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Beware Of A Rabbi To Certify A False Messiah

Here is what we expect to be fulfilled but maybe not exactly in the order given:

1.) A false Elijah will appear in the person of a Talmudic Pharisee Rabbi.
2.) The false Elijah will announce the soon appearing of their messiah.
3.) The Rabbis around the world will gather to prepare for messiah's arrival.
4.) Different groups will begin providing for the rebuilding of the temple.
5.) Money will be raised for the recreation of temple vessels made according to Rabbinical specifications.
6.) A red heifer will be sought and made ready for the messiah to sacrifice and cleanse Jerusalem and Mount Moriah.
7.) There will arise several Jewish Centers, their purpose being to prepare Jews and Gentiles for this messiah's arrival.
8.) The Noahide laws will be advertised for the salvation of Gentiles into this new messianic kingdom.
9.) There will arise Jewish groups who will say Jesus did not qualify to be the Messiah, and give Talmudic reasons why.
10.) There will be legislated throughout the world *anti-missionary* laws aimed against Christians.
11.) There will be attempts to say the temple site is NOT where the Dome of the Rock is now situated.
12.) Freemasons and other cult groups will assemble from around the world to assist the new messiah to build the temple.
13.) The false messiah will appear and be hailed by the false Elijah to be the messiah of Israel.
14.) The false messiah will come to the walls of Jerusalem and tear out the stones in the Golden Gate.
15.) The false messiah will ascend to the temple mount and declare that the temple will be built.
16.) The world will go mad with excitement and begin to worship the messiah in the form or praise and adoration.
17.) The one world government will be moved to Jerusalem.
18.) The temple will be built with lightening speed.
19.) The dedication of the temple will be with the messiah and the false Elijah calling fire down upon animal sacrifices.
20.) The messiah will take his throne of David in the temple as he recreates the Sanhedrin and presides as God.
21.) An anti-missionary law will be quickly decreed.  Messianic Jews who believe in Jesus will be ordered out of Israel.
22.) Two Prophets will appear in Jerusalem and begin a rebuke of the entire falsehood on Mount Moriah.
23.) Quickly, world-wide, there will be mass persecution against anyone who speaks against this messiah or Israel.
24.) Prison camps will be created and a new holocaust will break out upon the world with many put to death.
25.) Suddenly, at the command of the two prophets the events in the Seals, Trumpets, and Vials, begin to unfold.
26.) Many around the world begin to die as the Lord Jesus protects his followers with wrath from heaven on the antichrist.
27.) One fourth of the world is destroyed but the Saints are preserved by fleeing into the wilderness unto the end.
28.) The last trumpet sounds and the dead in Messiah are raised and those that remain caught up to meet the Lord.
29.) All nations that gathered to battle against Jesus Messiah at Armageddon are destroyed by flaming fire at his appearing.
30.) The antichrist and false prophet are cast alive into the lake of fire. Satan is bound 1,000 years. The millennial begins.

By Cohen G. Reckart, Pastor


This False Messiah will commence rebuilding the Temple. The False Prophet Rabbi will be hailed as ELIJAH when he calls down fire from heaven on animal sacrifices. This will be his credentials to anoint the ANTICHRIST and deceive the world with MIRACLES.

JESUS, speaking to John in the book of Revelation warned us that this will come to pass but does not expect for us to support ISRAEL or an ANTICHRIST RABBI to set up a false messiah in the holy land!

Pray for Israel and the world that they will not be deceived.  This anitchrist will come in peaceably and then begin a purge of the world to remove Israel's perceived enemies.  First on the list are Messianic Believers in the Messianic Judaism of Jesus.  Second are those Christians who refuse to take a new religious mark that numerically adds up to 666.  This will be the mark of the false messiah's kingdom and it will become his mark.  We believe the *hex* may be that religious symbol but it may be another.  The Roman Pope and nearly all Christianity will give worship to this new religious giant saying that he is a servant of God and the son of David to sit upon the throne of Israel.  Beware, this has happened twice before, first with Bar Kochba certified by Pharisee Talmudist Akiba, and second with Zabbati Zevi certified by Pharisee Talmudist Nathan of Gaza.  


The next GREAT SIGN FROM GOD is not some alleged "CONTACT" with GOD at the temple in Jerusalem, but the RETURN OF JESUS IN THE SKY.


We are not told to look to Jerusalem for an endtime
redemption or "CONTACT" with God.