner and his wife welcomed 13 head of cattle, 12 cows and one baby bull, to Covington several days ago.  They are now grazing on a parcel of a 140 acre tract of land which a Conyers businessman has loaned them.  Garner said he's fenced in about 50 acres of the former pasture land which still has plenty of fescue for the cows."  Garner plans to grow the herd to 500.  "Right now it's a faith work.  Hopefully, pretty soon the Lord will provide,"  he said.  "We feel like it's going to be a fast work.  We feel like probably within a year or a year and a half they'll be headed to Israel. We hope at that time Israel will be able to pay the shipping, but if not, God will provide."

Garner said he will shortly be inviting the public to come and view the cows, perhaps holding worship services on the land where they are located.  "We would love for people to come and see them," he said.  "It's amazing how the Lord is working this thing out.  We're real excited about being involved in it. We feel this is part of prophecy being fulfilled and it's exciting for a little old town like Porterdale and Covington being involved.  For more information or to help with the project, Garner can be reached at 786-7954 (area code not given).***

I am not sure the Jews really want all of these red cattle. If they knew that a Pentecostal Minister laid hands on all of the cows and dedicated them and their offspring to Jesus and even invoked the name of Jesus over them, the cattle for a million generations from them would be declared profane and unfit for the temple sacrifice.  Let's see if Israel rejects these red cattle since his and Lott's have been dedicated to Jesus? Jesus provide them with a red heifer through a Pentecostal cowboy Minister looking to make some money?  No Rabbi would go for that if he knew!  Let's see if when the Rabbis find this out they switch from the angus breed to the brahma breed?  Let's see how fast this Pentecostal cow business and doctrine gets slaughtered by the Jews.  If the Rabbis knew these were dedicated to Jesus, I can promise you they will be in a slaughter house in Porterdale and made into porterhouse steaks.  The red heifer will become heifer-burgers in a local greasy spoon.  If Jesus had to be killed to rid the world of his name, doubtless when the Rabbis find out these red cattle have been dedicated to Jesus these red cows will not escape, yea, they will see death come quickly and secretly, and I bet they would even try to cover that up.  It will be Passover day for these innocent cows. Probably say they had some disease?  They had the name of Jesus called upon them by a Pentecostal to make kosher these innocent animals in preparation for a cruel ritual that was abolished on Calvary.  The disease, none other than the name of Jesus that has now tainted their blood?

But for now, *holy, holy, melody* who is just a few months old, is being taken care of like she is a precious little god.  And with the coming forth of*holy, holy, melody,* they will have the sacrifice to completely replace the blood of Jesus.  It looks like most of the UPC, ALJC, PAW, CJC, IMA, ACI, AWCF, the Charismatics, and other deceived groups will dance and shout the night away?  Even writing this has caused more hatred than this writer has ever witnessed on any issue or subject in the past thirty years.

And with all of this who cares if the mark of the beast may be eventually mixed up in this temple revivalism in some way (will the temple become the image out of which a man, a priest, a false messiah speaks claiming the authority of God)?  

Did not Jesus prophesy that where ever the carcass was, thither would the eagles (vultures) be gathered together.  Visualize a large piece of meat and huddled around it are several large eagles with their backs to you with their black appearance and white heads. Then project this image over to a slain red heifer carcass, and many gathered to celebrate its sacrifice in the figure of black-robed Talmudic Pharisees, with their backs to you hunched over the red heifer carcass wearing their white God-hats (looks like eagles to me Jesus)?

How long will it take before we start seeing red heifer earrings, red heifer bracelets, red heifer necklaces, red heifer pictures in Churches on the walls, red heifer t-shirts, red heifer caps?  After this article was posted we discovered yea, the idea is already in full bloom (RED HEIFER).  We just had to come back and add the link to be vindicated and so you could *click above* and go see for your self.

Are we not already in the hands and midst of antichrist and we don't even know it?  Has the deception gotten so great already?  Is it possible that we are already worshiping or being intellectually groomed to prepare to worship an image being set up on the temple mount and we don't even have the brains to figure it out?  Is it possible that the dispensational smoke screen saying the Pope and the Catholic Church will be the abomination of desolation set up in the temple, has hurt and blinded our eyes so that we cannot see the truth? Wake up Preacher!  Wake up Church member!  Wake up World! How soon will we hear that anyone who opposes the red heifer and temple revivalism are ANTISEMITES?  Some won't watch TV but their eyes are fixed on the greater abomination of a red heifer and they love it?

Antichrist is what ever is opposite of Christ;  whatever is opposed to Christ;  whatever takes the place of Christ;  whatever is set up equal to or superior to Christ;  whatever blood is counted holier than the blood of Christ; whoever comes claiming to be the Messiah and it is not Jesus;  and who ever denies that Jesus has come already in the flesh as the Messiah.  And anyone who can not see in the red heifer doctrine all the antichrist descriptions above is already deceived and possibly lost.  But the very elect will not be deceived.  For us there is one sacrifice and one Lord Messiah, and his name is JESUS:  HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, WHICH IS, WHICH WAS, AND WHICH IS TO COME!

Where and why did the red heifer sacrifice come into the temple rituals?  According to even the Rabbis the purpose was to cleanse the Priest of idolatry or being made profane and unclean by some sin or defilement.  If we were to go behind the hype, the fluff, the euphoria, and pull off the mask of the present ritual, we would find our answers.

Vendyl Jones, the famous hunter for the lost ark, who also has become an avowed antichrist after his conversion to Noahide Judaism, writes:  "The Jewish Sages do offer a hint to this puzzle by linking the Red Heifer with the sin of the Golden Calf. The idol was burned and pulverized. This powder was poured into water and the Israelites were forced to drink it. Also of note are the continual references to burning the red cow, since the Golden Calf was not sacrificed but burned. It is the powdered form of the Red Heifer, the ashes, that is mixed with water to purify the children of Israel (Vendyl Jones.")

Where is it first recorded that a calf was reduced to ashes or powder, that powder mixed with water to form holy water, and the people made to purify themselves of their sins of idolatry, dancing naked, and having a sinful party?  Why is it that the sacrifice of the red heifer comes *after* this event in the exodus?  And, is it true that Isis was worshiped in Egypt in the form of a red heifer?  And since the golden calf was an Egyptian god made in the likeness and after the pattern of a female god in Egypt, who was that female god in Egypt worshiped in the figure of this golden calf?  Why are all the scholars silent about this?  And why is this calf god business a constant plague to the Israelites from Dan to Beersheba where this goddess was set up in Israel for several centuries and hundreds of thousands of Israelites worship these and NOT THE TRUE GOD IN JERUSALEM?  

The history of the red heifer and its ashes to make holy water to sprinkle upon those who were contaminated with idols and sins of idolatry, is first found in the account of Moses destroying the golden calf.  From that time, the sacrifice of a red heifer and mixing the ashes with water as Moses had mixed the powder of the golden calf with water, became a ritual of purification and cleansing of all Jews, not just the priesthood.  This purification ritual was in practice even in the time of Jesus and the Apostles.  Not one mention of Jesus needing this ritual or he would not have been sinless!  And, this Egyptian golden calf was a female image of the Egyptian goddess Isis (It is believed that on figures and idols, Isis had red hair, a red female calf was her image of worship).  Is it possible that from this female goddess came the Jewish Kabbalistic idea of a female consort of God who herself is a goddess worshiped in the figure of the calfs set up in Dan and Beersheba?  

There is no other case in the Scriptures of a calf, water mixed with the residue of a calf, a female calf, or a female calf goddess, associated with Israel except the golden calf. The sacrifice of a red heifer afterward was a sign to the Israelites that Isis was not their God and they were to worship no other female goddess forever. To use the special holy water to sprinkle the priesthood and the people of Israel who committed idolatry was a required practice thence afterward until Calvary. It is true that during the first years of Christian Judaism, during the transition from ritual to faith, race to grace, and from the temple to the Church, the Christian Jews had a mingling of Law and New Torah.  But as the fulness of the revelation of the teachings of Jesus became established as a community, the Apostles let those rags of a works system fall by the wayside, and the righteousness of faith through Messiah emerged.  Animal sacrifices, red heifers, Sabbath keeping, new moons, circumcision, and other rituals of works that were not of faith were abolished as the Apostles understood them to be fulfilled in Jesus through faith in the purpose of water and Spirit baptisms.

If the Jews want cleansing for their sins, if they want the blessings of God, they must come to Jesus and by faith fulfill Acts 2:38 exactly as the Apostle Peter said.  I am offended that Pentecostal Ministers of our day would tell the Jews any differently in trying to find God and purification for their sins.  And if I am offended what of the blood of Jesus and the Spirit of grace?  For apart from him there is no remission or cleansing of sin.  For any Apostolic, Pentecostal, or Christian, to say or agree that God can do with the blood, ashes and holy water, and a red female cow, what he could not do with the blood of Jesus and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is in itself idolatry.  Anyone who participates in this idolatry has crucified to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.  And, make no mistake about it, there is nothing that pleases the antichrist more, whether Jew or Gentile, then to reduce our Saviour to a rebuke and an open shame.  In Jesus we find all of our cleansing from sin including idolatry.  It is all in HIM!

With love toward all and malice toward none!


Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor